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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Sharon's Surprise Ch. 07

group SharonMWF 2018-01-24

I opened my eyes and pretended to wake up to see Tom kneeling over me, his hands pushing my tits around his cock and my husband playing with my nipples. "Yea, yea, we all would," Bob said, "but we didn't come up for the weekend to sit around on the boat and fuck." 'Thanks for including me in the discussions, guys," I said, "but I think that you chatting about who is fucking me is a bit premature." "I am here to enjoy the weekend on Bob's boat." "It has been an exciting couple of days with you guys, and I appreciate the attention. Several minutes later the guys were changed and heading for the boat, "You want us to bring you back anything," Bob asked?


The Renewal of Joyce Carlton Ch. 03

group Romantic1 2018-01-24

Ray, Kim and I had a talk about exclusivity and whether that was what I wanted in my life right now just before my fourth date with Bill. I'd never thought it was any more unusual when it started than my heterosexual attraction to Ray, but as I came to have a relationship with Kim and looked around, I realized how unique -- and not always socially acceptable -- it was. I finally said, "You know, Bill, this is probably a good time to lose your clothes." He was naked in thirty seconds. I smiled at him in a sexy way as we held each other then felt a dollop of his cum start to dribble down my leg.


A Weekend at the Cabin Ch. 03

group ava23 2018-01-24

Alicia stood on the dock, naked, watching her husband kiss another woman, their bodies pressed together in the water. He leaned in to nibble on her ear, and despite the comfortable lake water, Alicia felt goose bumps all over her body, and her nipples instantly hardened to points against Jeff's chest. He pushed into her, and Emily moaned softly as he started fucking her gently against the dock, letting their bodies move with the water. Emily's pussy began to spasm, as she started a long gradually-building orgasm, and inside her David's cock spurted his juices as he continued moving inside her until they were both done. Sunday afternoon, David and Alicia's car pulled away from the cabin, with Emily and Jeff out front waving goodbye.

Three's A Party

group jaybird6136 2018-01-24

My eyes fluttered closed, enjoying the sensation of Aaron at my neck, his hands now reaching down to lift my shirt over my head. Aaron's hands were sure as he slid the latex down his shaft, then he gave me a quick smile before pushing me back onto the bed and pulling my legs up. Vince's eyes were wide as he watched Aaron fuck me. Suddenly, I was pushed over the edge, Aaron fucking me, Vince thrusting into my palm. Vince sped up as Aaron moaned, and I felt him jerking behind me, fucking me so hard that I screamed, my orgasm throbbing in time with his final thrusts.

Whore Elle: Meets the Clients

group WhoreElle 2018-01-24

In the limo will be a mobile phone, it is locked it can only call the club directly and only the board have your number, we will contact you on Tuesday to make the necessary arrangements for Wednesday, best of luck and hope to see you again soon.' And with that he was gone, through the door I was originally pushed through. The chairman spoke up, 'This is the performance stage, the routine and girls change every night. Meanwhile both hands were filled with cocks while I felt several sets of fingers playing with my cunt and ass and several voices commenting on how wet I was.

Slut: I fuck the Stripper Slut Wife. part 2

group neilmc123 2018-01-24

James calmly began to remove his clothes, smiling almost delighted, watching his stripper slut wife masturbating furiously. James leant over and held Suzi's face as he kissed her mouth, tasting my cock on her breath. Treat your cheating slut wife like a dirty whore slut!" Suzi said with closed eyes "Fuck my ass and use me!" I looked at Suzi's contorted face as James began to slide his cock inside his stripper slut wife's asshole. "Spunk in my pussy Neil!" She moaned "James will clean my ass and pussy with his tongue, so I'm all clean for you to fuck me later!" James kept licking her pussy clean, darting his tongue in and around her tight hole, scooping up every drop of my come from her cunt.

las Vegas BBC

group 2018-01-24

I got a few text's from my husband as i sat there talking and i told him where i was and that this black guy was hitting on me. At this point my husband had texted me to tell me when he got to the bar that i did not know him and thought it was sexy to see a man hitting on me. I told him i was impressed, at this point my husband grabbed my other hand and placed it on his something i was use to but could feel he was rock hard. James reached over with his hand running up my thigh pushing my dress up as he went tell he hit my uncovered sex, he smiled and said that i was a dirty girl.

Morning Lust

group antonia363636 2018-01-24

His gaze lingered as he watched his friend's dick slip easily in and out of Lisa's dirty anal hole and he had to agree with Colin, it wasn't he that was fucking her but the other way around as the lower part of her body moved up and down the impaled cock that was inside her with lustful haste. "I've never felt so full, thank-you darling," she hissed at her husband who was busy fucking her and, turning her head around to glance at her lover she looked into his beautiful eyes before adding, "and thank-you too my honey, Colin, thank-you...oh shit!" she interrupted herself, "I'm going to fucking cum again!"


