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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dare You Dare Debby?

group imhapless 2018-01-25

When Tina asked what was so funny he said "I wonder if I dared Debby to fuck anyone in the restaurant named Ben Franklin," (whose visage appears on the front of the $100) "if she would?" With a big shit eating grin on his face, Brad called out "Anyone named Ben Franklin in here?" At the same time he asked his question he laughed as he pointed out a sign on the marquee near the door "Welcome Local Ben Franklin Society." All ten guys raised their hands. "No way," I said; but now all four were suspicious, so Simon and Brad held my arms while Louise lifted up my dress and Tina inspected my crotch, running her finger over the red blotches there and inspecting what came off closely.

Satisfaction X3

group DelishuslySynful 2018-01-25

Tangling a hand in each woman's thick mane, He led them by the long heavy strands over to the waist deep tub of steaming water, and stepped in with Dessa on one side, and Kalli on the other. As it thickened and grew hard, it pressed between her slightly parted thighs and she didn't even attempt to keep from moving against Him. His arm curled around her waist, pulling her tightly against Him. While at the same time His other hand dropped back to grasp Dessa's hip, effectively holding them locked together. Kalli peered around the door frame and saw to her amazement that Darkness lay across a massive bed with one hand idly stroking His hard cock.

Vice Versa Ch. 04

group Abelard7 2018-01-25

It was not the first time that a woman had changed her mind about the 'sensual' part of the massage, but usually only when she was asked to spread her legs. I had been looking forward to it having been told by Shelly that I had; "A client called Jenny at 5:30 p.m." Her tranformation from severe business clothes to ravishing nude beauty, was like seeing a caterpillar become a butterfly. I don't like weddings much, but this was Ian, an old school friend, who had moved years ago from our home town, Manchester, to Leeds, on the other side of the Pennines. Jenny had played the devoted wife for three years, then as her fragility melted away, aparently of it's own accord, she began to experience the hormonal overdose which most girls have as teenagers.


A Night with Rachel Ch. 04

group nosebone 2018-01-25

As I slowly worked her tank top up her body, I heard an audible sigh from 'Drea when Rachel's lovely B cups came in to view. "That feels good, doesn't it baby," 'Drea asked Rachel. I looked at my lovely 'Drea and she was admiring the passionate grimaces on Rachel's face as we kissed. You always look so sexy." Rachel leaned over to 'Drea and their lips met in a long gentle kiss. "Yeah it was." Rachel's hands moved towards the hem of 'Drea's tank top and she began to pull it up. I decided I was going to watch them for a few minutes as Rachel's hands found their way to 'Drea's breasts.


Private Duty Ch. 2:...

group Shale 2018-01-25

Tyronne mentioned to Jessica that I had worked with him in the hospital, and she gave me a knowing look that made me think Tyronne had told her about the extra service. Jessica said that she usually helps the other Aides, especially since Tyronne is shy about having them wash between his legs. Tyronne got into bed, face down and I spread lotion on his back while Jessica started on his feet and legs. I continued spreading the lotion on his chest but my strokes slowed at his stiffened nipples, enjoying the feel of them slide under my palms. They shifted to their side and I slid in facing Jessica and pressed my dick against Tyronne's as he was on an out-stroke.

Playing Hostess Ch. 04

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-01-25

However, as much as she liked fucking Matt and didn't want to stop, Ruth missed her ex-husband. "Well, yes, Joe. I asked Matt to have sex with Ruth, as well as my friends. While Joe enjoyed the intense blowjob Judith gave him, Matt started to enter Ruth, only to have her ask him to try the backdoor instead. Matt had to avoid looking at his mother-in-law's delightful legs as they stood in the air, because he didn't want to become so aroused as to cum too soon in Ruth's butt. After Joe had gotten a bit stiffer, Ruth licked Matt's jism off of his dick, in order to make sure that it didn't stay on him and make her conceive her brother-in-law's child.

Maya's Story Ch. 11

group JustLikeEwe 2018-01-25

You should let Kyle have a go at your stuff," he suggested, and when I told him that I didn't think that his girl would appreciate having me stick my cock in her face, not to mention the fact that I didn't want to get in the middle of a relationship, he put me at ease. Now that Maya had been with me for a time, I decided that she might like to have her horizons expanded once again, and when I made that decision I immediately thought of Steve, and the type of girls he had said turned him on. For a second, it look like Steve was going to just pass right out when he first saw Maya's exposed armpit just inches away from his face.

Cold Reversal

group SteelSaurus 2018-01-25

Karl looked at the pool in awe, it put the size Olympic to shame, "So it's fine for us to dive in?" Dagwood smiled graciously, "Sure, dive on in. Jessi looked back up, smiling widely, "Something special has been cooked up for you two," Dagwood and Karl look at her puzzled, but she says nothing more as she turns them round and begins marching them towards the indoor pool, " C'mon, this way." Jessibelle Dillas was faring well herself, and was doing a good job of hiding the effect that the cold was having on her, save in two specific places that both Dagwood and Karl had noticed and were doing their best to discretely look at.


