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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Floor Show

group all_for_sarah 2018-01-26

I reach across and begin to caress your bare right knee, my fingertips making lazy circles across your skin -- and you sigh, and close your eyes, as my gentle touch moves to your inner thigh. You close your eyes again, and begin to rock slightly as my finger moves slowly in and out, urging me to push a little deeper each time, to move my finger around inside you. You feel the young man getting hard again as he watching the two of you kissing, so I push gently on her hips, moving her forward so that your kisses can be longer, more continuous.

The Surprise

group SexyNoises 2018-01-26

He was figuring any minute he would feel one of their toys start to tickle his sphincter and was totally taken off guard when he felt her spread his ass and flick her tongue right over his hole. "I bet right now you'd give anything to feel my strap-on cock up that sensitive little ass of yours wouldn't you Tom?" she questioned. "Want to have your ass fucked Tom?" she whispered into his ear again and he knew right away this time it would be a real dick. Tom couldn't take it...he tried to move his ass against the cock, trying desperately to feel it move inside his grasping pucker.


group Johnsexlife 2018-01-26

My face lift went great and I looked like I was 35 years old again. Around 8 PM, it looked like they would be done in about an hour, so I went to the master bedroom and closed the door to take a hot bath in my Jacuzzi tub. Juan and Pedro stopped licking my body and quickly took their brothers' places in my mouth and cunt. I wanted more and the four brothers did not disappoint me as they all became hard again as Pedro fucked me with the vibrator collection they had found in the old house. They did not disappoint, as I mounted Pedro's dick, while Simon entered my ass (fortunately the lube was with my vibrators) and Juan & Ramon somehow managed to get both their cocks into my mouth at once.


The Hike of Many Peaks

group jwwcarterjr2 2018-01-26

After they sat down on the other side of the fire pit, the new couple, Bob and Mary introduced themselves to Mark and Amy. Bob and Mary continued to watch John and Heather and occasionally glanced over to see Mark and Amy. They were too shy to do anything out in public. Vicky walked over on her knees and began to suck Tim's cock as Heather did the same to John. She bobbed back and forth a couple times, then she slowly moved her head forward as Marks cock slid down her throat. Vicky walked back and sat next to Mark as Amy continued to suck Tim's cock.

Lunchtime Lesson

group bingochalice 2018-01-26

I'm going to use a clit massager to make Danica come, and I'd like you all to watch closely." The sight and thought of this pushed me right over the edge, and I came extremely hard, thrusting myself as far inside Danica as I could while my whole body spasmed. I was already rock-hard again from watching this, and since all the girls were on their way to orgasms like Danica's, I went around to the end of the plinth and stood behind the guy lying down. It's the kind of feeling that women who have multiple orgasms (just like Danica) describe, but if you're a man, it's incredibly difficult to stop yourself from going over the edge.

First Group Experience

group Betrayer 2018-01-26

He moved her head and thrust his fat member forward, Sveta gagged, tears flowed down her pretty face, but then her throat opened and she swallowed all of his cock. “She like this, guys!”- Steve thrust his cock deep into her abused mouth, he was close to orgasm. Sveta felt tired, she wanted to have a rest, but Steve raised her from the coach, lead her to the table and downed her on her back on it. Steve pulled his throbbing cock out of Sveta's smoking pussy and jerked off right into her face, dragged girl down on the floor on her knees. To escape the pain, Sveta sucked Pol`s cock, moaning, gasping, while Ron pounded her anus.

Training Rebecca Ch. 2

group Tony King 2018-01-26

"Becky, look, if your going to fuck other men and start to earn some serious money then we need to make up a story to keep Richard quiet." "I know," she said curling up to me with nothing on but stockings, shoes and a smile, "I'll tell him I've got a job." "Yes, but he'll want to know what sort of job, where, the hours, how much you earn, all those sorts of things." "Hmmm, s'pose your right.

Jenny Plays Away Pt. 03

group Woody Woodwood 2018-01-26

When Steve pulled out of my pussy Mark rolled me over into a kneeling position and took me doggy style hard and fast.There was a real urgency to his fucking tonight, and after a couple of minutes he flooded my pussy with a second load of hot spunk. Derek was like a man possessed though, his pace never slackened, I could feel his balls slapping against my pussy every time he rammed his hard cock into me, and now Mark was benefitting from the force of Derek's fucking forcing his cock deep in my mouth. Derek kept his cock deep inside me until every last drop of his spunk had been spurted or squeezed from his balls, and all the time he continued to suck and nibble my breasts and nipples.

Cobbler Gobbler

group sxstory 2018-01-26

“It’s ok – it’s alright once you get used to it.” I was obviously looking at John’s erection, he smiled in a way that said “Oh well, your wife is enjoying it.” – which in fact was true. Remembering Thuy’s earlier observation, I said to John, “After we met you and your wife, Thuy and I agreed that your cock looks to be very accommodating.” Thuy leaned forward and opened her mouth over John’s cock – holding his thick shaft with her hand, she took over masturbating him, she sucked the head of his penis, then slid down his shaft until her nose was against his stomach, then she drew back – and did it again and again.