With Another Couple

group makemewet4uplz 2018-01-24

This was mid-October and Nick was calling Dave to let him know that he and his wife, Tina, were coming into town for Thanksgiving weekend. When Dave told me that, I immediately got hot and horny thinking about the same thing for Nick. That night I simply told Dave he was going to get a blowjob and to imagine it was Tina. Dave and I had great sex that night and I thought I heard Nick and Tina going at it, too. I looked at Dave and asked him if he wanted my shirt to come off, and it was Tina that said no, the guys didn't ask us to.


The Beach House

group sparksdrgnfly 2018-01-24

I could hear Rhonda getting pissed at Brett for something, it sounded serious, so I skipped their room and went straight to see Mark and Emily. 4 bottles of wine later, Mark and Emily snuck off to their room, leaving me with Josh and Jeff. A couple minutes after I got to the room, Jeff and Josh walked in. I went back to sucking Jeff's cock, taking it deep into my throat. Josh firmly holding my hips but taking it slow getting started... I turned around straddling Jeff backwards, riding him slow; leaning forward to suck Josh's dick. Each time Josh would push his cock into my mouth, my ass would slam down towards Jeff; his thumb teasing more and more with going into my ass.

Johnny & Lynne Visit

group whbonney 2018-01-24

Lynne had told Johnny all about Jennifer and Rex. He even knew that Jennifer sported an afro around her pussy, and he looked forward to seeing it. He smiled that he was right Jennifer had not been wearing a bra, as he saw her tits swinging free, and she looked over and told him "I'm sure that you need a drink, Johnny, but Lynne and I haven't seen each other and we were catching up." She looked at Jennifer and told her "Come her, my love, I want to taste you." Lynne stood and hugged Jennifer as they kissed, she held her tits with her hands and bent down and took first on then the other nipple in her mouth and suckled them.

Life with Tamsin

group kewtieboy 2018-01-24

I had naturally assumed they would be effeminate little Thais and would want men to fuck them but she got me thinking when I saw one of the lady boys talking to a German couple at the other side of the bar I watched closely and nudged Tamsin as I saw money being handed to the guy at the bar and the lady boy going off with the couple, who were in their 40's. I asked Gan if he would like to come back with both of us to our hotel and he smiled, nodded, and said, "2,000Baht for both and I stay the night if you want?"


Teaching Him a Lesson

group diddliedoo 2018-01-24

Billy, the younger brother of Tom's best friend Ray, stammered, "Yes ma'am, but I don't know if I ever seen one get wet yelling at her husband." They quickly pulled their dicks out and began to stroke them as she rubbed her pussy. She rubbed herself through her shorts at first, but slipped her hand inside so she could run her fingers through her pussy lips and against her clit. Barbara took a second to look back and see Billy trying to lick her pussy again. Willy grabbed her hair and turned her face toward his dick just in time to shower it with cum. Her husband grabbed her by the hips and thrust his dick in her sloppy wet pussy.

Geri & Jody Sexual Adventures Vol. 01

group geri_w 2018-01-24

They lie back on the couches as we, being sex sluts, go over to them and put our mouths and hands to work to get our men hard again...It did not take too long and they were fucking us again.. This time Remon was fucking Jody is the ass and Raul had me bent over a couch arm as he fucked my pussy... The next guard mounted her ass from behind and the third turned her head so he could put his wet cock into her gasping open mouth. My guard bent me back over the same couch arm that Raul had just fucked me on and spit on his cock as he shoved it into my ass.

Professional Swing Night

group Skyler Marie 2018-01-23

As they finished up Sue told the men “go into the den, Shelly and I will be right in as soon as we load the dishwasher.” Randy and Nick grabbed their drinks and headed toward the den. Randy and Nick were all tangled up in each other, both sucking each others hard hot cocks and finger fucking the others asshole. Shelly and Nick just watched as Randy nibbled on Sue’s 44DD tits while his talented fingers went to work on her swolen clit. “ Fuck My Ass already, Don’t make me wait any longer for that hard cock!” Nick stroked his cock as he finger fucked Randy’s tight asshole. Randy’s raging hard on stood straight out like a flag blowing in the wind, Nick got his asshole good and wet for Randy.

The Naked Zone Ch. 02

group Dr. Bull 2018-01-23

After eating we all settled back for a bit letting it digest, the sun rolled around and some were starting to pink up again "Debra, I think it is lotion time again," Karen called from her chair, "got a new method for this round?" So we sat listening to the giggling going on behind us as the girls chose their next sun screen partner, then it went quiet as we heard them walking up behind us in the grass, then a pair of tits slammed into my back and hands clamped over my eyes accompanied by a giggle, Debra, her breasts were significantly larger than Dottie's but not nearly as large as the other girls. "Honey," I smiled at her, "you better let me put this on you soon because it looks like that's going to hurt." Red headed and fair skinned Debra was turning bright pink in the afternoon sun.

best party ever! my wife says

group chibyke 2018-01-23

Sue was dressed in a simple blouse and skirt, but she showed no sign of feeling out of place as John got her a drink. Jim pulled her hand and Sue followed. All I could see was that Sue was holding his head with both hands, pulling his face against hers whilst he played with her tits. Soon after that Jim pulled his dick out of Sue’s mouth, squirting some of his stuff onto her face, but aiming most of it onto her tits too. Sue was lying on her back, almost naked, with both tits on show, thighs wide apart, cunt lips wide open, not caring who saw her.

