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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

University Flashback

group pinkybare 2018-01-22

"Well in that case we had better get going." I uttered, pausing to gently lick the side of Luke's neck "I'll look forward to that later." I breathed in his ear. Jude stared into my eyes and gently held onto my knee whilst Luke stroked the back of my neck, still damp with sweat from the dancing. Luke pulled away and said, "Now I want to watch you lick my wife." Jude was all to eager to oblige as she laid me down on the edge of the sofa and eased her fingers into my tight cunt. Licking and nibbling gently on my clit she pumped her fingers in and out of me as Luke watched with his cock in his hand.


The Screamer Ch. 01

group Liquor69 2018-01-22

As my hands held and teased her, Holly threw her head back on the sofa and yelled, "Oh baby, squeeze my tits! Her legs tightened around my neck as she worked her hot ass hard onto my face. Her breasts felt delicious on my chest while her hips and pussy wet my rock hard cock. As she pulled me back from the brink yet again, she climbed to my lips and I felt her body caress me as she positioned herself to ride my hard cock. I love your tongue darling, Fuck me, fuck my ass baby!" I pulled her close, put my hand between her legs and saw the lascivious look that flashed on her face as I confirmed she wore no panties.


Wife Caught With Boss Turns Into Threesome, Part 1

group 2018-01-22

My wife then said to Dave "where was I", my wife could not have seen me, I slowly opened the door, she had started to suck his cock, I still could not believe what I was seeing, she was taking it very deep and very slow into her throat, her boss let out a long gasp as she touched his balls with her lips, then she glanced in my direction again, holding her gaze, I was fixed to the spot this time like I was in some sort of trance, she let his cock slip from her mouth and just smiled at me, she knew I was watching!

After Hours

group Jaded_writer 2018-01-22

Jenny dropped the sponge, using her hands to lather the soap onto my large and hardened nipples, massaging them just as I had fantasized about. He finger fucked me, as Jenny sucked his cock, his mouth still hot against my big brown nipples. Turning me around to face the wall, he grabbed my hips, placing the tip of his prick against my ass, teasing my puckered hole, then down lower to my wet cunt, thrusting inside, fucking me like I had never been fucked before. Jenny scooted under me, her tongue on my swollen clit, sucking and slurping my pink lips, tasting the juices that flowed from my trembling pussy. The guard continued fucking her ass, groaning as Jenny began whimpering, her body trembling as she came, her juices spurting into my mouth as I lapped up every bit of it.

At the Villa Ch. 01

group uvlas45 2018-01-22

I just stared at Aphro's beautiful body, lying there fully naked, her fingers stretching her pouty lips, exposing her virginal rose, her vaginal entrance, her urethra and yes, but not least her rather longish canopy covering her little erect, surely very sensitive bud. We can enjoy its pleasures as we dream and masturbate, but how intimate and pleasurable a male will be in the presence of a female, fully naked, her beauty, watching her body from head to toe with her most intimate parts awaiting her sexual energy to wake up, her veins flowing with hot blood and the craving to be pleasured and desired. At the other end, Padme's hungry tongue was already teasing Aphro' clitoris set at the top of her wet burning lips between her wide open legs.


Doubled Up

group damonX 2018-01-22

You reach out and take hold of my dick in your hand, stroking it up and down, coaxing me to lick your little wet pussy. I place my hands under your ass and push my face into your hot hole, thrusting my tongue deep into the wet recesses of your hungry pussy. "Fuck yes!" I groan as I feel you touch my sensitive asshole with your wet tongue. As I lower my face and begin to kiss your creamy white ass, I notice you sucking Zack's balls. You push your head into Zack's chest, muttering numerous foul obscenities under your breath as your asshole opens up and my dick begins its ascent into your tight little hole.

First Threesome

group lucifersam69 2018-01-22

I know from experience that Bella LOVES to suck cock and even as the sight of her gobbling Kyle's monster meat stabs at me like wicked, thorny spikes of pitiful jealousy, I must also admit it's about the hottest thing I've ever seen. Bella braces her hands on Kyle's hips trying to keep him from stuffing his big dick all the way into her throat. Her panicked, muffled mewling fills the room as Kyle continues his pursuit, slipping more and more of his giant cock into Bella's gullet until finally, her face is pressed tightly to his lower abdomen.

A Foursome with My Mate

group truelifeconfessions 2018-01-22

'Very nice!' said Dave with a wide grin and Phil was equally happy by the look as they both sat back in the sofa watching us getting it on, their attention riveted now. I reached out and smoothed the silky oil all over her lovely full breasts, feeling her up good and proper, pinching her nips and squeezing those fleshy mounds, I bet it felt nice, she looked like she was enjoying it smiling at me as I did it. Phil had one hand on Denise breast and the other at her bum, probably rubbing or maybe even inside her pussy, she certain looked like she was getting very hot now.