Carol Likes 'em Big

group Boxlicker101 2018-01-26

Partly from what I had been doing with my lips and tongue, but mostly from the way her own mouth was so pleasurably filled with Steve's cock, delectable juices were flowing steadily from Carol's pussy. Like most of my lady friends, Carol prefers to concentrate on one pleasure at a time so I knew enough to avoid her clit until after Steve had given her a mouthful of his cum. The thrill of sucking off Steven's big cock and having him cum into her mouth, and the joy of savoring and swallowing all his semen, produced a wealth of fresh juices in Carol's pussy. When just the head was contained within her lips, she ran her tongue all around the ridge and licked the slit before slowly lowering her face to again envelop my entire cock.


I Want To See

group tdallyn 2018-01-26

With her typical take-charge demeanor she pointed to me and said, "Sit up on the edge of the hot tub, that way you're not going to fall and nobody has to get a mouthful of water along with your dick." Sandra, who is blonde, five foot two inches tall with an athletic build, 34 DD breasts, fiery eyes and who not afraid of anyone or anything, turned to him and said, "Yeah, like you'd have a problem getting blowjobs like that!" "So what's it like when he cums?" Denise asked turning to Sandra. "I want to see and Denise does too, don't you?" Sandra said as she stepped out of the hot tub pulling me with her.


Adam Loses Himself In M.V. Ch. 02

group Philcollins87 2018-01-26

Then I saw Jackie close her eyes and lower her mouth over the head of my cock. Jackie, still avoiding eye contact with me, spit onto the head of my cock and let the saliva drip onto her tits for lubrication. She caught on immediately and took my cock in her right hand and started to suck on the head of my dick. Each time I pushed my throbbing member further, Kristin would stop eating Jackie's pussy and let out a moan that was no doubt a combination of ecstasy and pain. I felt her ass cheeks clench on my throbbing cock and I pulled it out as I shot a huge long stream of cum, which ran up Kristin's back, over her hair and onto Jackie's tits.

Advanced Sexual Education Ch. 06

group smalltitslovr 2018-01-26

You're cock is very hard." Then she slid her hand between Sofia's legs, and rubbed her pussy a little. I couldn't tell from where I was sitting, but after a little bit, it looked like Ms Sharon stuck a finger or two inside Sofia. Ms Sharon saw it happen, and without saying anything, she stepped forward, grabbed Kent's cock, and aimed it back at Sofia's pussy, and they were immediately back at it again. Ms Sharon watched Sofia and Kent fuck for a few more seconds before turning to the class. Ms Sharon helped put Kent's cock back in Sofia a few times. A couple groups had a bit of trouble getting started, so she lent a helping hand, getting the girl wet, or guiding the guy's cock into the girl's pussy.

It Was A Nice Party Ch. 01

group Teachgirl_Menderman 2018-01-26

I had never thought of Elaine in that way, although I have to say my little mind was moving now as I looked at her beautiful breasts bursting out of the top of her pretty red dress. Elaine leaned in to me, her soft lips right next to my ear and whispered "I think between us we can reward Richard for the fortunate position we are both in because of his determination to succeed and share his success." I felt more juices wet my lips and seep out on to the gusset of my lace panties as I shivered in Elaine's arms and she hugged me tighter to her breast as she understood in her feminine way what I was experiencing and she shared in my joy and the warmth of our bodies pressed hard against one another.


The Secret For Sure Sex

group goldemerald 2018-01-26

"The towel came loose, I'm going to shower now." I started walking towards the door thinking it didn't work, but then Ashley spoke up. Amy moved up and down my shaft and let the head hit the back of her throat each time she went down. Then Ashley joined her sister and ran her tongue up and down the shaft while Amy still had my dick lodged in her jaws. Amy started feeling left out and laid me back down with Ashley still bouncing on my cock. Feeling her tonsils and tongue sliding back and forth on my shaft, her lips puckering over my tip, and her throat encasing the head and massaging the sensitive underside got me close to cumming again.

Letters to Nicole 22

group derek33 2018-01-26

Anyway, Mr. Bradley paused a moment, raised an eyebrow, and said; "Ladies, I just might have another option for you if you'd like to listen." Nicole, the way he smiled at us, my first thought was, "Oh-oh...what the hell does HE want?" Mark paused, "You're pretty smart for nineteen years old, Felecia; want to hear my proposal?" On Friday of that first week, Alexis caught us on our break and read us the riot act of what "we better NOT be up to!" I was snickering behind my hand, but Felecia, as cool as anything, simply looked her right in the eye and said, "No problem, Alexis, you can have the dickhead...if you still want him!" Alexis glared at us but she stalked off.


