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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Birthday surprise

group happyhayseedca 2018-01-24

Then as I continued to feel her hot breath on my neck, I felt a hand on my cock. As she finished the words, she kissed my lips and at the exact same instant I felt a mouth slip over the head of my cock. She kissed my firm and hard and swear her tongue tapped on my tonsils as the other pair of lips mouthed my cock. The mouth released my cock and moved lower, sucking a ball into her mouth and working it rhythmically as a hand stroked my now fully engorged shaft. My cock lurched and twitched in the mouth as my body quivered from the tonguing in my ass.

Secret anal hijab muslim

group Gorfang 2018-01-24

Hard white cocks, old horny men ready to fuck their muslim slut. The first of them guided his fat white cock right into her asshole, and started fucking her. She was getting fucked anal, sucking and jerking hard fat cocks, from old white men. She didnt know for how long they used here, but everyone of the old perverts had fucked here ass and used here mouth when they were done. Her ass was sore from all the fucking, but as soon as she was alone, she removed the tape from her pussy, and rubbed herself until orgasm. Her mother walked in and kissed her on her cheek and told her how much she loved her doughter, and that she was a good muslim girl.

A Big Fight

group assbr 2018-01-24

As I walk in the house I only see Wendy but no John, but there is another female voice in the house, it was Mary (The one that caused all this crap between all of us.) As I turn the corner and see her I look at Wendy and say "I am leaving, call me when she is gone." An hour later Wendy calls me to say that Mary was gone and I could come home now. I hear the vibrator turn on so I start having sex with my wife, not long after I see Mary get up I guess the moaning I heard was her coming, when I finish doing my wife I turn to fuck Mary but she has not returned so I get up and notice the her purse and coat are gone.


Liz is Willing: The New Fur Coat

group lizshusband 2018-01-24

Living in suburbia, our lifestyle would be going to the Country Club, having business dinners, play tennis, then go home and make love a few times a week with Liz. Having a few cars, a nice house and a great job was the dream. I knew I was in love, from the first time that Liz used her wet sopping pussy to grip and milk the cum from my dick. Now that our sex life is totally uninhibited, I asked Liz where she learned to fuck by gripping my cock with her pussy. It is always the wildest turn on for me when I think about looking down at a drunken Liz, face down on the bed with a pillow under hips having a very intense orgasm, while I deeply fucked her ass.

College Threesome

group S_Queen 2018-01-24

Having been using the pool, I'd gone to the sauna and ended up getting my cock sucked by some guy, before finding myself fucking a gay man in the showers. But my next door neighbor here is a bit of a freak and er, well, once when we were drunk things got a little out of hand and she ended up fucking me with her strap on. "You know something," Jess said brightly, "I think he wants to be fucked!" She darted up, and went to a drawer. "Look are you going to fuck me any time soon?!" Alex said. Then, I heard Alex also let loose, my asshole feeling for the first time was a guy's cum was like.

The Nude Weekend - Friday Night

group Friskee_cpl 2018-01-24

Karen came up behind Clement and reaching around and grabbing his firming cock said, "If Sharon wants to ruin her appetite with a load of gooey French cum, she's more than welcome." "Get over here," Caz laughed out and smeared the jelly and custard around her nipples, "and wipe this mess up." John scooped up a small amount of cream and rubbed it around the head of his cock. "Here," he said as he held her by the back of the head, "Pav on prick, it's the latest thing." Hungry more so for cock than she was for cream, Caz engulfed her husband's cock and grabbed a hold of John's.


Pantyhose foursome.

group tonyhose 2018-01-24

At the sight of Felicity tied to the bed Johns cock sprang to attention and Laura's hand went straight to her pussy and began stroking herself. He didn't need telling twice and he quickly got between her legs and slid his hard cock into her wet pussy and began to fuck her. It wasn't long before Laura's pussy was as wet as Felicity's and motioning her to move off the bed, John got back between Felicity's legs and slid his hard cock back into her now dripping wet, hot pussy and began to fuck her hard. I bent Laura over the bed where she sucked on Felicity's tits while I stood behind her and slipped my cock into her pussy from behind and began to fuck her too.

A Week on the Lake Ch. 02

group Megamuffin 2018-01-24

I got myself upright again, and held Becky's hips as I continued to repeat the process, slowly pulling almost all of my cock out of her before thrusting hard back into her pussy. Panting with the exertion, I withdrew my slowly shrinking cock from Sophie's pussy and sat back against the wall to watch as she quickly rolled over and ordered Todd to fuck her. Finally spent, Jack sat back down on the bed next to Becky, watching Todd fuck his girlfriend. Jack smiled and made room for us, and Becky positioned herself on her hands and knees so we could watch Todd and Sophie while we fucked. Jack looked back and forth, watching Todd and Sophie, then me and Becky fuck.


