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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Complex Relationship Ch. 05

group PaulStevens 2018-01-25

As both girls came down from their climaxes Brandon saw Mel emerge from between Ashley's legs and kneel down to kiss Katy. Brandon watched and listened in awe as he thought he heard Ashley nearly climax several times, only to here the moans soften moments later. As Ashley worked Katy toward orgasm Brandon saw Mel get up and straddle Ashley's stomach and engage the moaning blonde in a kiss. In that moment he felt Katy's hand squeeze his and she said softly, "Brandon she's okay with this, in fact what happened tonight was her idea." Then she sat up and kissed him softly and said, "Please Brandon, fuck me, I want you so bad it hurts.


Double the Pleasure

group sonneteer1 2018-01-25

With a final wink of my root beer colored eyes, and a dimpled smile at myself in the mirror, I headed to the front door, excited about a night at the dance club. When it was my turn, I scooted to the edge of the seat, my skirt rode up to my upper thighs, I leaned forward to grasp the drivers hand, I looked up into his deep blue eyes and noted he had a birds eye view down my shirt. Once again we wove our way through the many bodies, on the look out for Jen and Kat. A pair of hands wiggled above heads like a beacon.


Adventures in Camping

group BradBigBrain 2018-01-25

The Bs started unloading the truck and Phoebe grabbed my hand and led me to a camper on her property, where I was going to stay the week. After eating breakfast and saying goodbye to Phoebe for the day, we pulled on our fishing clothes and headed out to the lake. When I thought I couldn't take any more, she licked up my shaft again, stopped and swirled the head a few more times, then plunged her mouth onto my waiting and throbbing cock. My head was buried in Phoebe's pussy and I was sucking that little clit for all I was worth.


Spring Break With Friends

group LaRocha 2018-01-25

Well, I thought that it was strange that Tim's girlfriend Kim wasn't coming with us, but her sister Erin was. I slept on the couch while Erin and Katie shared a room and Tim got the single bedroom at the end of the hall. Both Erin and Katie were looking great wearing these matching small black bikinis. After a while on the beach Tim and Katie went off walking down the shore leaving Erin and me alone. We went out and danced, I spent most of the night with Katie, and Tim was with Erin for some reason. It was quite odd, I was making out with Katie on the drive home and I could swear that Erin had her hand in Tim's lap while he was driving.

The French Maid Ch. 11

group susan12346 2018-01-25

He asked if he could touch my breasts so I reached for his hand laying next to the other side of him and pulled it over, holding it against my breasts, moving it around so his hand rubbed the nipples and caressed all around them. I pulled my lips very slowly to the tip of his cock and then in one motion, rammed my head all the way down that shaft. I smiled and licked around the now soft head of his cock and pushed the shaft around his crotch, tasting the paddles of cum as I did. It took several minutes, during which time he amused himself by reaching under me to brush my nipples with his fingers, but finally his limp wet cum covered cock responded to my warm sucking mouth and grew hard.

Bikinis, Wives + Friends = Fun Ch. 05

group Justtoold 2018-01-25

She had divulged to him that our orgies were something she thought a lot about because of how she had finally got to be more open about sex, but being raped and with the bondage and rough stuff she had completely lost control of her body and had come so violently, so many times, that she wondered if she would ever be normal again. I told Al that April was having a hard time at work because when no one was looking Pete would slap her ass and that would make her cum.

Loosening the Bonds Ch. 12

group SighWriter 2018-01-25

"Kathi and Ken," Ted said to us, "this is Tommy, an old friend of mine, just like Jim." He pointed to a young-looking, blond-headed fellow with either no fur on his chest, or hair so fine I couldn't see it. I now had a hand on my other thigh—I presumed it was Henry's—but I wasn't sure if it was the gentle rubbing on each of my thighs, both moving slowly but inexorably toward my crotch; or the action on the screen that was making me hotter, faster. I heard Henry groan as I slowly eased my lips over the tip and, finally, the whole head is his cock, after first taking a moment to lick the pre-cum from the monster's pretty little eye.


The Game

group jmc11 2018-01-25

My wife says she wants to watch them shoot their loads, so we all pull our cocks out of her while she rolls over on her back and tells me to stick my cock back in her ass, she lays there on her back and spreads her legs so I can push her hips back and slide my dick back where it belongs, deep in her ass, at the same time I reach down and start rubbing her clit, then I stick two fingers in her pussy and rub my own cock through her pussy walls.

