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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Triple Played

group patdown 2018-01-24

I came a second time as Jon continued to fuck me good and deep and a couple of minutes later he held my hips firmly, pushed his big dick to the balls into me and shot his load. I turned to see Jon was standing next to me and of course at attention but I needed to catch my breath so after he and Ron helped me to my feet I came around behind Jon and hugged him tight to my body with my left arm and took his nice hard cock in my right hand. I have to say, this is the way to enjoy a well hung energetic young man, Ron was quickly pumping every bit of his foot long into my pussy and with plenty of cushion he was really pushing.

Three's Company

group dylanmurphy 2018-01-24

My friend and I wanted to know if you'd like to come home with us." He looked a little stunned and she had to ask again. His cock was sliding in and out of my warm, wet pussy while my tongue ravished Caterina. Holding my hands above my head he said "Never send a woman to do a man's job," as he plunged his cock into Caterina's pussy. "That's a good girl, cum on my dick." Her body shuddered and Caterina moaned incoherently. His grip grew tighter on my head and before I knew it, his cock was filling my mouth and pushing its way down my throat. "Yes, sir!" He started to pull his dick out of my ass and that's when I realized two things.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 49

group SteveWallace 2018-01-24

Thus, I found myself a week later on Sunday morning at the Air Ranch Airport getting into a Cessna 152 after learning how to pre-flight the aircraft to make sure the wings and tail didn't fall off while we were flying. I'd rarely seen him interested in something like this outside of business except for my sisters and me, the new house, and our sex parties - and not necessarily in that order. One night after we were lying around in a sexual stupor after some marvelous lovemaking sessions, Mark asked me, "You know how to get in touch with Troy and Dan, those guys you and Cindy fucked at the hotel a couple of months ago?"

Mom went away for the week end we had fun

group sam-kumar 2018-01-24

Gogi said she has talked with her friends if they want to spend week end here with us. She pushed me on my back and got my cock in her mouth and started to suck it. I said tonight I want to fuck your ass all of you. Darshi said dont worry Niki we will put lot of oil in your ass and oil on b*****r,s cock. Bilo put oil in Niki,s ass and put oil on my cock too. Other girls said Niki you are great taking all that cock with out crying. I said I think now I should fuck my favourite girl Bilo. Bilo got her ass on my cock it went in easy.

Lake of Desire

group MarmotSteel 2018-01-24

"Molly girl, I know you have been looking forward to this girl time and I have as well, and I remember being your age and anxious to play. As much as I love your cock I am looking forward to this time with Molly. Putting her hands above her head, I splay my fingers and rub them down the length of her arms, her neck, breasts, tummy, thighs, legs, feet. "Oh, Yvette, you spoil me." Molly throws a leg over me as I kiss her lovely mouth. You kiss my head and whisper in my ear, "thank you for inviting to share girl time." I whisper back, "Oh lover, you haven't BEGUN to thank me..." my hand finds your cock, still somewhat hard.


Playtime Ch. 01

group Pattie1007 2018-01-24

He then moved forward with the huge vibrator in his right hand, his left stroking her pussy lips and working his juices further inside her. I was quite proud of my 36DD breasts and the fact that I had long nipples, so when I tried this one on, I was delighted to see the look of shocked faces around me. Ray had told us that he didn't want a big fuss for his stag 'do' so I'd told him we'd arrange something pretty conservative and because we were good mates and had known him a long time he trusted us ………. As Clare leant forward to take Ray in her mouth, Carol moved her head upwards so she could lick her sister's pussy.

The Camping Trip

group lyke2bite 2018-01-24

The plan was for Jamie to have the truck packed and ready to go by the time Steve got home so they could beat traffic out of town. "Now turn on the fucking cruise control like I asked!" Steve loved it when Jamie took control of the situation and told him to fuck her. Jamie just smiled and said "In a minute." She reached down and unbuttoned the top of her shorts, the leaned back over and sucked Steve's cock all the way into her mouth again. Every time she looked at Steve's ass, it didn't take long for her to start thinking of how she would hold it with both hands and use them to help him slam is rock hard shaft into her.


Bab’s Fantasy

group 2018-01-24

Like many couples on this site, Babs and I often talk about our sexual fantasies, especially while we are making love to each other. I could feel the walls of pussy close in around my tongue and her body started to shake. Eventually, every man has the chance to lick her pussy, suck on her clit and nipples, all the while many hands continue to roam over her body. By the time the last guy has shot his load, she is covered from head to toe with cum, looking like a human glazed donut. Then all of the men leave the room, I take the blindfold off of her and while she is still suspended on the table, I move in and fuck her and empty my load deep inside her.

