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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Slut Is Born

group Kay-Dee 2018-01-26

I was quite drowsy when Robin slid into bed next to me and straight away started feeling my tits. I kicked the covers off completely and got into a doggie position and felt Robin's penis against my pussy entrance. "Who's a greedy girl then?" Robin said quite loudly and I felt sure I heard a suppressed laugh from the living room. The next thing I knew was that I was in a taxi between John and Stuart, my dress showing off my thighs and my straps off my shoulders. "Let's have another dance," said Robin and pulled me up with one hand and pushed me towards John. Before I knew what was happening Stuart was on top of me, pushing my legs apart and was fucking me.

There is Always Mother

group fotisampini 2018-01-26

Janie moved herself slowly up Suzie's body as she continued to finger fuck her pussy she kissed and licked her way to her tits. Suzie loved the feeling of power she felt with the strap-on attached to her body as she fucked the pussy and ass of her new found lover. Janie got off the bed and then returned with two strap-on dildos and she told Liz and Julie that she wanted them to fuck her and Suzie with the fake cocks. Liz and Julie held Janie and Suzie tightly as they rode the fake cocks until their young bodies shuddered and then went limp as they were drained of all energy.

The Indian Prince Ch. 02

group sr71plt 2018-01-26

I leaned down and tongued around Aruna's navel to let her know I could have claimed the ruby with my teeth if I'd wanted to, and her rounded little belly shook like a bowl of Jell-O. And I accommodated him, pulling my hips back, as her body trembled form the loss of me, and then moving my cock to Aruna's ass with my hand, finding the base of the prince's cock still there, and slowly working my cock in over his. He was standing between my legs, and I reached up with my hands and cupped his pecs—which obviously wasn't what he wanted, because he backhanded me hard across the cheek, with the ruby in the big ring on his finger slashing a line of blood under my cheekbone, and knocked my arms to the side.


Marcia, Nastiest Slut Ever Ch. 03

group danzinman 2018-01-26

You make me so hot!” She pulled my hand from her snatch and offered my finger to me to suck on, I did and said, “Uh, you taste so good, I would love to get down between your legs and eat you out, suck your pussy lips into my mouth and suck every drop of cum out of you.” I have this hot slut that loves to fuck sweaty men.” Jack approached us as I continued sucking your tits and fingering your pussy. You removed your mouth from Jack’s ass long enough to look back at me saying, “Oh yea, baby I want you inside me, fuck me good, fill my cunt with your cum, I love being fucked by you.”

Swenson Manor Chronicles: Nancy Jon

group Houstonrn 2018-01-26

My head was a bit foggy, but I did know it was Sunday, and by the look of the sun's position in the clear blue sky I guessed it was late afternoon. Two things stand clear; where is Darla, and that Jo Baley and I, arrived early Friday evening to discover everything we had ever heard about a Swenson Manor party was true. Do you think every other person here is looking for sex because it isn't any fun, and gives them no pleasure? With my lips grasping, my tongue stroking, and finally my teeth nibbling on that protrusion Darla exploded in orgasmic pleasure.


Pool Boy Ch. 14

group BigZeke13 2018-01-26

I fell asleep working on one but nothing seemed to work. I hadn't even dispose of the tissues before I fell back to sleep. I dressed as usual for work, made myself some peanut butter toast and went to work. Jim's car was not there and I breathed a sigh of relief but I didn't know how long he would be gone so I had to be cautious. The flight arrives at 6:45 PM and Dee will drive her home on Wednesday. He was mad. We figured she had gone home because she didn't come back. She was still fuming mad. I went and hooked up the vacuum hose to the pool skimmer and dropped the vacuum head on the end of the long pole into the water.


The Ethical Slutmaker Ch. 14

group KrisCherita 2018-01-26

Farah and Ethan -- better known to their mistress as Slut and Slave -- bowed their heads, knowing it would be pointless to apologize. "No; I like to feel every ridge and bump as it slides in, and feel your come squirt into my bum." She waited to hear whether either of her playmates would object, maybe even resort to their safe words, but when Ethan looked at Farah for reassurance, she merely nodded slightly, he eyes smiling, while she continued to lap up Rita's juices. Farah licked her mistress's luscious cunt while watching her husband sodomise her, slowly at first, then gradually increasing the pace as Rita urged him on until she climaxed a few minutes later, and he erupted inside her.

Home Cumming

group JTWhite 2018-01-26

The Chinese girl pulled off her panties, threw them on my lap and got down on all fours on the mattress facing me and in between me and my sexy wife. "When I am start to cum, you lick his balls and put a finger in his ass." My wife ordered Natalie, then looked up at me; "When you cum baby, cover this bitch's face." She knew I was about to burst and roughly pulled Natalie into position by her hair and aimed my cock at her face. I exploded onto Natalie's face: her cheeks, her nose, but most found its way into her wide open mouth and onto her tongue.

