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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Two, Then Four, And Then Her Husband Joined In

group MrsCanyon 2018-01-25

Again I had a great view as Len began fucking Tracy's shaved pussy, firmly stroking deep into her soaking snatch as she thrust her hips up to meet each plunge of his hard cock. Anxious as I was to get to Sandy, I still continued to watch as Casey tongued and fingered my wife to orgasm, after which he quickly mounted her, driving his long hard dick into her creamy cunt as she spread her legs wide, arching her hips to take him deep. Then I left to join Len and Sandy, with Tracy's moans of delight still sounding in my ears as Casey fucked her determinedly, plunging his prick in and out of her with long firm thrusts.



group lucienal 2018-01-25

She looked a beautiful sight, her body sprawled across the couch with her legs spread wide, a mixture of my cum and her pussy juice had started to ooze through her lacy white panties. We all stood up and Tiffany and Gary led the way, Paula was walking in front of me and stopped to allow me to catch up, her hands took my rock hard cock and started to rub it gently. “Come and fuck me!” she gasped, “I have missed all the fun.” Paula lay on her back on the lounge floor and I saw Tiffany kneel down in front of her and bury her head in Paula’s pussy, her ass facing me, her pussy hanging down wetly between her legs like a succulent fruit.

Long Black Limo Ride

group TheEroticist 2018-01-25

A man dressed in a tuxedo exits the limo and enters the uptown apartment building. The two men lift her up to remove her gown leaving her sitting only in her orchid garter belt and stockings, her juices leaking onto the supple leather seat of the limo. Beverly can see the tall buildings, some reminding her of enormous cocks, illuminated by the city lights as the limo glides through the crowded city streets. Enrique moves behind her and slowly runs his tongue from between her legs to the top of her crack and Patrick does the same to her pussy, savoring the juices. The limo drops Enrique at his residence which leaves Patrick and Beverly alone in the back seat.

Chance Meeting

group MsErotica1950 2018-01-25

Sara knew that Jack still had feelings for her but they had discussed that many times in the last couple of years. After the second time they had become intimate Sara knew that Jack would never be the kind of lover she needed. "Please join us Sara, we would enjoy your company and there is no reason why you should sit here alone eating when you could be making some new friends," he told her smiling. Sara pressed forward at her touch making Kate excited. Kate was feeling the wetness forming in her lacy panties with each touch of her fingers on Sara's nipples. Sara was on fire and she knew she wanted to feel Kate's mouth at her pussy soon.


Sinnndy's Assignment Ch. 1

group sinnndy 2018-01-25

i grabbed his ass cheeks with my hands and pulled him towards me to let him know that i wanted him to fuck my face while i sucked him. Chris started picking up the pace again, slamming his meat in and out of my mouth, grabbing my hair, and occasionally slapping my face, calling me a slut and a whore. Bruce was not as big as Chris, but he was not a little man, i was getting sandwiched between 550 pounds of beef, and it felt great, it had been such a long time since i had been a wanton slut, i loved the feeling of fucking two complete strangers.

The Threesome

group tragicmagic 2018-01-25

Waves of pleasure washed over Brenda's body and she moaned around the hard muscle she sucked on as the taste of his cock and the feel of Ted's tongue brought a small orgasm rushing quickly through her belly. Brenda pushed James away, his cock free from her mouth but still spraying sperm covered her face in his hot white milk and she felt it run from her lips and down her chin. James moistened his fingers on Brenda's pussy lips, ignoring the fact that he was rubbing around Ted's cock, and then slowly, deliberately applied the moist juices to the entrance of her butt, pushing a finger delicately inside to open her up.


Merica Story

group cybaby78 2018-01-25

They moved me to the bed and when I laid back Ken straddled my stomach his swollen cock throbbing in my face as he began to fuck my tits. Andy's big cock was bouncing in my face so I wrapped my mouth around it and started to suck him off. Ken had moved behind me and I felt his big cock as it split my pussy lips and filling my love nest. Andy had brought a towel from the lave and wiped the cum from my tits and while Ken was fucking me with the VB he was sucking my tits and pinching the nipples hard. I took a cock in each hand and began to stroke them then I alternated between them licking and sucking each in turn.

Dinner for Eight: Third Course

group AndiAnders 2018-01-25

Stepping out of it, she handed the skirt to the serving man, Juan. Jim’s explorations around the cups of his wife’s bra were pushing the edges of filmy fabric farther and farther, when Rob declared, “Oh, no, Jim! Jim turned a betrayed look at Rob, which only made everyone laugh harder. She bit at her bottom lip and looked at Ann. Ann’s cheeks were flushed, and her hands were clasped together once more. Oh, yes, thought Traci, looking back at the head of the table, Rob is going to give Jim his desire, isn’t he? When Rob paused this time Traci thought she might scream at him to just go ahead and SAY it. Finally, looking directly at Jim, Rob surprised them all by saying, “Gentlemen, unhook their bras.”

