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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Surprise

group Tilly01 2018-01-20

I made a lot of money for my previous escapade selling photo sets of nude blokes to an American gay magazine. After about 15 minutes Kelli and I got naked and our suits went into our beach bag. We found two good looking blokes right away that accepted the money and I shot a series of about 250 of each of them. I told them I was making a photo album and also wanted a few videos for my personal use and I like their looks and their bodies. While I was photographing the three dumb blokes I saw Kelli and her b*****r walk down the beach holding hands.

One Final Night

group WFEATHER 2018-01-20

Helen had been assigned by the college to be Cherry's roommate, and the friendship they shared had sprouted quickly, soon resulting in a Sapphic encounter which I was privileged to witness firsthand as I purposely and voluntarily watched from across their small dorm room. As her fingers worked her roommate's body, Cherry's soft moan actually inspired me -- I want to watch you fuck Helen, Cherry had declared -- and I eased my tip inside my more recent friend. Cherry had given me the permission, and I was taking the opportunity, making Helen scream one final time for me before we parted ways for the summer, imposing my will on Helen's eager body as she and Cherry clutched each other, each wailing for different reasons -- Cherry in her post-orgasmic haze, Helen in her fuck-me-harder lust.

First trip to a naturist club

group mj8319 2018-01-20

While playing with her, we were watching the multitudes of naked men and women walking around the pool area, and some in the pool, who were obviously having sex in the pool. After the Jacuzzi was too hot, we found an empty cabin with windows and I gave Julie a massage and then started to play with her. We got out of the pool and walked around, watching some other women who were servicing multiple guys. I looked at Julie and said that he seemed like a nice guy. He did not want her to suck him because he said, and this is a direct quote: “My wife and I have a rule, that when we play apart, we can only use hands and fingers.

1 Cock+1 Cock+1 Pussy=Fun

group shaylee 2018-01-20

One day Belinda went over to his new house and met his cousin Alan who was just up from Melbourne after being transferred through his work. Straight away Belinda could feel Alan was attracted to her and it made her horny to think that Darren was slightly jealous. Every now and again she would feel Alan's hand move further down her legs to the opening of her pussy. Belinda started to feel another set of hands over her body. Darren went down to her pussy and started to finger her. Belinda laid back and let Alan kiss her whole body while she got fucked by Darren. Darren moved slightly up her side while Alan flipped Belinda over and fucked her doggy.

A Couple's Voyage Into Sexuality Ch. 16

group fntsymn 2018-01-20

Pamela had taken her hand off his cock to remove her dress and Vanessa encircled it with her fingers and sticking out her tongue she licked the head and as Robert made a close up she sucked it into her mouth. She watched as Pamela sucked his cock gently and began to feel aroused again so when Pamela pulled her head away from her husband's penis and asked if she wanted some before slid it into her she adjusted her position and took her husbands cock in her mouth. Vanessa liked her way up Pamela's belly to her breasts and sucked her nipples for a while just as Robert slid his tongue all the way into her pussy.

Telling Her that I am Bi Like Her

group bisexualcoupleaz 2018-01-20

He is one of those weird bi guys he will let me suck him and fuck me but does not really do much else but I don't care he has a nice 81/2 dick that feels so good when he rams it down my throat or up my ass. I showed her how to really suck that big juicy cock I had him fucking my face and at the edge of cuming down my throat which is what I wanted I love the feel of cum shooting down my throat. Little did he or I know that while she was off getting the lube she also grabbed her little whip which she started to use on him telling him to fuck me harder as she continued to hit him harder.

The Adventures of Juggs (2010 12)

group brian358 2018-01-20

I don't know how long we all spent gawping at Juggs' immense bust but she finally broke the spell when she walked up to one guy and said "You'd like to buy a DVD, wouldn't you?" "Just pop it in here, honey," Juggs looked down momentarily at her immense cleavage and the guy gingerly slid his hand and the £20 note down the front of her dress. For a start we don't have that many DVDs with us, I thought to myself, and there is no way that Juggs can keep blowing guys like th... My eyes strayed for a few seconds from the exquisite deep throat blowjob the first guy was getting to the hypnotic rhythm of Juggs' fist pumping up and down that foot long plus cock.


Letisha Enjoys the Outdoors

group BiAndProud 2018-01-20

You touched it lightly then grabbed a hold of It and pulled it closer and shuddered as you felt Kyles tongue slip deep inside the juice filled crevice of your pussy. The black cock began to twitch and you felt your pussy squirt sweet love juice into Kyles mouth as the black man groaned and shot 6 ropes of hot cum into your mouth, you managed to swallow four but the last two started dribbling out the corners of your mouth. The woman promptly started fingering her own pussy and she leaned forward and lifted your top up and engulfed your nipple in her mouth, flicking her tongue fast and moaning as her fingers went deep in the recesses of her mound.

