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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

"Grope Me"

group PervyStoryteller 2018-01-23

For a split second Becky thought she was going to pass out from the thrill as the man moved his hand up and across to squeeze her thigh. With Drunk Man rubbing his fingers against her knickers and squeezing a breast hard, she looked at Headphone Man, or more exactly at his crotch, where he was more or less pleasuring himself through the sweatpants. She’d chosen a nice transparent black bra for tonight, but the young man appeared not to appreciate the finer things in life, because as she continued working her hands, he yanked her fleshy tits from the garment, just as the train pulled into the next station. Becky just stared as Drunk Man took her hand and placed it on his cock, which was still slimy where she’d drooled on it.

Favor for a Friend

group Jenna Grey 2018-01-23

“We’re not laughing.” Then, holy shit, you blow me away with your next move as you lean toward me and kiss me gently on the lips as your hand slips up and gently fondles my breast through my cotton button down shirt. I begin to bob my head slowly up and down, working your balls and your shaft with one hand, sucking and licking your cock with my mouth and tongue. My gaze moves to your girlfriend as I slip my hand inside between my legs, pushing my middle finger against my slick clit, my newly shaved bald pussy. You slip your finger inside my sopping wet cunt, working my clit as if your fingers were my own fingers and I cum within seconds, washing your hand with my juices.


Sally's Secret

group velocette65 2018-01-23

She allowed a couple of fingers to slip into her moist tunnel, her fantasy flicking between Joe's thick cock and Lucy's wide open pussy full of dildo. The sensation of Joe's spunk raining down on her face made Sally's clitoris begin to buzz, and even after dripping her cum into Lucy's mouth all evening, there was enough juice left for Joe's tool later on. He watched as Lucy's wicked looking tongue ran along Sally's chin, over her lips and along her cheek, gathering up a parcel of sticky juice as it went. Lucy substituted fingers for tongue, and Joe watched excited as the well manicured finger tips penetrated Sally's sphincter and circled around inside.

Back in the Saddle Ch. 07

group WhatIKnow 2018-01-23

Kaitlyn had that damn smile on her face and Cheryl's eyes looked a bit wild. I took a quick look over and saw that Kaitlyn had moved next to us and had Cheryl's head in her hands and was kissing her. Kaitlyn's hand was on the back of Cheryl's head and they were kissing like new lovers trying to get each others flavor. I saw Cheryl look at me and then her hand reached down and tweaked Kaitlyn's tit. Cheryl looked over her shoulder at Kaitlyn and saw her playing with her pussy. Cheryl opened her eyes, saw me standing there and then looked down and saw Kaitlyn was the one licking her pussy.

Desert Heat - Part 24

group jdwhitings 2018-01-23

Walking back out into the mall, the girls began to laugh and talk about the shocked look on the clerk’s face when Ginger pulled my shorts down. A few moments later, a female clerk came back and told the girls that they needed to close the dressing room door when changing or they needed to leave the store. A few minutes later, the guys pulled out and turned the girls over onto their hands and knees and began to lick and suck on their pussies. The masseuse that worked on Ginger, picked her up and laid her on the other table with Pepper and the two girls proceeded to lick each other’s pussy and clean them out.

Oral Addiction

group devilove 2018-01-23

"Just look at your pecker," Shari said hungrily, "you're all hard and ready to go, and then look at my pussy, it's simply drenching itself in anticipation of getting a good hard fucking!!!" "Fucking," he said incredulously, "we can't, what if someone comes in, this is a public rest room for god's sakes!!!" "Who gives a fuck," Shari said casually while fingering her steaming cunt, "all I care about is putting that spike into this hole, got it!?!" "I won't do it," he said while trying to stand up, "I'm getting outta here right now!!!" Shari gave him a hard shove that sent him reeling back onto the john, and in an incredibly fast maneuver, she quickly mounted the startled young man while sitting down hard on his thick erection!!!" "Y-you can't," he stammered, but while his mind said no, his heart and cock were screaming "yes", and in a complete surrender, Seth put his hands on Shari's plump hips and began ramming her up and down oh his protruding erection!!!

Theresa's First Golf Outing

group shoeman1965 2018-01-22

Dave and Mike rode in one cart, while Hank was the lucky one to ride with Theresa. While Mike and Hank sucked on her tits and fingered her pussy and ass, she had both their cocks in each hand, squeezing and stroking them. Theresa knelt down on one of the blankets while Mike, Dave and Hank surrounded her. Hank took no time to line up his cock with her wet pussy and filled her in one thrust. She sat on Hank's cock and spread her ass, allowing Dave to easily view his target. She got her hands out of the way just in time, as Hank and Dave entered both her holes simultaneously. She let Dave and Hank get up, as Mike moved away from her face.

Christian College Sex Comedy Ch. 32

group FinalStand 2018-01-22

The thing was she could, and did, right her ride and get to a gas station fifteen miles away because she had a bike she could handle, not necessary the one she wanted because it looked cool," Valerie tells us all; an individual lesson aimed at Rio would be taken the wrong way by her - guaranteed. Those two have whisked Felicity to our dorm and most likely my room as I keep one hand on Mercy and make my good-byes to Hope and Chastity. On the elevator ride up, I explain the dynamic between Rio, Barbie Lynn and Felicity. When we get upstairs to my floor it turns out Rio and Barbie Lynn are being very polite and showing her Felicity all the features of the place.