Dana's Threesome With Tom & Ron

group d3catwoman 2018-01-24

After a few minutes, they change positions and Ron is now rimming her ass and Tom is getting kissed deeply and slowly and playing with Dana's pussy. Ron lets his cock slide out of Dana's ass and now she can grind her pussy against Tom's face. Ron is now turned on by this and comes over and starts licking her ass as well and Tom goes back to eating Dana's pussy. Between Dana sucking Ron's cock and both of them massaging Tom's balls, it doesn't take long and soon Tom shoots his load deep inside her hot cunt. As Ron slides his hard cock into Dana's cum filled pussy, she starts sucking Tom's cock coated with her pussy juice.

Linda's Golf Course Adventure

group Johnsexlife 2018-01-24

Another hour went by and suddenly a golf ball hit the house fairly close to where Linda was lounging which is part of the price you have to pay for living on a golf course. The guy applying suntan oil to her shoulders was emboldened by the moans and started applying oil to her breasts while rubbing her erect nipples. Soon Linda was off the lounge chair lying on the deck a one of the guys entered her suddenly and started fucking her with faster and faster.. The second guy offered his cock to Linda's mouth and she quickly started sucking and licking his penis head while stroking his balls.

Pool Boy Ch. 25

group BigZeke13 2018-01-24

We'll talk on the phone every night so you'll know too." I pulled into Alexis' driveway and she got out of her seat and came over and sat in my lap behind the steering wheel. He said, "Come on Mom. Our boy has things to do and we have a long drive home." She followed him out the door but turned back and threw me an air-kiss. Erin closed the door and Samantha continued, "We talked with Alexis about the day Olivia's husband, Ron showed up at her house. She gave us her blessing but said we really didn't need it." I stood up from the bed and both Erin and Sam each grabbed a side of my tee shirt and yanked it up over my head.


Independence Day

group tirebiter 2018-01-24

Just as she started to subside from her own orgasm, I pulled her mouth deep over my cock, pushing her lips into my pubic hair, and began pumping my hot cum down her throat. When Neil finally pulled away, Pam looked at me and said "Now I want your big cock inside me again. She reached back and played with her pussy again and brought herself to two bone shaking orgasms before I finally felt the sperm swirling in my balls for a third time, making a headlong dash out the end of my cock to mingle with Neil's cum already deposited deep in her asshole.


Delilah's Overnight Guest

group DeeAnne 2018-01-24

He patted her lush behind and said, “Go get him Baby.” In the dining room, John mixed he and Andy a highball, and Delilah a second. He’s from the Navajo tribe in Northern Arizona.” Said John as he broke their kiss, and turning to Andy instructed him, “Andy, tell Delilah what you told me.” Delilah’s drinks and light supper had put her in a bit of a haze, and her passion for John and her desire for Andy added a flush to her silky skin that glowed beneath the Christmas green satin of her blouse. She placed her hand on John’s thigh and began to absently stroke it while looking at Andy as he told them more about his Indian heritage.


Them & Me

group ginslut 2018-01-24

She told me that her and her husband, John, had done it with him in her ass and a vibrator in her pussy, and she had one of her strongest orgasms that way and she wanted to know what it would be like with two real cocks. Mia's knees buckled slightly when I hit her clit, all though she snapped back quickly enough to unzip my pants and fish out my now raging hard cock. Mia’s hands found my head and grabbing my hair she pushed my face into her pussy and started to scream as her pussy squeezed my fingers in a violent cum. As she started to suck my fingers tasting her own juices, I pushed my cock into the opening of her pussy.

Every Good Story Ch. 02

group Eileen82 2018-01-24

I let out a low, soft moan at the feeling, knowing his cock was seven inches deep in my ass, so completely aware of it. It was all the prompting I needed, and I bent down to his cock again and took him in my mouth, sucking a rhythm I matched with my hands on his balls in a slow, methodical motion. He moaned at my light, teasing touch, but that was all I would give him as I went back to sucking his cock, my mouth moving over him again and again, still loving the pressure and texture of his cock, knowing the same cock had mad me cum so many times the night before.

Fucking the School Slut Ch. 01

group ericrodman101 2018-01-24

They slapped her, told her what they were going to do to her, pulled at her tits, pinched her butt, fingered her pussy and ass, and as the blonde guy knelt behind her and jammed his cock into her pussy, the first guy fucked her mouth. Then with my cum streaming down the glass and both guys firmly erect, they both moved to her rear and manoeuvered into the double penetration position - blondey on his back on the towel, my friendly neighbourhood slut sliding her pussy down onto his cock, and blacky guiding his cock into her ass. I was achingly erect and ready to wank if I couldn't join in, so I thought given they were fucking her ass and pussy, I might get some mouth action.

