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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Jennifer - Party Time

group flirty_but_nice 2018-01-19

I don't know what the hell I was thinking, obviously not much, but, my trust fund aside, I was a cash strapped college girl and a couple of hundred dollars or more just for showing a few guys my boobs and letting them feel me up a little seemed like an easy and harmless way to make some welcome extra money. My pants were now off and my panties were also being pulled off when I had a moment of hesitation and said "That's far enough guys." They didn't let up, though, and there I was flat on my back having my breasts squeezed and licked, my mouth kissed and tongued and my pussy now vigorously being fingered.

Amanda's Overseas Adventures Ch. 01

group Sweetpanties 2018-01-19

Individually I think we'd made the decision to have sex but I had new underwear to buy and so taking my hand as we left the bar Mary, as I'd learned her name was, escorted me to a big department store and into the lingerie department. That stranger now withdrew his cock from Mary and as she withdrew all but her fingers from me I lay legs spread as a man I'd never even spoken to put his cock to my mouth. Mary began to finger me to a new orgasm as I swallowed the stranger. I was formally introduced to Stewart as his cock slowly began to rise as Mary dropped him form her lips to stroke him.

Come Together: Over Me

group clayboy 2018-01-19

When Ann finally disentangled from the embrace, Dave said, "Joe, you've got to realize that we spend hours and hours a day, looking at that stuff. I need his permission to shop for lingerie." Ann drapes her naked form against the tilted back of the sofa, throws a leg up on the arm. Naked, letting me do all this, while you watch." I pull her leg off the sofa's arm, spread them, kneel between them, my chest against her crotch. "Ann can be insatiable, and when I can't get it up to join her, she's got her toys." Dave lifts the lid, shows me a box full dildos, vibrators, and other things I'd never encountered in my sheltered life.


Debt and Repayment

group kimbelina 2018-01-19

Vinnie climbed onto the bed with us, positioned himself between my legs, and began stroking his half-hard cock against my soaking-wet pussy lips. As Vinnie started to fuck me, Sonya positioned herself over my mouth, facing him, and I realized that I was going to taste a woman for the first time. Just as I had established a rhythm, bobbing up and down and enjoying the sensation as he grew in my mouth, he pulled out and said, "Now, this one!" And now there was a new cock in my mouth, a little smaller in girth but clearly longer: only half-hard, it was already reaching into my throat. The other man - Vinnie, I soon learned - pulled me towards the end of the bed so that I could go back to sucking his cock while I was pleasured orally.


A Helping Hand

group Miss Rule 2018-01-19

"Mmm, don't mind my cold ears." He teased as his tongue lapped up my wetness, slurping, sucking noises soon followed, my thighs opened wider to allow him easier access to my body. "I really get off over a well lubed pussy -- it makes experimentation that much more fun." I felt his knowing fingers move back and enter my rear door, moving in & out lewdly as he sucked on my well-developed pea. I felt Greg pull out of me and his lips replace his rigidness, his tongue lapping up through the folds of me -- sampling the combined flavors he discovered...he began tongue fucking my pussy once again, causing yet another explosion.

Wife caught With Boss Turns Into Threesome, Part 2

group 2018-01-19

Dave suddenly asked my wife to untie him, "I haven't finished with you yet" was her reply, she then stopped swapped my cock for his, he was not ready for an encore, she put the whole of his limp cock in her mouth as she stayed in the crouched position. I moved to be behind my wife, I knelt down to get a great view of her gorgeous wet pussy, I moved in for a closer look, I ran my tongue along the length of her soft cunt lips several times, it felt so good, then I slowly sank my tongue inside her, she thrust her hips down on my face, it was so wet in there, I could taste the cocktail of Dave's cum and her juice.

Abby's Young Boys

group English Bob 2018-01-19

While Ben waited for Jim to climb the dune he continued to look for the lost frisbee. Jim could feel a stirring in his shorts as he continued to watch and looked over at his friend. By the look of Ben, he was also feeling the same tension in his groin and Jim could see the unmistakable shape of his friends erection as it pressed against his shorts. Ben was torn between watching his friend ejaculate and the older man grunt his way towards his own climax deep in his wife's throat. This obviously had the desired effect because within a few short seconds he could feel the vibrations against his cock as Abby groaned deep in her throat and careered into a huge orgasm.

Wife's First

group retiresoon 2018-01-19

After about a month over lunch at the local pizza place Bob said out of the blue that Kellie, his wife, told me last night when we were talking that she has been thinking more and more about wanting a three-some or a four-some. Julie sucked on Bob for a few minutes and then rolled over and asked to be fucked by her secret lover. As soon as he was done Julie asked to suck his cock clean, which Bob was glad to have done. As Kellie got off of my wife's face I moved up to clean the pussy juice off of Julie's face then gently went to sucking on her rock hard nipples.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 71

group SteveWallace 2018-01-19

Cindy and I were sitting at the edge of our group, so started to talk with Ward and Sarah Buckley of Cumberland, Ohio, and Terry Ross and Ellen Lee of Nashville. Cindy jumped in eager to explain the uncertainty in what I'd said the way a sister would do, "We're not exclusive, as you can probably tell from that statement." Cindy and I both responded in unison, "With Mark." I kept going, "But the other guys come over all the time, especially when Mark's traveling and we need some loving." Crystal and I talk all the time about wanting what you seem to have with this group of intimate friends." Ellen shifted her chair to get closer to Cindy and me.


