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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cuckolding with Americans

group welshcpl05 2018-01-20

So I suggested she take her time, get ready whilst we all go for drinks and she meet us at restaurant as it is only 5 min walk away. I returned to meet the guys and we went to several bars before getting to the restaurant on time, having several double gin and tonics to start us off. I had noticed that she was spending a lot of time chatting with Bruce and had even looped arms with him walking to the bar. Jane has told Bruce I wouldn't mind and infact encouraged her to pull men but he said he didn't want me there unfortunately.

my hot wife and her young lover at mardigras

group dusty48180 2018-01-20

she was sucking his tongue deep and he reached down to her pussy and began fingering her as she kept rubbing her heel up and down his slim teen thighs. he was sucking them real good and I said why dont you guys lay down on the bed. she then lay down as he grabbed her legs and pulled her her knees apart and up to her chest as he slid forward and his cock made contact with her pussy. when he was fully hard again I moved over and he got on top again and i grabbed his cock and guided it into her pussy and felt his ball ssack and rubbed my finger across his anus as he fucked her.

Neighbors, Family and Friends Ch. 02

group NYBoss 2018-01-20

"If you think this is sexy," Leslie said, as she turned around and pushed two fingers into Michelle's exposed cunt. Before I could answer, and while trying to concentrate my effort on the road, Leslie placed two fingers into Michelle's cunt and began to slowly, at first, moving them in an out causing Michelle to hump back moaning, eyes closed, concentrating on the pleasure her friend is giving her. Seeing her friend in that condition, hips thrusting to capture as much cock as possible, wailing away about ready to cum, Leslie moved closer and began to lick Michelle's sensitive nub that was sticking out from her mat of pubic hair.

My Private Christmas Party

group sierra 2018-01-20

Her tongue is tasting my clit, licking my hot and moist flesh, fucking my hole. She reached down to lick me again, her tongue on my hot flesh, her finger up my ass. Now I have 2 fingers in my ass rocking in and out and stretching me, along with his rock hard cock buried in my pussy, my tongue buried in pussy! I had one cock fucking my pussy as another was looking for entrance into my ass. I gave her a big kiss, sticking my tongue down her throat, and told her to get ready for the fucking of her life. I stood there and watched them ravage her, fuck her, slap her ass, pinch her nipples, and her body began to convulse.

Defining Moments

group thicknhard80 2018-01-20

Caim tries to speak but Charlie says no need my friend you have a weight upon your heart you are running from something or is it that you are slowly fading away and trying to spare your f****y the pain. Caim lowers his head and Charlie says I would like to say some words if you do not mind? They will bring people together, now my words to you my friend thank you for your time with listening to me and stand strong, stop running and use your time to face your end. Caim stands up and slowly an walks towards Clara with tears in his eye trying to find the words to spoke but all he can do is say I am sorry my love for running.

Everyone has Zoey

group TessMackenzie 2018-01-20

"Tell them what to do," she said, and heard the guy saying to wank in her car window, that she wanted them to. She felt brave and stupid and sexy and out of her mind with excitement, so she knelt up, on the seat, then leaned out the window, holding herself there with an elbow on the car's window-sill. She had wet wipes in the back seat of the car, so she reached back and got them, and said, "I will, if anyone wants to. She turned, and knelt on the back seat, leaning out the window, and other men put their cocks in her mouth. She sucked the guy in the car with her instead of the men out the window, and knelt on the seat, bent over, as she did.


The Concert

group queentiffany 2018-01-20

Going absolutely wild with desire at this point I beg you to at least let me suck on your magnificent cock. Walking through the crowd with my pussy and my ass full and this incredibly sexy man at my side, I only get more excited as I feel the music pound and pulse through the very floor I stand on. As the next set is thumping through my body, this stranger leans over and grabs my breast while whispering in my ear in detail how he would like to lick me till I cum. You pull out our new toys and tease me with the feel of your hard cock pushed up on my lips. The feeling of being eaten while I suck on your cock sends me writhing and screaming for more.

Danger Ch. 23

group snowsquall 2018-01-20

He matched the names to the faces in his his head: Tammy Malone, Julie Rodgers, Holly Grant, Laura Daniels, Nicole Jacobs, Andrew Stynes, Colin Weeks, Sebastian Corning, and Chuck McCann. "Hang on Colin, it's my turn now and I dare, let's see, Holly to touch your cock," the young brown haired boy said. "Sebastian," she started trying to sound innocent, "If you would you like to have two naked girls all over your body, then I dare you to take off your clothes and come with us." Amid the hoots and hollers of the other guys Sebastian stood up and pulled off his shirt before dropping his shorts and boxers.