Love, Love, and Snowball Fights

group whm_kelly 2018-01-25

The lecture ended and the host thanked all the guests for picking his bed and breakfast to celebrate Valentine's Day. Cherry distributed little pamphlets of sexual positions as the couples exited. He walked to the end of the bed and pulled Terri into a kneeling position over Michelle; then, rubbed the head of his cock against her hot pussy lips. Lee pushed his entire length into Terri at the same time that Brad eased his cock into Michelle's mouth and throat. Brad pulled out and Michelle said, "Terri climb back up on my face; so, I can clean the cum out of your pussy." Terri and Michelle stayed in the bed cuddling and petting while Brad and Lee took turns cleaning up in the shower.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 09

group SteveWallace 2018-01-25

I trudged back to my office, talked to Jesse for two hours, dumping file after file into her capable hands and talking like a fire hose while she took notes on her iPad. About four o'clock I had my flights and hotel reservations for the rest of the week, plus an outrageous schedule of meetings until late Friday afternoon when I'd catch a flight from New Jersey back to Boston in time for a late dinner and the weekend. I also felt awed because Jane was so high up in TCI; her office looked as large as a baseball diamond plus she had a secretary and several staffers right outside her door doing her bidding everyday.


Bet You Don't Believe Me

group livingmydream 2018-01-25

Doing so leaves her bare from the waist down, and grasping her knees I press them up into her chest and lower my mouth to her wet, swollen pussy lips. Spreading the delicious liquid over my lips, I suckle and nip her clit as I watch her slowly taking his cock into her throat making him release small moans of pleasure. Running my free hand down between my own legs, I begin rubbing my opening wetting my fingers to slide them over my own clit. As I feel the walls of her tight, hot cunt start to spasm around my fingers, I hear him thrust down her throat once more as he cries out his release.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 08

group SteveWallace 2018-01-25

Steve has the nicest cock, and I'll tell a tale out of school here, he and my girls went to a Tantric sex class several months ago, and he's mastered the skill and art of delivering orgasms to a woman, holding off his own so he can fuck all night long if he wishes without stopping, plus developed the skill of fast recovery if he does cum. I asked about the protocol about showering before rejoining the rest of the party, but Jean and Sally told me that many of the women preferred to not clean up until the very end, and that they like the men a little messy too.


Weekend EXXXtravaganza!

group naughtybicycle 2018-01-25

I stick my ass out as I toss my hair back and forth, scanning the room for a nice American man. He has good hands and plays with my clit a bit and my pussy starts to get wet. I sit down next to him and stroke his cock while he sticks his fingers in and out of my juicy pussy. I was lying, but I hear you can make alot of money making movies. I open up wide and let him stick his cock all the way to the back of my throat. He opens the door to the adjoining room and I hear a group people come in. I feel one of them ramming into my little pussy so hard.

My Beautiful Frenchmen in London

group mandywilluk2000 2018-01-25

And of course I recalled their fingers, hands, mouths, tongues and erections doing to my pussy in precisely the way I was doing it as I masturbated with the two of them vividly in my mind. "You are even more beautiful Mandy than I remembered," Luc said as Richard slid the dress down my body and let it fall in a pool around my feet. The nuances of the English language baffled them until I explained that the way Richard had said we want to make love to you with them on could be interpreted as meaning the panties and stockings would be on them. "This is so amazing," Richard was sighing as his face moved closer to Luc's and as his hand reached out and stroked the other man's arm.


Nicolle's Night at the Movies

group NiteWriter 2018-01-25

Nicolle was kneeling between one kid's legs sucking his cock and taking him deep. She looked over her shoulder moaning, "I want his cock." Her lustful eyes moved to this kid, staring right at him. The other two kids got dressed and relaxed in the grass behind the van ready to watch what Nicolle had in mind for their friend. Nicolle was smiling as she caressed her hand over the bare flesh of his fat ass and then reached to cup his massive black nut sack hanging between his legs. I'm going to be a filthy little slut just for you." Then she crawled up into the van sliding on her back between the kids legs until her head was positioned right below his hanging cock and balls.


Renu the Tormentor Ch. 02

group sajit 2018-01-25

They were inside their room which they reached in ease- late evening and it was dark.The young woman moaned with passion as she felt one of Sushil's hands slip inside her open kurta and squeeze one of her bra-covered breasts. Sushil put his huge dark cock back in her cunt, fucking the young 19 years old Renu once more in quick succession to the pounding she had received from Ajay a few minutes back. Sushil left his cock in her cunt as the exhausted Renu remained bent over the study table savoring the fucking she just received.