Ally Ch. 01

group nikki_2021 2018-01-19

"Actually, I've got some things that need to be sorted out here, so I thought that I'd stay the night and drive back tomorrow," Ally said a little sheepishly, not wanting it to come off like she was bludging a night out of town on the company whilst knowing that it really was one of the reasons. "Excellent," John said, more enthusiastically than he'd intended and letting the fact that his employee wasn't really going to contribute anything for the day slide (lucky she's so cute, he thought to himself, anyone else would be likely to get a bollocking for doing that). "Well, we could always just share the room, we're only here for one night after all," Ally said as John started to turn and leave.


Treason Ch. 01-02

group Kitslit 2018-01-19

(I've lost a bit since then.) I joined Steve on his slow-pitch baseball team from work, and we partied like mad nearly every weekend. What action, I asked, and he told me to stop by Gary's room next time I went to the upstairs bathroom. I talked to Steve about it and he said it was great that Gary was getting laid, and that maybe now he wouldn't spend so much time looking at my tits. I was thinking about going up there and telling Gary about the mysterious phone call, (and who was I kidding, hoping I could catch another peek of his cock sliding into a girl's tight pussy) when he came down and asked if there were any messages.


Public Ebony Ch. 01

group therealcrimsoncarmen 2018-01-19

Through that door is a bathroom." Ebony continued to nod even after she had a drink in her hand and Emelda had ceased talking. Come, come..." Emelda took Ebony's hand and led her to the bed, where they both sat. "It's okay to be nervous," Emelda said soothingly, placing a warm hand on Ebony's leg. "Well, you're in good hands." Emelda gave Ebony's thigh a little squeeze. Emelda took the drink from Ebony's hand and placed it with her own on the dressing table. Emelda reached out and cupped her hand around the back of Ebony's head. Emelda ignored the attempt for what seemed like hours, forcing her hands instead to continue to explore Ebony's thighs and arse and tummy and breasts.

Sexy ride

group hubbymelissa 2018-01-19

I was aware that I was moaning and telling him how good his hard cock felt sliding in and out of my hot little cunt. We crawled across the seat and once in the back Rob began kissing me hard and passionately again before pushing me back onto the seat and he got between my legs and started to lick and tongue my cunt. He began to moan loudly again and I too became aware that I was moaning, groaning and fairly screaming all kinds of lewd remarks as the feel of his huge cock stretching my cunt got too much for me and I felt my orgasm build and could only hope Rob’s pile-driving cock could hold out a few more seconds!

Watching & Listening Ch. 02

group rjohnson 2018-01-19

I looked back at the two men and watched James take Joe's hard cock in his mouth, starting to suck on it. Joe leaned over and kissed Joan on her mouth as James sucked on his cock even harder. He took his cock out of James' mouth and said, "I want to fuck you," looking around the room. Joe started fucking James with long, hard thrusts making James grunt every time he entered him fully. Donna had moved over and had Joe's cock deep in her throat, sucking on it, trying to get it hard again. Joe knelt down behind Donna and thrust his hard cock into her, making her yell out as he entered her.

Caught Mum with a Black Cock.Part 1

group royby 2018-01-19

Julie stopped in her tracks and asked herself, “Did mum just give Allan a head job in the car?” When Sandra opened the door she had a shocked look on her face as she apologised for taking so long. “Bingo.” Julie knew she was right about her mum giving Allan a head job in the car park and yes she was right about her mother fucking a black cock. Leaning back on her elbows Sandra licked her wet lips and looking at Allan she said, “Eat that pussy like you always do and make me cum in your mouth.” Allan wasted no time in lifting up her legs and parting them before burying his face into her cunt. Her cunt was screaming for an orgasm but she wanted to wait until see saw her mother getting fucked by a black cock.

Jenn Makes Amends

group ImmortalRomance 2018-01-19

Katie couldn't help but begin thinking of all the things Jenn could use to fuck her pussy, and as those thoughts swirled in Katie's head, she suddenly threw herself into the kiss, placing her tongue into Jenn's mouth. He couldn't wait to see Jenn down between Katie's open legs, taking a taste of her hot, pink pussy. "I'd be happy to fuck her," said Ross, coming behind Jenn's upturned ass while she was licking Katie. "Ohhh Fuck!" he groaned, sliding his cock in and out of Jenn's pussy while watching her lick Katie's hard little clit. Ross closed his eyes, letting out a ferocious groan as he shot load after load of cum into Jenn's hot pussy.