Three Men and a Lady

group vierge 2018-01-22

He assured me that it's not though because it's a documentary type, like Blair Witch or whatever, and so, he just wants to get into production as soon as he finds his LEADING star." Jack knew that remark would get her going into a frenzy of stardom and riches. I don't have a problem with nudity or haha, 'self-gratification.' So where can I find Jerry Mantrell at?" Anne's eyes were sharp and attentive to Jack's, knowing that this could be some sort of trick. "Getting something." George ran his hands through Anne's hair as she stared at Jack, and as he turned back, he saw the lovely thoughts going through her head: betrayal, misfortune, embarrassment.


Club MiXXXer Ch. 03

group tv46 2018-01-22

Fred nudged Gloria out of the way with his cock and slid it into Edie's slippery cunt. Edie barely noticed Fred's cock filling her, but instead focused all her attention on Gloria's quivering snatch. Gloria gasped, sucking in one last breath before locking her arms around Edie's ass and waited for the explosion she knew was coming. Gloria got to her hands and knees and bent down to kiss a relieved Amy. She turned her head and took her husband into her mouth. With Fred and Amy out of action, Edie flipped Gloria onto her back and straddled her face. Carl's cock slid into her ass with little resistance, just in time to watch Edie get off, shrieking with pleasure.


The Bartender

group bighoney 2018-01-22

You slide your fingers inside of me hard and fast until your mouth pulls away from my throbbing nipple to capture my cries of release. Pouring a dose of scotch into my anal canal, the bartender eagerly starts to tongue fuck me there, while you smack my mouth with your hard again cock. Helping me to stand, you like watching juices ooze down my bare legs and you have the bartender wipe me clean with the table cloth. Bringing me to my knees you have us kiss at the head of your cock, slowly sliding your entire shaft through our lips and letting our tongues leave fiery wet trails all the way to the base.


A Girl for a Day

group bigrusker 2018-01-22

As I turned into my room and closed the door I thought I saw a hint of a smile on her face as she stood in the middle of the room staring at her panties. A week passed and neither me nor Janelle said another word about my incident in the changing room, except for when she caught me sneaking to lay the uniform and bra I had "borrowed" in front of her door. "You do realize I said it was a girls night in, right?" Just then the full meaning of what she said came back to me, but as I looked at Janelle I saw a mischievous smile on her face.


Hippie Hollow Orgy

group KenJames 2018-01-22

Without waiting for an answer, the black "Amazon" planted a foot on either side of Angela's waist, put a large hand on the back of Bobby's head and pulled his face into her crotch. "Shoot a big load in the white girl's tight little pussy." Bobby was ramming Angela frantically, obviously only a few thrusts away from climax." "Lick the juice coming out of his piss-slit," Big Man ordered when Henry pulled his mouth away from my penis and probed my tip with his outstretched tongue. "I'll fuck Henry's butt," I said, "but I'm going to play with his sexy uncut cock first." He stood up and I fell to my knees, gripping his shaft and pulling his foreskin up as far over his cock-head as it would go.


Slut Stripper Fun part three

group neilmc123 2018-01-22

I moved around the sofa slowly doing some bump and grind moves, letting the guys see my crazy sexy net dress, displaying my quarter cup bra holding my pierced tits upwards, my under-bust corset, cinching my small waist and my stockings and garters framing the leather look snap front thong which was so small and tight I may as well have come out naked. The thong was stroking my puckered asshole deliciously as Neil slid his finger slowly down my ass crack, circled my asshole three times then smoothed its way along the thong, tenderly pushing the material between my swelling pussy lips. I turned back to face Neil and displayed my hairless quim for him to feast his eyes and decided to give him an extra sexy treat my pushing my mound forward and holding my pussy lips open exposing my tight pink hole to him.

The Adventures of Jade Ch. 02

group MistressSea52 2018-01-22

I moaned louder as the coach and the center fucked me hard, pistoning their black cocks in and out of my tight ass and pussy. I wanted the coach to nut in my ass so I could feel Missy’s tongue bury itself into my cunt, but he was taking his time. ( My pussy is so wet now as I’m writing this, I love touching my slick cunt lips, hmm….since my experience with missy, my own hood is pierced, as well as my nipples but that is another story.) Missy climbed all the way on top of me and began fucking my mouth with her tongue.

Halls of Residence Ch. 01

group SteveOhman 2018-01-22

Alice giggled, and whispered "take one of me!" And moved down to between his legs and took him straight into her mouth, holding his tip in her lips, and stared straight at the camera. He looked down, his cock in the mouth of a stranger, his flatmate sitting by his head taking photos! Alice slowly moved her head back, releasing him from her mouth and crawled up the bed to sit next to Keira. A loud moan left her lips, and Keira moved forward to suck on her nipples. Alice's eyes rolled back as she came hard, her wetness dripping down Alex's face. He tried to keep licking Alice's pussy, but he struggled as Keira moved faster on his cock.

