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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Memories of Wimbledon

group walterio 2018-01-21

As Abigail moved quickly around the court her skirt flew up giving the French players a good look at her round shapely ass and her well toned legs and thighs. Henri played with her cunny and fingered her tenderly as Andre continued to caress and kiss her fanny. Abigail then felt Andre's hands move from her breasts to her head and she sensed that he was about to cum in her mouth. Once again Abigail swallowed cum this time from Henri's cock and her pussy was filled with Andre's seed. Abigail worked the early round matches for a couple of days and she had no more encounters with Henri, Andre or any other tennis player.


To Be Used

group notalez99 2018-01-21

As I wrap my fingers around the shaft, guiding the head to my lips, I remember that you are a stranger as well. Both hands grip your manhood, and I suck and slurp on it, twisting and rolling my mouth around the swollen end until the hole of it is standing hard and stiff like a meaty pole. On your knees now behind me, I feel your hands spread my cheeks, the end of the leash still wrapped around one of your palms. He tells me to touch the floor, and soon I am positioned like a tripod with my legs splayed and my fingertips entrenched in the carpet below my face.


Truth or Dare with Dana Ch. 03

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-01-21

Granted, Dana and Kara both had sweet asses of their own, but that didn't negate the beauty of Carlos's hot twink booty. Since Carlos came already not that long ago, it took a good while for him to cum again, this time up my butt, yet when he did, he shot a decent amount of spunk at my prostate, given his previous release. Well, I was well aware that I'd never get to sodomize Kim Kardashian, but I was more than pleased with my lot in life, getting to screw Kara's fine butt (and Dana's and Carlos's, but their asses weren't quite as big, though they were delicious enough in their own ways).

Born to be Three

group bibimaybe 2018-01-21

Luss dropped the phone and sounded as if she had imagined even more into her mouth and, at that thought, Woody erupted and I looked in the mirror and saw his thick creamy juice smack onto me in the glass. A little later, she put oil on her breasts and as I slid my hardness between them, her hands squeezing them tight against me, she said "Woody would love to watch this, he'd have come by now." Before I knew it I had exploded onto her chin and neck, spurt after spurt of warm cream with louder shouts and moans from me than was usual.


Rockin' The Gazebo

group frustratedpoodle 2018-01-21

Her lips left mine and she leaned closer, sliding herself onto Dave's lap, fingers never straying from my pussy as she rubbed gently at my clit through the panty. Hannah's other hand was on her own clit, rubbing lazily as her ass moved on Dave's fingers. The fires that were ebbing sprung back to life, however, when Hannah's wet little fingers came to rest on my knees, and she slowly began to lower herself onto Dave's stone hard cock. I slid a finger deep into my pussy, sticky from the orgasm, groaning as I pulled it out, wet, smearing my juices across Hannah's lips.

Cocky Guy Gets What He Wants Ch. 02

group SexySentences 2018-01-21

Lost in horny thoughts of what I was determined to avoid, Peter came over to put the cue in my hand and tell me it was my turn to play Paul. Peter makes comments as I go to town on Paul "God that is sexy, I knew you would be a fucking master of cock, I can't wait til those lips are wrapped around me, and they fucking will be soon. I get so lost in the taste and smell and feel of Paul's cock, that when he eventually tells he is going to cum I just "hmmmmmmm" and suck harder in response.

Weekend Of Bliss Ch. 02

group Arita 2018-01-21

"Cool, Reno's fun, the booze flows freely as long as you're gambling, the drugs are cheap and the prostitutes plentiful." He grinned then added in Jordan's direction, "But, I guess you won't have to worry about finding some ass dude, looks like you already have your hands full buddy, lucky bastard." She told us wild stories of her youth, taking every chance she could to touch Jordan, her body language screaming for a good, hard fuck. I want to see them all come and I sit with my legs splayed open, playing with my clit, working the dildo in my wanton slit, bringing myself to orgasm as the three of them fuck each other into a frenzy.

Virgina IS for Lovers

group wetchin54 2018-01-21

Curiosity had me looking for that delivery van, and sure enough in the far corner in a less lighted area, I saw a guy step out zipping up his fly. Cum oozed from her pussy, I placed my cock at her opening and buried it to my balls in one stroke. "Been a month since I seen this van here, and I been wanting another piece of this little white slut, evry time I pass this place." Shit, she's tight, I'm gonna cum. Left at the road, drive til you see a Wal-mart on the right, pull in there, I'll give you a ride back to your car and thanks.