Holiday Romances Pt. 02

group mandywilluk2000 2018-01-24

"Love what Kevin?" I asked slightly wiggling my bum at him as he spread the cool cream deeply into the crevice, his fingers softly rubbing round and round the puckered brown skin surrounding my anus. "Yes the invitation was about as open as their marriage seems to be wasn't it?" I said softly as my body started reacting to the feel of my husband growing in my hand. I am sure that everyone, male or female, who meets her gaze, feels something; I certainly did and from the look on Kevin's face whenever he saw her, he did as well, and it wasn't hard to work out what he felt!


party of bachelor's

group nudes 2018-01-24

Linda began to slowly dance around the room, moving very sexily, Linda grabbed the bottom of the shirt and slowly began to pull pulled the vibrator slowly from her, and began eating her pussy in Surely he wasn’t going to put his cock in my wife pussy! Linda had one hand wrapped around the cock she was sucking, Linda looked so incredibly hot with that big cock in her mouth she wasn’t going to try to put that huge cock in her pussy! to grab his cock, and began to rub the head between her lips. out and pulled his cock out just in time to shoot his cum all so as soon as she started to cum, I pulled my cock from her

My wife got finger fucked threesum

group 2018-01-24

As I watched my lovely wife get finger fucked by another guy, it was really exciting and she really like it. It was after he tried to do a nude massage and he ask her to play with his cock which she did and I was playing with mine at the same time. Before we left, he again lifted her dress, pulled her panties to the side and finger fucked her some more while she again tried to make him cum with a hand job. We finally did do a second session and it was just as hot as the first except this time, she got extremely hot and wanted to fuck him but her Christian values made her get up, get dressed and leave before she did.

Plug fun in the video store.

group deveon4u 2018-01-24

So he pushed me on we went it he bathroom closed the door the guys in there were pissed they wanted to watch. I gently walked out some guys came over to me rubbing my ass saying things that I still have no idea what they said. One of the guys that said something to me walked over pushed me to the wall kissing me. Another guy came over holding his cock out, I looked at then felt a hard push in my groin area he had my dildo.

one summers night

group smallcock 2018-01-24

After another fifteen minutes my wife went to our cellar for more beers, I said to Alice "When she comes back I want you to touch her face and say how beautiful she looks, then kiss her neck and feel her tits" she looked at me in horror, I said you know you want to and slipped my hand onto the front of her trousers touching her. I pulled out of her and turned to face Alice, who hadn't had a cock for some years, I pushed myself into her and she screamed at the size of me, and started to slowly shag her, my wife was licking her nipples, as I grew closer to my orgasm I could tell Alice wasn't far away, so I told my wife to rub her as I fucked her, she did and Alice and I came together.

Fantasy Fulfilled by Moonlight

group ronmac 2018-01-24

She opened her eyes and looked over at Jack sitting in the large bedroom chair, his cock standing stiff and slightly curved. The on-screen Lanie was furiously sucking the dick of one man as the other moved to between her legs and entered her cunt. The camera man moved in for a close-up of the second man’s dick ramming into Lanie. Jack saw the first man’s dick enter Lanie’s cunt and begin his own pounding. Jack began to suckle her pussy, his tongue going deep inside Lanie to pull every drop of the men’s seed into his gullet. Lanie knew that once Jack got a mouthful of the strangers’ cum from her pussy he wouldn’t last very long.

Need a Lift? Ch. 4

group darquestar 2018-01-24

By now, Brian had recovered from his shock and as the room filled with moans, he was stroking his hard cock, his eyes moving from his mother's lips and tongue working on my cock to where her pussy was being mauled by Pam. "That's OK," he said, licking his lips as I got up onto my hands and knees, his cock still in front of my face as I thrust my hips, fucking my cock in and out of Cynthia's mouth. Brian moaned, took his hand from his cock and moved it to my head, running his fingers through my hair as I slowly took a bit more of him into me.

Ann: A Love Story Ch. 41

group mimaster 2018-01-24

Ann's feet were dangling, and she let out a happy little shriek as I bent her over the edge of the tub and began pounding her ass hard and deep. "You can't reach because you're not supposed's my job to make you cum...not yours," I said gruffly and I reached down around Ann's leg with my left hand and flicked her swollen bud with my finger. My hard cock popped out of her ass, and Ann quickly turned and knelt in front of me, sinking to her knees in the water. "I can't believe you had that huge thing up your ass," Dana said as she watched Ann playfully patting my cock with the towel as she knelt in front of me.