The Executive

group AVaugn 2018-01-20

He jiggled each breast separately, but fast, and he excitedly watched Marcus place his whole mouth over my tit and suck it like a cock. The executive then ordered, "Marcus, play with her tits like you did before you stuck your fat cock inside her swollen twat." As the executive leaned over my back and deeply fucked my ass, I held the baseboard of the bed and rode Marcus' cock long and hard. After several minutes of double penetration, the executive pulled his cock out of my ass and commanded, "Lacey, get off him and finger fuck yourself in that chair." The executive straddled between his legs and slid his dry and hard cock inside Marcus' wet and hairy ass.

Kid Sister

group mutepenguin 2018-01-20

Her parents were divorced and she had a younger sister she always referred to as "my kid sister." Melissa's sister, Felicity, was in her senior year high school when I met her and their mother, June. I quickly replied, "I really don't think it's a good idea for a twenty-four year old guy to go hang out at a high school party. "Let's get to your friends house and have a good time." Felicity nodded and started to cheer up a bit. I looked back for Felicity in time to see her quickly walking to another room. "He told me," I said gesturing with my head to the drunk guy, "he thinks you're pretty." I let her go and she immediately drifted to the other end and fell onto the couch beside him.


Back to School: Incentive Ch. 07

group JohnEvans 2018-01-20

Sarah stopped pumping Tiny's huge cock, placed her hands on his thighs, and said, "Fuck me! Tiny pulled his cock out with a wet, sucking sound until just the head was lodged inside Sarah. With Tiny's help, a shaking Sarah pulled herself onto the table to collapse there, face down, with her legs hanging over the edge. Natalie turned her head and saw the young-looking Indian girl sandwiched between Will and Joe. Will was lying flat on his back with his hard cock stuffed into her vagina, while Joe was on top with this prick shoved balls deep up her ass. The busty redhead placed her hands on either side of her guy's hips on the table and simply fucked her face up and down on his hard cock.


The Sex Genie (Taboo Story)

group 2018-01-20

And by the way, you can stop giving me that odd look now, trust me, your mother really wanted and enjoyed it," she said with a smile. "Well, you might have to wait a while to see that, because I know that my mother isn't going to just spread her legs open for me so easily the way you're implying she would. I've always thought that handsome young men like yourself only have an eye for younger ladies; except of course for guys who are looking for that novelty 'milf' for bragging rights." The sex genie knew I was watching and took a break from pleasing my mother's vagina to look up at me and smile. "God, I love hearing you talk like that mom...I'm going to cum...I want to cum inside you so bad..."

Two for One

group kimbelina 2018-01-20

When I recovered, my eyes met James', and I realized two things: Jeff's hand wasn't moving from the small of my back where it had landed, and the fabric of the dress was slipping, slipping, so that I would have to move quickly to avoid flashing these guys. Jeff was the first to approach orgasm, so I focused my attention on his cock as James pulled my hair into a ponytail and encouraged my motions on his brother. Throughout Jeff's orgasm, James had continued to stroke his own cock, and now he watched eagerly as I massaged the cum into my breasts, leaving them glistening in the bright lights of the store.

Cadence Cuming

group bohogoddess66 2018-01-20

But when you told me about your childhood, and all of the pain you endured, that is when I knew I loved you.” She smiled awkwardly. But that night, when we first kissed, in your kitchen was when I fist fell in love with you.” The toilet flushed and Brianna emerged from the bathroom, yawning. When Brianna first touched her, the floodgates opened, and after the first powerful kiss, her scent, her moans, Cadence was like a voracious, hungry virgin, wanting to explore her every curve and taste her in every way. Cadence could not keep her mouth off of Brianna, her breasts were like mounds of milk and honey, she swore as she licked each nipple and swirled it in her mouth, she could feel Brianna’s body quake and shiver.

Ben & Gabrielle Ch. 08

group TheMadSonneteer 2018-01-20

"I'm going to give you exactly what you asked for when you put on this little outfit," he said, his voice rumbling, as he kissed his way downward, pushing his tongue against her neck. Even as she came, Gaby began to grind herself against him, using her arms and legs to brace herself as she tried to match his thrusts. Ben stopped thrusting and held Gaby as her body shook for more than a minute. Gaby took his length deep, letting the head slip into her throat, and his fingers dug into the sheets and blanket as she tried to swallow him whole. Her left hand found his right and their fingers intertwined as her body began to quiver against his legs.


Valentines Day

group angelictemptation 2018-01-20

Dean's hand moves between my legs, feeling my wetness and sliding a finger along my slit to my waiting clit. The remainder of my cum on this mans fingers is forced into my mouth, I suck his fingers clean and can hear him running his hand slowly up and down his meat near my face. This is now my only stimulus, the attention to my nipples has ceased and I feel two different hands pull my pussy lips wide open. The man fucking me slowly lets out a deep moan and I feel him cum inside me, his cock pulsing as my walls grasp him. He pulls his cock out of my mouth, the hands holding my lips apart are still there, and cold air is being blown on me, right onto my clitoris.

