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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Fashion Parade

group MrFadedGlory73 2018-01-21

On Saturday just past, my wife Samantha decided to go out shopping with her friend Erica to buy clothes for the party. If possible, my cock got even harder as I watched them, Erica's hand reaching up to pull the strap of Sam's bra down to expose her breast, which she began to massage slowly, tweaking the nipple each time. "It was like old times." A little smile crossed her lips and she looked away briefly "What's that look all about?" I asked surprised to see her face reddening a bit "Well, it's just....she's so cute" Samantha confessed. What do you think, Scott?" Erica moved back into Samantha, leaning her body into her and putting her arm up above her head, placing her hand behind Samantha's neck and stroking it languidly.


Our first trip to a nudist beach!

group dominthehills 2018-01-21

However, I have told her, that as my sub, the next time she feels the urge to suck a strangers cock, she must ask first - no matter how horny she is or how carried away in the moment, or she will be punished severely. (And a note to the friendly guy we met - just because I said you could suck her tit, didn't mean you could shove your cock in her mouth without asking - lucky I'm not a hard core Master like some here, or you'd be punished too! As we got out of the car, my Master took my hand and pulled me close and said “let’s walk a little further down the beach” but Trevor, as he had now introduced himself, begged us to stay and lay our towels next to him.

From Sweetie to Slutty Ch. 03

group meddlesome 2018-01-21

As I said, the idea of going back to campus left me cold, so I told Bobby that I wanted to stay and that all eleven men could stay too with full rights to use me like the slut I was. The two room service attendants stood stupefied watching as the older men applied lube to my ass as I worked on Stef's pole with my throat. I recovered a bit and started to focus in on all the men talking about me, and how they were going to fuck me and telling Stef to show my virgin ass no mercy. I was out for a few minutes according to Bobby, who said my eyes flew open right as Stef finally bottomed out in my ass.


All for One

group VendiVulpes 2018-01-21

With Michael's tongue in her mouth, Lance moved a hand between Bridget's legs to caress her pussy. Plunging deeply into Bridget as he watched her suck Michael, Lance felt he'd never been as hard. Bridget was so wet that there was a slapping sound as Lance went deeply into her pussy and at his penis, she was slurping noisily at him, lips wrapped firmly around his shaft as she moved. Both men were moaning now and Bridget was panting with her efforts, bucking against Lance, who now held her with her legs right off the bed as he fucked her, while she balanced on one hand and stroked Michael with the tightly clenched fingers of the other.

A Co-op Beginning

group Gschuerm 2018-01-21

I don't know if any of you have ever tried to play spin the bottle in a hottub, but let me tell you, it's a little awkward. I try to protect, I really do, at least nowadays, but I had just come out of a long relationship, and here I am drunk as fuck with one of the hottest girls I have ever seen whispering in my ear to put myself inside her, while four other people mind you are making out in the same hottub. Moaning, squishing, splatting (if you don't know what splatting is, it's what I call having doggy-style sex when you slap up against the girl making the loudest, most un-roomate-friendly noise ever (unless you like to listen, you sexy bitch)).

Truth or Dare, Roxy?

group ShatteredPortrait 2018-01-21

"Truth or Dare?" I looked over at Matt rolling my eyes. "I dare you to touch Roxy, underneath her panties." Tom sat back smiling. Tom came over and ripped my shirt off sucking on my nipples and stroking whichever breast didn't have his mouth at the time. Tom got up from sucking my tits and instead licked them until they were really wet and climbed on top of me, pushing them together and fucking them. Matt pulled his cock out and jacked off, shooting his load all over my stomach and legs. Tom got up and slid his cock into my mouth, Matt fucked my tits and Randy and his long cock fucked my pussy. Truth or dare?" He winked and slid his fingers inside my sopping wet cunt.

Fucking the School Slut Ch. 03

group ericrodman101 2018-01-21

And I'd had my cock inside every hole Tracey Halliday had to offer in the last twelve hours so I left them to it, pinched her nipples a couple more times and whispered 'you suck good' in her ear, my face only an inch from Seth's thrusting cock, and closed the door behind me as I left the room. The girl who'd let me kiss her cum-filled mouth, who'd teased and taunted me on that roof, who smiled as I coated my window in cum, who fondled my cock, and then when I'd tried to join in and make it a foursome, the guys fucking her had assaulted me. With one hand on Tracey's head now, pushing her down onto my cock, and the other under her dress engaged between her pussy and Lucy's mouth, I told them what I wanted to do.


Seems Like Old Times

group petemgurk 2018-01-21

The party was going strong when Tom and Ginger Tanner arrived, followed a few minutes later by Connie and Eric Hansen, and then, to the surprise of no one but himself, Rocky Voight. Vicky came out of the bathroom, a towel wrapped around her slender frame, her day's work already on her mind, and didn't seem to notice the goofy-ass smile on Rocky's face as she brushed her hair. "Rocky, did you ever wonder what the girls' locker room looked like?" Connie asked, letting her hands slide down from his chest to his crotch. "They're talking sports," the two women said in unison, and pulled him by the hands through the locker room, away from the reunion crowd, and through the swinging door at the opposite end.


Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen Ch. 01-04

group geronimo_appleby 2018-01-21

As she sat on the soft, green carpet of the copse the Lady thought about Archer's long cock and how beloved she felt as the servant slid it into her body. The Lady struggled for a moment until she felt Levi's rough hands on the smooth skin of her tits and Samuel's hard fingers probing at her clitoris. Levi had pulled his cock from between the Lady's sucking lips and watched in fascination as his friend's prick split the mature woman's labia as the couple fucked. Next Levi moved the Lady so she was on her hands and knees on the bed and whilst she continued to greedily suck on Samuel's cock, he slid his own stiffness into her from behind.


Will You Love Me 'Til I Die? Ch. 11

group mountaincat4 2018-01-21

"Fuck Janelle your beautiful pink pussy lips look so damned sexy stretched around Prem's cock glistening with your juice. Suvarna knew what the swelling of my cock meant and stopped sucking to hold the head in her mouth. The pent up cum I wanted to expel earlier joined with the new batch they had worked up to spurt from my cock into Suvarna's hot mouth. When I finally stopped, Suvarna pulled her mouth away and leaned down to kiss Janelle and pass my cum to her. Suvarna asked Vitesha and Jean to deal with anybody that Monsieur Leboux might send around to do any work and told her we were going to spend the morning playing with Janelle.


Maybe It Was Memphis

group AmandaH 2018-01-21

"A… do you feel guilty for fucking Greg when you went to Seattle?" Jess asked. I was so wet and I didn't know which was making it worse, you sitting there, cock hard, looking at me in that way you do, or Jessica's perfect body splayed out for me. I lined up the dildo with her tight ass and began to push it slowly inside of her. "That's a girl." You said as the height of my orgasm took hold and my body began to shake. You pulled your cock out as soon as you were finished and stuck three fingers inside my freshly fucked pussy. You fucked my pussy with your fingers, and I began to feel full from the load of cum you deposited inside me.

Bringing Home Leroy

group evil_in_the_flesh 2018-01-21

Lacey couldn't take her eyes off Leroy's enormous snake, as he dropped it out of his hands and let it slap against Misty's pale forehead and it left a deep red mark imprinted on her forehead. While Leroy devoured Lacey's big EE breasts, Misty devoured his cock and balls once again. Leroy held one of Lacey's huge tits in his hand and sucked on it vulgarly, while he moved his other hand inside her wet panties. He took his monstrous cock in one hand and rubbed the huge cockhead against Misty's hairy pussy lips and clitoris. He pulled his pussy-juice dripped cock from Misty's cunt and signaled for Lacey to lay down next.


group keith82 2018-01-21

I was with my cute, slim Lady and her friend, Jenny; a large, NSW Avon rep. mid-day my Lady, said, 'I'm going to have a sl**p. I followed her friend up stream. Spread her legs and fingered herself as she said, "He is fucking her of course. Followed by dinner and her showing me her NY apartment and her black, satin sheets. She grinned as she told me how my then Lady had plotted for she and I to fuck that weekend at the valley back in Australia. For what we did was good and of course she opened her legs for my guy while were away upstream. We all four later ended up in the bed with the black satin sheets.

Another Drunk Night

group assbr 2018-01-21

John replies "Peter, go make sure Mary is asleep, I would not want her to come out of the room and see my dick in Kat's mouth." Kate moves out of the way to let Mary get on her knees in front of me and within seconds my cock is in her mouth, John walks out of the bathroom and sees this and yells "You were to drunk to blow me but not Peter." As I felt all my load explode in her mouth John walk in the living room, and Mary pulls up her head and shows him my cum in her mouth and then swallows all of it.


group neutrona 2018-01-21

Jake, despite the urge to continue having Ellie play with his cock, pulled away and went back to his position between her legs. After a few minutes, Steve said "I gotta fuck you Ellie, I gotta put my cock in your tight pussy. Steve's movements accelerated and he said "Fuck Ellie, it's so hot to see you sucking his cock like that. Steve, who had gone to clean up came back in time to hear this and asked "Ellie, what makes you think this is Jake? Ellie put the condom Steve handed her onto Jake's cock and repositioned herself in the reverse cowgirl position. The next day at lunch time, Ellie got a text from Jake asking if he would be welcome at her place after work on Thursday.


Seattle Three

group EricWylde 2018-01-21

Izzy closed that conversation by sharing that she had always wondered why we had not developed our relationship further and though she was happy with Simon, he and I were very different and similar at the same time. Simon smiled and said that sounded like fun and with a twinkle in his eye he shared that he looked forward to what Izzy had planned for the three of us later in the day. Izzy was headed to their bedroom with the fruits of her shopping when she turned and said that she might even have enough time to relax, and shared that she loved being able to have an opportunity to play with her toys.