Sweet and Spicy Horny Toads Ch. 06

group TxRad 2018-01-22

"At times like this, I remember what it was that first drew me to you," Karen said with a gentle smile. Karen's hand lightly covered Sue's left breast. In a while, Karen slowly slid her hand off Sue's breast and over her chest and belly, then back up to the other breast. She then slid her hand down over Sue's stomach to caress her thighs and tease the dark hair there. She licked up the crack of my ass making my hips go forward deeper into Sue's mouth. Sue slowed the in and out motion of her mouth and licked and sucked just the head the way she had seen Karen do.


Fantasy Fulfilled

group alpha_one 2018-01-22

One of the men lifts your chin with his finger and you look straight into his eyes and know in that second that something bad is going to happen. One of the men has lifted the front of your dress and you push your hand down, but Ty reaches over and pulls your arm up by the wrist. The guy kissing you pulls away and you open your eyes, aware that your slim, small, pale body is now totally exposed in a room with 5 large black men al in the process of disrobing with ease and speed. Then you feel a soft yet firm cock-head against your ass cheek, then between them then pushing against your hole and you simply refuse entry.

Summer Camp Summer Break

group Nogrod63 2018-01-22

"You should try it on." Brenda pulled one from the rack, "Here I bet this one will fit," she said handing Ingrid the dress. His fingers danced gently across Ingrid's pussy his head turning to her, kissing her lips. Ingrid heard the soft sound of a zipper, and reaching over she found Brenda's hand exploring the doctor's shorts. He unwrapped his hand from Brenda and cupped Ingrid's breast, dropping his mouth to take her hard nipple in his mouth. One of Brenda's breasts was exposed and she was playing with the nipple, pinching and pulling it with her fingers, her dressed was hiked up almost to her waist and the other hand was moving slowly underneath it.


group HarryC 2018-01-22

My boyfriend and I were lying nestled together in a sweaty tangle of sheets, sadly formed not through passionate lovemaking, nor indeed through rampant, legs-behind-your-neck, headboard-crashing-through-the-wall-into-your-neighbour's kitchen balls-deep pussy-melting fucking, but which instead had everything to do with the heatwave sweeping the city. I don't know what he does for a living, though he keeps really odd hours, sometimes not leaving his flat for days, sometimes being out at nine every morning of the week, sometimes heading out at midnight with a briefcase and wearing a fancy suit. Brendan, my boyfriend, had his head pressed tight between my legs, his small dark tongue bathing the lips of my pussy in thick spittle.


Accidental Spice

group rockgoddessuk 2018-01-22

When Martin came home she mentioned it to him, and he said that he didn’t really feel like partying, until she told him that David was going. The black guy put his arms around her ,and began to touch her breasts, she looked around to see where Martin was, and her was off talking to Anna and another woman. She did for a few minutes think about what Martin would think , but looking up she saw that he was in the corner of the room watching her with a big smile on his face as Anna was down on her knees in front of him, with his cock deep in her mouth, and Jill was squatting on the chest of drawers in front of him ,her pussy pushed towards his face as he licked and sucked at it.

Photographic Memory

group Nalla 2018-01-22

Walking naked from towel to the water and back between individuals who were clothed was one of Ann's common dares to David. As Mark made his way towards them, David asked Ann if she wanted anything to drink or to eat. "Hi Ann, David," said Mark as he walked up to the end of their lounges and stood pen in hand to take their requests. He also noticed that Ann, in her prone position, was offered a much better view of his flashing as Mark was turned slightly from her while talking to David. Ann looked at David and said, "so you dare me do you? "You dared me, so here goes!" David rose from the lounge and walked to the other end of the pool to meet Mark.


Lynne and Friends

group HillRunner 2018-01-22

I started to fondle her breasts through her clothes in full view of Gemma and Brian, knowing that Lynne enjoys the idea of being watched. I noticed that Lynne had slightly parted her legs in the excitement and with her miniskirt I knew that Brian and Gemma would be able to see her panties if they looked over. I got up from Lynne's pussy and removed my shirt and jeans, letting Gemma and Brian get a good look at my hard cock. Lynne and I watched the developing scene as she continued to stroke my cock and started to suck it deeply into her mouth. Lynne continued to stroke my cock as he got close and then reached out with her spare hand to touch Brian's cock, drawing a moan from him.

The Julie Journals: The Airport

group Shady_Lady 2018-01-22

Julie lifted her head from her licking and gently inserted a finger deep into Anne's pussy causing her to moan around Mike's cock. Anne kissed her husband on the mouth as she trailed her fingers along his cock feeling them mashed against Julie's pussy lips as Mike drove in. "Three against one doesn't look like fair odds to me." Julie glanced over and saw Drifter emerge from the shadows and smiling at her he muttered "Wotcha Princess." The bald man snarled, "Keep out of it white boy, who gives a fuck about odds?" Drifter smiled and leaned back against a car, fishing a cigarette out of his pocket and as he lit it he said, "I was thinking they weren't fair to you."