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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Mark and Andrea (plus two); One Last Time

group MagnumGrimlocke1977 2018-01-23

She puts her mouth around the tip and starts sucking, sliding down the shaft a little at a time as Mark licks and bits at Andrea's erect nipples. As Andrea slides her pussy up and down Mark's cock, he encourages Maxine to stand on the couch. She is inexperienced and doesn't know how to handle the member in her mouth, so Andrea guides her head up and down the shaft as Mark continues to lap at Maxine's dripping snatch. Jennifer sits on the couch with her shirt on and her pants hanging off one leg, toying with her pussy as she watches Maxine slowly lower her tight, brown little body onto the meaty white shaft pointing skyward.


group MadisonMadness 2018-01-23

As I worked my way through the crowd, seeking my friends, I received a good deal of attention from the men and in particular, from a large group of what looked to be local college boys. As I squeezed past the group of college boys, one stopped me and asked me "where do you think you're going?" I sized him up as a tipsy drunk college kid and then said, "I was supposed to meet some friends here" and that I was looking through the crowd for them. Then before my martini-fired head knew what was happening, I was completely surrounded by this group of 15 or 20 boys at this very popular and crowded bar.

wives and lovers

group tunemaker 2018-01-23

Getting to watch a younger man holding my sweet Catholic wife close on the dance floor, his manhood pressed hard against the thin shear material of her summer dress,his hands smoothly, sensually fondling her soft willing flesh as they swayed to the music. I was absolutely sure I wanted to watch this supremely endowed young bull fill Mary's big sloppy cunt. It wasn't pain my wife was experiencing but another orgasm building up in her as Patricks fat, so fucking fat, cock pumped her like a locomotive. I pulled them apart, Mary mumbled in her d***kenness, I pressed my face into her cunt and began to lick the boy's cum that dripped from her.

Marisol's Valentine's Fantasy

group JuanVato 2018-01-23

Her husband Paul scored them a last minute trip just around Valentine's Day. For the past three months she had been pulling long days at work, completing projects that came due around the holidays. The woman looked up at Marcus and Paul, than back at Mari. Marcus looked over at Mari, "I hear I'm giving you a massage tomorrow morning?" It was about 10 in the morning when Marcus knocked on Paul and Mari's door. Marcus set up his table and then stepped out, while Paul helped Mari slide under the clean, white modesty sheets on the table. Marcus and Paul began rubbing Mari's knees and lower thighs. Mari opened her eyes and grabbed Marcus' hand tugging him her way.


Party Favor

group 2018-01-23

I stroked her back and caressed the sides of her breasts as we kissed passionately for what seemed like hours, my arousal increased (which I'm surprised there was any more available, having already cum once) She noticed this as well, and pulling away, stood up to remove her slacks and panties (which were quite wet), before coming back to the bed, and straddling my legs, taking my hardening cock (still in its rubber sheath) she began to lick and suck it, teasing me with her mouth, as her other hand crept between my legs and began to explore the other sheath lining my ass, sliding one, then two fingers easily in and out of the lube still filling the rubber canal.


group jasliz 2018-01-23

I felt his penis lurch as I sucked, bringing my head back up while keeping hold of his shaft with my mouth tightly. Opening my mouth wider, I let the collection drip down his shaft from his purple head, over the defined veins to his loose sack. Sucking only his head, I used my hand to stroke his long shaft, twisting and sliding over the hot slick flesh. My mouth closed tight around his head waiting for the first surge of hot semen to rush from his slit. The third, fourth and fifth were too much to contain, I was forced to part my lips and let his load rush out of my mouth down his shaft to my still stroking hand.


The Weekend Ch. 02

group RogerPike 2018-01-23

'Worship my legs.' Laura began to stroke her hand up Marie's tights. John removed her briefs then pulled her legs open wrapping ropes around her knees and tying the end to hooks placed halfway down the bed frame. Laura began to groan as she became wetter and wetter.'I'm going to fuck you so hard, so hard you'll beg for mercy you posh bitch.' Marie was enjoying this. Laura leaned back and raised her legs onto Marie's shoulders, the ropes cutting into her knees. Marie stretched out her black, nylon clad legs and Laura climbed on top of the cock. Laura helped guide the cock into John's glistening arse hole. 'Come here and suck your boyfriend's cock.' Laura and I knelt either side of John's body.