Small Town Life Ch. 01

group PinkIris 2018-01-20

But what no one knew about Sharon was that underneath the plain clothes was a hot, sexy woman that spent her time behind the closed doors of her home the way she wanted. Sharon laid completely down on the desk, letting Ray fuck her hard, knowing she wouldn't last long against the assault. Sharon reached out and tangled her hands in Wanda's carefully styled hair and brought her face to hers for a wet kiss. Wanda's hands covered Sharon' s tits, squeezing and pinching, pulling gently on the nipples. Wanda's head dropped to Sharon' s breasts and she pulled a ripe nipple in her mouth. Her mouth covered Sharon' s bare muff completely, her tongue slipping over the juices, lapping them up, sucking them in to savor the taste.


Neighborly Threesome

group lee_in_chbg 2018-01-20

My tongue is flicking rapidly over your hard button, & you are pushing your hips upward, while forcing my face deeper into your dripping slit. She moans, as you suck & lick her nipple & I slide a finger inside her with my thumb rubbing over her hard clit. I drop to the floor, spreading her legs wider, & lick her pussy, sliding my tongue into her wet hole, nudging her clit with my nose, as I fuck her dripping cunt with my tongue. You mouth works her nice pussy, licking her clitty, filling her slit with the buzzing vibe. I love to be inside you, filling your tight cunt with my stiff pole, & start to drive you harder, forcing your face deeper into her sweet pussy.


Double Trouble

group kimbelina 2018-01-20

The 'official' book, with my lecture notes, grade records, and sample papers from my best students, is appropriately filed away in my office at the college, ready for the next time I teach Physics 115. "Oh no," Chrissie replied, "Cassie always wears a thong, and I prefer bikinis - we never share underwear." Oh god, I thought, taking a deep breath and quickly sitting down behind my desk so they wouldn't see my growing erection. As Chrissie watched, furiously fingering herself to orgasm, Cassie and I both came hard, her clenching pussy coaxing a huge load of cum from my throbbing cock.

Four 4Fun

group Zoeeee 2018-01-20

I whisper Afuck me baby, make me cum with you again, yes babe fuck your pussy, hard, and take me.@ I feel his cock swelling up inside me and I know he is ready to cum; I reach back between our legs, find his balls, and slip a finger into his ass. I hike up my skirt and lean over the closed toilet seat, glancing back, I see him release his cock and I say Ayou have five minutes or less to fuck me like I=ve never been fucked before.@ He replies by shoving his thick eight inch cock deep inside my pussy still wet with my lover's cum and inserts his large thumb into my ass hole at the same time.


A Night with Friends

group C Love 2018-01-20

After a few rounds, things took an unusual turn Kyleah asked Shelley if she could kiss her. I was standing directly behind Shelley with my hands on her hips when Kyleah leaned in for her kiss. Kyleah marched over to Shelley, cradled her face in both hands, and planted a long slow kiss on my girlfriend. The girls stopped kissing long enough for Kyleah to ask, “Who’s driving?” I returned to the bed where Shelley immediately leaned in and began groping and kissing me. With Kyleah’s mouth no longer kissing mine, and Shelley bouncing up and down on my shaft, the two ladies were soon both screaming in pleasure. Soon, Kyleah grabbed the back of my head and pulled it to her for a long passionate kiss.

Ch 6 surprises and fun

group tryme69u 2018-01-20

We ordered another bottle of wine and once we were half way through that he asked "So was this my suprise" So I got up well tried to get up and then when I managed it i did a little circle around him and said "yes sir and did you enjoy it" when he nodded and f***ed me into his lap I said "good so I know what to get you next time too." He gave me a little look and said "Why don't you show what else you bought today" "oh you want me to model my wardrobe for y o u baby." And when he nodded I went to the closet I started with the long black dress and strappy heels that ran up my thick legs.

Stephen Ch. 01

group SixtyMinuteMan 2018-01-20

"One thing, Ken. What Loretta actually said was, 'He's okay as long as you partner him with a white guy.' Just a heads-up, you've got a lot of friends that look like me. "Besides, a lot of girls like wrestling," he said, still laughing. "Yeah, those are cute," I said, snapping his waistband, "but I kind of like pink panties. Basically, it means 'small man.' Or maybe 'small, pretty man.' Like I said, it's hard to translate. I was making time with a couple girls, thinking I was buttering one up for my little wing man, when I saw him getting into it with one of the local guys.


Early morning fun in a well know chain store....

group tsueoka2000 2018-01-20

I must have cum 10x and then I squirted on the black guy's cock and he realized it and slammed his entire cock into hurt so good....I loved playing with the red heads foreskin while I sucked on him. The red head told me to stand up and bend over so he could take me from behind which I did of course and I wanted to suck on the black dude, but he told me he wanted to jack off while watching us. The red head fucked me good and hard for a long time. Anyways, the black guy finished in my mouth and the red head finally finished in my pussy.