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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Playing with You

group tazgirl5 2018-01-27

You know that I am watching the girl ride you as you lick my pussy this turns you on more...the girl riding you tells me...My god you were right this is a fucking huge cock. I keep riding you as another wave comes over me...I start riding you hard and begin to cum again....your cock stays hard and I keep cumming.....You ask me who if I liked licking and sucking your cum out of my friend...I tell you yes breathlessly...oh you should have tasted the great combination of your cum and her cum...her pussy tasted so good....the thought of me eating your cum out of her makes you want to cum.

I Dream of Jeanie

group twistedthoughts1978 2018-01-27

It was a fairly uneventful evening, we had a great dinner Jeanie had prepared, and when they sat down to watch television, I went and called home. She jumped up off the love seat, and grabbed my hand, like a school girl, and I could barely say good night to Mitch before I was dragged up the stairs to the guest room. It was pretty hot, I guess I was watching longer than expected, because I was hard as a rock and I looked back and realized Jeanie was gazing at me with a smile and then let out a moan and said " Oh god, I'm Cumming!


First Time Sex...Gloryhole???

group gameman 2018-01-27

She heard the sound of a zipper, and held her breath as a flaccid, snake-like object slithered in through the hole, the drooped head of it flopping against the painted wall. Even as the man she'd just satisfied pulled out, Annette felt something pressing against her left hand, the one she was using to steady herself, against the wall. "Oh, shit I'm going to cum!" she squealed, pulling away from the cock in her mouth and speaking into it like a microphone. Annette didn't stop fucking and sucking until she was completely used up and there wasn't a cock left in the place that she hadn't milked dry.

Fantasy Vacation Ch. 08

group Silverfox0551 2018-01-27

A driblet of pre-cum oozed from the tip as she released his ball from her mouth and licked the droplet away before opening her cherry colored lips wide and sucking his cock inside. With their bodies pressed close together, Terri felt Mike's throbbing cock up against her naked pussy. Terri spread her legs wider and Mike inserted first one, then two finger inside her drenched pussy feeling the remnants of Don's cum still inside her. Spurt after hot spurt of Mike's hot cum sprayed into his wife as she jammed her pussy down hard on his bursting cock and joined him with her own orgasm.

Truth or Dare Facial

group 2018-01-27

Next it was Whitneys turn, one of my buddies dared her to take off her top so we could all see her tits. That's when Sarah just came out and said "I'm not going to fuck anyone", to which Whitney and Mary replied of course we're not gonna fuck. Sarah responded "okay" to my dare, and came over to sit by Mary who was still going hard on my cock. She sat down and said, "okay Mary, how about it?" I was almost about to cum when Mary unsheathed my cock from her mouth, and looked over to Sarah. The last remaining shots of cum I aimed at Mary's Nice tits as the two girls continued to make out.

Gangbanger Shock Ch. 01

group greatgal181 2018-01-27

I really wanted to have lots of guys clambering after my body – filling me with their cocks – I wanted to feel completely fulfilled and end the night covered with their spent goo – but try that in a country town and I reckon my Dad and 4 older brothers would either kill me or kill the boys – so all I could do was dream. It was only when I felt someone slide under me I remembered the other three men and realized this one wanted to force his cock into my pussy while his friend was in my ass.

What It Takes To Be Number One

group Softly 2018-01-26

The report went on to outline in detail what was good performance, and where Sigma Phi men would have the best chance of finding such woman. Tri Delta was mentioned as having self centered woman that seldom gave good sex. Sue worked day and night for the next four weeks working out the Tri Delta reorganization program. Only a score of ninety (90) would allow a girl to continue as a Tri Delta. The Tri Delta girls would be number one by morning, but now was busy time and yes, yes, yes they were busy. Sue could not remember having such a good time, as the third guy she was servicing thrust his hard cock to and fro in her pussy.

Fulfilling Joe's Fantasy

group diddliedoo 2018-01-26

Mary didn't pull away so Brooke rubbed her pussy while Joe got in position behind her. Brooke grabbed hold of Joe's cock and helped guide it into Mary's dripping pussy. Joe's dick felt good in Mary, but she was distracted by the smell of Brooke's pussy. Brooke sucked on his balls hard as Mary cum on his dick. Mary struggled to not collapse on Brooke as Joe's dick slipped out of her pussy. Brooke spit out his balls and let his cum covered dick fall into her mouth. As Mary rocked back and forth, Joe's cum began to drip out of her cunt and onto Brooke's chin. Mary eased herself down and Brooke licked his cum off of her lips and then she cleaned her pussy out.

The Couples Club Ch. 02

group Rodwarrior 2018-01-26

Cindy took Mercy's next serve and slammed it right at Dave who netted his volley. Dave showed me to the guest bedroom and shower while Cindy took Mercy out to the pool house shower. If Mercy had been presented with the choice this morning of playing tennis with Dave and Cindy and then going to their house for lunch and swimming bottomless she never would have said yes. Cindy grabbed the ball out of Dave's hands and passed quickly to Mercy. I had recovered by this time and moved towards Cindy as Dave pursued Mercy. Mercy acted as if I never existed and Dave had always been her lover as she smiled playfully into his eyes before taking his cock in her mouth and sucking off Cindy's juices.