All Four of Them

group rockhard4uc 2018-01-25

But I couldn't get enough of watching them stroking their nice hard cocks and seeing their hot cum spurting out for me. The other guys smiled, stroking their cocks slowly while they watched James start to thrust gently into me. I exploded into a huge orgasm, almost throwing James and his big cock out of my pussy. He pulled it out, dripping with my cum juices and was quickly replaced at my pussy by John, whose cock was shorter but much fatter. As John started thrusting into me, we all watched as James grunted loudly and then shot a huge load of cum into the glass. Before I had time to do or say anything, James was back at my pussy, his hard-again cock stuffed in balls deep and thrusting deliciously.

Horny Hitchhikers

group iconisclass 2018-01-25

From Tam's gaping pussy and Derrik's slick dick, I surmised that he had been rear-ending her while she licked Kate's clit. Kate looked at me briefly and smiled, then turned back to admire Derrik with his young physique as he slid his hard cock inside her. As Kate pushed my groping hands away to suck on Tam's large breasts I grabbed her hips and began pounding hard. Tam took my cock and Kate was heading up to Derrik when she changed her mind and went to get something from the other room. Kate began rubbing and sucking Derrik's dick, getting it all sloppy wet with her saliva. When we switched Kate for Tam, Derrik took the ass again as he had never fucked her there.

Slave Whore Teacher

group Nudemodel 2018-01-25

Now these five tall healthy-looking black high school boys standing in a row facing her, Stick, Junk, Van, Chill, and Gem, wanted her, their Geography teacher, to crawl naked around in back of them, put her face between each of their black buttocks, and disgustingly degrade herself licking their assholes. And out of the corner of her eye she saw Junk videotaping her shame and degradation and zooming in on a close-up of her white face in Stick's black ass. Junk handed him the video camera and got down on all fours with his bare black ass in Miss Lee's face. "Look at the camera, Miss Lee," Junk told the naked humiliated cum-faced white woman.


Her First Threeway

group Ldy_Sea 2018-01-25

Once your legs are done I shift to start again with your head, massaging your cheeks and working down to your arms and hands. After several minutes of having two hard cocks thrusting into your body you feel my dick start to expand inside you. I withdraw my flaccid dick and you feel the cock slide out of your ass and a mouth licking the depths of your pussy clean. The two of you are using one hand each on my cock and balls and the other on each other grabbing tits and fingering pussies. I start to feel my orgasm building, so I gently push you off my mouth and tell you to lay down.

Pick-Up Under Pretense

group cattitude1965 2018-01-25

That's what you're dying to see - that big hard throbbing black cock, fully engorged, sliding into my dripping wet, tight little white pussy. Before I know it, my legs are pulled back as far as I can get them and he's burying his massive black cock balls deep in my tight little white pussy with every stroke, hard and fast. I kneel on the floor behind you and stroke your hair as you suck his cock, telling you how incredibly sexy you are, how good you look with that big black cock in your mouth, how much I like seeing him sucking your cock, and how much I want to see you eat each other's cum.


I maried her twice

group pochean 2018-01-25

when Cheryl got in the car I asked her why she was there she told me she was interviewing for a job and was hoping she would get it, as I was just about to leave the parking lot I looked in the rear view mirror and Jim and some other guy were coming out of the lobby doors I thought to myself that was a bit odd but said nothing as there was a bar there I figured that was the reason. The first vid was ok, it had some hot ladies and a lot of girl girl sex I liked it she only tolerated it we put the next one in and it was more amature modles and home filmed kinda stuff, Cheryl seemed to like the gangbangs best and it realy worked her up, it made for a great night.

Another Week on the Lake Ch. 01

group Megamuffin 2018-01-25

"Hi, Maggie," Sophie said, trading cheek kisses with her boyfriend's cousin, and giving Eva and I a little playful eye-roll while she was at it. Eva and I had taken the room across the hall from Jack and Sophie, and we followed suit, undressing with our door open, and exchanging playful smiles with the couple across the hall as we all watched each other undress. I looked across the hall just in time to see Sophie pulling the cups of her bra away from her tits, not as big as Eva's, but that wasn't saying much.


Aboard the Cruise Ship Debauchery

group Mag58 2018-01-25

There were only two years difference in age between us but we had always been like chalk and cheese; Sam being the studious one who had gone to University and me the party-girl who had fallen in love with a series of 'bad boys' until I finally met my match with Jeff who got me pregnant within six weeks of meeting and then making my life Hell for the next 13 years until he eventually hit me too hard one drunken night and I left him with our daughter in one hand and only a bag of clean underwear in the other.