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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Carolyn's First Big Romp

group imamazing 2018-01-27

She was on her hands and knees, her tits swaying beneath her, giving a blowjob to Mike, who looked like he had a dick the size of a baseball bat, while Darren was fucking her from behind with an equally impressive cock. She released Mike's prick from her mouth and continued stroking it in her right hand; she looked back over her shoulder and gave encouragement to Darren..."that's it...FUCK my CUNT with your big COCK...YEAH!! Ellen, who was sitting on the couch with her skirt still hiked up to the waist and her tits in full view, had abandoned her glass and was drinking straight from a large bottle, she had it tipped up to her lips and was sucking it back.


A Super Panty Daddy Fantasy -- PART ONE

group cumquarts 2018-01-27

Our crossdresser will also want his cock sucked too, so we want to make sure we find a panty daddy that enjoys a hard little clitty in his mouth from time to time. The sissy popped my cock free of the shorts, but left the panties on for now as he continued rubbing his lips up and down it gently. She moaned loudly on his dick while my cock finished spasming a four day edged load up into her cervix and I watched her sissy's little dick begin spurting all over her lips and tongue. "Holy shit," the sissy said, and I pulled it out of her throat in time for two good squirts to get pointed at his mouth.

30 Minutes Or Less: Final Course

group 2018-01-27

“That's enough, good girl Sam.” He said as he kissed her and pulled my juices off of her tongue with his own. It was the best fuck I've ever had, I didn't want him to stop and he didn't he grabbed my hair and pulled back hard I let out a scream, that's when he untied Sam. Sam thought for a second then she pushed her hips into my face, I started licking, and probing with my tongue knowing that I couldn't ever make her feel like she made me feel. Sam leaned in and kissed me as she placed the pins on each nipple, James finally pulled out of me, and moved his face down to my throbbing pussy.

First Swinging Party

group sexycilla 2018-01-27

Mean while Martin seemed stuck to the chair, I got worried that he was regretting getting us into this because he was just sat there watching as Mark fucked me. Mark had stopped all movement, he was just half inside me as he watched Sharons hand. As Sharon slipped two fingers into me I lay back onto the table, the feeling of another womans hand inside me really turned me on, I loved the tender way she was moving her hand, it was like she knew exactly how to touch me. As o moaned in pleasure he told me how sexy I looked right now and how fucking hard it made him to watch me get finger fucked by another woman.

Storm in the City

group Toofat2serve 2018-01-27

Avery watched, and began running her hands over Sandy's clothes. Sandy leaned back on Avery's lap, Keith kissing away. Sandy reached up and pulled the top of Avery's dress down, and began to share the love. Keith worked his way down Sandy's body, eventually running out of room in the cramped cab. Avery leaned across Sandy's lap, kneeling on the seat, and gave Keith a quick kiss, before turning her attention to undoing his pants. His hands were all over her body, and Sandy was pulling Avery's hair back as she fingered herself. Avery came hard at that moment, fortunately for Keiths pants, without a squirt, and heard sandy cumming again.

Lines Are Crossed at the Beach

group ManOSafety 2018-01-27

I feel my cock throb at the sight before me, and looking around it seems that I am not alone in my excitement; Jake's cock has gotten harder, Brad has a nice bulge going in his briefs and Alex's hard nipples are poking through her thin bra. When the bottle comes to a stop pointing at Alex, she stands up and turns around, her firm round ass framed nicely by the pink satin of her thong. Turning and pulling Alex closer to him, their kiss quickly becomes a passionate one, his hands moving to his wife's large breasts and playing with her stiff nipples as they kiss. "Jake's kiss looked pretty hot, I want one too." Laura laughs and moves over to Brad, where he reaches and pulls her down onto his lap.


Dances in Erotica Pt. 03

group ShaeLeeTanner 2018-01-27

"Oh Meg, You know Brian and I are hoping you find a great guy, but don't worry if he doesn't fit into our little social scene. Want to feel your sweet little pussy filled with something big and hard?" I don't mind it during foreplay, right girls, but when I want to get fucked good, the last thing I need is more teasing. We were lying there talking afterwards, you know, and I mentioned it would be so great to be able to have my clit licked while we were fucking and he agreed it would probably feel awesome. "Well, he said another woman, because he felt a little weird having another guy, you know, so close to his package while fucking me.


Rewards of Charity

group DITF 2018-01-27

After a few seconds, Heather pulled away and repositioned herself alongside me on my right side, and I could look down to see Holly licking and sucking the head of my cock while she rubbed her oily hands over her tits that she had pulled out of her bikini top. Moaning continuously, she ground her pussy on my mouth as I alternately licked her clit and thrust my tongue as deep as I could into her pussy, all the while playing with her firm tits and hard nipples. oh god, ride his big cock, it looks so good, cum on baby, let me suck you while he fucks you." They switched positions and Holly began to lick and suck Heather's nipples furiously.