The Udney Encounter

group RiteofSpring 2018-01-21

Rhoda stared fascinated at the wet, enthusiastic sucking of Chris's cock, so she went and sat on the floor near Norma's bobbing head with her back resting on the sofa. Molly's initial shock and contempt had worn off, and she had been turned on at the sight of Chris's big cock fucking into Norma's pussy, but she wasn't going to admit that, especially since she had seen her mother's obvious admiration and arousal at the sight. I will always remember with arousal how Rhoda threw off her robe, lay on the mattress with legs spread wide, and grabbed Chris's erect penis when it presented itself, placing the head at the entrance to her waiting cunt.


Adventure at Acadia

group ceb35 2018-01-21

I took my map out of the car and spread it out on the picnic table, careful to lean over so he got a good view of my firm welcoming backside. But we ended with me and the blond on all fours kissing face to face each with a large full cock banging in and out of wet pussies!! Gerry had begun to kiss and nibble my neck and slid a hand under my stop to slide his fingers along the top of my bra. Gerry sat down with me on his lap facing Frank who kissed me and squeezed and played with my breasts. This time with me and Frank in a 69 and Gerry in my pussy while sucking on one of the redhead sex.

Gamer Goddess Ch. 03

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-01-21

"Sheri tells me that one of those guys hit you so hard, he left you crying like an 8 year old. Sheri stood, grabbed my jacked and wrapped it around Sandy's shoulders, then went to the door. Sandy moved in and did the same on the opposite side, her final kiss extended, her lips slowly opening, as she took me into her mouth. Sheri was a little hesitant, but she kissed the crown a couple of times, her tiny tongue reaching out and running along the bottom ridge, making me moan. It took a few minutes, with Sandy doing most of the work, but Sheri did, at one point, take me in her mouth for a moment, before pulling away.


Adventure #4

group NaughtyBrwnEydQT 2018-01-21

As we reach the bed she carefully pushes you down on the mattress...climbs on top of you and straddles your chest...her nice round ass in your she begins pumping your cock with her hand I climb onto your face and you eagerly begin licking my pussy...teasing my clit with the tip of your tongue... As you turn me over and get me on my hands and knees she slides underneath your cock slips easily in and out of my pussy she begins to tease my clit...gently sucking it...bringing me to cum again...while you fuck me hard and fast...she begins to lick your balls as she watches intently how easily your cock goes in and out of me...

My girlfriends mom part 4

group dom_dictator 2018-01-21

Snehal gave a sly smile as she noticed me looking at Mala to me and gave me a deep kiss and told me Snehal had gone out to her I squeezed Shreya's tits hard and asked her to climb onto my legs. her finger inside Shreya's pussy as she tongue fucked her. Shreya looked at Mala and told her she had no idea a woman could turn Shreya asked Mala if she wanted her to lick her pussy and Mala smiled inside her mouth and they kissed like long lost lovers, Shreya slowly Shreya kissed her way down to Mala's pussy and she licked her pussy, Shreya turned around and told me "yes I want that cock inside me fuck me

Burning Love

group soaringeagle 2018-01-21

" boy Mindy I feel like I should be sorry for asking you but I am glad that I did because that mark bothered me I didn't want you to be married and then find out by having some muscle bound professional wrestler look alike hunt me down and pulverize me to Bolivia." She started to laugh and leaned over turned my head a bit toward her and gave me a friendly kiss on the mouth and said " that is what I like about you, you can make me laugh so easily.


Night In with Friends

group oneeight18 2018-01-21

My hands had moved to Sophie's ass and I began groping it with all my power, not letting free until she pulled away. That didn't last as long however, the tease of Kate's tongue and lips giving me only seconds of joy before Sophie pulled me away. "Oh wow, that seemed wonderful, Katey baby!" Sophie was giggling like that little girl again as she crawled over me, giving me an opportunity to slip my hands out. Kate stood up and Sophie slid up my naked body, stopping first to give me a peck on the lips, then again to let her tits rub against my face.


When It Rains, It Pours

group fashionpal 2018-01-21

He took his dick out of my mouth, and used my hair like a napkin to wipe it off "Good for fucking and for cleaning, HAHAHA" he added. "Let's work on her scooter." Zahid said, and Mansoor reluctantly let go of my boobs and followed him. "Sorry honey." I replied, "It started raining very hard and the roads got dangerous, so I decided to turn back and return to the village to wait the storm out. Wet grass feels really odd and squishy on the bare back and butt, I thought to myself as Mansoor lay on top of me, his pot belly frequently brushing against the bottom of my boobs and his bear brushing against my face, as he fucked me gradually. "Hope you don't mind us getting a head start then." Zahid said as he took me to the mattress.