Hollywood Harlot

group Vidaloca 2018-01-22

Doris rolled away from the remaining men, stood up and began to head for the shower to wash her semen and sweat-covered body. After a long pause, the man gave her a look that said, 'This is for your own good.' He gritted his teeth, grabbed her backside, and drove deep into her open thighs, pressing, driving, then finally ramming into her with all his strength. He squirted a long, hot stream of liquid between her legs, but continued his hard, punishing thrusts; even when Doris was just a collapsed, quivering, barely heap on the floor. Yes!" Her eyes flew open in time to see the older man shoving his large cock into her open mouth.

Seducing Teachers

group Coxswain 2018-01-22

I gulped and slurped, savoring the pungent taste, swallowing everything he had to give, and my body took over--I shivered and shook under Peter's lunges and I went into my own orgasm, flooding my cunt with juices, slicking his thrusts and floating me away into a bright blue sky while the delicious cum sliding down my throat was the icing on the cake! Further away, Karen the folksinger sang Joan Baez's "Silver Dagger" in jerky gasps, looking up at her current lover, her legs splayed wide as his huge cock reamed open her cunt. A blonde I didn't recognize held onto a strange guy--bleached blond, looked like surfer--as he sank his cock up her pussy.


Sexual Roulette Ch. 10

group Azuldrgon 2018-01-22

I am yours to do whatever." Missy then took Marie's hand and slipped it under her robe to let her feel one of the surprises. As Marie sat straddling him, Missy reached behind George and cuffed his hands behind the chair. For added torture, Missy unzipped George's fly and began to slowly lick up and down his shaft while Marie stripped in front him. George's dick was hard and already leaking precum when Missy stood and led Marie to the table. Let me loose!" Missy ignored him as she watched Dan shove his cock into Marie's mouth and Roger buried his face into Marie's pussy. Roger slid behind Missy and buried his schlong in her ass as both Frank and Antonio placed their dicks within reach of the girls' mouths.

Friendly Fantasy

group AbsintheGrrl 2018-01-22

So when his hand ended up on my thigh, his fingers idly stroking, and the back of her hand began to slowly brush against my breast, I just kept drinking, my eyes glued to the TV, my brain moving in circles at a 150 mph and going nowhere. "What the fuck?" were the immediate words out of my mouth, followed by "what the hell is going on?" Did I mention I was pretty stupid? My nipples tightened up again, seeing her sexy full breasts, his hard cock in the dim light and I bit my lower lip, letting out a stifled moan.

A Bath Time Gang Bang

group English Bob 2018-01-22

This time I feel the familiar kiss of my husbands lips as, now satisfied, he returns to his original position and sits down on the chair. I think that I too am satisfied, but as I see a further two young men in the doorway, I feel my pussy moisten once again and that now familiar excitement return to my body. I open my mouth to gasp as I cum, but as I do so, the smaller of the two men thrusts his dick between my lips. I feel his thick tool swell even further as he drives himself into my throat and then hear a shout of lust as he pulls out and ejaculates thickly over my face, his hot cum running in thin rivers down my cheeks and over my chin.

New Experiences in London

group pussylove69 2018-01-22

Maya just followed her friend's example and with her skirt far up her thighs and her legs spread wide enough to let the black man have a good view, she too, took of her wet panties. Maya was caressing his heavy balls, that felt hot in her hands and Katrina`s fingers were tracing up and down the shaft of his really big and extremely hard cock. Their masturbating him and caressing his balls became more passionate and then Katrina felt his balls get even harder and bigger and Maya felt some pressure against her thumb as his full load of semen shot out of his cock and landed on his black stomach.


Summer is Hot in Cozumel Ch. 02

group stevieraygovan 2018-01-22

I know it sounds strange, yet I always feel like I'm in this beautiful, perfect world when we're all together, and it's a place I never want to leave. "Summer, I never wanted, expected or asked you to give your body, your love or anything else to my friends." "Baby, I know this will sound like a chickenshit cop-out, but the only way I can answer you is to ask you the same thing. "Baby, I know what you said before, but I still feel like the stakes are different now; at least they are to me. As much as I loved you and wanted you and needed you before, your decision to take me as your wife changed things for me.


Scarlet Queen Ch. 10-11

group angellily 2018-01-22

Craven had allowed Ellie to seek refuge at the back of the room, away from the crowds, while Dante and Rain played a few songs. "Nope," Ellie said feeling safe knowing that Rain and Dante would keep the crowd's attention off them with their stage antics. Rain and Dante shared a look as they thought about more escapades on the beach, then they started moving, hustling Ellie into the shower. Rain and Dante threw on the rest of their clothes quickly as Ellie grabbed a set of car keys and then dug deep through her backpack until she found a hidden phone that generally never saw the light of day, though it went everywhere with her, albeit secretly of course.