Couple's Sexfight

group BikerT 2018-01-27

Peggy was surprised and a moan escaped her lips but without delay reached and grabbed Maggi's hair and pulled her closer kissing her wild in her mouth. As Peggy has her lips locked with Maggi's her hand slid lower over Maggi's ass and grabbing her strings pulled hard, shoving the thin fabric deep in her pussy lips forcing her on her toes. Peggy turns her head from me to John as she pushes her fingers into Maggi, starting to finger her with deep strokes. John looks like he is waking up from the trance and with a final effort grabs Peggy's head and pulls his cock out of her mouth.


Thanksgiving Head

group Global Carol 2018-01-27

I wasn't thinking too much about how I looked, but hearing this great tune by "those temptin' Temptations" -- as my mouth and tongue went to work seriously at the hefty piece of meat I was temporarily annexing -- my mind did what it often does during sex: thinks of other things. When I'm seriously giving a blowjob (and, though there is to my mind no other way to give a blowjob, there are the easier, slower movements at the beginning) and moving my head rapidly to get what I need out of that cock, I'm always glad not to have my hair flopping in my eyes and mouth. To me it seemed like a natural thing, having a cock deep in my mouth, but I do love watching it.


Blue Rose: Jasmine

group wiggle_bounce 2018-01-27

Kennedy blinked as she watched Rafael's hands move further down my back, rubbing just above my ass, before sliding back up and flattening on my shoulder blades and down my sides, his fingers brushing the edges of my breasts as he went. "I noticed you staring at my tattoo." I said as Rafael finished his job, and moved over to rub some sun block on Kennedy, who stayed in a kneeling position. I bet you'd like this..." I turned my head, catching Kennedy's lips with mine as my hand slid further up Rafael's thigh, until my hand was placed on his stiffening cock. Kennedy took a nipple into her mouth, and sucked it tentatively, while her hand reached up to softly grip my other breast, squeezing it, before rolling the nipple between her fingers.

1st time with best friends

group joker621 2018-01-27

It was at that time I felt like I left my body and watched my self reach over and start rubbing Tom's now hard cock. I was so hard I suddenly felt Mike grab my cock and start sucking me it felt so amazing. I felt all 8inchs of Tom deep inside me he started fuck ing me faster and faster while I was ducking and stroking Mike faster and faster. Tom pulled all the way out gaping my hole.and then slamme back deep inside me a came instantly harder then I ever have before. I started riding his cock feeling him rub on my prostate I felt like I was going to come again.

Welcome Surprises Ch. 3

group bigpapa 2018-01-27

This dick feels so good going in my pussy." Sheryl groaned her satisfaction as she slowly lowered herself down on Darryl's rock hard shaft. Sheryl, riding hard on Darryl's cock, looked into her friend's eyes as she lowered her sweet pussy and beautiful round ass onto his face. With her friend now directly across from her, riding steadily on Darryl's stiff dick, Stephanie worked her hips back and forth in rhythm with Sheryl's fucking. Sheryl grabbed hold of her friend sitting and squirming across from her who was close to her own powerful orgasm because Darryl was busy sucking and licking hard on her engorged clit. Sheryl got up from her knees and slid into place under Darryl with her mouth at his now rock hard dick and her dripping cunt directly below his face.

The Making of a Cockslut 4

group carlos06 2018-01-27

He started to lick the end of my cock and I looked up to see his cock above my face so I grabbed it and guided it into my mouth, he started suck me in earnest and I was enthralled by his hairless body, I ran my fingers over his balls and up to his ass, it felt so good smooth. Joel took his mouth off my cock and said "fuck me", although I have been fucked by guys I have never done it, at this stage I was so worked up I would have done any thing he asked, he positioned himself on his back and lifted his legs over his head, I knelt down and aimed my cock at his waiting hole.

A Thanksgiving to Remember

group nyprince 2018-01-27

Our kiss intensified, and her hand went all the way up my thigh and started to rub my cock through my jeans. Amy pulled her shirt over her head and removed her bra, while Lynn knelt down and removed Amy’s pants. Once my cock was about as long and hard as it could possibly be Lynn lifted her head from my cock and then got between Amy’s legs and started to lick her pussy. Lynn let out a good moan when she felt that my cock was all of the way inside her. Amy had her legs wrapped around Lynn’s neck and she pinched her nipples and bucked her hips wildly as she reached her climax.

The Adventures of Kim and Olivier

group KimDeLaFere 2018-01-27

I'd often find myself getting excited as I watched the girls strip and then get fucked by guys at the party. I got on my hands and knees as Paul shoved his cock deep into my mouth and another guy slid into my sopping wet pussy. My time as a whore came rushing back as I shoved Paul deeper into my mouth and grinding back into the guy fucking my pussy. Ollie came over and cuffed my hands behind me and told them to fuck me hard and rough. Now, I've had my ass fucked a few times and love it, but some of these guys were huge! As much as I enjoyed getting fucked 300 times in 12 hours, it was taxing, although Ollie loved it.