Sex with my husband's friend

group hubbymelissa 2018-01-25

Still you know, call it a hunch, a guess or even women's intuition if you want, but at the same time I always felt Russell kind of liked me too, and I'm not talk strictly as a so-called "friend" either! As I climaxed my pussy muscles must have been contracting with my orgasm, because all of a sudden Russell also starts talking about me having a "snapper"(?) and that my pussy was literally sucking the cum out of his hard cock! Of course John was waiting, hard cock and all, but my pussy was just so swollen and a bit sore at that point, that I asked him if he'd like to stick it in my butt!

Strip Poker Passion

group egon14 2018-01-25

Amy had to kiss Jim, Dan had to tell about when he lost his virginity, and Kat had to tell how many people she had been in bed with (it took a bit for her to come up with the number "about 20"). Soon, however, Jennifer had her jeans off, Jim and I lost our shirts, and Kat was shirtless, trying to decide between removing her bra or taking a Yellow punishment. Amy was instructed to drizzle some honey (Dan must have written this one, because he knew he had some in his room) on her breasts, and have Jim and I lick it back off.

The High School Chronicles Ch. 5

group HSWriter 2018-01-25

As they broke their kiss, Karen smoothly pulled Sandra's tank top up over her head, forcing Sandra's hand to become momentarily detached from Cole's cock. When her shirt and bra had been removed, Sandra's hand returned to slowly stroking Cole's marvel of a cock. Sandra let out another loud moan as Cole's tongue danced over her nipples and Karen's hand slipped into her tight pants. After a moment, the pain turned to pleasure as Cole began to slowly pump his cock in and out of her pussy, pushing deeper and deeper. Their screaming and moaning had awakened Karen, who groggily leaned forward, smiling like a Cheshire cat, and cleaned the cum off of Sandra's stomach with her tongue.

Two Sides of the Same Coin

group Sheetcake 2018-01-25

Heiko, startled, looked at me, then back at Alejandro, and smiled awkwardly. They exchanged a few more words in German and Heiko took a tentative step toward me and grabbed my hand. Behind Heiko, I saw Alejandro shoot me a quick smile and started to wonder what exactly I could give him in return for his assistance. I grabbed Heiko and slammed him on the bed, slowly massaging his bulge until I felt it was at an adequate position. I slowly stood up and unzipped my dress, looking Heiko in the eyes as I let if fall off my frame and hit the floor. I crawled up to Heiko, bit his ear lobe, and whispered 'Alejandro wants you to watch.'

Jennifer's Eggnog

group Jaymal 2018-01-25

Trent and Lawrence stood riveted, burgeoning cocks in hand, as one girlfriend finger-fucked the other. The guys swigged from the bottle as she licked, then splashed eggnog over Kimmie's tits, sucking it off hard so that the girl squeaked and jolted till she came. The guys stared too, jacking rampant cocks and mashing a tit each of Kimmie's as Jennifer worked the vegetable dildo in and out of that slick cunt. "Brace yourself, Kimmie-girl!" Jennifer clasped her friend's hand and kissed her mouth, letting their hot tongues wriggle together. Kimmie was biting back a sob, even as Jennifer felt the slippery head of Trent's cock pop her ring and his shaft urge its creamy way inside her ass.

Changing Times - Part 1

group andyoranges 2018-01-25

Eager to show them she could be a productive and reliable partner, she came home one day and told me that she thought I should change my job search to something part-time, so that I could continue to handle the household responsibilities and c***d care. My wife began to explain that she had always been the primary breadwinner in the f****y, and that my job was secondary to hers……that except for the early years when our c***dren were not yet in school, she was the breadwinner and I was the one who worked from home, took care of k**s when they were sick, etc. Sandy saw the look on my face and said “come closer and watch what a good little cunt licker your wife has become.

MasterPC Ch. 07

group mstrhole 2018-01-25

But I didn't feel that it was appropriate to ask a temp to do some of the other things that Heather did around the office, like suck my cock, fuck me once or twice a day, and generally brighten up the place. "Danielle," Ronald said, "this is David Donaldson. "C'mere pumpkin and kiss my balls for luck," Ronald said holding out a pair of Nike's for Danielle to kiss. After Ronald and Danielle hit their drives, I went to look for mine, hoping that I'd find it -- I didn't want to lose a stroke to something dumb like a lost ball. I followed Ronald and Danielle, or Dani as she liked to be called, back to their "McMansion" not far from the golf course. It's almost as good as fucking you myself, only not as much work," Ronald said, laughing.


