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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Dance Ch. 2

group 3M_TA3 2018-01-20

Sandy moved me over to the window so we could see Tonya's pussy lips being licked and sucked by Erika. Erika paused on Tonya long enough to try and suck Manny's cock into her mouth, but since it was so thick she was only able to get the head in her mouth and soon went to licking the shaft. Erika licked and sucked at Tonya's clit while Manny slowly pushed a little in and then drew back. Erika was unable to swallow his entire load and each time Tony pushed in, more of his load squeezed out of her bulging cheeks to dribble down her chin and drop onto Tonya's pussy. I was on the ground, my now hard cock pointing skyward, neck leaned back and my hands spreading the globes of Sandy's fine ass.

Island Lust

group altaff143 2018-01-20

But my favourite fantasy remained the one with the young Navin pushing his throbbing venous young hard prick up into my tight anal orifice while the two other unknown young studs kneaded my firm tits roughly with their large hands, pinching and twisting my hypersensitive nipples while I took their rock hard young cocks in turns and suck them as they had never been sucked before. After two hours of walk, we came to a river, we were far from the nearest house and George told that this was place where people trekking usually stop for picnic and re-fresh themselves in the crystal clear running river water.

A Couples View On Swinging

group Wes99 2018-01-20

The conversations had turned to the subject of fantasies and suddenly, she (Andrea) said something that surprised me more than just a little, she said, "One of my fantasies is to watch another couple, in the same room, having sex...not a video...but in real life!" The couple glanced at each other and then back at Andrea and, I'll never forget this, the wife quietly said, "We can take care of that." It's funny but, I wasn't really sure what she meant at the time, I mean things were happening pretty fast. I too remember the feeling, that first time, when I sat on the sofa just watching the other couple having sex as Richard was eating my pussy.

Roommate Fun

group jt123 2018-01-20

She had noticed him many times sneaking a glance at her tits or ass but had never said anything to either him or Hal. The truth of it was that she enjoyed the attention and knowing that Dave felt that way made her feel all the sexier. Dave and Hal were hanging out watching TV that evening when Emily called and said she was on her way over. Another two guy, one woman scene started on the screen and Emily's hand finally completed its journey and fondled the bulge in Dave's pants. After admiring Hal's cock for a short while longer Emily turned to Dave and put her hands on the waistband of his boxers.


April, Michelle, Jon & ??? Ch. 1

group SirJonnyinLA 2018-01-20

While laying in bed in one of those tell-all, intimate moments, my girlfriend April confided that at her recent girl's-night-out birthday party, her friends had rented a hotel suite and hired a stripper as a surprise. It seems her friends thought it would be an interesting twist to hire a female stripper. Michelle said her boyfriend became jealous during the experience, so she had never again attempted a threesome with either sex. She seemed a bit sad and lonely when she mentioned this to me, and without thinking, I suggested she join April and I for cocktails at a lounge near my place. On the other hand, April might get jealous that I even chatted with an ex, let alone invited her out for drinks.

Always Expect the Unexpected

group walterio 2018-01-20

I began to finger fuck Pam's ass with my index finger and then I pushed my middle finger and ring finger into her pussy. I got up and stood on the bed and lowered my cock into Pam's pussy. My cock slipped from her asshole with an audible pop and cum shot out and ran down the back of her legs and over her pussy. Donna then moved down the bed, gently took hold of my cock and took me into her mouth, rolling my cock around and getting it wet with her saliva, while her hand worked my shaft up and down at the same time.


Diner Girl

group DeepValley 2018-01-20

I was a little shocked by the thought that I liked Jack staring at my ass and legs. I had to think of what she did last time and couldn't help but look at her hands. "These fishnet stockings make you look very delicious." I could feel her hand slowly running up my thigh under my skirt and to my ass. "Sit down Tasha, I brew new coffee, if you like," Jack offered. "I think not the first time today." Jack grinned and I looked at him. You're stripping right in front of my diner and want me to look away?" "Ok, I'll prepare us fresh one," Jack sighed as if it was asked too much to get coffee in a diner.


Story from a friend Late night bar

group Dingmydongplease 2018-01-20

You were startled, and tried to ask her what she was doing, but she kissed you hard, pushing her tongue into your mouth as I grabbed a pair of handcuffs to tie you down. I pulled her close and tasted you from her lips she moaned as my tongue pushed inside her mouth. My hands slid down her back and into her pants to grab her ass, grinding her into my leg that I thrust between her thighs. Her moan told me that your cock had pushed inside her hard, and fast, which was the way we both liked it. You bent over and pulled one of my nipples into your mouth, sucking, and licking, and gently biting on the distended piece of sensitive flesh.