Pass The Dark Meat

group 2018-01-19

The act of swallowing made her think of all the cock she had sucked the night before, how Tyrell and Derrick and the other black boys on the university basketball team lined-up outside Bernard's bedroom like a pack of wolves. "You should tell Tyrell to come in," Sarah said to Bernard, her left hand rubbing her clit. He was the one who was coming now, and when Sarah craned her head to look at him, she saw Bernard pulling his long prick from her white round rump and shooting his load all over the gaping hole left in her backside. Outside the bedroom, Tyrell had spread the news of his good fortune, and now there was a line of d***k, black-ass mother fuckers at the door looking to get some white stink-stank.

An Even Sweeter Surprise

group justboycrazy 2018-01-19

I kissed his face and replied, "It's going to be even better." before Natalie and I gathered four cans of Reddi-Whip, two champagne flutes, and three containers with three kinds of melted chocolate: white, dark, and milk. Natalie and I got to lick the chocolate from his body before feeding the chocolate dipped strawberry to me. Kevin looked into my eyes said, "Baby, you're my favorite dessert." as he kissed my hand and got the strawberries. He and Natalie each took a strawberry, scooped up the chocolate and whipped cream from my body, and fed them to each other. Natalie took the melted chocolates in her mouth and kissed my lips. "Would you like some more dessert, baby?" Kevin asked as offered me a chocolate-dipped strawberry with whipped cream.

Dave Meets Vicki Ch. 08

group Rick_A 2018-01-19

Most of the other couples were similarly exposed, and so her exhibition went relatively unnoticed, except by Dave, who covered her nude pussy by pressing his bulging crotch between her flexing legs. Dave felt her soft intrusion as he was fingering Vicky's throbbing clit and moved his hand. Vicky thrust her pussy at the other girl's hand, taking care to keep Dave's fuck stick imbedded firmly in her vagina. His tongue found her puckered anus - still wet from Dave's cock sawing across it as the young man had fucked her. Dave no longer felt the man's tongue on his fingers, which were buried in Vicky's butt hole. Vicky stroked Dave's cock as she maneuvered him into the dark fringed pussy of the other woman.


group tas02man 2018-01-19

I could feel the eyes of every man, and most of the women, boring in to look at the swell of my breast, my nipple which had instantly become a hard peak. As I glanced over and saw his girl looking at us with pure lust in her body, I felt your hand encircle his cock and your fingers flick against my clit, your hand jamming against my cunt every time his thrusts split me deeply open. As I thought this, his girl was suddenly beside us, her hands reaching out for my breasts, her mouth with its thrusting tongue moving down to harshly kiss me.

Realising i was bi. Pt 3 (the morning after)

group ManxTightslovers 2018-01-19

At first it really hurt, John stopped pushing and told me to try and relax and get a feeling of how his cock felt in my ass. Then i felt John start wanking me and within seconds i was cumming all over his hand and fingers. Seconds later John filled my ass with his spunk, i can still remember how warm his cum felt as it left my hole and ran down to my balls. It felt so good though that all i wanted to do was fuck his ass as hard as i could. John pulled out of my ass, stood next to Geoff and they both unloaded their cocks over my face, in my mouth and in my eyes.

One More Time

group playnblues 2018-01-19

When Chris left for a restroom break Gill reached over and kissed Lisa hard on the lips and Lisa responded hungrily and immediately noticed her panties were wet. Gill pulled out his fingers and kneeled by her head and Lisa turned and sucked his cock hard and fast. Gill slid down and spread her pussy and pulled Chris's cock from underneath her, gave it a couple of quick licks and inserted it into Lisa's pussy. He yelled out he was going to come and Gill quickly pulled Chris's cock out of Lisa and swallowed it whole. So, Chris and Lisa both attacked Gill's cock, taking turns licking up and down the shaft, sucking on his balls and swallowing the head.

Forbidden Summer

group Pamster55 2018-01-19

She returned the favor as she brushed my hair back, she told me she thought I was very sexy, her hand was wet when she touched my hair and water dripped down and wet my breast, the fabric was so thin it instantly revealed my full nipple, erect and standing perfectly at attention... She laid on top of me and I felt her hands pulling the bottom of my dress apart to uncover my hot wet pussy. She turned around and sat on Jake while I gave the frontal approach to James, they were both so hot and excited watching the two of us that it didn't take long for them both to cum.

Lights Out

group balloonanimal 2018-01-19

I know there are a lot of guys out there who deeply appreciate a girl like me, so that's why I don't exactly cry over my inability to turn my neighbor's head no matter what I wear, what lip gloss I apply, or how many times I sneakily bend over to tie my shoe when he is nearby. I took the elevator down to the basement, trying to ignore the fact that my pussy felt oddly hot and creamy after my little session, and it just didn't seem right to be going around outside my apartment like that. I slid my hand into his hair, playing with the dark locks like I'd always wanted as he kissed his way up my neck.