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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Father-Son Date Mother-Daughter Pt. 02

group SteveWallace 2018-01-27

After a long silence as we passed some other boats, Penny asked, "Do you think that Sarah and I are sluts for having sex with you both?" I had watched porn, more so in the past week, so that I might refine what little technique I had about eating pussy, fingering, sucking tits, and making love to a woman – in this case women: Penny and Sarah. For Penny's flowers I had a card sent that said 'I can't stop smiling; hope you're work got done,' and for Sarah's I said 'You've got my attention in a big way.' I figured others would read the cards, and so I wanted the two women to be able to not have to explain too much about our weekend.


Diary of a Rockstar Ch. 03

group RiversEdge2010 2018-01-27

She might have enjoyed licking that girl, but nothing would ever take the place of what it felt like to have a thick cock stuffed in your mouth, Paige thought while dragging Ken's head across her forehead. Paige looked up, shocked to discover that Bobby was on the other end of the call, Ken taking his large cock into his hands and then slapping his head all over her forehead and cheeks, splattering speckles of pre-cum all over her face and red hair. Finally, Ken pulled out of Paige's mouth and started to slap his cock all over her already pre-cum marked forehead and cheeks again, the forbidden substance glistening off of her skin when it hit the right light.


Who Can it Be?

group astuffedshirt_perv 2018-01-27

"Tia, this is Matt," Jack said. "He's just a guy," she thought, "he probably believed it was a good idea." Tia walked out and sat down by Matt, lost in thought. They silently took their familiar places on the sofa, Tia glancing nervously at Jack, brushing her hair back as she sat. "I've never done anything like this," she whispered, hands in her lap as she glanced at Jack and then Matt. Jack leaned in and Tia tried to capture him in a kiss, but he avoided it and instead started to lick and kiss her neck. Matt gathered her arms and started to kiss her as Jack licked his way up her leg.


Personal Trainer Lust Ch. 03

group Rocket1010 2018-01-27

Katherine smiled and moaned as Rick's cock penetrated her pussy but her thoughts were not of his pliable hard erection. The picture of Rita fucking her with the dildo as her breasts swayed above her and the pounding of Rick's cock sent wild shivers of lust to every part of her body. As she ran her fingers lightly over his skin, Katherine wondered what it would feel like to have her husband and Rita together in the same room, naked and pleasuring each other with touches and kisses. Katherine's body shivered again as she wondered what it would feel like to again to kiss Rita's erect nipples, lick her clit and ultimately bring her to a shattering orgasm as her husband fucked her from behind.


Breaking the Rules

group Over Stimulated 2018-01-27

It had been a long day and I just wanted to get home, shower, eat, fuck my wife Anna, and get some sleep. I watched her tone curved body moving and straining as she kept that slow rhythm, relishing just the feel of length of his cock moving inside of her, stretching her pussy, her labia wrapped around him. She had taken some of my own innate need for control during sex and channeled it when she fucked him and any other guys. I rubbed my erection through my pants one more time, watching her tight body rising and falling, her butt churning as she moved her wet pussy around and over the length of him, using him.


Warming Up in Winter

group Naughtybutnice 2018-01-27

She began to run her hand up and down the length of his dick, causing him to moan instantly; and he thought that he was going to cum straight away went he felt her tongue begin to lick his sensitive end. Gail made no move to pull away; she let his beast gradually slide deeper and deeper into his mouth, running her tongue around his shaft all the time as she began to suck. He was loving the taste of Ashleigh's fanny, but the noises coming from the sofa were too much, he lifted his head and looked at Gail and Stephanie, who were now fingering each other furiously, both seemed to be on the verge of coming.

The Question of a Third

group oneidlehand 2018-01-27

We three had enjoyed good times, particularly in the summers when Eric and I were working and Hayley would visit for a weekend. Hayley finally got around to asking him what brought him through town, and the discussion quickly arrived at "the question." Would Eric go camping with us? Like the protagonist in whatever book, I could see the immensity of the question pass through Hayley's face within the couple of moments it took for her to lean her head slightly and run a hand through hair, pulling it back over her shoulder. Just the proximity of Eric's tent made the prospects of Hayley and I screwing like bunnies pretty dim, as the sound would carry easily.


Warehouse Fun

group julesteve 2018-01-27

Not content with watching him tease her pussy with the tip of his cock I was desperate to watch his penis as it slipped between her damp folds, to see the change in Tracy's expression as he pounded her hard and fast, curious to see Steve the way Tracy had seen him when she watches us fuck, his hips grinding into her as he brings her to orgasm and his cock covered in her juices as he pulls out and finishes himself off, spilling his seed over her smooth pale skin. Handing it back to Rich, who was now a little less cocky, looking back and forth between John and Dave for support, I asked him if this was the way the warehouse boys saw us, stuck up office chicks.


