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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Friends Request

group Past_Glories 2018-01-21

Clare hadn't grown up with them since she went to a different school but we'd been together for a couple of years ourselves when everything came to a head one weekend when we'd gone away with Stan and Janine. This isn't cheating -- this is friends helping friends -- not the same thing at all." She looked directly at me and said, "Yes, I am okay with her carrying a baby you help make, even if you won't be raising it afterwards." She got up and hugged me then leaned over to hug Janine as well. After we had finished the toast I asked, "So which clinic or doctor do I need to see for you?" I turned to Clare and said, "You get to go to the clinic too and help out, you know." She laughed and hit me on the arm.


Snowboards & Hot Tubs Ch. 02

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-21

Not long after that, Reiko's tight ass became to much for Derrick, then Stephanie and I watched his hips bucking against her butt-cheeks, apparently filling up her backdoor with his sticky fluids. Stephanie was leaning against the doorframe, her red silk robe opened up, a finger buried in her very pink pussy as she masturbated herself watching and listening to Taryn and Derrick's coupling. I watched with thoroughly amoral and lustful pride as my long dick disappeared and reappeared from Stephanie's sweating body, the cold wind piercing the heat fog around us, making us fuck each other even faster to ward the cold away.


Pleasure's Prisoner

group Mhaile 2018-01-21

“Ohhh fuuccckkk,” I groan as another girl’s fingers unexpectedly cup my balls then sweep gently up my shaft of my cock, giving my head a little squeeze before leaving. Before I can catch my breath a pair of fingers land right on the slippery opening, massaging the rippled skin in circular motions, probing the entrance, pushing oil into me. I fight to relax, but my asshole squeezes tight involuntarily, despite the girl’s fingers doing exactly what I want, sending warm bolts of pleasure up into me in a way I’ve never experienced. Just as my sucking breaths subside I feel their hands on my ass again, massaging me, spreading me, more oil on my asshole...

Total Stimulation

group foolishlittleone 2018-01-21

After making sure Karyn's uncle was going to be all right, Tia said, "Well, I was really looking forward to meeting your parents but at least your brother will be home." That look, the dirty talk, the blatant exhibitionism, the presence of her brother and Tia, the way Megan was exposing herself -- literally and figuratively -- combined to make Karyn feel like she was caught in some overpowering sexual tsunami. You wouldn't believe how silly college boys can be." Kicking off her sandals, she sat down on the bed and crossed her legs under her which, given the short skirt she was wearing, meant Jake was now looking at the small triangle of cloth covering her pussy -- actually not quite covering it completely.


A Prank to Remember

group MehnatiBanda 2018-01-21

As Sarah finally stopped giggling, John was forced to tear his eyes off of the lovely tits he wanted to suckle on for eternity. He crossed his fingers as Sarah kissed him good night -- on his cheek -- and turned around to go back inside the tiny apartment she lived in with Jessie, her friend from college. Jessie touched Sarah's arm lightly, causing an immediate moan of pleasure to escape from her lips. "Such an amazing episode," said Jessie, still trapped in her aroused trance, still idly circling her finger on Sarah's arm. Jessie sensed how close Sarah was to orgasm and renewed her efforts on Sarah's nipples, her lips sucking on the right one and her finger flicking the left one.


The Surprise Weekend Ch. 02

group sexyparty 2018-01-21

The man who had lost his shirt asked for a task, and he was instructed to lick every available pussy at the table. But the hand was played and the naked man who was with the brunette was instructed to fondle each breast of each woman. Everyone watched as the naked man had his cock sucked while he licked pussy. I watched as the short blond went to my husband, unzipped him, pulled out his hard cock and began to lick, slowly, circling around the head. I was next and David and Rick took turns licking my pussy while the other placed his cock in my mouth. As my husband's familiar hard cock moved into my pussy, my arousal skyrocketed.


group Richard Terry 2018-01-21

I feel like Matthew Henson and she’s my north pole when Aaron blocks my path, gives me the Negro nod and wants to know ,“S’up?” S’ up’s what’s under that porch that’s w’us up, I’m thinking, but, maintain my GQ while steady working my way around him--well, steady for me since, at this point, the world’s spinning underneath and I’m trying to catch up. We make like a black hole and hold our breath until they all go up the steps, except, here I’m hoping no one discovers me hoping someone does and put a stop to the whole damn thing but soon’s I hear the screen door slam I know the principal’s not coming to my rescue.

Sperm Thief

group LezLee99 2018-01-21

She rubs Julie's clit hoping to make her cum quickly and with the other hand she reaches around to feel how deep Brad's penis is inside her. Julie crawls over Brads face and plants her pussy on his mouth saying, "I hope your better at clit sucking than you were at cock sucking!" Julie wraps her legs around his head cutting off his hearing and blocking his sight. As soon as they take a few steps away from the hotel room door Jada flips open her phone and makes a call to the lesbian couple who wants Brad's sperm. Jada smiles saying, "Good luck ladies and enjoy making your baby!" She quickly leaves the room closing the door behind her.