Dee's Double Delight

group Fit Like 2018-01-23

Her pussy was still being vigorously finger-fucked as she wrapped her lips around the large, meaty cock that stood erect before her and drew it into her mouth. As she sucked, the man gripped her head and began to thrust, slowly but firmly, driving the head of his cock deep into the back of Dee's throat, making her eyes water. Dee was so engrossed in enjoying having her mouth fucked that it was a few moments before she realised that the other man was no longer fucking her pussy with his fingers. Suddenly she felt the second man's cock push against the lips of her soaking pussy. Dee's pussy gripped the cock inside it tightly; she sucked even harder on the cock that was filling her mouth.

Finding Each Other

group silvarman 2018-01-23

When Sheryl, a 5'4", 110#, green-eyed blonde, showed up expecting champagne to warm up to the night's anticipated events, she instead received passionate kisses whilst I slipped her jeans off, pushing her to the living room floor as I did so, and feasting on her delectable cunt. It was the first time that Sheryl went "around the world", taking a load of come in her mouth, cunt and ass. I continued to recount stories from my past, A New Years Eve when my ex-wife sucked me off from under the table cloth in a busy restaurant; the time I had sex at the LAX baggage claim area; fucking in the middle of the day at a beach near Monterey.


GB Club Ch. 01

group Merlin_6 2018-01-23

“So Nance, did you ever make that porno?” Irene questions, referring to the offer Nancy received for her performance at the charity fuck booth. Irene pushes the issues, “Arlene, did you ever respond to the gang bang club?” Arlene answers no. “OK, we know Nancy didn’t do the porno shoot and Arlene has not joined the gang bang club. We are waiting for the next step when Cory says loudly, “Nancy, Irene and Arlene weren’t the only ones with an invitation!” Any interest in the gang bang club?” Nancy asks Irene. You can also bring additional female guests who may be allowed to play if it fits the scenario at hand.” Irene pauses to let it all sink in before she continues on.


Our Girl and the Truckers Ch. 01

group MadaamMeg 2018-01-23

After a couple dozen strokes, the man gasps and I can tell he panics a little about cumming in her pussy, but Our Girl slams herself down on him, keeping him from pulling her off. He is forced to keep his long skinny dick in her pussy while the other guy is fucking her ass. I ask Our Girl, "Do you want this dick in your ass or pussy?" After a few minutes, he sits back up on to his knees and spreads her ass so he can watch his cock slide in and out of her soaking pussy. Suddenly, he pulls his cock out of her pussy and sticks the head right into her ass.

The Erectile Cream

group AnonymousPerv 2018-01-23

Couples would be able to play together for some time and when ready, they could apply the chemical to the man to finish him off so he would experience sexual release. But now, the group wanted to test the lip balm product. I was barely in the process of saying, "Go ahead," my mouth open in mid-sentence, when Donny shoved the tip of his penis against my bottom lip. Noticing how discomforting it was for him, I immediately opened my mouth and wrapped my lips around the fat head of his member. The words barely escaped my lips as another cock made its way inside my mouth and again, in a flash of a moment, the hot, throbbing member was gushing sperm.

Womens Studies 101

group cullenx2 2018-01-23

The football players were what my girlfriends and I like to refer to as "pretty but dumb," the straight girls in class wouldn't give them the time of day; the boys in turn kept their attention on me. His tongue jutting in and out of my pussy, licking my ass, and finally settling on my clit.I layed back on the desk, and just as my head fell off the opposite side, there was a cock going deep into my throat, and two others were placed into my hands. I began to build up the feeling of heat in my stomach and I knew I was about to come again, the man in my mouth pulled out and began to hit my face with his cock, warm flesh and spit covering my face.

My Kinky PIzza Shop Boss

group cumquarts 2018-01-23

Don't get me wrong, he likes you to suck his clitty, and do a nice job sucking his balls for me, too " She was out of her clothing and in a black nightie herself now. My cock felt like heaven in that spandex, and as I popped Dan's tiny but hard fat guy dick free of his panty material I rubbed the underside of my cock through my panties. That was all Dan could take, and I felt his hips buck as his little hard dick started spraying a giant salty load all over my tongue and down my throat, emptying those bull sized nuts of his for my personal nutrition and enjoyment, and the enjoyment of all those present.