Now I Know I Am Gay

group bigdog500 2018-01-27

To my left are the workout area and a small building containing the 'weight room' ; there is a huge window that lets you look inside the room at the guys lifting weights; on nice days, like today, they set-up the weights outside about thirty-feet from the pool. Then I hear Dylan grunt and my eyes move back to him and watch him press a barbell loaded with weights over his head. On his huge bed, kneeling between his wide-splayed legs -- hearing his commands - instructing me how to suck and lick his cock -- his balls -- and even his asshole; the acrid taste of the walls of his asshole still on my tongue.



group TroyTower 2018-01-27

The pastor, Tim and his wife Kim. There was an older married couple Dan and Ginger. The people have been friendly and when Kim, the pastor's wife, invited me to this prayer meeting I was quick to say yes. I opened my eyes and saw Kim sucking my cock while I sucked on Maryanne's full firm tits. I turned my head a bit and saw Pastor Tim fucking Heather from behind. Kim followed and kept a firm grip on my dick with her mouth. Joe had moved to fucking Ginger from on top while she sucked Dan's cock. Kim popped it out of her mouth and said, "Praise God everyone I think Miles is about to cum." I kept finger fucking Maryanne while Kim stroked me.

Tropical Temptations Ch. 12

group Lei Feng 2018-01-27

The other man slides his shorts off without standing up, and leans over to kiss and suck my nipples, after undoing my sarong and letting it fall, so that I too am naked. I watch my lover carefully but my attention is distracted as the blonde's man lifts my hips and slides his thighs under them, and then slides his thick cock into my pussy, just as he did yesterday. I grab the cock and bring it into my mouth, as I am being fucked hard, and as I watch the blonde and the brunett come at my lover's feet. My lover kisses me on the mouth and the man behind me is squeezing my tits and nipples and pleasuring my clit with his finger.

A Craving for Cock Ch. 09

group Erlikkhan 2018-01-27

Steff heard a zipper and belt buckle open, and then a hard cock slipping between her cheeks and pressing against her wet pussy. As he prepared to fuck Steff's ass, Jim thought about how was grateful he was that Wendy had talked him into coming to the party. Wendy was still cumming hard when the three other guys climbed up on the bed and shoved their cocks in her face. He peeked in and watched two guys dump a load all over some girl's face as she bounced up and down on a cock stuffed up her pussy. Steff climbed back up on the guy sitting on the toilet seat and stuffed his still hard cock back into her cunt.


Erotic Adventures with Lucy Ch. 01

group Thrillfun 2018-01-27

Henry whispers something in her ear and Lucy smiles back as if liking the suggestion. Henry slowly unbuttons Lucy's satin jacket, his hands entwined beneath her arms, Lucy daring to look at me, biting her lip, letting me enjoy her rapt ecstatic mood. Lucy's hands cupping her fabulous breasts, teasing the lace of her bra, stroking her nipples or gliding over her stomach to roam over her panties and thighs. Henry's hands exploring my wife's curves as Lucy's beauty revealed. Henry kissing Lucy's neck, her shoulder, her ears, now her nipples, biting and chewing, making my wife gasp and moan. Henry's fingers still teasing Lucy's pussy as I ease her panties down, still wet from the champagne.


The Girls from Work

group DroopyLoving 2018-01-27

Alana appeared at the bottom of the stairs wearing a short cotton night dress and a robe, already turned on by my kiss with Megan I looked her up and down, admiring her long, now exposed, legs and trying to see if her nipples were poking through the thin cotton. It needs to go in the wash immediately' she flashes me a smile 'Looks like you'll be stopping the night too.' Megan did actually look a little concerned, and I felt bad for a second, until I saw her jacket drop to the floor and her begin to pull her soggy white t-shirt over her head.

Scented Bower

group Katthrynn 2018-01-27

He's High Priest tonight." Ceri remembered her first "adults only" Beltane two years ago and remembered how excited she'd been and her High Priest wasn't half as good looking as Gawain. Alison had started blushing when Ceri mentioned the 5-fold kiss and was now scarlet red. Alison expected Ondine to kiss Wolf, but instead she took Alison's hands and gave her a questioning look as if to say Is this okay? Alison was kissed by other coven members and suddenly found herself in Ceri's arms. Everyone else, when they saw Gawain and Alison break away, sat down on cushions in a loose circle around the bed. Alison heard Ceri gasp and she opened her eyes and looked around the room.


Lustonbury Festival

group emily_hughs 2018-01-27

The three of them sat talking and eating together for almost half an hour, but Ashleigh kept her hand off Danielle's leg this time. "Have you ever known a music festival to have an opening ceremony?" Danielle asked Kyle, after they had left Ashleigh and returned to their own tent. You may be right, we may have come to the wrong place." They both finished getting changed, then Kyle zipped up the tent and followed Danielle in the direction of Field C, where Ashleigh had told them the ceremony was to be held. As the speaker, a young brunette girl of about 18 or 19 with very short hair, finished speaking, her two companions stepped forward and, each one placing a hand on one of her shoulders, proceeded to slide the straps of her dress off her shoulders.