My First Bi Experience Ch. 02

group lilminx 2018-01-21

Her breasts were firm yet pliant, and I ran my hands continuously around her warm skin, getting close to, but not quite touching her nipples. The combination of her finger and tongue, coupled with Greg watching us and stroking his cock, was so delicious to me that I felt my orgasm approaching. Every time Greg thrust his cock deep inside of me, my fingers probed Mikki deeply and my tongue was pushed up against her clit. Greg took a finger and began to rub around my ass with it. I started moaning loudly while licking Mikki’s clit and began fingering her harder, making sure to rub against that little ridge. Greg began to rub my clit even harder while fucking my ass.

Slut Wife Party Game

group knightrider419 2018-01-21

Moments later our wives entered the room and Krista came right over to me. husbands start feeling up the boobies of whatever wife is in their lap. "Sounds like great fun!" I exclaimed "Krista honey, I love it when you wife's tits feeling them up and pulling on her puffy nipples. has his hands up under my wife's skirt and it looked like he was feeling When the music started Krista looked fantastic dancing around the male removing the bra of the wife who lost and copped a little feel for myself. stopped my wife took her place on her boss's lap and once again, it looked your naughty wife and that I could let them feel my tits and fuck me a

A Married Couple and Another Guy

group squishandswallow 2018-01-21

I knew she came when she grabbed my ass, jammed my cock deeper in her throat, and moaned, all the while pushing down on Bill's mouth. I asked them, "how are you able to do all this and do you ever get jealous?" They both laughed and said, "we love each other and because we do, we can do this, and it just makes us want to fuck each other harder." Cindie said, "see, watch." And she started to kiss me, deeply, slowly. But I do remember just worshiping the sight of Cindie's used and sexy milf body lying there between us, glistening with sweat, smelling like sperm, leftover cum on her tits, and with a big smile on her face And then she said something that snapped me back to reality.

Randy's Revenge Ch. 3

group Traci Ott 2018-01-21

I found the prettiest looking girl and told her that I would give them each an extra grand if they took off his underwear and let him have sex with them….I told her that he was marrying a virgin and I wanted him to know what a real women is supposed to down when they have sex. Sally looked at me and said, “he wanted to fuck me in the ass so the stripper did it to him, I’ll teach him a thing or too.” She looked up at me and told me that she wanted me to fuck her tonight. Sally looked up at me and said that Cathy had told her that three guys had forced her to fuck her one night.

An Evening with Aradhna and Lydia

group beach2travel 2018-01-21

The only things that exist at this moment are Aradhna's eyes, her lips and those soft hands as she strokes me sending pure pleasure running up my spine. Sitting with Aradhna kneeling between my legs, my cock in her hands, I feel Lydia pressed next to me as she contributes her sexual energy. As her hand now caressing Aradhna's face moves to her neck and guides her mouth to engulf me. Lydia pushes my hand under her skirt as she spreads her legs and thrusts my fingers deep into to her. Lydia, with one hand guiding Aradhna and the other pushing mine deeper and deeper into her the feeling overtakes me and I begin to cum in Aradhna's mouth.

What a vacation 3

group vtevte 2018-01-20

Sue grabbed my hand and said come on, we’ll go back in the woods a little bit, I see your cock is already hard and maybe I’ll do something about it. Cathy laid back down and this time instead of sucking on her tits, Sue went right to her pussy and began licking it. She said well don’t get too carried away, I would sure like to have that big cock in my cunt, if that is allright with Cathy. I knew with Ken’s hard cock in my ass and my mouth sucking Sue’s cunt I would soon be filling Cathy’s mouth up with my cum. Ken suddenly rammed his cock into my asshole and held it there and for the first time my ass was being filled with hot juicy cum.


group readcarefully 2018-01-20

Jamaal would occasionally say that we should have dinner with Yvonne and Daniel after a Saturday morning game, but he'd also mention that he was going plan our families vacation every year. We'd get home after our Saturday morning workouts - right at the time the kids would be leaving for their practices or whatever. That morning's shower was incredibly intense because I kept thinking about Yvonne and Daniel while Jamaal was squeezing his dick inside my pussy. As we spotted our instructor head toward our room, Yvonne leaned in sadly and said, "Daniel says the renovations on your old studio are almost complete." I could tell that she was a little bummed about us losing our quality time and we knew that we'd have trouble committing to another social outing.


Holiday Fun In My Early 20s Ch. 02

group Annatartywife 2018-01-20

As we lay on the bed talking and getting more in the mood again, Ian slowly began to run his hand up my leg and I was getting ready for another session myself by talking as openly as I could and loving the looks on all of their faces as I described being fucked, sucked, licked and spunked on and in by some of the guys I had previously enjoyed shagging sessions with. I lapped at it like a schoolgirl on a lollipop and again must have looked a right plight: Legs spread akimbo, on my back, Dillip lying lapping and fingering my pussy and arse, Ian lying at my side sucking my titties and Sanjit standing by the bed at my side as I sucked, gobbled, licked, slurped, spat on, and generally worshipped his fucking massive cock.