I Warned You Ch. 1

group Fritz 2018-01-20

The hour grew late and all the couples made their way home, except for Teri and Darrin, who were still having a good time. When we started losing track of who won or lost a couple of hands, Teri suggested we just play poker. "We'll just use some of their chips," I said, looking at Darrin and Donny's sizable piles. "Well Barb, if you think its that good of a hand, guess I'll need some more chips," she said. "Hey Darrin, you gonna play cards or not?" Shouted Donny, from the other end of the table. Donny loves big tits, and if Teri was letting her uncle play with hers, I knew he'd be busy for some time.

Amber's Revenge

group midnightfalcon 2018-01-20

"My god Amber, I love guys, especially older ones and I'm really on a high waiting for you to introduce me to your Rick" She was working her hand to his cock and as we had agreed, Rick let her begin to fondle him. From my vantage point behind them I could see Sue, with her arm around Rick's waist, looking down at his semi erect cock and I could imagine how wet she must be getting. When Rick broke away she went to her knees and tried to dry his legs but ended up clutching his cock with the fingers of her hand as she brought her warm mouth down to cover its head.


Our Little Secret Ch. 02

group Midfielder86 2018-01-20

Maria had told us her kids would be in bed by 10, and it looked like that was the case. Mike and Tara didn't seem to have much trouble adapting, and they sat chatting on the edge of Maria's queen bed as I surveyed the room. "I mean, I know you said you're not but I could tell by the way you were looking at her and holding her hand last time. Tara stood up off the bed and went to the corner, and Maria climbed onto all fours with her ass to the camera. Mike and Tara followed suit, and the four of us sat on the bed, grinding and moaning and fucking.


Dinner for Three

group Jadesabre9 2018-01-20

Not one to be left out, Jesse began to massage Amy's other breast and was soon happily sucking that one beside me. Amy moaned, and one hand went down to rub her crotch through her skirt, while the other pulled my head in to her breast closer as I nibbled tantalizingly on her nipple. As if that was all the encouragement he needed, Jesse exploded, sending wads of hot man juice onto my cheek and breasts, and getting a good bit on Amy's face as well. Jesse stopped sucking long enough to notice that he was ass fucking his girlfriend while he sucked on another woman's huge breasts and while that woman got head from his girlfriend.

Sexual Diversions Ch. 06

group sammican1 2018-01-20

Dancing with a girl in a club and their bodies touched, seeing a woman who smiles and holds her gaze just that moment too long, having a woman be a bit touchy feely, maybe a sales assistant in a clothes store, that was the sort of thing that could raise her sexual temperature, but then only if that was accompanied by good looks and a nice body. His eyes had glinted when he saw the black taffeta nurse's uniform, the white lace round the neckline, the deep cleavage it created, the tightness of the material round Emma's tits, hips and bum. "You like my tits, Abdullah?" Emma whispered, playing up to what she knew was his weakness as she took hold of his hand and placed it on her left breast.


Chuck Makes Arrangements for Me

group aguynamedchuck 2018-01-20

Chuck had wasted no time in getting my legs over his ears in the back of our car and had joyfully busted me for having another cock in my pussy. Goldilocks came back into the room and I quickly bent down, taking his wet cock in my mouth, sucking off her juices, pulling that last little bit of cum out. The lips disappeared and everyone was quiet for a minute, but then the cock started moving again and I felt my nipples sucked and pulled. I didn’t think I had another orgasm in me, but watching Chuck and then Gloria’s huge tits bobbing started to work on me and Rob’s cock found exactly the right spot.

Kelsey's World Ch. 32

group riverboy 2018-01-20

"I didn't tell you, Mom," Richie said, "Abby did some modeling with Kelsey, at Koop's shop. "Abby helped me pick it out," Richie said, as Wendy tore off the wrapping paper. "Wow!" Matt said when he got home, smiling at the way Wendy looked in her new sweater. Gee, that sure was fun when I let you fuck me the other night, wasn't it?" The words came softly out of Wendy's mouth in her empty living room, without much confidence, and then she giggled nervously. "I kind of wanna try and act like Kelsey and Kay would, and just treat it like it's absolutely normal," Wendy said, standing next to the coffee maker as it spit out a hot mug full.


Every Man's Fantasy

group nasty_dan 2018-01-20

Just the feel of his wife's soft skin on his fingertips, her hard nipples between his lips as he sucked and nibbled the fat nubs, and the velvet-soft caress of her wet, slippery pussy on his cock as he pushed deep inside of her, was enough to drive him mad with desire. Joan's need to satisfy Gina, as long ago experiences with another good friend came to mind, was as great as the fire burning deep in the young woman's loins. She held the young woman's head in her hands and began to rock her sexy hips slowly, rubbing her drenched pussy on Gina's pussy-hungry mouth. Then, suddenly, Jack tensed, pulled his cock from Joan's mouth and Ed watched with lust-filled eyes as his neighbor's cock exploded and covered Ed's wife's face with ropes of thick, white seed.