Cornfield Chronicles

group WVGayman 2018-01-20

I gladly engaged in the act for as long as we were able to stand, but my hunger led me right back to swallowing the whole cock. I moaned in agreement, but before long I had him calling out to the gods of ecstasy while he filled my mouth with his load. “Handle all the face fucking you can give.” I said and then we stood and walked into the cornfield. Oh yeah man, you’ve got a nice hot mouth on ya! Seems you’re good at getting’ your face fucked, and I hope you like loads too man! Then his thrusts to my face became hard, like he promised they would, he soon began to call to the gods of ecstasy as my load began to course up my shaft.

Charity Begins at Home

group BlueYonder63 2018-01-20

As the 2 girls had stripped each other naked and relished sucking and licking each other's nipples and pussies Steve had sat appreciatively slowly stroking his large and very erect cock. The 2 girls had taken turns to slowly caress, lick and suck his tight balls and hard cock, bringing him closer and closer to a massive orgasm until he could stand it no more and shot rope after rope of thick semen all over their wiling faces and into their open mouths. Kim's licking and sucking on her clit had got her so hot, and just when she thought it couldn't get any better the feeling of Steve's shaft driving into her, stretching and filling her hot pussy until she thought she would burst was amazing.


The Doctor...

group hotgod1816 2018-01-20

She simply told me to get on top of her and when I was she moved my limp cock to her mouth and began sucking it, putting it all in her mouth and looking up at me with the most slutty eyes I'd ever seen. I looked back to see my nurse licking and sucking at her pussy, pushing her tongue in and out making Chantelle ride her face. My nurse looked at me and soon filled my mouth with her tongue as I started rubbing her breasts and playing with her perky nipples. I pulled out when my dick went limp and started licking her body from pussy up moving over her heaving chest slowing until I reached her messy face where I licked all of my nurses juices off her face enjoying the taste and the smell of her sex.

My Girl Hotel Gang Bang

group Shadow_chaser 2018-01-20

She calls me from the room, and as she is getting fucked, tells me to view her web-cam. There were 5 guys, 3 girls that called and left messages saying how much they enjoyed watching her get gang banged. My girl is dressed in a shirt you can see her tits right through it clearly, and shorts that show most of her ass, and cameltoe. It's a guy friend and she asks him if he wants to fuck my girl. We leave, go home, she hangs the pictures and posters of me sucking dick and getting fucked in my ass all over the apartment, and swear they will never ever come down.

Crash landing

group Bad Miss Emma 2018-01-20

Tanya moved too, so I could feel her warm hand slide from under my breast where she could no longer reach. Instead I felt his hard cock in my leg, and I moved my body subtly down so the mound of my pubic bone would press into his cock, gently stimulating him. I went faster and harder along his cock, as I felt Tanya?s fingers moving deeper into my hole. I felt my hands electrically moving down Tanya's body trying to visualise what she must look like. I rotated my body around so my pussy was against her head held them, and removed her g-string, feeling the wetness on my fingers that had seeped through the material.

Revenge Sex

group Flying_low 2018-01-20

With the keys finally in his hand, he dove back into the car and he and Emily drove off, followed by boos from the assembled neighbors laughing, shouting and flashing Kaylee a thumbs up. She had tried it on a few times and loved the sexy feeling she got looking at herself in it, but Jeff would have thought it was much too revealing. Kaylee tried to mentally scold herself, thinking what the ladies at the church would say if they could read her mind, but a second thought, warm and sexy rose up from between her legs to counter it. Kaylee was soon lying on her back, eyes closed; purring while Lauren's talented hands worked their way down her shoulders and arms. Lauren smiled at the look of lustful excitement on Kaylee's face.


Remember When Ch. 05

group PaulStevens 2018-01-20

Then the door to the guest room opened and Katy entered smiling with Mel right behind her. "Aw." Katy said with a smile seemingly noticing his nerves, "Look Mel I think he's a little frightened." She added as she cuddled up next to him. As Brandon continued fucking Katy, Mel got up, gave Katy a kiss, then went to the closet. "She looks good doesn't she?" Katy asked between moans of pleasure and Brandon just nodded as Mel walked over to the bed. As he entered Katy had the man's face buried in her cum filled twat While Mel vigorously fucked him up the ass.

Three Hippy Chicks

group Hornyman69WithU 2018-01-20

Nellie started wiggling out of her jeans as Shellie slipped behind the wheel, started up the van, and Kellie got in the passenger seat. In the mean while, I noticed that now Kellie, one hand on the wheel, was tasting my leftover cum with her other hand, and Nellie was still sucking her index finger while gazing, as though mesmerized, at me and Shellie in our frequently changing positions. Shellie swallowed every nano-drop of my semen and just kept sucking and swirling her tongue round and round, making this an orgasm that defied time, while Nellie and Kellie, with a little help from my fingers, brought themsleves to climaxes.