My Weekend With Andrea

group MrBoombastic 2018-01-26

One day I was just sitting class as usual and all of a sudden my friend Andrea came up to me and started talking to me. So the weekend came, and I got to Andrea's house at about 4. A pretty girl like Andrea with my come all over her face. I soon got dressed, and thanked Andrea for the great time. She reached out and started jerking me off at the same time as she was giving Tony A. Tony and I were about to come too, knowing Andrea's love for the taste of sperm, we bolt pulled out and brought our penises up to her face. Andrea told me that her parents of the home shortly so I threw on my threads, and made my way home.

Double D's

group dott 2018-01-26

Pulling my dick from your mouth I helped you to your feet and quickly led you to your bed where I was able to reverse your bonds so that your hands were now tied in front of you. With the intent of suffocating myself, I buried my face in your dripping wet pussy till I started to see spots. You dove in to her pussy with much gusto as you watched me position myself on my knees by Dena's head and shove my dick into her mouth. Dena's hands on my ass pulled me faster and deeper into her waiting throat as you managed to make her whole body flush with pleasure. Joining you on my knees I quickly added my face and my hands to Dena's wet open pussy.

Tracy's Journey Ch. 07

group Hat_Trick 2018-01-26

We quickly covered the short walk to our hotel, and Nick and I stopped to buy a couple bottles of wine while the women went up to our room to "freshen up." We arrived to find Tracy and Mika -- both nude -- locked in a tight embrace. When we weren't kissing, I could look over Mika's shoulder that Tracy's focus never wavered from our joined organs -- even as she gently stroked Nick's growing penis. Both women were ready for something gentler after that, and I helped Tracy to the bed, while Nick eased Mika back onto the couch, and we finished the evening with slow, comfortable, missionary position sex.


No Inhibitions Allowed

group onwardbob 2018-01-26

Moving around behind me, Tawny slipped her arms around my waist, watching over my shoulder as my cock slipped in and out of her daughter, chuckling as she suggested "You should probably fuck her hard Bob, I'm pretty sure she likes it hard, real hard in fact...right darling?" Maybe sounding a little bit miffed, my impatient blonde playmate, fired off a succinct "Well duh!" Soft breasts warm against my back, Tawny's hips supplied the momentum behind my thrusts, while Ashley complained "You know guys, I was...well you know, sort of looking forward to getting my brains fucked out, or something!


Halloween Party Surprise

group m_storyman_x 2018-01-26

As I said, I'd already danced with her a couple times and I could tell that she was just a tad on the tipsy side, and if I thought Mrs. Rabbit had wanted my hands in certain places, this woman had been much less subtle about it, several times pushing my hands inside the thin white material to cup her bare tits beneath. Everyone in the room started lining up in pairs, Lady Dracula tying a red lacy ribbon around each couples hands so that about a foot of the red lace ribbon ran between their wrists, and Drac giving them their punch card as they headed out the door toward the golf course.


The Experiment Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-01-26

As I walked through the door, Loren wrapped herself around my new executive body as she called it, and picked up with a kiss where her end of lunchtime kiss had left off. Loren said, "I'm still horny you know," and walked over to John. John announced he was cuming and in seconds his head snapped back and he started to fill Loren's mouth with his jizz. Trish just continued to stroke Loren's back and hair and hold her as John plundered into her body from behind. "Besides," he said, "we need to do something while rush hour traffic thins." Thus started a new tradition in the division where an inner-circle formed with Friday after-work drop-ins to have a glass of wine.


A Beach Adventure Ch. 3

group SunnyQLD 2018-01-26

"That's a girl" said Katie looking up from Amanda's wet cunt, "do just like I told you last night." Katie continued to watch and coach the redhead giving Steve a mind blowing head job. "Lick his ass and then finger fuck it Amanda" breathed Katie as Steve started to build up a good rhythm and ploughed his cock into her cunt. Fuck my cunt with your hot cock" yelled Katie pulling Steve's ass wide apart for Amanda to take the opportunity to rub a cunt-juiced fingered into her bosses ass. Steve pulled out of Katie's cunt and quickly Amanda's swallowed Steve's cock as he started to cum.

Serving Together

group Tara_Neale 2018-01-26

Tim nodded as Sandy shivered at the idea that this night she would experience sex for the first time with someone other than her husband. Sandy arched up against his mouth as Tim joined her on their couch, he looked deep into her eyes as he kissed her. It was not quite as large as Tim's but what the young man might have lacked in size he made up for with vigor as he wound his hands through her hair and guided her mouth up and down his cock. Not as she had thought, one in each hole, but rather both her husband and Trevor's cock in her stretched out pussy as Manny and DeSean stroked their hard cocks and watched the three of them fucking.

