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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Seduced by a Straight Guy

group kewtieboy 2018-01-26

"I often asked Nicole to perhaps stretch our sex lives a little and perhaps bring another guy......em, or girl, in to give us some excitement but she says though she finds looking at other guys fun she doesn't want one fucking her!" My cock slid into Kieran easily and Ray's face was so close to the action I thought he was going to get crushed between us. Eventually I had to withdraw from Kieran to let him really get going and soon I was doggy-fashion on the bed, his stiff cock hammering into my arse and his big hands gripping my hips as he did so. Stroking my cock I wanted to watch and savour every minute of my pretty little Kieran being defiled by this large, straight man, 12 years his senior.


The Insatiable Wife

group fittytuck 2018-01-26

Erica's voice quickly brought Jeremy back to reality and he looked at the couch where his wife had been masturbating to find it empty. As Jeremy started to close his eyes again, he saw a gleam of white out of the corner of his eye and turned his head, trying not to interrupt his wife. "That does look sexy," Erica said as she took them from Michelle. "Mmm, lucky Jeremy!" Michelle said as she gave Erica the once over. "You're performance yesterday kinda proves otherwise," Michelle said as Erica just sat there with her mouth hanging open, a mortified look on her face. They stood there looking at each other when Michelle reached out and took Erica's hand.


Strip for Him

group beermenow 2018-01-26

When he got back to the living room, he told Sarah that if she couldn't strip for me there was no way she could do it in front of a group of people. We all rested a bit before I wanted another go, so Sarah nursed my dick back to its full hardness with her mouth and then let me tit fuck her while Bill watched. I assured her that I wouldn't tell anyone and as a thank you she gave me a wonderfully slow blowjob, showing my dick with light kisses, then teasing it with her tongue before taking my full length into her mouth and rapidly throating me until she swallowed my load and sucked me dry.

Fun with a Mature Couple Ch. 03

group Scorpio08 2018-01-26

Steph stepped out of her gown, and never lost eye contact with me as she walked toward Tom. Any man watching Chris was destined for an early erection. I was just about to call time, when Bill cried out, "I'm going to cum." Noreen caught the first and second wad, but before she could swallow, Bill's dick slipped out her mouth, and the rest of his cum landed on her massive tits. Noreen went to the couch and started licking Rich's ball sack, while she worked Bill's dick with her hand. Chris moved away from Ginger's nipple and began enjoying Steph's pussy. When Noreen crawl away from Tom, Ginger lowered her mouth on his glistening dick and took her turn sucking him.


group marriedpervs 2018-01-26

I went to work the next day realising that I was living with a sexually explosive woman who obviously got turned on by taunting men in public places, using her body as a weapon. Carl explained that we were going to follow Dee from the gym to her house, and grab her as she got out of the car, and then take her to the biker clubhouse where the gang was assembled ready to gang rape her. Following her beating she was untied from the rack and placed face down on a rug, her beautiful body hogtied completely, her bright red ass cheeks glowing invitingly as her butt stuck itself up in the air.

Halloween Hedonism

group lilminx 2018-01-26

By the time Kara finished her thoughts and making the drinks, Sandy and Justin had entered her house and were comfortably ensconced on Kara's couch. The feeling Kara had from mouths and tongues licking and sucking each nipple was exquisite; she thought she was going to come right there. She moved to Kara's mouth and again began kissing her; the taste of Justin's cum mixing with Kara's juices from Sandy's mouth. Kara didn't expect it and grunted in surprise and pleasure at the first thrust of Justin's cock inside of her, but continued licking and sucking on Sandy. She heard Sandy enter the room, but was too busy concentrating on the feel of Justin's cock inside of her pussy to acknowledge Sandy.


Julie's First Bi Experience

group UnAssumingDave 2018-01-26

Watching my girlfriend kiss this young hot friend of hers was beginning to get me a little excited. Cindy began to moan as Julie's tongue explored her mouth. Julie began returning the favor to Cindy by grasping at her tank top and squeezing her young 18 year old perky tits. Julie whipped her shirt up over her head and Cindy's young pouty lips were firmly grasped on her nipple suckling it like she was a baby. Julie moaned as Cindy's lips and tongue made love to her nipple. Julie shoved her tits back into Cindy's face as she reached down and took a firm grasp of my cock. Cindy hungrily lapped at Julie's tits, but couldn't keep her eyes off my dick.

I Needed a Good Fuck pt2

group d4david 2018-01-26

Clarence lifted my legs and crawled between them licking my anus and weting it with his spit he stuck his rigid cock into my anal opening and begin to grind deep into my rectum. Clarence continued to slowly grind deep into my bowels as we sucked on this hardening cock head. Slowly he grind his cock in to my well lubed rectum till he shot another load in my butt. When I woke Clarence was sitting on the bed with his back to the wall, my head cradled in his crotch with his flaccid cock resting on my lips. I slid off the bed and got on the floor on all fours Clarence mounted my butt and fucked me like a dog.