Cocktails for Three

group Flying_low 2018-01-20

After the first two songs the band slowed the pace and Cindy, feeling comfortable, snuggled in closer and let her head rest on Max's firm, warm chest. Her dress rode up a bit as she started to swivel under the table and Cindy was embarrassed to realize that she was staring at the small patch of gold hair between her perfect legs. The lady chuckled and brushed her hand across Cindy's breast again, this time pausing to give her now hard nipple a squeeze. Would you like to join Max and me for some cocktails?" Her hand continued to work its light caressing tour down Cindy's side to her waist.


The Strangers

group Celtic_Heart 2018-01-20

She sensed, rather than felt her knickers being removed, so caught up in the sensations she was feeling as she continued to suck and lick at the cock before her. Anne let herself be lifted from the chair as the first guy, who had until moments ago been fucking her face sat down. His hands were on her arse cheeks lifting her up and down as Anne clenched the walls of her pussy to feel him inside her. The second guy presented his cock and Anne greedily began to suck on it. Anne lay there for a moment then began to rub the cum from the second man's cock into the skin of her tits.

Foursome Fun

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-01-20

I looked over and told my friends that my wife could suck cock better than any woman I had ever known and should let me know if I was right. She was about to come and instinctively began to suck on their cocks harder and quicker while she picked up the pace as she stroked them. My buddy positioned himself between my wife’s legs and unceremoniously buried his cock deep into her pussy. My other friend watched patiently as our buddy banged feverishly away at my wife’s pussy. My friend withdrew his slick cock and slipped away watching his come trickle from her pussy. He was hard again after having watched my wife suck his cock back to life moments after having come inside her.

Complex Family Ch. 12

group PaulStevens 2018-01-20

Brandon smiled to himself and said, "Yeah, my friend is a bit odd and has a certain way of doing things, but has good reasons for them. Brandon smiled and said, "Help your wife, she's really bad at this." In truth Mel was rather good. He smiled kissed his sexy wife again looked down to see Mel and Katy sucking away and couldn't help think, "God I love my life," before he ordered Ashley back to the desk. I need you to hold her so I can continue to fuck her like she wants." Katy nodded and he kissed he cheek and said, "Good girl, now do something else for me?

A Night to Remember

group tantricjim 2018-01-20

Maybe you could invite him over for dinner one night." I had one hand on her ass and could feel it starting to clench, she was excited at the thought of meeting this pussy licking man. They went to the ladies room before we left and Gary tapped me on the back, "Pussy tonight buddy, you can bet on it." I suddenly realized that I might be naked with a woman other than my wife for the first time in 25 years. We kissed, I whispered, "You are very beautiful Jennifer, I have been thinking of this all night." She guided my head down between her tits, moaning softly as I moved my lips from one nipple to the other and back again.


Penny's Surprise Ch. 12

group Linda Jean 2018-01-20

I watched as he tried to hump the air with his dick, I saw his asshole wide open, I said "are you sure, some how I thing you would love to feel a lovely hard cock in you, fucking you to a hard great climax." I leaned next to him and said tell me Pussy Boy, tell me you want it, tell me and I’ll let you cum, I’ll let you shoot your hot sperm. As we went into the bedroom I said, "Boys meet Mat my husband and my little Pussy Boy. He is waiting to feel you fuck him he wants you to use his asshole like you are going to use my pussy tomorrow.


Lucy and The Bartender Ch. 02

group dangerslutcanwrite 2018-01-20

As I walked down the hallway from the shower thinking about the rough fucking I had just gotten, feeling very content and very sore, was something Jack had said started to make me nervous. "I had a feeling you'd like these." She nodded her head, but then winced and bit down on her lower lip as I tightened each just a little more than she expected. No matter how hard I squirmed, Jacks big hands around my head just kept pushing my mouth down on him, pushing past my mouth and into my throat. I usually love getting my face smashed like that, but all I could think in that moment was that I'm sure Emma would be scared away if she was watching this.


My French Revolution Ch. 06

group sexyminxlola 2018-01-20

I spent most of the short flight from Nice to Paris topless with Joseph's cock in my mouth while he played with my breasts and told me he couldn't wait to bend me over a foot stool and fuck my ass until I passed out. I'd worked myself in to a frenzy and I knew Joseph was enjoying watching my cum trickle down my legs as I continued to work my pussy, four fingers inside, my other hand pinching my left nipple. He flung me down on the bed and started raping my ass, fucking me as if he wanted to kill me, his hands clutching my hips in a painful vice as he treated me like I was a rag doll.