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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

To The Limit

group Cattypuss 2018-01-23

Chris's hands were very, very close to my aching cunt when he pulled away so that he and Matt could undress me completely. I started sucking Matt's cock in earnest, letting him fuck my mouth and throat and moving my wet tongue around the head and up and down the length. As soon as I pulled my mouth off him, I felt Chris's hard cock at the entrance to my cunt. Matt pulled me and pinched me while I felt Chris's long, hard cock forcing its way down into my throat. A flash of us on the sofa again, me sucking on Chris's cock while Matt fucked me from behind.

Ladies Cocktail Night Ch. 02

group masterandmargarita 2018-01-23

He clicked on the last picture: a shot of his wife Vera, the host, Malena, and their friend, Liz. They were shoulder to shoulder, topless, and smiling at the camera after an outrageous impromptu three girl blowjob. "Oh, I know, Malena is quite unpredictable, Ted, however, is" replied Vera with a smile causing Liz to laugh. In the bedroom, while Vera and Liz took turns using the hairdryer, Malena had opened up her closet and began arranging various garments on the bed. "Very nice, Ted," commented Malena as she looked on at his lap and then smiled at Vera. "Vera, lets rub it everywhere except for her pussy" suggested Malena as she began dripping the oil on Liz's ass.


The Neighbors

group LatinPashn 2018-01-23

As J laid on the floor he grabbed me and position me right over his warm, juicy mouth he took his tongue and slid it in between my lips and began to suck my clit, he never took his hand to part my lips he aloud his tongue to part and paid attention to every part of my wet, throbbing pussy, which immediately sent chills throughout my body, he would alternate from sucking my clit to taking his tongue and inserting it into my vagina making a satisfied moan every time he would taste my pussy juices.

Rocker Girl Ch. 08

group KenJames 2018-01-23

After humping through Nick's slacks for a little while, I pulled away just enough to work my hands between our bodies and free his stiff cock and bulging balls. Occasionally, I'd look down at Nick's face and body, savoring his delighted lustful expression and the sight of his cock plunging into my pussy. Frank and Joe were standing naked behind the couch, stroking each other's cocks as they watched Nick and me. Frank and Nick began kissing my face and breasts while Joe moved between my legs, opening me with a touch. "I'm eating Tracy's hot juicy pussy before you fuck it!" He was even better than Joe, making me cum until I collapsed exhausted on the couch.


My Girl at the Paying Guests

group QueerDreams 2018-01-23

Mrs. Trim went, 'oh silly girl do your job fast' and held Tanya's hand and plunged her old fingers in her pussy. Tanya never said anything about Mrs. Trim participating, she was too embarrassed, Tom guessed, but he was rock-hard, his dick was totally pulsating on its own, wanting to explode. Mr. Trim took the hand Tanya wasn't rubbing her pussy with, and put it on Roy's dick. After all she had done it a hundred times with Tom. Roy swat his father's hand away and started squeezing Tanya's breast, rubbing her nipples between every pair of finger. At the same time Mrs. Trim gave Tanya's ass a good hard squeeze, Mr. Trim took his fingers out quite a bit and gave her an enormous jab with all four fingers, biting on to her nipple.

Cupid's Arrow

group boo56 2018-01-23

"Now remember," she said, "at the front door I am Kathleen, but in the cam room I am Susie Redbush. Susie stood before the camera and us in matching lacy green lingerie – a half-cup bra barely concealed her ample bosom, and her bottom was covered by a break away bikini. She appeared to look toward a distant horizon as if a cock might suddenly sail into view, like a tall ship on a broad ocean, when suddenly her eye rested upon Bad. I took a moment to take in an eyeful of Susie's hungry quim swallowing Bad's huge cock. Looking over her left shoulder at me, facing partly into the camera, Susie asked, "Boo, is that your finger in my bottom?"

The Eightfold Fence Ch. 04

group WifeWatchman 2018-01-23

"I just thought I'd drop by," said Cook, "and tell you that we were able to get Robert Brownlee into the Deputy Chief position with the Police Force. I began: "Cherie said that Michael Burke hired her specifically and asked her to bring someone else along. I saw the Director nod, and Jack looked totally amazed as I said "But before she could get her purse, the killer either grabbed her or put a gun in her face. My words were intended to show something that neither FBI agent understood, so I let it go as the Director said with what was for him a smile: "There wasn't an Iron Crowbar shedding light upon his shadows all those years either, Commander Troy."


Part 2 Steve Saw Everything

group atlsexyguy 2018-01-23

It was a great fuckin!” He chuckled then asked what I was looking for and I said “I received two bikinis today but can only find one.” Steve whisled and nodded toward the pool where Marcos has stripped his shorts off and wore the yellow pair as he dove into the pool. Steve said, “Chris didn’t believe the show I saw today, and wanted to see how close our balconys are” “Its true, Chris! Chris slowly sucked in through his teeth as he said “I love sexy guys in spandex cycling kits!” He went on to say that Steve got his spandex addiction in high school and that is why he swam.