Babysitting Bliss Ch. 02

group claire4u 2018-01-20

Scott & I were still standing in the hallway when we heard a noise from his bedroom, we looked in and saw Bridget rubbing her clit on his bed, her clothes strewn all over his room. “I want you to lick my pussy, Jenn,” I instructed as her fingers popped out of my mouth. Scott was standing at the end of the bed, with a good position to fuck her, and I climbed on top of her, so that I could lick her clit, while she ate me as well. I could tell that Bridget was about to cum on Jenn’s face, as she stopped talking altogether and simply moaned loudly and shook her head back and forth.

Awayday (chapter 8).

group pinks43 2018-01-20

After her red hot dream, it wasn't going to take much to get Kitty off and when Sami suggested that Kitty was needed in our room about lunch time to fuck this stud of a builder that we had found for her, that was it, she was off, she was gone, she shuddered and held her head into the pillow. Mick and I sat on the floor next to the girls and working our hands up and down our erections as we watched Kitty go to work on Sami's crotch. "Take those knickers off and climb aboard s*s," said Mick, "let me get a mouthful of that pretty little snatch of yours now you've cum, you didn't cum did you Bob, I like to know what I'm drinking if you get my drift."

Hot Tub 3some (Bi-MMF)

group 2018-01-20

I am not too much for making out with a guy, but I heard Janeth say “that is so hot.” So, I really started to get into it with Alex – hell you got to please the woman right? Janeth came quickly and then Alex said that it was his turn and he wanted me to eat his ass. I started kissing her sexy lips and rubbing her incredibly hot body and before long she had gotten on top of me kissing me and grinding her wet pussy on my rock hard dick. Alex started to work his dick deeper into my ass as he fucked me. Alex, slammed his dick balls deep as he started to cum filling my ass with his seed.

My Two Little Cum-Sluts Together

group English Bob 2018-01-20

His body jerked and trembled as he emptied himself deep inside Anna’s body and as soon as he had finished he was promptly pulled aside my the next man in line who immediately replaced his friend’s cock with his own. I was gasping for air and very close to cumming as I looked up and saw the man that had been butt-fucking Anna start to shake. The last two men were quite obviously more than happy to oblige and started jerking faster as they pointed their tools towards Anna’s mouth and face. The sweet stench of sex was heavy in the air and I noticed, with some surprise, that a couple of the younger men who had cum earlier were again teasing their weapons back to a second erection.


group SniperXT160 2018-01-20

Jane pulled my wife off my lap stroking her hand over my wife's butt, My wife turned around she started to undress me, while I was sitting on the couch she unzipped her mini and slowly took it off to her ankles as she bent over to to pull it over her feed her butt was showing in my direction and I could see she was wearing a G-string, Jane came and sat next to me on her knees on the couch starting to kiss me, I started to play with her breast her nipples between my fingers, I reached to the back of Jane my hand entering her pants and slowly starting to pull them off her pants was on her knees, I felt a warm mouth around my cock my wife was sitting between my legs starting to give me a bj, she deepthroat me, janes one hand stared to rub against my balls and I moved down with my hand and felt Jane's pussy starting to get wetter and wetter she only had a small patch of dark pubic hair.

First Time For MFM

group hacongi 2018-01-20

I know my eyes must have been big as saucers as Tom opened the door to invite a tall good looking man in. Jack practically purred my name when took my hand and kissed my palm, "Hello sweet Dee, I am so very glad to meet you, I have heard so many good things about you, I hope that I please you this evening." I choked out, "I, um, I, uh, I'm glad to meet you too Jack." Tom laughed as I shot him a look. Tom looked me square in the eyes as he licked Jack's head for the first time. Tom put his hand around Jack's cock to hold it while he started to take it into his mouth.

Hotel Californication Ch. 01

group Many Feathers 2018-01-20

Though we certainly hadn't discussed this part, having had no real idea of what would be required or expected of us when Diane had come over this evening, Carol of course had plenty of experience with other women before, something I enjoyed seeing her do, and something she very obviously enjoyed doing. Once I was done, Carol stood washing her hands at the sink as Diane took out another cup, readying that one for my wife. Would you mind holding this for your wife while she goes?" Admittedly, this would be a first for me, but I grinned like a silly fool, actually looking forward to this as Carol sat down on the toilet, spreading her legs for me as I heard her begin to tinkle for a moment.


Caribbean Holiday Ch. 06

group B. Beattie 2018-01-20

They were a great couple and we enjoyed their company but Irina and I could not stop sneaking looks at Jim's huge cock. Irina had the joint and sat on the edge of the sun bed between Jim and Chris. I told Chris that Irina would love to hold Jim's cock. Jim's balls stared dancing and cum flowed out of Irina's mouth in white streams down his black cock like a river. Irina stood up and stood over Jim. She squatted down over him holding his huge black cock up to her pussy slit. The purple black tip disappeared inside of her blond pussy and she stopped, looking at Chris sitting on my cock, telling Chris it hurt so good.