His Slut Act 03

group HotHunty 2018-01-25

I pull off Kyle's cock long enough to say "Oh yeah, fuck me harder, I want you to fucking hammer me!" Then I am sucking again, hungrier now, the feel of Jack slamming into me making me more eager, more aggressive. Then I feel him sliding the toy back into my cunt, filling up both my holes, working them, and I am cumming, pulling up off Kyle's cock... He continues to slam into my mouth, deep and hard, until he is ready to cum, then he pulls out, grabbing my jaw and forcing my mouth to stay open, then he cums on my face and on my tongue, rubbing it all over my cheeks and lips with his cock.

Ginny Turns Pro Ch. 03

group jay.palin 2018-01-25

Carol then grabbed the lube and – handing it to me -- said with a slow, matter-of-fact whisper, “Here, Jay. I’m clean too.” I flipped her over and, with Ginny whispering encouragement, spread Carol’s buttocks and licked her crack from perineum to the base of her spine, pausing to insert the tip of my tongue into her rectum. Spreading her legs slightly, with Ginny stroking and kissing her back, I lowered the head of my prick to Carol’s beckoning pucker and pushed it in very slowly. “Sit on my face!” I growled, as the little blonde – now recovered from her orgasm – straddled my head and, reaching under herself to spread her cunt lips open to me, lowered herself onto my sucking mouth and probing tongue.


Skirting The Issue

group morefunnaked 2018-01-24

I'd been playing along up until then because it was what Brenda wanted, but when I closed the car door and stood there out in the open I found myself getting oddly aroused. It felt exquisite to stand there like that occupying a realm somewhere between genders and from the delirious look on Brenda's face, it was turning her on big time. Pulling my cock from Brenda's mouth, I put my hands on her shoulders and guided her to her feet. She leaned forward and took it in her mouth, taking right up where Brenda had left off. Looking back I saw Brenda using her other hand to stroke her slit and then her middle finger disappeared deep inside her quim.

Old & Divorced

group Jaywesal 2018-01-24

Oh fucking yes!” Jim’s fist was a blur and as his first load shot up and landed on his chest Betty leaned forward and opening her mouth sucked the spasming head of his cock into her mouth and began swallowing. “Oh..oh…FUCKKKKKK!!!!!!!!” His fist began to slow as his cock emptied and as I felt my own load getting ready Betty let the dildo slip out of his ass. I hadn’t seen or jacked off or sucked a cock since my college days; Betty’s gray haired wet cunt; Jim’s cock blowing cum down her throat; Betty jacking off; Jim getting fucked; Their fantasy of me participating…….


Taken Camping Ch. 01

group NicoleSix 2018-01-24

Just then a car arrived at the neighboring site and three college age boys got out and started to set up. I struggled out of the tent and started throwing my sopping wet gear into my car, getting completely soaked and cold in the process. The cock in my pussy was very big, and as he started to work it into me with short strokes I got steadily wetter. My pussy started to open up for him and he hit bottom with his big dick stretching me fully and his balls resting on my ass. A small river of juice and semen had run down my ass crack and the boy's cock was coated with it too.

Carl Comes Back

group blackbidick 2018-01-24

She slowly started pushing my head down, I was ready to stop but I knew I couldn't, when I was now with my face right there in front on her sloppy cunt, I just went for it. Shirley told him that was great, then she leaned over and started sucking on Carl's cock. It wasn't long before I was ready to cum, Shirley was licking my ass and Carl sucking my cock, I shot off on Carl's face and shoulders. He smiled and leaned in and gave me a big wet kiss, my cock jumped and he smiled and was getting up to sit on my lap again, but I stopped him and pushed him down on his back and picked his legs up over my shoulders.

Tribadic Treat

group Patchwork 2018-01-24

Kim now stood-up once more and Gill pulled her dress up over her head and tossed it to the floor. This time Gill's hand slid down into Kim's panties and obviously her fingers curled into her friend's pussy as Kim broke off the kiss to gasp in pleasure. By now Kim was crying out that she was coming and then she wrapped her legs tightly round Gill's bum, forcing the plastic cock deep into her cunt and groaned, 'Oh fuck..' as a massive orgasm swept through her body. I then watched them in a 69 and then fucked Kim while Gill lay beside us playing with herself.

Room for one more?

group jayke1981 2018-01-24

Barbara, let's give her some home-style sex education." I didn't realize until then that his pants were unzipped and Mom had had his huge, hard dick in her hands, gently jacking it up and down. This obviously wasn't the first time they had done this, because when Don stuck his dick into her mouth and all the way down her throat, his balls hanging over her nose and face, Mom never uttered a word of protest. Sometimes in my room, I'd stick my finger in my pussy to try to imagine what it must be like to have a dick in there, but I never felt as good as it appeared to feel to Mom when Don was fucking her.