Hotel Bar

group E-Nymph 2018-01-24

I briefly thought about bolting, making up some excuse that I needed to go, that I was meeting a friend for dinner…and just as I was about to open my mouth, the man with the intriguing eyes leaned over and whispered in my ear, "I know we can please you." I looked into those eyes once again, and knew that he was speaking the truth. A predatory look slid across his features and he leaned close to me, whispering, his lips so close that I felt his moist, warm breath as he caressed my thigh, fingers leaving phantom circles where they had touched. I pulled back from the kiss and caught sight of the wild one's mouth busy teasing the nipples of the dark haired goddess; her naked length crushed against his.


Widening the Circle Ch. 04

group fntsymn 2018-01-24

"I don't mean to be disrespectful, and if you don't want to, you just have to say no." Raul said, "What I'm asking you is to join me and my wife for the night so the three of us can make love to each other." And I would like to ask you to join us at our table for a drink so we can explain." Raul said, still holding Vanessa by the waist. She kissed Robert before rising and as she turned, Pamela who had turned around to inspect Raul and his wife, told her, "If you don't want to accept their offer, tell them they might ask me.


Wedding Night Ch. 01

group Gaia_Lorraine 2018-01-24

The sensation of her nipples being sucked and fondled by two men began to turn Sandy into a sexual frenzy, the drink had lowered her inhibitions to the point that she now wanted to be penetrated. She closed her eyes again and re-imagined the curved cock of Darren inside her, whether or not it was that shape was immaterial, it was the thoughts in her mind that mattered right now as her hand reached down and rested upon her gender. The gush from Mike's cock shot into her mouth at the same time as she saw Gary cream over Darrens face. Gary's tongue was now slowly licking down her body, over her breasts and tummy, his intent; to seek out and drink Darren's cum from within.


A Friendly Visit

group khollen2 2018-01-24

I couldn't help thinking that this was going to be a great season for the Pats, Brady was looking good and they had picked up a bunch of great guys for the defense and then I heard "He's in another world Linda and hasn't heard a word you said." Amy didn't look like she was going to last very long as well and Linda, whose face I couldn't see very well as it was buried in my wife's cunt, seemed to be doing nicely by the way she was bucking into me as I slide my cock in and out of her.


Island Fever 2: Eternity Ch. 10

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-24

Not only was it the year when the amazing quintet of Devon, Pamela, Trish, Lindsay and Amy suddenly entered my life, but I also solidified my long-time relationship with Kristanna and married her in August. Oh, there were several bumps along the way - the ongoing tug-of-war I had with Amy early on in trying to get her to seek medical help for her mental issues, my unfounded fear that Lindsay ultimately cared about no one on the island except herself, and the five month split we had from Pamela where I felt assured that I would never see her again. I walked away from 2013 with a newlywed wife who was pregnant in Kristanna, a freshly-minted fiancee in Amy who I planned on making my second wife as soon as possible, and the undying love and devotion from four live-in girlfriends in Devon, Pamela, Trish and Lindsay.


Party Crasher Ch. 02

group jenyes 2018-01-24

Soon I will have him clean and I work at it diligently, helped by your hand as it pulls my face around, back and forth. I feel him hardening and I let his cock out of my mouth so I can lick along the entire shaft. He takes hold of his cock and uses it to smear the cum on my face, painting me with it. Pulling open my jaw so his cock passes into my mouth as he spreads his cum. Your hands holding my head, he takes to pushing his cock back into my mouth. "He better be clean!" Your speech sizzling my ear as I watch you lean over me, taking his cock into your mouth.

Rewarding my Heros (part 1)

group deprived30 2018-01-24

Suzt said Jenny i dont know what came over me i smoked that pipe and got so horny and when Jerry pulled his big cock out it just seemed natural to start sucking it. I dont know if it was the booze or just curiosity but i agreed as i sat down and took a long hit off the pipe it tasted chemicly and then wham it hit me like now and felt so good and before i knew it i was naked on the bed and Suzy was eating my pussy as Jerry was shoving his big cock in and out of Suzys little pussy real fast.

Couples' Life Altering Cruise Ch. 04

group ytreeman 2018-01-24

Before we left our new friends last night we agreed that if anyone wanted to join Susan and I for a trip to Water Island they were welcome. I did not believe my ears when she said she would get me started with a hand job/blow job combination and when I was good and hard, we would use the ladder and I would fuck her doggy style. She surprised me when she lifted up on her elbows and said, "You went down on Susan like a prodded you enjoy it?" While I was trying to form a witty response, she proceeded to spread her feet farther apart.