New Years Eve

group kinkygirl 2018-01-27

One of the guys I had been flirting with earlier in the night came up to me and kissed me on the cheek, but I turned my face towards him and gave him a full kiss on the lips. One of them pulled me into the middle of the room and started dancing with me, his leg in between mine so as I ground onto him my skirt rode up, exposing my thong to the rest of the guys. They all moved in as I fingered my wet pussy, their lovely hard cocks just inches from my face. I sat there bewildered, I had just watched myself have oral sex with 5 guys I don't know and get fucked by a man who's face I hadn't seen, yet I couldn't remember doing any of it.

Fantasy Explored

group Leatris 2018-01-27

Some evenings he wants to fill my pussy with his cum then tell me not to move as it makes its way to my labia lips and dribbles onto the bed. I roll onto my back purring like a content cat, spreading my legs I watch as his eyes make their way to my tight pussy. "Well I think we will need to go slow on that one, he is a bit conservative and the very mention of putting on a costume to attract a lady friend would probably send him into a seizure." Mike's face takes on a thoughtful gaze and I know he is saving this conversation for later.


Anna 4: Anna and the Team

group cptfritz 2018-01-27

"I'm gonna go ahead and fuck her first, won't even take time to take my pants off, okay with you honey?" He glanced at her, and she nodded, smiling shyly. Oh you can kiss her, play with her a little, maybe even go down on her if you want, although I donno if you'd really like to do that consider we'll all be fucking her and she won't have much time to clean up. Sh that means five minutes, is a long time for heavy fucking!" She smiled at the waiting men. With the last finished and slowly pushing himself and his softening cock away from Anna's naked body, she looked up at the men's faces around her.

Jetset Ch. 02

group Z_Magnus 2018-01-27

This morning however, as I was vacuuming under the circular sofa in the center of the plane, Mr. Wonder climbed on board and grabbed me by the shoulder and said "Son, got some special folk heading this way, gonna need you and Kelly on this one - cuz they iz bringin dem kids dey said." She turned her head and looked at me for a bit and then said quickly, "I'll have a screwdriver with a slice of orange - no ice." Then she went back to reading her book. Then after a few minutes of careful stroking I felt a sudden warmth come over my penis and she bit her lower lip as she came all over me.

Roommates Ch. 02

group ladyhawk100 2018-01-27

Sally moved to the edge of bed and touched her tongue to Renee's exposed clit. Sally felt the clenching of Renee's pussy on her tongue a moment before she felt her juice flow from her cunt and flood her mouth and chin. Sally looked up and watched as Tommy's hands played with Renee's breasts. Tommy's eyes held Sally's as he pumped into Renee in slow, deep thrusts. "Open your eyes Sally." Tommy said, his hands holding Renee's hips as he fucked her faster now. Eating pussy is so fucking hot!" Tommy agreed, his hips pounding against Renee's ass cheeks. Renee continued to lick and suck her as Tommy pulled out and shot his load all over her pink, raw pussy.

Voluptuous Lady, Six Guys, Steam and a shared cock

group chrisukbishare 2018-01-27

Across from me was this fabulous, voluptuous, Rubenesque lady leaning back with one hand on a cock, and another resting on her waist - as a further gentleman was stimulating her with his fingers. My hand touched his leg and his legs opened to welcome me - no words spoken, but enough for me to reach his cock and play. I was enjoying his cock in my hand, and moved do that my tongue could join my hand, and then my mouth engulf his erect warm cock. She and I shared his cock in our mouths and had a wonderful sloppy kiss and tongue play whilst we were giving him some pleasure. I stayed for a while enjoying his cock and seeing her handiwork reach an explosion for him too deep in her mouth.


group shytoe 2018-01-27

I'm not the only one dressed to score I think as my eyes absorb her long, chocolate colored legs extending from her short skirt, the smooth ebony flesh of her flat stomach, her pretty face surrounded in fashionably straight dark hair. My eyes were closed, I couldn't have seen who the hands belonged to, or even told how many there where, stroking my arms, stomach, grabbing my breasts and pulling them this way and that, finger pinching and tweaking and flicking my nipples into hard nubs of pleasure. I take a mouthful of cum and pass it on to her in a hard passionate kiss, barely caring that some has dribbled from our lips to our naked bodies.

Thailand part 5

group daveaverage 2018-01-27

Apparently after some tame one on one fucking doggy style with the 3 that started this, and some encouragement from her the guys started to grabbing her tits and pinching her nipples hard, the next thing was a cock appeared in front of her face while one was balls deep in her cunt and that started the split roasting, the DP’s, and the airtights’ were next as the guys got bolder. At the pool I found my mate with a G&T and no hair on his body, what the fuck, he decide to get it waxed after the whore complained that he had too many around his cock for her to get through to suck it, it appeared that the whore had gone back to his room after I had left and woke him up with the same technique that she had used on me a couple of hours earlier.