Jamie, Yvonne, Sarah, David, Ch. 02

group Michael142 2018-01-20

But I don't want to be anyone's rebound, I have a better self-image than that, and I do have options with other men!" She lowered her pretty brown eyes, then raised them slowly and said in a soft voice, Then I worked my way down her body, I kissed her lovely arm pits, her neck, her breasts sucking each nipple into my lips in turn, then down to her stomach, and finally over her mons and onto her pretty, moist cunt. I got out, and let Sarah have her as the two girls played with each other, kissing and scissoring, rubbing their mounds, and pussies together with lots of moans and grunts, until they both shuddered into nice little finishes.


His Sexpot S i s Chapter 9

group 2018-01-20

"I-I don't know," Kyla wilted and then her body convulsed as Shawn sucked her clit Shawn humped her hard and felt her cunt sucking his fuck stick like a mouth. "But you said it wouldn't hurt, Jodi," laughed Kyla as she saw Shawn's balls flattened "Then why not pull the bedding on the floor?" Kyla went over to Jodi and put her arm "I just ache," grumbled Jodi and put her hand out to hold on to Shawn's limp prick. Shawn's probing fingers sent shivers through Kyla, and she thought of Jodi bent over thinking," sniffed Jodi, knowing he wanted Kyla again. Shawn curled up his legs with Kyla's ass in his lap and his prick hardened enough to

Fucking Three of My Friends

group makemewet4uplz 2018-01-20

This story happened, too, as a result of that first time messing around with my friends, Andy, Brett and Cory. I threw my bra to Andy and said "Okay, see for yourself." For comfort I wore 38D but when I wanted my tits to stick up and out, I wore a 36, which is what was on the tag of the bra I threw his way. Cory told all of us that he, too, watched a porn movie with a girl back in college but although he wanted to get busy after only ten minutes into it, she made him wait until it was over and then turned the TV off and next the lights before they got busy.


Dressed and Alone

group Effera 2018-01-20

She looked at the woman who was sitting close to her now and realized whose hand was fucking her...but was too late, she didn't care...Her cunt dripped. The woman looked at the man and said, "Baby, it's time." He lowered himself in the seat and stretched his legs out, resting his feet on the other side. The woman's hands caressed her thighs as they pushed them even further apart...and then she felt the tongue lick her pussy, teasing her, tasting her...Her mind swooned. It was then the woman came up from her place...her mouth and cheeks wet with cum, she leaned over the table and pulled the man to her and they kissed: Him licking the wetness off her face.

The Company Christmas Party

group Makeucum4me 2018-01-20

I have the control in my pocket so you can't see me move but you instantly feel the vibration inside you and the antenna also hums against your clitoris, with a shocking intensity. That is when you hear the door open and my voice saying "You guys are going to love this!" Terror and unbelievable excitement come at once to your mind! Then you know you are safe when you hear me control the situation with "You guys can touch, lick, and fuck her all you want, but I will personally kill anyone who hurts her or doesn't stop when she or I say!"

I'm Bored

group graynsam 2018-01-20

"You wait until later - you might decide than that you hate the place." I laughed, and then said, "Helen, gently turn and look over there. Your "New Look"" is working, and as she turned around she said, "Oh yes, you are right!" And as we walked past them she whispered to me to watch as she bent down with her legs slightly apart to adjust her shoe, giving them a perfect view of her ass. She said that she had often wondered about a nice little ring in her nipple, and thought it might be a turn on, but she had never imagined that she would see something going even further than that, let alone on a public beach.


Breaking In The Beach House

group gearup58 2018-01-19

"Anyway," my wife continued, "we've been using that one for a while, but we've never used that one there." They continued to talk about the strap ons for a while, and Chris finally wanted to see what they looked like on Dana, who agreed to model one. Dana, still pounding away from behind apparently approved, because she reached forward and grabbed Chris's hair in her hand, guiding her head back and forth on my cock, like I sometimes do to Dana when she blows me. Chris began caressing my wife's breasts, and Dana gently grabbed one of Chris's, while still stroking the strap on with her other hand.

Another Girl's Night Out - In

group HabsFan33 2018-01-19

Steve continued to shoot video of the two beautiful women on the bed, while occasionally, switching to Amy as she started to massage her pussy with the vibe and suck on her own tits. Jill nodded and the two blondes began slurping and licking at Steve's manhood, while Kelly took care of the camera work, making sure to get some good close-ups of Amy taking all of Steve into her mouth and down her throat. With Amy's warm wet mouth clamped on his dick and his wife's tongue in is ass, Steve groaned, "I'm really close, baby, and I don't want to shoot all over the place."