Wendy Ch. 2

group pisces 2018-01-22

As Kate moaned louder, and cried she was close, Wendy pulled down the suit and buried her face in the wet pussy of her friend. Wendy had her face buried in the pussy of Kate, her tongue licking the crease, penetrating the tunnel as her hand stroked Kate's inner thigh. Paul was pulling back and ramming his cock in and out of Kate, deep down her throat then out and in, Wendy was watching intently, moaning softly as Dan pulled her nipple, and kissed her neck. Kate slid under them and began to lick the crease as Dan moved slowly in and out of Wendy. Paul moved over stroked Wendy's breasts, pulling the nipple as Dan fucked her from behind.

Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 10

group SteveWallace 2018-01-22

I'd be in New Jersey for Monday and Tuesday, fly with Jane to Atlanta that night, and spend the rest of the week there until flying home on Friday afternoon. Monday evening I also explained that I needed to do a Team Building dinner with the heads of the various TCI projects in New Jersey. The arrangements made and schedules coordinated with the help of Jane's secretary Marge, I headed home Friday afternoon, again to a hero's welcome by Ally, Fran, and Sheila. A few of the shots the previous week included Jane, one in her genie outfit as she sat cross-legged on her modern sofa looking very sexy and loving.


La Playa: Polynesia Ch. 05

group Fog43 2018-01-22

Deana, still groggy even after 12 solid hours of sleep, had her head facing Steve in Julie's lap on the identically upholstered couch that ran along the other side of the plane. Steve, having more freedom of movement, turned his chair directly toward Julie and spread his legs, then played with his cock, balls, perineum, and anus. Deana looked over her shoulder at Steve, who was now fucking the butt plug in and out of his anus, the two suction bulbs on his nipples bouncing. "Here, this will help," Steve said, again briefly interrupting the pussy feast to double up the large towel and place it where Deana's knees could be padded from the carpeted floor.


First Threesome Ch. 1

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-01-22

Lynn could see, and now feel in a very concrete way, that she had that power over Ben. I watched as her hand stroked up and down over his hard cock that was now, as a result of her manipulations, sticking straight up inside his slacks. I watched Lynn's lips stretch around Ben's hard cock. Ben climbed on top of Lynn and I watched as this guy I'd met only a few hours ago very gently pressed his stiff pole slowly into my wife's hungry cunt. Without thinking, and responding to the gentle guidance of Lynn's hands on the back of my head, I brought my lips to Ben's cock.

A Lousy Birthday

group billy_strokes 2018-01-22

"I don't think it would be proper to light that up before getting a birthday spanking." Rolling your eyes at me, you turn and point your sexy little ass toward me as if to say fine, go ahead, just give me the lighter. You raise yourself up pushing your pussy and ass right into his face and begin to fondle my dick through my shorts. As his tongue swirls in and out of your pussy, I lift my hips and slide my shorts down allowing my dick to spring free and stand at attention before you. As you slide down his dick and your pussy fills, you can feel me sliding deeper into your ass.

A Night of Surprises for Lauren

group Nuna20 2018-01-21

He's the type of guy you'd have a crush on or want to kiss, but you wouldn't necessarily look at him and think about sleeping with him right off the bat. Second, like I said, Adam always compliments me so I don't really know if I look good or not. So this is what people mean when they say, "I feel like shit." As I reached the door I saw Adam by himself in the hallway. I take a good look at Adam and begin thinking about going down on him. I cover my pussy with my hands, turn around and yell, "Close the door!" As he did so I caught a glimpse of two kids, probably freshman, standing outside the bathroom.


Sweet Escape Ch. 01

group sailinggoddess 2018-01-21

I'll admit here that I've had a long-running fantasy of having that "special boat boy" for a crew member, ever since I started cruising over nine years ago. But worried that my mate would be back anytime, I encouraged him, fucking him fast and furious for another 15 minutes before telling him that I wanted to feel his hot cum fill me up. She turns around and starts oiling my body while at the same times begins caressing my balls and tells me I'm in for the trip of a lifetime, and she adds that she thinks I'm hot! She is ready to have me inside of her, so she pulls me over to the bunk and lays down on her back, spreading her legs wide and runs her finger over her clit while her other hand rubs one hard nipple.


first time group male sex

group 6finallybi9 2018-01-21

As time passed I started looking a little more until I was really turned on by the thought of a nice hard cock. After sucking all the cum off the cock in my mouth he finally pulled out while the one in my ass rolled over completely drained. Two other guys got in front of me and I took turns sucking each of them until I had all of their cum in my mouth. After sucking all of the cum out of him and cleaning his cock with my mouth he gave me his phone number so that we could make this more private at a later time.