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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Big Break - Part 1

group likekissingthighs 2018-11-07

After Patricia and Pete had left, Monica said, “We have the easy job, there isn’t much cleaning to do and the unpacking will only take a few minutes.” As I was finishing up in our room Monica bounded in and said, “I will help you unpack.” Without another word she had our suitcase open and was laying the clothes on the bed ready for me to put into the draws or wardrobe. As Monica put the clothes away I said, “You have a very sexy bottom.” As I spoke, I walked up behind her and pressed my hard cock into her buttocks. As we kissed Patricia took hold of my hard cock and started to massage it, as I fingered her wet vagina.


New Years Truth or Dare

group coffeedude 2018-11-07

Heidi held the bowl out and Shiva drew and read, “French kiss with the person to your left.” Dom was to her left, and he is 6’3” so Shiva got on her knees and moved to Dom. Dom took her face in his large hands and their lips met. “I’ll take a truth.” Heidi held the bowl as Amber drew and read, “When and where was the first time you had sex?” She looked around. Ginger opened it and read, “French kiss a member of the opposite sex, your choosing, for one minute.” She put the slip down, looked at me and said, “Get over here, Steve.” I leaned towards Ginger and closed my eyes.


group mranonymous7 2018-11-07

My balls pressed hard against Linda’s ass as I held myself in her, the hot, tight confines of her pussy threatening to suck the cum out of my aching balls. When I pulled my now limp cock out of Linda’s pussy, Calvin moved on top of her and started nibbling on her hard engorged nipples. Caught up in the moment, he moved his mouth off of her hard little nipple and brushed his tongue downwards over her belly heading towards her cum filled pussy. Trance like, Calvin moved forward and flicked his tongue out and licked Linda’s slippery wet slit. Calvin licked her pussy alternating between circling his tongue round the sensitive little bud of her clit and licking deep inside her sticky slit.


The Wives' Initiation Orgy - Part Three

group stockingsandgarters 2018-11-07

“Next on the agenda after the break is taking care of your ass-cherries,” Melanie said, nodding to Dawn and Amanda. “Okay,” said Mel, “Mandy and Dawn for gang-banged asses,” adding with a grin, “You two are not going to be able to sit down for a week!” “Now you know why we like it so much,” Sue told her, from down at our right side, where she was busy taking close-ups of Dawn's double penetration. Jake was hauling her hips hard back to get his dick as far up her ass as possible, Phil's muscles were bulging as he braced himself with his cock deep within her pussy and Amanda was shuddering as if she was having a convulsion, tits shaking like jello on a plate.

Lisas Birthday

group nottheone 2018-11-07

Julie wasted no time in finding Lisa's pussy. Julie's hands caressed and slid over Lisa's Lisa was tossing her head, moaning her pleasure when Julie Gawd!" Julie was licking up and down Lisa's slit, as Julie's free hand came up to rub at her own pussy, stop, and her head moved down, her tongue probing Lisa's Lisa sat in my lap, her hand guiding my cock inside her drenched Lisa was rubbing Julie's clit, bringing her fingers Julie had one hand between Lisa's legs, Lisa had one hand on my cock, the other over Julie's Julie spread her legs wide, bringing them up around Lisa, inside Lisa and I moved into Julie's pussy, fucking


Christmas Break

group PA_Mike 2018-11-07

Brenda didn’t seem comfortable, so I said, “Hey guys, maybe you two should take it elsewhere.” They laughed and went to Aaron’s room. They stopped and looked at me, Darlene still on her knees reached out and grabbed Aaron’s cock squeezing it and said, “Hey baby, you can fuck me in a couple of minutes, but if Brenda is gonna let that nice cock just go to waste, I want it!” Darlene pulled up and let my cock go and said, “Well, you want it? I know how much you like them.” said Darlene still riding Aaron and leaned forward smothering his face with her breasts. “Oh Brad, I didn’t know.” she said as she placed her hand on my cheek and started kissing me.

Blonde Fucks Blacks Ch. 04

group Samuelx 2018-11-07

While getting fucked, Brittany would scream out obscenities about how much she loved getting Black cock up her asshole. Brittany spread my ass cheeks and pressed the dildo against my asshole. Brittany held me and fucked me, thrusting the dildo deep into my ass. She smiled, then continued to ram the dildo up my ass while stroking my ten-inch Black cock. She said she'd never fucked a Black man in the ass with her dildo before. Having Alicia's dildo in my ass and Miranda's warm mouth enclosing around my cock was almost too much for me. Miranda and Brittany were chatting away happily, buzzing about how much fun they had, both fucking with and watching me.

Black Men are Gods Ch. 06

group Samuelx 2018-11-07

A five-foot-eleven, absolutely sexy Asian woman who looks like a goddess of the Orient come to life. Her husband Jacob Brown is a six-foot-one, lean and sexy black man in his early thirties. I love dominating sassy black women like Donna. Since being completely dominated by a sexy and demanding professional woman was as much her fantasy as it was her husband's, Donna complied. I pinched Donna's sexy ass and the black woman yelped. The sexy black woman was grinding her big ass against my face. As Jacob watched, I spread Donna's ass cheeks wide open and pressed my dildo against her backdoor. This sexy black woman was one hundred percent freaky, just like me. Especially budding African-American swingers like Jacob and Donna Brown.