Insatiable at Work Ch. 18

group insatiablerob8 2018-01-26

Bryan and I grinned at one another and went at it...I picked up where I left off, kissing down over her neck, grabbing mouthfuls of breast and sucking her nipples between my lips. The three-way make-out session lasted five or six minutes, at which point, Bryan took over the finger-fucking and got his face centered over her pussy. "Fuckkk those tits are amazing...make me so fucking hard...sweetie, your titties make my cock drool!" I continued to tease, thumping and rubbing my dick over her body. I ran it through her lips and bounced it over her face, "Love this beautiful body...makes me so fuckin' hard, sweetie!" Bryan stroked directly above her face and moans, "Gonna cum...can't stop...this time...gonna cummmm...fuck sweetie, you ready?"

My First Dorm Experience

group nova169 2018-01-26

"Sure go 'head, I'm not bashful." Ashlyn said and although I was intentionally looking away from the corner of my vision I could swear she had reached up with both hands to tug on her nipples. So standing in the open doorway looking at the naked raven-haired girl curled up on her bed, I eased myself out of my jeans and panties and then tugged my shirt off. “So I was telling Mike and Dave how we dared you that you couldn’t wear clothes in the dorm all semester.” Ashlyn said not particularly quietly. “Dave, Mike why don’t you walk Megan and I to our next class.” Ashlyn stood up and scooped my bra and her panties off the table, she stuck them in her purse.

Connie's Health Club Adventure Ch. 02

group walterio 2018-01-26

I turned my attention back to Dirk’s cock and I felt Anna descend to take her kisses to my pussy as she desired to taste and eat from my swollen cunt. I continued to lick and suck Dirk's cock and balls before running my tongue under his scrotum across his perineum. “Connie if you are half as good eating pussy as you are sucking cock Anna is going to be very pleased,” encouraged Dirk. Anna was now moaning and she used her fingers to pull her hood back as she arched herself so that her pearl stuck out even further like a little cock. Anna kept right on licking my ass and as Dirk’s cock slipped from my pussy she was there to take it in her mouth.

Wine for Two Brings Fun for Trois

group BananaAnn 2018-01-26

Getting up from his chair, he walked over to the kitchen and, through the opening in the kitchen wall that looked over the living room of their apartment, he said, "You know, Samantha, I always thought your boyfriend was kind of a jerk. Now that she had Katie writhing with pleasure, Samantha pulled her hand away and looked over at him, asking, "Can we all play?" Walking over to the bed, Samantha reached a delicate hand out to undo his pants and pull them down. Caught up in the moment, he moved his dick back up to Samantha and closed his eyes as the fresh tightness of her pussy brought on the beginning of his orgasm.

Jessica, Alice and Me

group Longhair21 2018-01-26

Alice's long time girl friend is Jessica. When Jessica comes into the room I can always feel Alice's eyes on me. Alice told me Jessica's infatuation with me started when I was dating another girl. At one point she turned her head around (but strategically not her ass) and whispered in my ear "you feel like you are having a very good time." Then she returned to grinding the shit out of my cock. She kept screaming out dirty things like "pull my hair," "harder" and "fuck me Mr. Big dick." She was exploding with orgasms on my fat stick. I was lying on my back with my dick still in Alice and in Jessica's hands.

Jen & Sandy

group The Soundkat 2018-01-26

Jennifer came all over my cock and balls with a semi-squirting orgasm, Sandy kinda freaked when she saw this and had to have some, she came behind Jennifer and told me to cum in Jennifer's cunt, I having thought that this was taboo(since you should always come in the one your with) asked if she was sure Sandy nodded and me barley being able to hang on for this long let loose a great big spurting cum bath one that hasn't been seen for some time by Sandy, Jennifer or I, My cum filled up Jennifer's pussy and started spurting out of that "oh so wet" cunt of hers along with another squirting orgasm, there she was with my and her cum all over her belly and clit and about half way down her thighs, I looked at Sandy and she said "Well I better get busy cleaning that up!" and then wend down on Jennifer who was now almost in a sex coma.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 76

group SteveWallace 2018-01-26

I wanted to keep the trip and the arrangements a secret until the last minute, but I couldn't think of anyway to get Vanessa, Anna, Wes, Scott, Felicia, and Monica to the airport and on my large plane without getting at least some cooperation from Wes and Scott to herd the girls in the right direction. Knowing that we'd have The Meadows to ourselves, we planned a small party over the long weekend that Mark left to go to Europe with Sheila, our flight instructors and their fiancées, and two other women who also wanted to do some adult movies.


Hard Habit to Break

group ShazzyB 2018-01-26

She jumped a little as his hot, thick cum hit her breasts and began to slide down her tits, and as if it had been a catalyst for others to need to release themselves, more and more men jerked and grunted as they came. Her hand kept on rubbing her clit, and she used some of the many splashes of cum as extra lube, which only served to heighten the pleasure she felt building in her cunt. Another load of hot cum shot across her clit and that was all she needed to set her off into the most teeth clenching, toe curling orgasm she had had in a long time.....she lived for these moments and lost herself in it fully and wholly.