Kiddy Pool Ch. 01

group Slickman 2018-01-23

"Why is everyone so quiet?" Nancy asked as she walked out the sliding patio door wearing one of Mark's long white tee shirts. The guys eyes had adjusted to the low light so when she pushed her head and upper body out of the water they saw the water dripping from her short dark hair and saw the totally soaked tee shirt clinging to her small breasts and raised gumdrop nipple. Carl had managed to get his hand under Donnas' dress and was almost to her boob and nipple when he heard Nancy say no. "What did he say?" Donna asked leaning up on her elbow and looking at Mark's long hard cock pushing up the red wet boxers.



group PenningFreer 2018-01-23

Beth ground her cunt into Ellen's fingers and let her head fall back so that Will's dick slipped out of her mouth and fell off the side of her tongue. Ellen's nose sunk into Beth's musky wetness and she breathed deeply as her tongue probed and tasted. Not willing to pull her tongue all the way out of its first venture into a woman's secret darkness, Ellen nonetheless withdrew slowly and carefully and then held her tongue at Beth's cunt opening while her lips surrounded Beth's clit and closed to form a seal over her. The smell and taste of Beth pervading her nose and mouth, her own juices pouring into her husband's mouth, and Beth's hands caressing her face and hair welcomed Ellen into the delirious world of open sexuality.

No Room at the Hotel Ch. 02

group TexRiffraff 2018-01-23

Holly went over the top first, and the pulsations in her pussy finished Jason, then the vibrations from her elevated moaning, which felt almost cosmically electric on my dick, pushed me over the edge. That's how it went for the next several minutes -- Shannon swaying between us, pumping Mark's cock with her pussy, consuming mine with her mouth. H O L L Y : : : Finally, he got settled, and I started to say, "Why didn't you just tell me you wanted to do sixty-nine, I could have made it a lot easier," but I was too busy enjoying how he romanced my pussy with his tongue, and besides, I had a mouthful of cock. Jason tongued my pussy, I sucked Mark's cock, he licked Holly, and she had her mouth full of Jason.


The Loft

group midniteblueflier 2018-01-23

Again a switch was made as another moved in to enjoy her hot mouth on his cock, this one was huge she really had to open her mouth just to get the head in, but took it she did and began to beat it with her tongue as two fingers were fucking her cunt and hands were fondling her tits. As she sucked on the slender rod and fondled his big balls through his pants, she felt the weight of a hard cock settle in the crevice of her ass, it slides back and forth for a few thrilling strokes before it slides down so that its next inward stroke sends the large head tantalizingly into her slippery cunt.

Staying With Friends

group 2018-01-23

My friend kept going to check on his girl, as he did I kissed my wife opened her gown and gave her clit a few quick licks before he returned. My friend had taken pictures of my wife his dick and balls on her face and the next one she had her legs spread wide pussy and tits all hanging. My wife pulled the covers off her again and said did you like what you've seen anyway. He pulled her head into him and he thrust his groin into her face.She pushed him away and said to me fuck me and the perv can lick my clit. He grabbed it guided it back in then licked away again making my wife's pussy tense round my rod.

Deb's Rest Stop Gangbang

group 2018-01-23

I took a quick peek in the men's room and sure enough grabbed my hard cock and started fisting it she giggled moaned as her talented lips wrapped around my cock pulled her head to his cock. black man started rubbing his cock along the lips of Her moaning around the cock in her mouth was his whole cock deep down her throat and started to cum. leaving Deb sitting on his cock with her legs spread movement rammed his whole cock deep into her pussy. Fuck me hard you bastards!" Deb was in a frenzy. I thought about stopping her but my cock was getting One of the other men pushed past me and shoved his cock cock balls deep into her dripping snatch.

Pussy in the Cockpit

group sweetlinda 2018-01-23

Eventually the passengers were given the all clear to board and I joined the remainder of the flight attendants in helping the passengers find their seats and stow their hand luggage, my mind still reminiscence over my days of sun, partying and diving. I took the few short steps that placed me beside Kent and, lifting my skirt almost to my panties, I turned my body and sat firmly on his lap with my arm around his shoulder. My legs opened slightly, restricted somewhat by the hem of my skirt, to allow him easy passage to my panties while Kent dropped his head and began to slowly suck on my right nipple.


Falsely Accused Ch. 04

group WifeWatchman 2018-01-23

Gordon was indicted by a Grand Jury, using information provided by Captain Cindy Ross of the TCPD, but sources tell Five-Alive News that Commander Donald Troy, who is accused by Council Member Malinda Adams of misogyny, is still investigating the victim of the crime instead of the suspect." Going inside, we didn't make it halfway down the hall before Chief Moynahan came out of his office anteroom and said "Conference Room, Crowbars." "We've got about fifteen women outside the fence here at the Old Mill." said Precinct Captain Thompson. "Sir," said Teresa Croyle, "we think those women may be the same ones that are now at County Jail, and maybe some of them are at Headquarters, here."


Stock Room Threesome

group youngandbritish 2018-01-23

Then, as Gemma did so, Danni's hand moved from her pussy to run along her thighs, gently pushing as she went to widen Gemma's legs. As a smile crept across Danni's face, Gemma lay back on the filing table, letting her legs hang off one end. Michael recognised the tightening, and knew he had to stop, but something about the look on Danni's face told him to push on. Leaning forward once more, she began to flick her tongue across Gemma's clit, running it along Michael's cock each time it emerged from inside their friend. And as his cock filled Danni's pussy with cumm, he felt his body weaken, and his hand drift from Gemma's pussy.