Pissed off by two hot women 3

group 2018-01-27

It tasted wonderful. After a few moments, she was back with her, she looked down at me, smiled and told me that I should go to bed schonmal. She held a black handkerchief in her hand, smiled at me and came to me. She lay down beside me and pushed her tongue into my mouth. Even now she pushed her tongue into my mouth. Alternately I could taste the saliva of these two wonderful women. And while I was again pressed a tongue in my mouth, I felt another of my plump, thick, red and sensitive glans. I felt as she drove along the rim, as they drove up and down the shaft, as this hot tongue licked my bags.

College Slut

group adrenaline61938 2018-01-27

Four words come to mind when I think of Kassandra, stupid closet case slut. I prefer girls who are either ugly or look like pure garbage since they are easy to fuck; Kassandra was an exception to that rule though. I figured I wasn't going to get laid, so I started texting Todd secretly telling him to help me kick her out. The way to get a girl naked and fuck by playing truth or dare is simple, be on the same page as your friend. Todd "Truth or dare, Kassandra?" Dustin "Okay, Kassandra truth or dare?" Todd "Okay, Kassandra truth or dare?" She got up and followed Todd to the bedroom like a good little whore.

Getting to Know Amy

group Amy Part y Girl 2018-01-27

Oh, she was suggestive enough that I had a pretty good idea I was going to meet some attractive guys that night, and I was even prepared to have sex "on the first date" if I met someone I really liked – I even dressed for the occasion if you'll remember - but I never expected what wound up happening.

The Party

group sexcrazedcouple 2018-01-27

After a short while I started to feel Mary move her hand but instead of taking it away, I began to feel her slowly and subtly begin to rub my ass. Mary immediately spread my legs open wide, exposing my very wet, bald pussy to both herself and Tom. She dove right in licking and sucking me like a mad woman. As Tom entered me from behind, I buried my face into Mary's waiting pussy again and began to really go at her licking and sucking her beautiful twat. Just as I was going to cum again, and this time all over Tom's hard cock, I inserted two fingers into Mary's eager cunt and licked her hard into a very hard orgasm.

Dinner with Cherie

group DavidFun 2018-01-27

It seemed unfair that Kelly was no longer being fingered, but now that my left hand was free I ran it down the curve of her waist, over her smooth hips and shaved cunt and stirred my fingers over her clit, remembering the taste of her on Cherie's fingers and noting how wet she was from her cum and Cherie's tongue. I was stroking Cherie's hair around her ear and feeling how fine it was with my right hand, while my left hand slid clumsily in and around my wife's slick cunt, She was already pushing her cunt against my fingers trying to help me satisfy her own need and I was having trouble staying on her clit, but enjoying the warm juices as they covered my hand.


The Circle Ch. 09

group SteveWallace 2018-01-27

Bob had teamed with Alice and Ellie; Jim with Monica and Tracy - his sister; and Matt with Sheila and Monica. She even kept using the term 'your polyamorous family.' Anyway, she said if we don't want to worry about anything outside the front door the way we would in a condo, we should buy a house and hire a property manager. Alice stood and took the two girls, one in each arm, "For having your brothers pay for your exclusive partnership in this new house, you realize you must fuck their ever-lovin' brains out at least once a day." She laughed. Graying hair atop his imposing form, he thought he'd seen and heard it all; that is until Alice Ames, Jim Wilson, Sheila Parkinson, and Bob Cooper sat around the table in his office conference room.


Caribbean Swap Ch. 03

group thor353 2018-01-27

Hearing no arguments, Michelle lifted he head from Andy's swollen prick and straddled him while facing his feet and plunged her now sex-crazed pussy hard onto his cock. While riding his cock and fingering his ass, Michelle knew her husband wouldn't last long and she wasn't surprised when he shot a huge load of cum into the deep recesses of her flaming hot pussy in less than two minutes. She could feel his cock rising again so she knew he was getting turned on too but she didn't want to get him too aroused so she quickly kneeled up straight, spun around so she was now facing the head of the bed, reached down and grabbed his hair and forced him to lick her pussy hard and fast.


4 cocks sucked in 22 minutes

group 2018-01-27

We have been betting on the baseball games and I lost so my husband bet me that I could not suck of 4 cocks in 20 minutes at the park without getting caught by the Sheriff. The Surfer Dude blew a huge load as I deep throated his cock. Jeff my husbands sailing friend was last and I love swallowing his large cock as the others watched and encouraged him to make me take all of his huge cock. I could not find my dress as my husband smiled and said it took me 22 minutes to suck off 4 cocks we drove home with me naked masturbating and showing off to truckers.