Fun in Hawaii

group CharlieL 2018-01-26

I started to strip without Doris seeing what I was doing when Bob pulled himself on top of her and guided the bluish head of his tool to the lips of her waiting pussy. I can't say Doris gave me the best pussy eating I ever had but it was more the thrill of both Bob and I having her at the same time that made me feel so good. I didn't want Bob to fill her pussy with his come if I was going to eat her out so I motioned for him to pull out and move his cock up to her face and let her take as much of him in her mouth as she could and he could then fill her mouth with his come.


Patriotic Duty

group 11bravo 2018-01-26

Dallas hitting a few spots, it was getting late and we headed to our The 2 of them began kissing and soon I realized that I was unlikely to receive an engraved invitation and should invite myself in. Both seemed pleased with my sidearm and where sharing it, first Karrina would take the head and Zelda the shaft and balls, then they’d trade places. grabbed Karrina, placed her on a barstool and licked and fingered After about 5 minutes Zelda started putting a condom on me Karrina scrambled onto the bar, I knelt on the stool and Zelda got in pistoned away Karrina licked the head and Zelda circled behind to the chin, neck and chest, and then she and Zelda shared the thick

My Teacher Mrs. Joshi Pt. 01

group nil525252 2018-01-26

Deepak and Joshi mam and Pravin were sitting in the middle row. Mrs Joshi directed Pravin, Nilesh and Deepak stay at big ground floor bedroom. Mrs Joshi was sitting on the bed; Pravin and Nilesh were sitting closely besides her. "Tell me Sachin, do you want to do this?" And her grabbed mam's left cup of blouse and started goping it. Deepak asked Mrs Joshi to sit on the middle of the bed. We all sat around Joshi mam and started watching movie. In next 10 minutes all 3 boys removed their pants and started shagging shamelessly in front of Joshi mam. Deepak grabbed Joshi mam's hand and put it on his prick. Now Pravin also moved forward and started untying mam's blouse.

The Board Room Ch. 01

group tillerman1031 2018-01-26

While someone thrust his huge cock in and out of her now dripping pussy, Dawn sucked and tongue-fucked a woman into a climax of her own, ultimately spilling her juices down Dawn's face. When Dawn's anus was as slick and wet as her cunt, David positioned his cock against the opening and began to slowly enter her. Give me your fucking cock in my ass!" And, just as she felt her orgasm rise up and over the top, she buried her tongue as far as it would go into the woman's cunt and was rewarded with a shower of warm pussy juices in her mouth.

Second Visit To Nude Swinger Resort

group rocketman77 2018-01-26

As I turned to walk back Elle had just stood up and was pulling off her sexy bikini bottoms bending over to get them off her ankles and exposing what I knew to be a very hot rear view of her firm ass and tight pussy to most of the crowd several of which were making no attempts to hide their enjoyment of the erotic spectacle. "No!", Elle and I said in unison "We would like to show you how we play." Jenna smiled and said she would love to stay and watch and laid on her side admiring the view as Elle raised up higher on her hands and knees showing her big tits and large rock hard nipples.


The Orgy Sex Ritual

group WhiteCockWorship 2018-01-26

"This way, sir." the attendant said as he led me down a long hallway where we passed several large rooms that were devoid of any people. With all of the women fully nude; he slowly walked out of the circle and approached one of the people in the crowd that surrounded them. I kissed the top of her feet; and began licking all the way up to her inner thigh; where I started licking her warm and wet vagina; as she placed her hand on my head as I put her into a moaning ecstasy. "Now is the time ....Become Gods....Make yourselves immortal by passing yourself through to your descendants.....Create.....LIFE!!!" he yelled as all the men began to make moaning sounds as they all began to cum inside their partners vagina.

It's Been Such a Long Time Ch. 02

group Falcinator 2018-01-26

When I strolled noiselessly into the bedroom, it was be greeted with the sight of Jo on hands and knees, enthusiastically fellating a thick, un-life-like red silicon dildo protruding from Christine's hips. She took me easily and eagerly, trying to push forwards while Christine held her hips firmly, until I felt myself pass from her mouth into her throat before her nose touched my belly. We weren't going hard, so Jo climbed up towards another orgasm slowly, giving me time to properly luxuriate in the warmth and heat of her mouth as her tongue cradled and pulsed against my cock. "It's a selfie of my favourite waitress, on hands and knees, with a chain clamped between her nipples, holding it in her mouth, while Alex fucks, it looks like, her arse."