Three Gangbangs in One Night - Part Three

group 2018-01-24

"Oh," Marcus called out from behind the garage door, "Don't open your presents until after your shower," he popped his head back around the door, "You wouldn't want to get them dirty." But when Marcus quickly pulled his right hand up over his mouth to hide his smile Sharon couldn't maintain the façade any longer. The lads pulled their shirts off and began drenching her in lavender scented oil Marcus seemed to have stockpiled in the room for just such an event (the man knew what she liked!). Marcus crawled across the floor like he'd been the one fucked by a baker's dozen of dicks that day and fumbled with the clasp on the strand of pearls until it came undone and rolled down her body.

Naughty Michelle

group kebbler2929 2018-01-24

To my surprise it was Missy and Chris the couple we were suppose to meet the next night, They had seen who they though was Dave when he went to get the drinks and followed him back to our table. I slid off the table and under it and started to finger and eat out Missy I did this till she cam in my mouth it was my first time ever tasting another woman but I new it would not be the last. I went to go slide onto Chris's long 8 inches of hard on and started riding him after a few min of this he had me move to the side of the table where dave was sitting.

Sex Mob

group DJ LaSexy 2018-01-24

I broke away to get more drinks from the bar, leaving Katy and the stud dancing with two other extremely hot young guys. I thought I felt his hands reach around for my ass, but as I looked over my shoulder I realized yet another young stud had joined the older man on the floor and was licking my anus at the same time. Katy beckoned the two beefy guys to her mouth, and she began rubbing the heads of their cocks together as she alternately licked their shafts. I told the guy fucking Katy that it was my turn to come and that he should stick his cock, covered with Katy’s pussy juice, into my wet, cum filled cunt.

The Trio Ch. 02

group LeoDavis 2018-01-24

My penis kept getting hard as I recalled how Kim had looked and felt as she vibrated around my penis and cried out. Remembering the intensity of sex with Kim filled my mind so completely it finally shoved my guilt aside. I could smell the fresh scent of Kim's aroused pussy, and my erection was painful in my pants. I still felt guilty, but my penis kept getting hard in anticipation of Kim's returning to our room. As aroused as the three of us were, it just didn't seem appropriate to simply start fucking Kim. Our fondling and kissing were getting us more and more prepared, but nobody made a move.


Charting New Territory

group stago 2018-01-24

For a moment Tina couldn't get the head of Rob's cock in, and with a distracted frown that made Kim's heart lurch she reached down to adjust the shaft, holding it firmly as she forced it into her tight cunt. Kim watched anxiously as she fucked herself, staring at the the girl's cunt where it spread wide to swallow the cock, the red flush of her roommate's breasts, her panting lips and disheveled hair. Bending low, Tina brushed her lips across Kim's again and then slowly slipped a leg over her, lowering her drooling cunt down over the other girl's face. Kim paused to savor the taste, but in moments had grasped Tina's hips with both hands and pulled the girl closer, burying her tongue in the drooling slit.


Amy Sue and Maxine Ch. 01-04

group reddbunnz 2018-01-24

"Maxine, you sure look like shit," my best friend Amy Sue says while staring at my naked body. Our only options, like most young girls trying to break into either show business or modeling, is to work as a server in some restaurant or bar, or as an office administrative assistant. "Janice, you're wanted in the conference room," a middle-aged guy who just entered the reception area tells the bitch sitting at the receptionist's desk. When I begin to reach for my clothes, Amy Sue gives me a look and shakes her head to indicate 'No' as she begins to follow Janice while still totally naked. I immediately toss my skirt and panties to the server, too, and follow Amy Sue back out into the club bare-ass naked.


Wildcat Within Ch. 02

group banks111 2018-01-24

"Laura," I said shocked as I saw her on the couch, sitting next to Stephanie who was still in my robe. I had no idea how long Laura had been home and prayed that she didn't know Stephanie was with me in the shower. "And when I told her you'd like this kind of thing she practically dressed herself." Laura had one hand gripped tight on the leash while the other stroked Stephanie's hair. "Watch as I pleasure him in ways you can't." Laura pushed me on my back, my head inches away from Stephanie's. Laura leaned her head down and ran her tongue along Stephanie's lips. "Not like that little slut Miss Kitty." Laura grabbed the plug and pressed it against Stephanie's lips.


The Best Cruise Ever

group Jaxflor 2018-01-24

As Garcia left, Darla turned to me with a huge smile, looking like the cat that ate the canary. I did know that my cock had gotten rock hard at the mere thought of Darla teasing and playing with me while Amber sat with us again.. "Yes. You know, unless you don't want to share your room with 2 hot girls." Still she flashed the sexy, sly smile. "How about you promise to fuck me good later tonight?" As she finished the last word, her mouth opened and slowly took my cock, her tongue licking the underside as she did. You want to fuck me while Amber watches?" She immediately took me back in her mouth and continued to work my cock.