The Adventures of Karen: The Camping Trip

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-07

Follow her lead and everything will turn out just fine.” He began to unbuckle his jeans, adding, “Now, pretty lady, you need to get up on your hands and knees.” Turning again to me he said, “You, gomer, you can lay there and watch.” Len, who’s hips were slapping hard and fast against Karen’s ass, added, “I think we’re about to find out!” I watched as his cock throbbed, the muscles contracting, sending gobs of warm sperm into Karen’s willing cunt. I wanted to watch her in the throes of bliss as Jake emptied his bloated balls deep into her ass, so I could suck the cum out. Jake grunted and poured copious amounts of his fuck cream into Karen’s willing ass and pulled out, leaving her stretched sphincter to drip his reward onto her cunt and into my eagerly waiting mouth.

My Best Friend's Dad - Part Three

group Kittykatlush69 2018-11-07

His expert fingers rubbing my clit and nipples as he went until I could hold it no longer and moaned loudly as I got my release. One woman in the middle was getting her clit rubbed, while doing anal and sucking a dick at the same time. I closed my eyes and felt the trunk thrusting in and out, the vibrator continually going at my clit, my toes and boobs still being licked and sucked. Lots of images shot through my mind: all the times I'd had sex with my friend’s dad, our bodies rubbing against each other, his dick inside me. All the way home, I thought about why my best friend’s image had come into my mind while having an orgasm.

My new math tutor

group nishana 2018-11-07

Neena started remove my shirt while Reena pulled my pants down along with my underwear All three of us were naked. Reena started licking the top of my helmet just opposite to the place where the vibrator was punishing me. The vibration and licking got more intense and I could hear them shouting,” Come baby… come baby…shoot it out…..” Neena threw away the vibrator and both the girls sucked my cock very hard. Reena and Neena took turns and swallowed my cock deep into their throats one by one. Neena got up and placed her face over Reena’s face and said, “ Eat this….” She took a vibrator attached dildo in her hand and pushed it inside her sister’s pussy.

Bookstore Sexcapade

group mranonymous7 2018-11-07

Soon afterwards Travis put his hand on the back of my head and guided my face down to this strange cock, I could sense that he was getting excited at the idea of seeing me suck this stranger cock that was sticking through the hole in the wall. When the guy entered our booth, he didn’t say a word but quickly knelt before me and slowly lifted my dress and started to suck and lick my pussy. As we left the booth and started to leave the store I couldn't help but notice all of the men watching me, or I should say my ass, and wanting their own chance to share my body.


Neighbourhood Watch

group pandsal 2018-11-07

Without waiting for an answer, Andrew let his hands delve into his wife's décolletage, Pam responded by opening buttons of her blouse. When they raised themselves a little groggily from the floor, Pam said, "It looks like we need to make room for the next turn." As they took the place vacated by Andrew and Pam, Lisa removed Mark's hand from her thigh and squeezed. While Mark and Lisa began in the missionary position, letting him discover just how wet the preceding exhibition had made her, Gary took Audrey doggy style. Her eyes left Mark and turn to her side where Audrey was intent on getting herself off with a frenzied frigging while Gary pointed his cock at her tits, gave two jerks and directed a series of spurts on to them.

Soft Target 2: Chrissie's surprise

group kochankatulipan 2018-11-07

Terry, having eaten the strawberry and lick Wendy’s pussy clean, traced a creamy trail with his tongue up her stomach to the honey covered breasts. Marie placed the nozzle of the squirting cream in Chrissie slit and pressed hard, until the cream began oozing from between her lips and onto the worktop. Terry and Chrissie began to fuck rhythmically, cream splattering the kitchen as they slammed their bodies together. Marie, a cucumber still sticking out of her pussy, knelt in front of Terry and began to lick the cream from around his abdomen in a spiral which ended a his, now semi-hard, cock which she placed in her mouth.

Double Dip

group RejectReality 2018-11-07

Her face a little red, Vanille accepted the necklace and said, “I guess not.” She put the truck in park, steeled her nerves, and opened the door. Having not even noticed Karen walking up, Vanille started and covered her eyes with her hand in embarrassment. After blowing out a hard breath, he knee-walked closer, his ice cream covered cock twitching next to her lips. Vanille gasped and looked back over her shoulder to watch Greg move closer, the tip of his cock pressing against her nether lips. Greg held his half hard cock toward her lips, and Vanille answered by slipping a hand to his rock-hard butt and tugging him toward her.