Grocery Fun

group co1029 2018-01-25

"I always love to help a beautiful woman out." Lucy found herself blushing again as Ryan bent to kiss her hand. Matt settled into his chair and took his hard cock out of his pants while Ryan climbed on the bed, kissed his wife, and pushed her over. Lucy moaned and looked at her husband as Ryan pushed her hard dick into her slippery pussy. Moaning, Lucy started bouncing up and down while Matt climbed up on the bed and stood next to her. Soon, she had Ryan's cock in her hot pussy and her husband's hard dick in her mouth, moaning around it. When Ryan started bucking back and holding her hips to pull her back down, she let Matt's dick slip out of her mouth and started screaming unintelligible words and moans.

Hurricane Swing

group oddone 2018-01-25

After they left, Beth and I laid in bed talking about our evening together and she confided in me that she thought Frank was a real hunk, and I mentioned that I thought that Laura was a "hot-looking" babe. As I laid down with Beth's head on my chest and lazily started to pull on Beth's nipples -- which drives her wild -- I looked over and saw Frank and Laura way ahead of us in the passion department. Beth later told me that after Frank had got her going by playing with her tits and cunt from behind, he slipped a few inches of his cock into her as she leaned against my back.

interested in my lower regions

group 2018-01-25

Andre was more interested in my lower regions. While his hands massaged my buttocks crisp, his mouth sucking my hard clit. I moaned softly, feeling like my love juices began to flow and bubbled out of my pussy hole. Andre licked hungrily at the intimate droplets, then let his tongue slip into my deep desire cave to explore my warm cave. It felt so good that my pussy started to twitch slightly. My horniness rose, a comforting heat flowed through my insides. I let my knees, to devote myself to the contents of their pants. Wow, they both had huge cocks, long and thick and rock hard. Real fine specimens, which I had to immediately welcome with my mouth.

Hollie's Story

group derek33 2018-01-25

Hurry up and fuck me!" George worked his hands between Judy 's ass and the car and lifted just enough to impale her forcefully on his hard-on. Judy 's eyes softened, "Oh God," she said with an equally soft smile, "I met George in an adult chat room, Hon. We hit it off in there and spent quite a bit of time getting to know each other and playing together." The vision of Judy being fucked up against the car; George's hard cock driving into her like a piston; his fingers pulling on Judy's nipples or spanking her right ass cheek; they kept playing over and over in her mind.


Weekend Getaway

group roomfor1more 2018-01-25

Then there was Robert whom I dated for about six months before meeting my husband Dan. Robert was a lot like me in many ways idealistic and had his views shaped by living in a religiously conservative home. There was a long silence and feeling as though blood was facing to my face, Dan broke the silence by saying, " Do not worry, yet, the outcome is not known and I have some boundaries that need to be agreed before it goes a head for me." Dan took a long pause and I thought he was done speaking until he said, "I always felt there was something unresolved between Robert and yourself.


Rainy Night

group tit102 2018-01-25

What you need in a MAN that rock your world, that turn you upside down." I did not expected Irene to say that, but that comment open up a more intimate, sexually explicit conversation that we continued in the house. Melissa licked my cum out of Irene's tit, "I want some from the source.." she said and started to suck my dick up to the last drop. Irene wasted no time and introduce two fingers in Melissa's cunt. Irene lubed Melissa's hole with pussy juice and I introduced my left thumb all the way in. I kept banging Irene opening giving her my 8 inch-long, 6.5 inch-thick love meat (they measured my cock that night).

Control Issues

group Gutenberg 2018-01-25

Your breath gets ragged when he starts kissing down you collarbone, toward the front of your neck, working his way to the base of the bone and softly running his tongue and lips on your skin. The student puts his fingers in your mouth, gets his digits wet and starts to gently squeeze your hard nipples. A pillow is slipped under your ass and Sean leans down and kisses your pussy, as if he was making out with a woman – turning his head sideways and pushing his lips into you hard, soft, then with force again, sliding his tongue in as far as it will go, so far that the tip of his nose is jammed against your clit.


A Drink in Trillions

group Midnight Hour 2018-01-25

I mean, don't get me wrong, vibrators are nice, but sometimes I just need to feel a lover's weight on top of me, hands on my body, hair tickling my thighs as he or she lowers their mouth to my wet, willing pussy. Ray moved his hand a little higher on Sarah's leg. We couldn't really touch each other in the elevator, due to the camera in the ceiling, but I could feel Ray's hands on my ass the whole way up. As I walked down the short corridor that led to the bathroom I looked back over my shoulder and saw Ray join Sarah on the couch.


Sweet Encounters

group clownxxxdust 2018-01-25

She took his hand, mostly because he was still unsure of the events that were going to unfold, but he knew he wanted this to happen, she guided his hand to her breasts to invite him to her body. As I took hold of his hardened thick cock to guide inside of me, Blondie crawled closer towards me, her tits hanging over Jon's face as he tried to kiss one of her nipples. Blondie started to crawl back up towards Jon's face, allowing him one more taste of her bald pussy. When Blondie finished tasting her cum in Jon's mouth, he pulled himself up, bringing him face to face with his wife.