Fantasy Come True Ch. 02

group TeaseU1972 2018-01-24

Teresa pushed herself up against me hard, running herself up my body, looking into my eyes the whole time, the twin pools burning me as she travelled, her hands like claws on my body. I wanted to bury myself deep, and listen to Leeanna moan as I fucked her (and the feeling of her hair, wrapped in my fist, as I pounded her; the supple muscles of her thighs spasming as I brought her to fruition; the exact shade of her dark eyes as I- Okay, stop it, Ryan). I admit; I took advantage, but I knew how much she liked it, so as I reached Teresa's head I leaned in and began nursing her breasts, teasing her nipples in a way I knew she loved.

Late night at the office

group saugamike 2018-01-24

I was getting close and wanted to fuck the cleaner again so i pulled out and moved over to the cleaners ass again, she was tighter then before i got a good pace going before i felt i was going to explode i pulled out and they both got on their knees infront of me, they both started to lick my cock up and down on either side then i felt it i pulled back and shot my biggest load of the night all over thier faces and tits.

A Better Understanding Ch. 2

group GeorgeT 2018-01-24

She lay next to me, not moving, and I took in the erect nipples and slightly parted legs. I placed my hand on her stomach and moved my lips to an erect nipple and started to caress it with my tongue. I positioned myself, face down between her legs, my face against the open lips, my tongue moving slowly along the inside of the labia until it came in contact with the clitoris. We kissed and as she moved her hips, I felt the tip of my hard cock entering her, making it's way up the warm, tight and lubricated passage. Her fingers started to work me to full hardness and she moved to place her mouth over the the tip of my cock.

First Time at a Con

group SASwordsman 2018-01-24

Despite mounds of evidence to the contrary, and witnesses who placed him elsewhere at the time she claimed their liaison occurred, it was only a picture in the yearbook of him and Melody working the drink station at a school dance that had occurred the evening she claimed they'd hooked up that finally convinced the girl's parents to question her word. Mark knew enough to take her straight to a female counselor, but Melody wouldn't talk without him there, so he stayed as she detailed to the counselor how her uncle had been molesting her since she was nine, and she'd finally stood up to him when he came to pick her up from school that day.


Birthday Treats

group TonyDowse 2018-01-24

Having taken my time with a couple of glasses of champagne before I heard her call out that the bathroom was clear for me, I was feeling a little light-headed as I showered and changed, but even so I still poured myself another before sitting down to watch the news while I waited for Penny to get herself ready. Even though by then I had of course seen Penny's naked body countless times, seeing her like that - standing in just sheer grip-top stockings and thong, with Shun-shun's hands and fingers wandering caressingly over it - was one of the most erotically arousing sights I thought I'd ever seen.


The Birthday Girl

group tv46 2018-01-24

"Get your bills ready." Mona smiled, and held out her hand, offering up Melvin for an encore performance. "Ready girls?" he said, rubbing his hands together, getting them whooping again. "I've got to have a souvenir of my birthday party." Several girls had used their phones to capture Melvin's act, and she knew there would be a ton of video. A new girl gripped his cock and said, "I'm Loretta." She took him in her mouth and sucked him hard. "I'm Laurel," the next girl said, taking his cock and pumping it furiously. Another quick succession of girls sucked his cock, each determined to get him off, each coming up short at the end of their five count.


group hondo1906 2018-01-24

Taste the source of my Voodoo power," Leon urged her while grabbing a hold of her long blond hair and pulling her face up to his throbbing Black cock. Your wife is about to experience the power of Voodoo and she will never be the same again." As I watched him rub the fat crown of his cock along Toni's wet pussy lips I wondered if her tight pussy could take all of his huge Black member. Toni was having the desired affect because the horse started to snort and Leon nudged her face away and moved the gourd into place just as the first spurt of cum erupted from the horse's huge swollen cock.

Ex Mormons Swing Ch. 03

group BoundariesBroken 2018-01-24

The table in the cabin was a bit higher than the coffee table in the film, but with a bit of work Brian positioned himself with cock in hand, Katie's hair dangling downward and her face turned upward, eyes looking directly at Brian's scrotum. It was challenging her and looked a bit uncomfortable but she kept at it until Brooke called "Time!" Brian pulled away, saliva stringing from the head of his cock and Katie wiped her mouth as she climbed off the table. I felt his hand reach down, prying between the tangle of legs and I figured he was going to re-target himself into Katie's flesh but had to close my eyes in the unexpected pleasure of feeling his hand circle our cocks, as one, pressing and gripping and moving slowly and with a strength only possible from another man.