The Cock Huntress

group kraftyone69 2018-01-21

Iv'e got to tell you something Dan last night i was in here and met this girl who was alone her car broke down and she needed a ride home well me and Jake gave her a ride home and she invited us in to fuck her right in front of her sick husband. Kicking off my socks she comes over to me first.Well Kevin i see that you remember this pussy from last night.And she grabs my cock and puts it in her mouth.The other two are just now taking there pants off.Dan walks up behind her and unclasps her bra we won't be needing this anymore he says.

Adventures of Wiley Coyote Ch. 05

group wiley4377 2018-01-21

I like a man who can eat me till I cum in his mouth and on his face and then fuck me hard until I cum again and eat my pussy again even if he has cum inside me. Her pussy was in line with my mouth and with a small pillow behind my head, I began to furiously lick her clit and alternate by sucking on Wiley's nuts. Wiley began to push his cock with earnest and plowing poor little Bobbie's pussy a little deeper and deeper. Wiley began pumping his cock in and out a little bit harder each time as Bobbie's pussy loosened and soaked his cock with her juices. Every time Wiley thrust inside me, my mouth and tongue stroked Bobbie's pussy.

Threesome in Paradise

group JamesSD 2018-01-21

Steve's company had paid for the awesome suite they were sharing with Lindsey's best friend Steph and her boyfriend Trevor. Trevor held her legs and proceeded to fuck her standing up, with Steph's bare back to the shore and ass mostly hidden by the water. Embarrassed, Lindsey immediately tore her eyes away, focusing on Steph's eyes as opposed to her naked and recently fucked body. Once again, in her mind Steph was there, smiling and watching her boyfriend fuck her best friend. After her two orgasms Lindsey's nerves were much calmer, and she was able to enjoy her friends' company without thinking about Trevor's dick too much.


Mr. and Mrs. Hall Fuck the Neighbor

group newtocock 2018-01-21

My cock started to stiffen as I watched him grab some more oil and then run his hand up and down the inside of her thigh from her knee to her crotch. "The kid just got a blow job from my wife, ate her pussy, but when it comes to fucking her that's going too far?" Robbie raised up a bit, positioned his cock at my wife's pussy, and slid it into her love tunnel...slowly. I rolled underneath Traci and took up position so that my mouth was right underneath her cunt, so I could watch Robbie's dick slide in and out of her. Finally I took my mouth off Robbie's cock and returned it to my wife's soaking pussy.

Rude Awakening

group OriginalWori 2018-01-21

"Well, Chad and I got to talking, and looking through your texting history, and I found a few other interesting names in there." Peter placed his hand on one restrained ankle, and ran his fingers gently up Melissa's calf. She went deeper on Wayne's cock, focusing on the movement of her tongue and lips along his shaft to keep from going crazy as Ted licked and sucked in short increments, still rubbing her asshole. She jerked the slick shaft as she watched Peter fuck Jennifer, then looked down to where Laurence was leaning down to watch Ted fuck her, spreading her ass cheeks wide apart. Melissa sucked enthusiastically, but she still couldn't take her eyes off where Peter's cock was ramming balls deep into Jennifer.

Deserting the Friend Zone

group LanceNevada 2018-01-21

I turn you around, slide your skirt up over your ass to your waist and I grab your inner thigh and lift it up so your calf runs along the hood of the car, and then I quickly slip my hand up your thigh and touch your pussy, touch it for the first time since all this started, for the first time ever, the pussy I have dreamed about for years, and I find that the feel of its rounded outer lips is as smooth as your inner thigh, as if there were no difference between them, as bare and soft as can be, and I want to be inside you with everything I have, my cock, face, and fingers all at once, and I push you up a bit farther, use both hands to spread you wide open so I can look at your baby-smooth fuckhole, and I see you are flushed with pink, that your lips are parted from touching yourself, and that you have dripped a ring of cum around your own slit.


Ascent Into Bi Sex

group Hosieryboy 2018-01-21

Walt asked me to come to them and they unbuckled by pants to release my cock and they both started to lick and suck it. Nancy was the one who took my massive load into her mouth but did not swallow it, her and Walt kissed and sucked my come together and told me how good it tasted. Nancy who had now joined on the bed told to me told me kiss Walt's cock. Walt sat back on the other bed to rest as Nancy and I continued to kiss and fondle each other. Nancy joined me and started to lick the cum off my face and his cock and when she was finished we were both completely dry.

My Husband's First Threesome

group Breann2004 2018-01-21

When I finally did stop Chaz told me that my juices tasted so good that he wanted more. "Yes I am cumming!" Chaz took his fingers out of her pussy licked the juices off of them and told her. "Wow you taste delicious!" I looked over at Chaz told him that I wanted him so he jumped up on the edge of the hot tub. As I was talking to Brad I could hear Jess say "Oh Chaz fuck me harder I want to cum for you." It made me happy that they were having a good time. I told Brad I had to go, signed off, and went back into the living room with Chaz and Jess.