Foreign Trade

group michellefiamma 2018-01-23

Elie gathered my hair back with his hands, bent me forward, and urged my head down, guiding me to Toni's waiting cock. I know that I'm turned on thinking about him watching me.' Elie pressed my head down abruptly and I was forced to take Toni's cock fully in my mouth. I knew that Elie was close, so I moved my mouth very slowly up and down, stopping only briefly to suck gently on his head. I moved back to Elie's long, beautiful cock, tilting my head back to let him slide deep inside my throat. I writhed on the mattress, my ankles and wrists pulling hard against my fabric restraints as Elie's hands slipped beneath my ass and his tongue moved faster and harder against my swollen clit.

Foursome Free For All

group LadyLilith 2018-01-23

I moaned against Andrew's mouth as Janey's tongue began to explore my hole, sinking deep into my slit and then pulling out again, fucking me like a mini cock. His hand guided my head up and down on his cock and he half groaned, half whispered, "Fuck you know how to suck cock, Oh my God, you're gonna make me cum so hard." Hearing that sent me over the edge and I started to cum, grinding my pussy against Janey's face and screaming, though it was muffled by the throbbing dick stuck in my mouth.

Double Dare

group the_black_panther69 2018-01-23

Melissa watched as blond Caleb went to get the cards and black haired gray eyed Darrell set up the table ready to play. Melissa removed her panties a moment later revealing her shaven mound without hesitation and finally Darrell lost his shorts. Darrell began to slowly stroke himself, eliciting small moans as his hands moved slightly faster. Melissa arched her back a few seconds after and began writhing and groaning in a manner that told Caleb and Darrell that she was having an intense orgasm. "I dare Melissa to give Caleb head until he comes," he said, his eyes twinkling. She moaned slightly as the pain became pleasure and both Caleb and Darrell began to thrust.

My Pretty Woman Moment

group Jack_Fetch 2018-01-23

Jess caught the eye of one of the clerks - a hot nerdy little thing with long, long brown hair in pig tails, horn rim glasses and a name tag saying her name was Tyler - and they quickly began to amass a mountain of clothes to try on. Tyler was standing behind my wife ostensibly helping her adjust the upper part of slinky little gown, but on closer inspection I noticed a couple of fingers on her right hand slowly circling the tip of Jess breast which was exposed just above the top of the dress. Hearing my clothes rustle, my wife slitted her eyes open and gave me a small smile as I advanced on the backside of the young girl who was eating her pussy.

My Chosen First Time -PART 2

group milf4bbcstretch 2018-01-23

I could feel his body shake as I licked with vigor, and then he shoved his dick back in my mouth and began to push it down my throat. He fucked my mouth, and then it happened, in the enthusiasm of me sucking him, Carl was holding and twisting my nipples, Aunt Susan was rubbing my labia and clit. “That’s good, go rest, I’ll talk to your parents and remember no sex till your special time” Aunt Susan said. "Just don't feel like talking this morning?" she asked, with a touch of amused sympathy. My mind was confused, I usually tell my mother everything and she shares everything with me too but I did not know if I should talk to her about my encounter at Aunt Susan’s.

The Massage Ch. 02

group scotsboy 2018-01-23

I went through the next door into the massage room, the masseuse I had last week was standing there waiting for me. The new masseuse took over rubbing my legs while the other came to the top of the table and started to massage my shoulders. As the masseuse came up around the top of the table I felt something brush my face, I opened my eyes and there it was. Just as I thought that I felt another one enter my pussy twice and then another and another, there were six men not four moving around my body putting there cocks in me and then moving around to my face.


The Mile Ch. 01

group Beaverhausen 2018-01-23

"As I recall us men always wiped the floor with you!" Jake retorted pouring three shots of tequila. "You're damn skippy!" Jake immediately took one of the shots, grabbed a stick and started the jute box. "Damn Sara, you finally grew some boobs!" Alex handed me a shot. "You are about to loose that bra Sara." Jake said trying to distract me from my shot. His lips touched mine in a kiss that felt like it had been building for years. Jake threw the stick down and he picked me up by my ass and turned around and sat on the pool table. Jake cradled my neck with his hand and grabbed my back and rolled me onto the pool table.

Reno Threesome

group sweet throat(f) 2018-01-23

As soon as I'd said that, Fred had his cock out of his pants in a flash and was stroking it telling me to take off my panties, so we could rub flesh to flesh. Fred caught me, and I turned around to sit on Brian's lap to try and dance... After he'd splattered me completely, he lovingly took me by my hair as I continued to fuck myself on Brian's cock, and shoved his cock all the way back in letting me suck any cum left in or on his cock... I smiled up at Brian through cummy eyes as I saw him trying to stroke more life into his limp cock, but he couldn't.