First time for Julie, her fiance, and Dave

group ThreeForFun 2018-11-07

I went in a couple of times to look real close at Julie sucking Dave's cock. Dave loved it too: imagine coming home from work and having a sexy girl, ten years younger than you, suck your cock while you sipped a beer and her boyfriend watched the whole thing. Dave was rock-hard, and fucked her "for a little while." Julie told me she was still thinking "I can't believe I'm doing this." After he fucked her for a while he said, "I can't hold it much longer," pulled out of Julie and held himself up as she moved down on the bed to take his cock in her mouth.


group RejectReality 2018-11-07

Alyssa parted her legs wide, her need now far outstripping any thoughts about consequences, and sucked in a sharp breath as Sarah leaned in. When the delicious shock faded enough for her to open her eyes, Alyssa said, “Oh yes,” as she looked over her rapidly rising and falling breasts at the beautiful woman between her legs. “Oh my god,” Alyssa whispered at the thought of the gorgeous young man taking her while Sarah rubbed her clit and sucked on her nipples. Alyssa started to sit up, but Sarah said, “Stay there.” She scooted in close to where the older woman lay, rose up on one knee, and braced a hand on the bed.

2nd chance at the club

group stanwillgets 2018-11-07

Stig and Lene discussed, was it swinger clubs in general or was it took some time to convince Stig of trying again, he had a bit of a Stig noticed the hungry look in Lene´s face and was rather to it, but then she noticed that the girl had her eyes on Stig. starting to feel his cock growing larger, looked over on Lene who was Lene was looking at the spectacle and felt super hot. Lene stopped for a while allowing the girl to take in her sight. The girl weaseled her way down kissing Lene just as she had Stig. Lene got her hands on the back of the head of the girl Lene came like not in a long time.

A Wedding to Never Forget...

group Ardentmale 2018-11-07

Simone let out a deep moan at the slight pain, entwining her fingers in Nina’s long lustrous hair, pulling her closer. As she began taking me deeper, Nina's fingers gently held my balls, licking and sucking them, pulling them into her hot mouth. “My turn,”said Nina, as she pulled Simone off me, taking her hand and stroking my cock as she turned to kiss Simone deeply, their tongues entwining. With my hand wrapped around hers, we slowly stroked as I watched Simone’s mouth make its hot journey down Nina’s body. Nina's legs began to shake and her back arched hard as she ground her pussy against Simone’s sticky fingers and tongue.

A Trip to a Strip Club

group taylorsam 2018-11-07

Sam told me many times of his fantasy of picking up a stripper, taking her home and fucking her hard. Sam pulled alongside Tina and told her that we had a hotel room just down the street and she could either ride with us or follow in her car. Tina had told us when we got to the room that she had several experiences other girls, but had never been with a couple. Tina looked at Sam’s cock in her hand, then back at Sam. After some intense fucking, Tina told Sam, "Turn me over and fuck me like a dog so I stick my tongue in your wife’s cunt and make her cum with us.”

Brian and Jenn's Rocky Mountain Adventure

group KenLukin 2018-11-07

Jenn leaned in and massaged and suckled Britt’s lovely tits, then slowly kissed her way lower until she was on her knees in the shower. Jenn squealed in delight as Britt finger fucked both of her lower orifices enthusiastically, and soon she shuddered with an intense, quivering orgasm. I pushed the head of my throbbing cock into her hot, tight hole and she moaned and then orgasmed with a scream before I even got fully balls deep. I leaned in close so I could watch Britt maneuver her impressive tongue, and she stuck it right into Jenn’s pussy hole and had her near orgasm again in no time.

Two Beats a Cheat - Part Four

group storyo 2018-11-07

Maria saw it and turned around sliding under Jackie, pulled her knees his locking around her sucking each others wet, hot sex as Andy slammed hard in Jackie, his balls dragging on Maria's face. His balls tightened once more, he pulled out spraying the last load he had on Jackie's dark pink rose bud and watched it slowly drip down over Maria's nose as she continued sucking Jackie's clit letting it run down her face to her black hair. "Are you going to just stand there all day with your dick in your hand or are you going to fuck us?" She turned back to Jackie's pussy as Andy ran his hands over her firm, perfect, brown ass.

Twist of Fate, Part 2

group aerowfn 2018-11-07

We grabbed Jessi and Julie and began the stumble back to John's dorm since we were all very drunk by this point. No one had ever seen this forceful side of John, but it clearly turned Jessi and Julie on as he got up and began making out with Julie, touching her all over. I got so turned on that I grabbed Jessi and bent her over the bed next to her boyfriend and started pounding her wet cunt from behind. I decided to test out how much of a slut Jessi could be as I began slapping her ass as hard as I could and pulling her hair. John and I sat on the bed next to each other, watching Jess and Julie intensely making out...

Pleasure Cruise Chapter 4

group TinderWick 2018-11-07

I gathered the thunder beads as Victoria watched and gently reinserted them back inside Ari. I clicked the button, and the gentle purr of the beads hummed. I stepped up behind Victoria and smiled at Ari. Ari’s look was pure frustration and anger. Please let Ari watch, as you fuck me,” Victoria said spreading her legs. You must take it slowly," I said as she reacted by moaning and gently trying to increase the speed herself, but I had her hips and I wouldn't let her. Ari forgetting her anger at Victoria leaned in and kissed her hard on the mouth as the gyrated on my cock.