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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

My Private Iran Pt. 03

group Scheherazade88 2018-11-08

I stick my tongue out and start licking his cock from head to base, much like the way you strip a wall of wall paper, this is what this looked like. I stop sucking and stare into Asel's eyes, we then start kissing and tonguing one another and this time we have more fluids to exchange. While Asel is licking me off, a guy stands behind her and pulls down her skirt and panties and inserts his cock into her anus. She then takes a seat and I go down on her, I lick the cum out of her pussy, while a new line of men form behind me and they begin pounding both my holes.

Gay Bukake

group leoalxnder 2018-11-08

He pulled his pants down and let his monster 9 inch cock stick out of his loose green boxers. The other three guys decided they didn't want to be left out and started to strip. Bill then took the two dicks out of his mouth and started licking all the cum up. After the first guy came, the guy with the small dick, the four inch one mentioned previously, started to cum. That's when the guy Bill was sucking, busted in Bills mouth. All the other guys were holding my ass and rubbing me it felt very good so I started to moan. After that, he bent down and started licking my ass until he had licked all the delicious cum out.

The Deep End

group PhilU 2018-11-08

Tom gave me a confused look, but continued, “I know you like doing things your way, but there’s a wide world out there I want to explore with you. We got on well during dinner, but I was happy when Matt and Ally turned in early, leaving Tom and I to each have a shower. Ally had a neat landing strip, but Matt had shaved all his pubic hair off, which just made the large cock swinging between his legs look even bigger. This time, Ally was licking up cum as it leaked from my pussy, as somehow both Tom and Matt stroked hard, muddy cocks and covered me with mud and cum.

The pool of sexual desires

group secretliasons 2018-11-08

my best friend Tanya, my boyfriend Andrew and I were enjoying a few drinks in the pool.  A week earlier I'd intercepted a raft of steamy text messages between the two, so I knew they were keen on each other. I saw Andrew's boardies float by me as I neared my own orgasm.  After reaching my own orgasmic climax I looked over at my boyfriend and best friend to see what they were up to now. When he turned back toward Tanya she looked up at him with those big brown eyes of hers, grabbed his cock with both hands and proceeded to drain his balls into her soft mouth.


My introduction and pathway to group sex - Part 12

group LuvitAll 2018-11-08

  It seemed that every day, another guy in final year would sidle up to me in the corridors and say he’d heard I was going to the party and looking forward to seeing me there. He reached for my tits and started rubbing, pushing his hand down the front of my dress to feel them. I reached for his cock for my feel and played with his balls for a moment, then lay down and pulled this one to me.   They let me feel their cocks and balls, then got on and fucked me quickly.   I fucked the other two who were waiting; two quick, solid, thrashing, young boy, empty-outs; got dressed and went inside to clean up before my Mum picked me up.

The Illustrated Life Times of a Horny Cpl, Chp 8

group NCcpl50 2018-11-08

I think that Beth must have had an idea that both Matt and I were trying to see Kristen’s tits because, she leaned forward causing her blouse to open enough for me to see her right breast. During the course of our time in the bar, I got to see Beth’s nipples a couple of times, and I know Matt was enjoying the Kristen’s tits as well. I watched as Matt slid his hand from Kristen’s breast down her side and casually pushed her robe off her hip so that it slipped behind her. I sat there watching with a throbbing dick, as Beth lowered her head and began flicking the tip of Matt’s cock with her tongue.

A fantasy before my eyes...

group fukme4cum 2018-11-07

David, Josh, Owen, Jasper, and Jake were waiting outside of the apartment by the time we arrived. Derek ripped off his boxers and began to massage his cock. Descriptions: Derek is 8 inches, Owen is 8 too, Jake 9 and 1/2, David 9 and 1/2, Josh is 9, and Jasper is a huge 10 inches. Owen said, "Now boys, let's get busy." They all laughed. Jake grabbed my left arm, and Josh took my left, Then Derek held onto my legs. Another cock replaced it- I could tell it was Jasper because of the size.I began to jerk on both Jasper and the other boy's (whoever it was) dicks.


Barber And His Friend Fucked My Mom

group bava12 2018-11-07

Then I went to see TV and after some time I got remembered as my dad said to shave her hair under hands and at pussy so first I went to my mom who was in a sl**ping condition( fainted) and lifted her saree up to her pussy and saw lots of hair . Then I went to see tv and after some time I got remembered as my dad said to shave her hair under hands and at pussy so first I went to my mom who was in a sl**ping condition( fainted) and lifted her saree upto her pussy and saw lots of hair .