The Ranch Ch. 03A

group heryankee 2018-01-23

“Next time I’m going to lick your balls while you doggie fuck me or fuck my ass.” “Oh shit it’s like having two women at once, one fucking me and the other licking my balls. I began to pound her ass hard and her tongue began licking me franticly before long I was cumming in her ass. Mei spread my cheeks and dove in between them, her tongue licked my rosebud and her hand gently caressed my flaccid cock. Allison asked Mei. “Do you think we can keep him hard for 2 hours before we let him cum?” Mei got her mouth on my cock-head nursing gently flicking the slit with her tongue and licking the pre-cum from the tip.

Melanie and Team Vasquez Pt. 01

group SoftBrie 2018-01-23

"If your answer is wrong," Robbie said, "on Friday you'll put in two hours as hostess of our poker night." My clothes were inspired by imagining a beach bar hooker, starting with low-rise denim short-shorts that showed total leg and the lower curves of my perky ass while barely keeping my little red thong out of sight. Robbie was staring from across the table, mouth open, like he couldn't believe he'd just seen Floyd feel me up. "Your pale white skin and pink nip-" Floyd began, staring at my tits in Robbie's hands, unable to continue. Jack, Floyd, and Lester gathered close to Robbie and me, clapping in time to the music.


A Birthday Goodbye

group pastmyprime23 2018-01-23

She grabbed the other guy's head and I watched my wife truly orgasm for the first time in probably 2 years. This time, however, she did not look at her lover, but glanced over at me with my cock in my hand and said, "You like watching your wife get fucked like a slut? She looked me in the eyes with the same love that she did years ago and as she came with my cock for the first time in a long time she said, "Come on, give me sloppy seconds - give me another load in my cunt." I pounded home, all the while staring in her eyes and at her cum-covered face.

Camilla Ch. 066

group MawrGorshin 2018-01-23

"I wonder if Nigrovum can give me an idea of what he's like," Camilla said, sitting up on the bed and closing her eyes. He dreamed he was making love to Camilla right then: he was fucking her pussy, her ass, her mouth, and her tits. Satisfied that the worst of Marcel's sexual proclivities was a thing he had for golden showers, Camilla opened her eyes and said, "No worries." That night, though she hadn't found a suitable lover and lay in bed in Agape's house all disappointed, Camilla at least remembered to set up those psychic barriers so everyone she cared about--Miles, Dr. Davis and his wife, Candice, her father, and Bob--wouldn't be bothered by incubi.


Locker Room Gangbang

group ndamood4sum 2018-01-23

"Yeah look at that little bitch, I told you he would come around." Alan said still plunging his cock into my ass. "Oh yeah I'm going to cum." The guy said with his cock in my mouth. "Well it looks like we have two whores on our hands." Alan said as he pulled out from Beto's ass. "Oh fuck, fuck my ass, your destroying my ass." Beto moaned as Alan began to thrust in and out, but slowly he started to relax and the pain turned to pleasure, and there we were two friends getting double stuffed in a locker room. Alan leaned over him and grabbed his cock and stroked it feverishly, Beto came within seconds, filling my mouth and I once again swallowed it all.

Gangbang Movies Ch. 02

group R. Richard 2018-01-23

Brianna, her daughter Bonnie and a black girl (a maid I think) were having a little girl-girl Bonnie’s brother Ben fucks the black maid, while neighbor Chas gets his cock sucked. Brianna is being fucked by her son Barry, while Cary and some guy I have never seen before work her tits. Brianna fakes it, as Barry is replaced by one of the guys who had been working her tits. Brianna again begins to buck her hips and the guy fucking her cums inside her very quickly. When Cary cums in Carly’s pussy, the brothers change places and now Chas fucks his sister. I ordered Brianna into a doggy style position and fucked her a second time.

Finally We Meet

group kinkandmore73 2018-01-23

Using your thumbs you open my lips and flick your tongue over my clit a number of times before sucking it into your mouth you suck my clit driving me crazy making me moan and beg you for more before you finally slide your fingers inside me. You grab a hand full of my hair bringing my mouth up to yours and we kiss deeply sucking on each other's tongues as we ride Jay and Ben. After several strokes into our ass the guys tell us they are soon going to cum we both break our kiss as we lean back on them and start to ride their cocks faster while the dildo thrusts deeper into our dripping cunts.

Cathy Lynne's Threesome (MMF)

group pure_lust 2018-01-23

Lying in the warm afterglow of an incredible sexual experience, Brian gently sliding in and out of me, Mark sl**ping with a content smile on his face, and me feeling more intense sexual satisfaction than I had in years. As Brian and I ended our kiss, I felt Mark's hand on my ass, pulling up my skirt. I could tell he was going to come, so I took Brian's cock deep into my mouth and felt as Mark shoved his cock deep into me and let loose with his sperm. The one thing that Mark and I had decided is that any time Brian had genital contact with me, he would wear a condom.