Well... Ch. 15

group Pegleg 2018-01-23

My prick was like a steel bar and I moved in very close behind Ann, moving my hands round to play with her outstanding breasts and settling that erection between her spread legs so that it was pleasured by the dampness of her cunt and the dampness of my wife’s mouth as well. Ann was by now getting very ‘warmed up’ and putting her hands on either side of Mary’s head was directing her to the best places and encouraging her ‘suck my clit you bitch, stick that tongue in me, make me cum, make me cum soon.’ Mary was panting with exertion and excitement as she heard what Ann wanted and redoubling her efforts snaked her tongue out again and again to bring Ann to the orgasm she so desperately needed.


Steamy At The Gym

group mhc26 2018-01-23

Her large, round ass looked incredible in a pair of black tights and when she bent down to tie her shoe, I felt my cock growing in my jockstrap, thankful that the cotton pouch was tight enough to not allow me to get fully hard. I'm jerking off all the time 'cause it feels so good." His cock did look like mine, but his shaft was thicker, he cockhead bigger and his balls just about the same size. Burst for me, shoot that big fucking load on his fat cock!" I had stopped jacking his cock, shocked by how hard he had shot his first stream.

Sensations Escort Services Ch. 05

group SteveWallace 2018-01-23

Amber's words were not lost on Mike, or on Kat or Brad who were also starting to make love only eight feet away on the adjacent loveseat in the room. A half-hour later, clean, dry and smelling like jasmine, Amber came back into the living room, leaving Brad nicely tucked into bed with a kiss and a promise to send Kat in to sleep with him. I guess neither of us knows what that'll be like given our crazy lives and careers, but let's try it." She whirled around in front of Mike, forcing him to stop walking, "And, I love you." Amber threw her arms around Mike's neck, leaned up and kissed him really hard.


Christmas Party Memories

group m_storyman_x 2018-01-23

Needless to say there were a lot of naked girls in the shower, and if I was hard before it all started, no matter how embarrassed I was, it wasn't getting any smaller. About a week before break was to start one of the "popular" girls, one that just happened to be the girlfriend of one of the jocks that tossed me into the girls locker room, and one of the girls that was in the shower at the time, caught me in the hall and gave me an invitation to her party the following Friday. "Sometimes we'll slide inside and dance closer like this!" She said, turning again and sliding inside me, her hands moving to my hips and pulling me snuggly against her firm ass so that my hard on was grinding against her ass.


Copenhagen Couple Ch. 03

group TimothyM 2018-01-23

Daniella immediately descended on his head, demanding that he pleasure her with his mouth, as she almost pushed her pussy into Michael's face. Kristine slowly pushed two fingers into the tight aperture, and with a nod and a gesture she told me to take care of the hard cock pulsing and dripping on Michael's stomach. And maybe Daniella's boyfriend wasn't into fellatio the way she was, but when my mouth closed around the wet, swollen head, and Kristine penetrated his ass with two fingers, there were some very loud and happy sounds coming from underneath Daniella. I think Kristine deliberately let Michael see how she finger fucked my needy butt, because I heard him moan, and when I looked back, I caught his eyed between her thighs.


Wild Holiday Camp Weekend

group stephwriter 2018-01-23

Sue was talking to a couple of young men who turned out to be brothers, Ian and Dan, and had been at the site since the previous weekend. Steve made his way back to the table where Dan was watching his brother and Sue on the dance floor. A slight smile formed on Dan's lips then they both turned back to watch Sue and Ian. When the current song finished Dan walked onto the dance floor and cut-in in the same way as Ian had with Steve. At almost the same time Steve saw one of Ian's hands stroking Sue's back and bottom whilst one of Dan's was stroking her stomach, briefly passing over her skirt and moving up towards her breasts.

One Plus Three Equals Heaven

group WayneGibbous 2018-01-23

"We've decided, Mia, that this is your day with us, we want to welcome you and do everything to make you feel good," and she held my feet and eased them apart, got down and began kissing and tonguing and licking me in that wonderful way that only another woman can do. Anna looked up at me, her face agleam with my juices, smiling, knowing how she made me feel, then lowered back to softly lick my enlarged clit sending shivers out in circles as Nick and Dean continued to caress me and suck my nipples.

A Blast From the Past

group Dai Raku 2018-01-23

Larry came around and put his five inches of cut cock in my drenched pussy, as I took Tim in my mouth and suck his cock with the sole mission of making him cum. He held true to his wants when he pulled his cock away from me and stroked cum all over my face. Coach ass fucked me for another 15 minutes before he blast his wonderful load up my ass, as he pulled out his cum seeped out and I felt it slide out of my ass and down over my pussy. As he placed his cock back in his pants and the guys walked away, I slide my hand between my legs and rubbed his cum all over my pussy.