Her Enormous Son Ch. 04

group kimberlykitten 2018-11-07

“I’m so glad that we got to meet your mother and that she has a wonderful son with a beautiful large dick that can fulfill my needs.” Her smooth hands had gotten their way into my jeans, to stroke and rub my massive hard on. It was Cindy and Cynthia, slithering their tongues and mouths up and down the dry sides of my huge dick, while Cathy was kneeling behind me, spreading my ass cheeks open and launching her tongue against my asshole. Cindy and Cynthia left my feet and legs and started to lick her face clean of my semen while she sucked my big dick back to life. Both Cindy and Cynthia each took hold of Cassie’s huge tits and started beating my head with them.

The Suite Orgy - a continuation of Diane's life with her black lover

group LadyWriter 2018-11-07

Diane moved her hand slowly away but not before realizing that Cheryl was playing with Joe's cock under the table. Diane looked around the suite, the crowd was thinning out and she took note of who was "staying for later" and who was here just to be invited, Tanya and Leon were in the former group, it was obvious. Diane was in ecstasy, her sex was wet, her body flush, nipples taunt, her mouth caressing David's 8" cock as he pistoned it in and out of her mouth. Leon's cock was thicker than David's but Diane easily moved her mouth over it and down his shaft. Tanya walked over next to them and climbed on top of her and kissed David's cock with her, then just her lips before moving down her body.

An Unplanned Threesome...

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-07

With a hint of where her head was at the moment, Jesse laughed and gave Rob a quick peck on the lips, saying, "Well, if I can't wait until we get home,and since I'm in the company of two good-looking men, I ought to be able to solve my problem, don't you think?", pulling Rob by his hand towards the door while his alcohol-laced brain slowly processed what he had just heard. "You're a good kisser, Rob," Jesse said in a a voice that betrayed her horniness, "Let's try that again," leaning into him once more, this time with her hand behind his head and her body turned more towards him to better facilitate the kiss.

Black Muslim Orgy in Boston

group Samuelx 2018-11-07

"Thank you Omar," Jibril said, and I smiled and nodded at my buddy, then watched as he fucked the hell out of Halima's ass. "Hmmm, Omar, can a horny sister get a taste?" A luscious feminine voice snatched me out of my lustful voyeurism, and I turned to look at Fatima Murugu, Jibril's sinfully sexy Kenyan Muslim girlfriend. I watched tears stream down Halima's eyes as Jibril slowly pulled his dick out of her ass, and she sighed in relief as that thick Kenyan fuck stick exited her rear. "Yeah, Omar, fuck Fatima harder," Jibril said, and he smiled at me, then winked at Halima, who lay nearby, spent.

OHGIRL: Slutty Transformation

group ohgirl1 2018-11-07

I tried to tell him that I was returning to a table of customers, but he immediately flashed a large wad of money in my face and told me that he definitely wanted to spend some time in the private room. Our time was almost up when he threw another large pile of bills onto the table to pay for another 45 minutes, then he laid across my back, keeping his cock in my cum filled pussy and started to pump me again. I slowly rode him for quite some time before he erupted in me and it was really very nice and erotic, as opposed to sucking off the two guys in the private room and getting the intense and hard fucking that Renaldo had given me.

Black Cuckold Couple for White Bull

group Samuelx 2018-11-07

Rupert played his role really well, getting into character as the dominant White Bull having his way with a Black woman's wife right in front of the Black male cuckold. Next, Rupert positioned himself behind Dalton and eased his thick White cock into my husband's asshole. I spread my husband's ass cheeks wide open, getting his Black male ass ready to be violated by the White Bull's cock. While Rupert fucked Dalton's ass, I ordered Dalton to lick my pussy and my husband obeyed, thrusting his tongue deep inside my cunt. I went to the bedroom and grabbed my strap-on dildo, making Dalton suck on it to silence his screams as Rupert slammed his thick White cock up my husband's sexy Black ass.


No Good Deed Goes Unrewarded: A Cop's Story

group CommunicationDirectr 2018-11-07

I asked him to look into her case and see if he could find a way to see to it that she didn’t spend the entire weekend in jail over a missed court appointment. When they asked where she worked, she told them she was a “voyeuristic administrative assistant that liked to mess with people’s heads.” When they pressed her for details, she sarcastically replied, “I don’t like to shower alone,” Beth remarked, as I stood and emptied my bladder into the toilet. A fourth girl joined in and then a fifth, taking turns at pleasuring Zoe, Beth and whoever the girl was that had her kitty planted on my face. Beth slipped on to my Johnson first and after quickly reaching an orgasm, Zoe took her place.

Memoirs of a Duchess, Part One

group Gabrielle_d_Estrées 2018-11-07

Perhaps it was the excess of wine she had taken at dinner, or the desire to prove that she - like her husband - was capable of seducing even the most unsuspecting servant-girl, or maybe it was simply the fact that Marie was sweet and Gabrielle, in that moment, wanted to take her innocence from her. Taking her free hand, Gabrielle gripped her sex through the girl’s dress, squeezing tightly."Do you like this, Marie?” “Do you know what is good about being with a woman, Marie?” The girl shook her head ‘no’ as Gabrielle began to undo the back of the girl’s dress. Using her fingers, Gabrielle parted the girl’s lips and made circles around the opening, all the while sucking on her clit gently, taking it into her mouth and rolling her tongue against it.