Gillian Joins the Club Ch. 02

group BeccaBonnor 2018-01-26

Luscious." She leaned over and said, "I wonder if they get even harder." Gillian gasped as Angela pressed her red lips around her right nipple and sucked, then backed off and flicked it with her tongue before sucking it in again. Angela lifted her legs and opened them wide as she positioned Gillian's heels at the edge of the desk. Joe moved in behind Angela and took Gillian's legs, his hands just above the ankle straps of her heels. Gillian gasped, "Oh, oh, now what?" Angela glanced back and smiled at Joe for one heart-stopping moment, and plunged her tongue into the little opening, wriggling it like a relentless pink worm until she had about two inches embedded in Gillian's hole.


the Unusual Gloryhole

group nigeltallguy 2018-01-26

A couple were advertising that they wanted guys to come to their flat in South London, and when there to use their letter box as a gloryhole. They were a couple who liked to suck cock’s anonymously together, but had found it hard to find any places that accommodated them – they had found dogging to be very risky and the gloryholes they found being advertised were in gay clubs which didn’t allow women in. It was a woman who asked for my name and when I confirmed I was here to ‘meet’ her she told me to cross the road to the apartment in front of me and proceed to the top floor and the flat at the far end of the corridor away from the stairs.

Avoiding the Speeding Ticket!

group redjules 2018-01-26

"There now," said Clara turning her around and giving her a large proper hug with both arms, "It's OK, it's just a speeding fine." She rubbed her back gently, noticing with excitement that she was bra-less under the skimpy white shirt and unable to help running her fingers down until she reached the bare flesh of her lower back. This thought turned Anna on even more, and as Clara's fingers probed and rubbed her - learning about exciting another girl's pussy for the first time - she couldn't help herself and had a spontaneous mini-orgasm with Clara's face just inches away - her body convulsing suddenly as cunt juice spurted out across the seat.


Karen's Photo Shoot

group eroslit 2018-01-26

Ashley dearly wanted Karen to like the pictures so she could talk her roommate into posing, too. Karen, twenty two years old and a little more mature than Ashley, wasn't so sure she could last through a similar shoot without needing sex. A week later, while watching TV together, Karen asked Ashley if she would call Jeremy and arrange for a meeting. During the phone call the next day, Ashley made sure Jeremy knew how hesitant Karen seemed to be. They sat downstairs for a while with Jeremy and Karen drinking wine and Ashley working on a beer. Karen had reservations about that when she looked around the room and gazed at the pictures of beautiful women hanging on the walls.


Ron's Journal 06

group Hypoxia 2018-01-26

Unlike the Heineke sisters' lovers, Angelina was a tall pale thin 22-year-old Acadian redhead from New Brunswick, chin-high to me. Pajama-clad blonde Hope and dark Nita emerged from their room as pale-red Lina set the table and served. "Ron, we haven't seen Lina this happy since she started working for us. Juanita turned my head to her face and said, "And when Hope gets through with you, I got a nice sharp machete. (Well, maybe a little, just a few kisses and fondles and feelups and fingerings...) Every Friday night, I was back on the train to New York. Long blonde Faith and equally-long dark Bonifacia returned from Brazil in late January; dirty-blonde Ann and bubbly little Lucia, very Mayan, got back from Guatemala a week later.


Date Night with My Wife Pt. 02

group amadbaker 2018-01-26

Now I'm hearing moans all around, the guy on the other side of the gloryhole was moaning from my wife's talented mouth, Debbie was moaning from Shawn fucking her hot pussy with the big black dildo and the clerk was moaning away from Shawn slobbering and sucking his engorged cock. As Debbie was sliding the wet pussy over that big black dildo in rhythm to her hot mouth sucking my cock I heard a thump on the wall and a hard sigh and realized the guy on the other side had cum in Shawns mouth. I'm sure this was a real interesting picture to Debbie, Shawn was before her getting spit roasted between the BBC in the gloryhole and the clerk still wearing the dress and with me sliding easily into the clerks hot ass.

The Plan

group SexyNoises 2018-01-26

When Joe told Heather he was married, she congratulated him and asked about Kelly. Joe headed back to the table and found Heather right where he left her only with an empty drink. Joe left Heather in the living room and headed out to find Kelly. Joe's cock got harder against Kelly's ass as he watched Heather lean down and take Kelly's left nipple into her mouth. Joe watched as Kelly's hands found Heathers hair and held her head in place. Joe watched as his wife pulled Heather up to her and kissed her. "I'm thinking we should take this inside where I can show Heather my toys and you can watch us play with them." she said with an evil grin and turned to walk into the house.


group celticmyers 2018-01-26

In the 11 guys was Daniel Marvin, Pedro Andreas, Sonny Markham, Marco Rossi, Matthew Rush, Francois Sagat, Carlo Masi, Erik Rhodes, Mark Dalton, Mitchell Rock and Bailey. Daniel and Pedro moved in to start to double fuck Jamiies mouth. Zeb moved back to join Caesar as they took turns fucking him hard. So Matthew, Carlo,Marco, Mark, Sonny, Erik, Mitchell,Franois and Bailey all gave Jamies face a good spitting. As they talked it over Caesar and Zeb moved aside to let Daniel and Pedro double fuck Jamie as he started to scream in pain. Francois started to suck Jamies cocks while Mitchell moved in to help Sonny and Erik. One by one each guy took turns to double fuck him as Jamie lay on top of Zeb.