Test Re-take

group historycup 2018-01-21

She began stripping, but when she got her tight skirt off there was a knock at the door followed by: "Ms. Cox, I need some help with my homework." I realized that the voice was my girlfriend's. As Courtney watched us, I pulled out of Ms. Cox then slammed back into her and began fucking the shit out of her. Ms. Cox noticed this and said to her: "Court, why don't you come over here and sit on my face?" Courtney climbed up onto the desk and positioned her pussy over Ms. Cox's mouth. I pulled my cock out of her pussy and Courtney got down on her knees in front of me.

Biker Party

group ukswinger 2018-01-21

I noticed Tom enjoying the show and a rather sexy black woman, he was stood behind her with his white hands rubbing her crotch and his fingers working their way under her short skirt and out of sight she had her thighs apart just enough for access to her juicy and very wet pussy. As one cock was pulled out it was replaced with a fresh one slamming up her tight arse as the biker pulled out I looked up to see that it was Tom shagging the girl on top of me, I kissed and licked his balls and he pushed his cock into her wet pussy and filled her with spunk, I sucked his hard cock clean.

Two for the Price of One

group bad_hobbit 2018-01-21

Billy stood up carefully - watching Susie over lunch had given him a hard-on - slung his T-shirt over his shoulder and said "Right, Guy, back to work." He glanced at Susie, and saw her eyes widen as she took in the bulge in his jeans. As Guy began first to stroke and then to lick Susie's pussy, Billy moved up the other side of the bed. Guy sucked Susie's clit, strumming the tip with his tongue, while his fingers in both holes twisted and slid in, out and around. "'Fuck me how you like' - Hmm. OK white lady, git yo' mouth around this!" He straddled her body, then leaned close with one hand on the bedstead, the other pressing the tip of his cock against her lips.


A Double-D Threesome Ch 03

group Jonny Cakes 2018-01-21

She moved her hands to Mary’s gorgeous ass and spread her ass cheeks, giving an extremely hot view to her asshole and my hard cock pistoning in and out of her cunt. Make it nice and wet.” I pulled my cock out of Mary’s cunt again and Shannon took me into her mouth again, savoring the taste of Mary’s juices and my precum. Do you like how my cunt juice is making it nice and slippery between your tits so Jonny can slide his cock between them? I stuck my cock in Mary’s mouth again and she really did a good job of making my cock nice and slick so I could continue pounding Shannon’s tits.

Midnight Delights

group LuvlyRed86 2018-01-21

I briefly opened my eyes as I rubbed my nipples and my clit, I saw Jesse standing there and wondered how much he had saw, I smiled at him as I pulled my fingers away from my pussy, and started put them in my mouth. A few moans of ecstasy escaped with my first orgasms, but I kept it cool until he inserted first one, than another finger into my pussy, at that I squealed trying to contain the moan I wanted to let out, while Jesse had no qualms about continuing his service, I quickly looked around and saw the gentlemen who sat a seats over and two back.

Part 12 - The Next Few Years

group rnb 2018-01-21

Sometime she would see the girl who she made out with on the dance floor, head to bathroom instead of her table and my wife would look at me and say I am going to the bathroom and finish what we started. About half way through the night my wife got tired of sitting on the barstool so she gave the stool up to a lady of another couple and she stood at the bar. The husband of the lady sitting next to my wife came up behind her and said watching his wife get fingered at bar was really hot and wanted to know if he could buy her a drink.

Hot August Summer Ch. 02

group CandleLit 2018-01-21

She was holding Marie firmly to her pussy, Marie on her knees before her, her hand moving inside Amy, her mouth kissing every inch outside. Marie's fingers went faster and she seemed to be curving them so they would touch inside Amy just so, and Amy's body tightened, the muscles of her stomach showing clearly as she neared orgasm. Amy held up my cock as Marie looked at her with the question in her eyes – Amy nodded and smiled, Marie instantly took me into her mouth. I held her arms as Marie set her mouth to Amy's breasts, taking each nipple in, sucking hard and making Amy gasp.

Phone Bitch

group Trimpostinger 2018-01-21

She had only glanced at her upon entering the room, not wanting to encourage any conversation and already knowing who it was by the shrill tone of her voice, but now she took stock of how Helen Dafair dressed on a rare Saturday morning in the office. Brian and Kevin, the two other members of their team, had told Gina that in the hallway during the week Helen would ask them how things were going and if they were going to get the reports done on time in the kindest way possible, and when they said they needed an extension, she would smile and see what she could do. Brian and Kevin were there when Gina walked into the conference room, and there was a gift of donuts and coffee that Helen had undoubtedly deposited there earlier.