Susie Ch. 24

group Susie_O 2018-01-26

Susie let me read some of her stories and I wanted to tell about me and swinging with Judy and April and Elliot. I assumed my dad would get upset if he knew I was having sex but Corey arranged for him and Susie to use the mansion guest house for sex and then they started doing everything naked and I think my dad started getting different ideas. I was surprised that when I proposed a sleepover with our good high school friends he said that Susie would want Corey there and so the other girls should also be allowed to bring boys.


My Boyfriend Always Cums Through

group yellowtent 2018-01-26

To show him I was sure I took his hard cock in my soapy hand and started to jerk him off, he slid his finger inside my pussy but he was too entranced by my hand job to move it much. She was bucking madly against the cock fucking her and my boyfriend's raging hard was rubbing her clit through his pants. My boyfriend kept fucking her pussy hard, and the other guy kept ramming her ass, she was moaning then she grabbed her clit hoisted off my boyfriend but kept the cock in her ass. My boyfriend jerking his cock in a mad frenzy shot a wad of cum into the stream of her squirt, the other guy pulled out in time to blast it all over her ass.


group LouiseFairfax 2018-01-26

“What better day to become a woman than on your eighteenth birthday?” Victoria said as she grabbed her s*ster’s hand and smiled. “Well Shane and Nick, what do you say we get out of this club and go have fun somewhere else?” Victoria said as she placed a hand on her s*ster’s shoulder. Victoria was rubbing up against Shane as they went up the stairs while Nick and Madison held hands like a young loving couple. Madison, not know why she did this but liking it anyhow, smiled back and tried to turn her attention back to Nick but was stopped when Victoria grabbed the side of her head and pulled her in for a more-than-s*sterly kiss.

The Darkroom

group Scorpio7 2018-01-26

Absolutely NO LIGHT could enter the room, hence the name, "darkroom". This guy had worked out DOZENS of "silent signals," so folks could have the wildest sex possible, in total anonymity. The ADVANTAGES to this kind of "darkroom sex" were obvious to many: You could do things in total darkness that you might have been embarrassed to do, in the light. One question that was constantly asked, was, "When I'm done, HOW do I find my way OUT, from a totally dark room?" The answer was that, on the edges of the "exit" doors were little "glow-in-the-dark" strips, showing precisely where the exit was located. Eventually, some folks would "make up" special signals to identify WHO they were, if they were hoping to find a particular person in the room.

The Adventures of Nicole Ch. 02

group GMan69N 2018-01-26

Elizabetha takes a firmer grip on my cock, slipping the engorged tip into her warm wet mouth before slowly sinking down onto my full length, taking me all the way in as you watch, turning to look up at me, eyes meeting, taking in the pleasure on my face. "Fuck me, you're good..." you say, breathing heavily as her she slides two fingers inside your soaking cunt, playing with the edge of your arse with her thumb whilst repeatedly licking your aching clit. Elizabetha looks downs at me pounding hard into you, her fingers pinching her nipples hard as you lick and fill her with your tongue and fingers, her eyes on mine as I fuck you harder, almost slamming you with each stroke, the force pushing you against her cunt each time.


A Beautiful Friendship

group fotisampini 2018-01-26

As Sandy began to run her hands over the cheeks of my ass I heard her kiss Gina above me and then her lips and teeth were at my neck. Whereas Gina felt as though she was devouring me with every motion, Sandy was more leisurely, taking time to savor the feelings and run her tongue across the side and bottom while gently sliding up and down. Gina took a couple of light strokes to prepare herself and then slammed me hard into her throat until her lips came to rest against the fingers that Sandy still had wrapped around the base of my cock. Sandy was staring into my eyes and as Gina slipped aside she leaned down to kiss me, thrusting her tongue hard into my mouth.

Prankster Ch. 11

group Paris Waterman 2018-01-26

Tori looked up at Butch, then took his cock from her mouth and still staring into his eyes, squeezing it tightly and began rubbing it over her lips, across her cheeks, and then over the side of her jaw. Bev-o remained on Mavis' face, which revealed her pleasure as Charlie manipulated her breasts, squeezing them, pinching them, and chewing ferociously on her long-tipped nipples. On the other side of the partition, Essence had her hand buried between her legs, her long fingers dipping inside her vagina, the middle one finding the "G" spot and rubbing it absent-mindedly as she continued kissing Barely's penis, licking it clean.


Lesbian B'day Party

group x3nn0nlane 2018-01-26

Jodi stepped behind Charlie and smiling into the camera slid the gold vibrator between Charlie’s breasts reaching down brushing her fingers over her hardening nipples. Kay sucked Charlie’s hard nipple into her mouth as Jodi knelt between her legs pushing a large pink vibrator into her open gash. Tanya handed Charlie the gold vibrator as Charlie threw her head back screaming as she felt Kay and Marina holding her ass cheeks and pussy wide as Cindy finger fucked her hard. Tanya looked at the camera making sure it was right as Cindy slid her fingers along Charlie’s swelled pussy lips spreading them wide as she rubbed the head of the large double-headed dildo between them.