Too many black dicks for mr

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-07

All of a sudden I felt his huge black cock entering my pussy lips, invading my cunt, filling me up until I could not get anymore… He tried to slip out of my pussy, but then I told him to continue, because Victor loved to watch me being fucked by a black dick… All three black guys stayed all night and each of them fucked me at least three times, taking turns in my mouth and my cunt, but not in my asshole... He took me in doggie style and fucked my wet cunt wildly, making me scream and moan, as I felt an intense orgasm growing deep in my body…

Parking Garage

group DirtyGirl97 2018-11-07

  In the distance I heard two car doors close and footsteps approach, but never looked up and to my surprise I suddenly felt a set of cold hands grab my tits roughly and kneed them like dough.   I took two steps towards the men and leaned over close and said, “I want your dick in my mouth and yours in my pussy” looking at Baldy and Mustache respectively.   Well, I’m going to fuck your mouth, bitch!”    His cock was so far down my throat I couldn’t breathe until he pulled out the huge dick only to ram it even deeper with the next pump.

Melanie and Evelyn

group EvelynLi 2018-11-07

Rob watched as we sucked our nipples before moving into a 69, me on top and Evelyn beneath me as we licked and finger-fucked our wet pussies. I positioned myself so that my pussy was over his face and I could hold and kiss Evelyn at the same time – it was amazing having my cunt licked while she fucked his cock and sucked my tits at the same time. I knelt between her legs and took Rob's hot, creamy cum on my tongue, drinking it straight from Evelyn's swollen pussy. We then swallowed it and kissed each other again – he never really went limp and was soon hard enough to fuck me – doggy style, while I licked Evelyn's sweet, wet pussy.

The Dinner Party

group thelibrarian 2018-11-07

I excused myself from Lara, who gave me and Chloe a knowing smile and nod. I assumed she was going to get her coat, but she went straight back to the dining room, walked round the table, and sat back down next to Ben. Looking intensely in my eyes across the table, Chloe lent over to Ben and spoke at length in his ear. Chloe was looking directly at me as Ben continued probing with his right hand. Chloe slowly walked across the room towards Ben. She looked confident and was oozing a sex appeal that I'd never witnessed before. I looked to my right as Ben lifted Chloe’s legs further, took his dick in hand, and eased himself into her.

Sexual Avalanche

group Jane_Awsum 2018-11-07

He removed the towel I had wrapped around my head allowing my damp hair to cascade onto his abdomen before he entwined his fingers of both hands into it and came deep in the back of my throat. After returning from my lesson on one of those days early in our second week I got ready to go to the hot tub and sauna as usual and waited in my tank suit for Pete to return. When Mike did withdraw from my throat I gagged a little and turned to welcome the head of Jon's hardness in my mouth for a few seconds before I opened my mouth for Mike to force down deep again.

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 05

group mrsterygor 2018-11-07

Natalia placed her right hand down Annette's panties and began to finger fuck her pussy. The sexy cheerleaders each took turns, using both hands, and their mouths, to satisfy Corey's wet pussy. Natalia and Chelsea lifted up my chair, elevating it until my cock was right up against Zoe's drenched pussy. My balls smacked against Zoe's twat as Natalia shook the chair that I was in, swaying me back and forth as I pounded the sexy cheerleader's moist pussy. It only took a few seconds for me to remove Becca's cheerleader panties and reveal her pussy. I pushed my fully erect cock into Becca's soaking wet pussy and began to fuck her.

Aftermath Confessions Chapter 6 of 7 - The Wedding Night

group DMercator 2018-11-07

I thought I heard a small groan from Jeff and, for the first time, I realized I could feel his hard cock pressing against my ass from behind. She pulled your hard cock from her mouth, holding it wet and erect for me as Jeff lifted me over your body and lower me onto your shaft. Feeling Allie's weight on the bed, I opened my eyes to see her kneeling between my legs fingering herself and playing with her breasts as she watched me do the same. Allie using her mouth and her fingers to open up my pussy and then taking Jeff's cock in her hands and fucking me with it like a giant dildo.

Renee, Part Two

group randomcouple 2018-11-07

Tammy started riding my face while Renee caressed her all over, eventually making it back to my cock. I could tell from Tammy’s body language that she was close to cumming, so I concentrated on her little button until she convulsed in orgasm and collapsed on me. Without any words being spoken, Renee helped guide my hard cock into Tammy’s hot, wet, pussy. She held the base of my cock as Tammy started riding me, feeling all the wetness on my shaft. Tammy came a couple more times and Renee’s body language was telling me she was close. Tammy climbed off and touched Renee’s arm, “Your turn, honey.” Renee climbed on me and Tammy helped guide her onto my very hard and very wet cock.