Sailor, Sailor

group dorian_amore 2018-01-26

They felt the heat coming off her still warm pussy, and a thick middle finger pushed its way through the folds of flesh and met the wet sweet juice inside her. Joe massaged her breasts, bringing his tongue to her nipple, and Mike ran his gloved hands up and down her legs, every now and then, brushing through the hair between her legs. The combined efforts of the three brought her faster and faster to orgasm, and when she began, Alan, who was between her legs allowed his tongue to become softer, and moved away from her clitoris, licking the edges of her pussy, seemingly cleaning her up. The four of them lay on the mattresses for a long time, and Kirsty drifted off into a deep sleep, whilst Alan began to shrink inside of her.

Birthday Foursome

group KenandTabitha 2018-01-26

You begin to moan loudly just as Mike starts to growl and pump his dick faster into my mouth. I pull my mouth off of your husband's big cock to watch you cum, jerking him quickly as I hear you panting louder and louder until finally you scream "Oh my fucking god YESSS!!" You can't pay attention though, because you hear me start to shout "OH FUCK, MIKE, I'M CUMMING....oh fuck oh fuck oh fuck...yes!!!!" As I experience my first earth shattering orgasm of the day, my pussy convulsing wildly around Mike's cock, you feel Ken's swollen member as he rubs the head of it over your clit. Ken starts to slide his length into your tight pussy, his girth stretching you as his cock thickens partly down his shaft.

Fiancée for all II: The fuck-off.

group jakerawr 2018-01-26

Her attention was caught immediately, witnessing how readily my 24 year old fiancée was submitting to her husband, listening to lustful sounds she hadn't managed to coax out of him for years. My groans caught the attention of my fiancée, who witnessed the older woman pleasuring me through wide-and-tear-filled eyes, her makeup running wildly due to the size of the clock in her mouth. "Fuck me, daddy" I heard her whisper, spreading her pale legs to expose her petite cunny, which was oozing with mingling male and female love. The older man reached to the nearby table for a condom, but the hungry young whore (a term of endearment here, i promise you, dear reader) grabbed his arm and pulled him astride her.

The Lake House

group sexystorytime 2018-01-26

As soon as they walked out the door Taylor said "You guys wannna go skinny dipping?" Lauren was quick to reply with "I am down for anything that gets me naked" as she whipped of her t-shirt. by the time i got inside her soaking wet body was waiting for me on my bed with her legs all stretched out as she Whispered "come and get some." I walked over to her and inserted my erect penis into her tight pussy as she screamed with pleasure. Lauren saw us and said looks like you left someone out of the party as she pulled me out of Taylor's pussy.

Ishani's Saga: Memorable First Trip Ch. 02

group ishanihousewife 2018-01-26

But Sumon and cock, for the first time, taught me how to enjoy sucking... I moved down again and kissed his heavy balls, licked my way up a couple of times and then took the yummy cock in my mouth. Rekha meanwhile has moved on to my pussy hole and was trying her best to transform her tongue into a cock. Every time she dipped her tongue deep into me her teeth touched my clit and sent in pleasure waves through me and I in turn managed to take Sumon's cock a little more into my mouth. I was also licking Rekha faster now, but I don't think I was being very good, as I was being overwhelmed by the sensations Sumon's cock sent down my vagina.

Illicit Liaison Ch. 04

group pervinplainpackage 2018-01-26

My lips are still pressed hard against yours as I spread your legs with my hands, drawing the hem of your skirt dangerously high, risking exposure of your pussy, still wet and flavored with another man's cum. As he turns your body into a work of chocolate art, Jessica has replaced her tongue in your clenching ass with her finger, impishly wiggling it to make you squirm in pleasure and drawing stern admonitions from our chef, who doesn't want his dessert "platter" moving too much during the careful preparations. As the chef takes the last photo of your naked body, adorned in our evening's dessert, Jessica leans back and licks her lips, smiling up at me as she wipes your nectar from her mouth with one finger.


Anniversary Blowjob

group 1mbibry 2018-01-26

I shared with her that yes, I had spent more time than I like to admit thinking and wondering about how it would feel to be the giver. I thought about what a wonderful time I could have licking lovely girl-Chris' pussylips while my wife rode me cowboy style and they kissed above me. But the thought of having a taste of man-Chris' cock also entered my mind... I'm looking at this delicious cock that my wife is stroking faster now and so close to her now parting lips!! Chris lets loose his first blast as he announces "I'm cumming!!" I feel the first strong blast of hot liquid as it shoots out of his cock hitting the back of my tongue.

Booze and a Hot Tub - The Hot Wife 2

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-01-26

It was hard to take my eyes off the sight of his big cock working its way into my wife's pussy, but I did not glance up once from the camera to see if Fernando was watching me. Fernando laid on top of my wife a few minutes, savoring the feeling of her hot, cum filled pussy around his cock, as he told her how much he had enjoyed that, and they kissed a couple of times. She reached down and slid a couple of her fingers into her sopping wet pussy loving the feeling of her well fucked cunt full of another man's cum.