La Playa Ch. 10

group Fog43 2018-01-26

With that, Jack released Diane and grabbed Laura's hand, saying, "Come on, Wench, I need suntan lotion on some tender parts!" He shot over his shoulder as he walked away with his friend's wife, " Have fun with the slut, Larry!" then dragged Laura off down the beach. Diane tongued, licked, and sucked his shaft like the expert she was, all the while opening the package of lube, lubricating and setting aside the plug, then moving her fingers toward Larry's ass. Jack's cock was buried deep in her ass (she had followed the same regimen as Larry that morning of an enema and light breakfast) and she was asking him a constant stream of lewd questions about what he would like to do to her husband as she rode him cowgirl-style under the shade of the palapa.


My Wet Neighbour Ch. 9 (Final)

group phantom1 2018-01-26

As I expected, and hoped, Anne was engrossed and thoroughly approving of my decision to let Frank fuck me, although she couldn't quite understand the fact that I wouldn't let him fuck my pussy on the grounds that that would be disloyal to my husband. Anne, remaining totally cool, simply said gently, "Yes Mary, totally naked, right here and now!" Without being asked or instructed, I reached back and held my arse cheeks open for Anne who had already got the dildo on. that's real good Mary, so smooth," Anne said as she started to fuck me bottom with steady, deep strokes. Stretched over the table with Anne still slowly fucking my arse with her dildo whilst she started a calm conversation with her husband!

Worked Out, Worked Over

group Drunken_Fingers 2018-01-25

Nicole tried to hide a smile as she watched, and made a bet with herself: "if that girl doesn't get on the Hip Adductor next, I'm going to do another 3km on this thing!" Nicole herself had never had the nerve to use that machine - it was supposed to work your inner thighs, but she just thought it was designed by a man in order to watch women opening their legs. Nicole felt Mandy's pussy spasming on her face, through her tongue, against her nose, but was still surprised when a small gush of liquid filled her mouth, making her gasp for breath and coating her cheeks and chin as she spluttered.


Boredom and Therapy

group oldhippie1949 2018-01-25

Harry finally stopped fondling my cock and I joined Brenda. Thank you, Ray." She got on her knees and began to blow me, all the time looking at Harry. "Lick my clit, Harry...lick it...oh that feels so good..." Brenda was in a frenzy now, nearly bouncing on my cock. When I was good and stiff, and while Brenda was moaning and pinching her tits, I slipped the head of my dick up to his back door. "Harry, I never knew you liked cock." Brenda said with a smile. Her breasts rolling around my chest, her soapy slit rubbing along my dick, her ass sliding along Harry's cock - yes, she was in heaven.


Summer Vacation Ch. 01

group mattwilliams 2018-01-25

Dee kept going, "Anyway, like I was saying, Mike and I were just talking in bed the other day and he asked me if I could sleep with one of his friends who would I choose." She turned to Mike and said, "I love my little Tic-Tac," then took the small, pasty white head of his dick in her mouth for just a second, then took it out and kissed the tip. With one hand on her stomach and the other squeezing and pinching her perky little tit I lifted her up slightly and shifted us around without pulling out so Mike could see his girlfriend's face as I fucked her.


Jack & Diane...and Mike

group Sensuous Storyteller 2018-01-25

What a lovely vision she is, with her hands still holding her hair up off her shoulders, her elbows out, breasts high and full, eyes closed and her mind dreaming, her shapely hips swaying slowly back and forth sensuously, she dances for him and he loves it. Licking his dry lips, Jack watches as Diane places her pretty hands on her thighs pulling her black skirt up to her waist. Mike leans over to kiss Diane's ear and his tongue slides down her long slender neck and he reaches over to suck on a ripe nipple. Sitting up, Diane peeks over his body to watch Jack as he lubes Mike's ass.

Need It Bad

group 2018-01-25

The guy I was sucking made love to my mouth one minute, then would shove his cock in deep and fuck my mouth hard and without care. It was the guy I had been sucking first and he spoke to me ‘How would you like to try something else in there?’ I gasped and moaned ‘Yes’ and he shoved his cock in my mouth. As I moaned, the other guy climbed up on the bed to my right and fed me his cock. The guy fucking my ass was going steady, deep, asking me if it felt good. He finally asked the guy who was fucking my mouth if he wanted a turn at my ass.

Bi Friends: Bryn Mawr au Go Go

group 99PercentStraight 2018-01-25

Apparently they were drinking at our friend Margaret's, and had had more than a few (what else is new?), and Annie had gotten a wicked look on her face and leaned in and announced she wanted to ask Anarkali a series of questions, and expected honest responses. "If I jerk off (an odd term for a girl to use, but it was what Annie liked to call it) in our dorm room and you're there, is that cheating on your boyfriend?" It seems that she wasn't worried about the anal sex with two of her Bryn Mawr buddies, it was just that Annie had couched each step in the 'cheating or not cheating' scenario and Anarkali had felt like maybe she HAD cheated the next morning.