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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hungover Roommates Pt. 02

group Fargoth 2018-01-19

She stroked him a few times until he was more or less fully hard, got her lips real close to the tip, and then looked up at Dan, who was staring at her and rubbing his dick through his pants. Without a word, Cleo shifted over on her knees and got in front of Dan. Compared to Mark's dick, his looked like a fucking forearm. She looked over at Joanna and saw that she'd stood up with her ass in the air and that Dan was fucking her from behind how, pulling on her hair. And without hesitating he got down on his knees and starting blowing Dan. Cleo bit her lip and watched—it was so fucking hot.

Our First Group Encounter

group StrG81 2018-01-19

Amy had been so wrapped up in Mark's cock she hadn't even heard Angela come into the room. I got behind Angela and began licking her pussy slowly as she continued working on my wife. My wife likes to suck down some cum as much as the next woman, but she didn't want to risk not having that massive cock in her pussy this night. Angela gets above me with her pussy in my face and Amy climbs on my cock. As we're finishing up again Mark and Angela come out of the bathroom looking no tidier for their time spent in the shower.

Party Favors

group r543d 2018-01-19

My friend Steve was quite the ladies' man and he only went to parties where there were lots of hot chicks in attendance. I knew that it was going to be one of them parties where the alcohol would be flowing like a river and for the fact that Steve had told me to pack an overnight bag because the chances of him driving home that night would probably be slim to none. Egging me on to come in and screaming me to take off my clothes first, without thinking twice I stripped down to my birthday suit and slowly climbed into the tub with Debbie (Who had just blown me) and two other chicks whose names I totally forgot. All I remember after the hot tub suck was waking up at 3am on some bed totally naked.

A Professor Is Blackmailed - Chapter 2

group dawn1958 2018-01-19

What probably bothered Kerri most was hearing the girl tell her that she was a 'true lesbian.' More guilt filled her mind when she thought of what it would be like if Wendy did kiss her down there like she promised. Wendy deduced the final chapter would complete Kerri's humiliation and she would forever have the upper hand with the evidence of teacher-student fraternization. Every time Kerri moved to protest, either Robin pushed her hands away or Wendy put more pressure on her shoulder. Kerri felt tired and totally exhausted, but the parting words from Wendy struck a vital nerve, as she realized her future was in the young girl's hands.

My 18th Birthday Ch. 02

group mytruestory 2018-01-19

I was coming very close to my orgasm, and I wanted it so bad, but once again, the mouth working on my pussy left me. That changed when Ben said, "You two ladies look good when you have wieners in your mouths." Scarlet nearly choked on her hotdog, and I burst out laughing. Black men were turned on by her small body, her cute face, her sexy accent, and they love the fact that they were fucking the daughter of a ignorant, racist, redneck most of all. "No honey," Julie said "sit in it facing the other way." She turned me around and got me into the chair so I had my knees on the seat and my hands were on top of the back.



group dr_mabeuse 2018-01-19

The first time I saw Ellen Rothko was when I walked into Boyle's Antiques on Clark Street, looking for old records. She was showing a woman some antique earrings, their heads bent over the display case, and when she heard me come in she looked up and caught my eye, shocked me with her beauty, and then lowered her face again, leaving me standing there gaping like an idiot. I was on my usual rounds of the antique and second-hand stores, looking for old records, and I'd expected to deal with Morty Boyle, a man I knew fairly well and didn't much like—a greedy, avaricious dealer—so I was a bit surprised to find her there.


Friends: Moving Day

group dudeman_85 2018-01-19

Monica was in the living room trying to lift a heavy box, when Rachel walked in from Chandler's new bedroom. Monica entered the other apartment, where Chandler and Joey were happily packing boxes. They smiled and nodded, giving a wiggle-finger handshake, as Monica shot Joey a disgusted look before leaving. Monica smirked, somehow knowing the look of fear that flashed from Chandler to Joey. "Joey," Chandler said with a panicked look, "she's making the sounds. Knowing that the guys were fighting the image of her and Rachel together, Monica addressed Chandler, then behind herself to Joey. Chandler felt Monica's mouth wrap around his cockhead once again, and heard her soft sexy grunts, timed to Joey's fucking.

Well... Ch. 16

group Pegleg 2018-01-19

Brian moved to Mary's head and offered her his cock while Tanya straddled Mary and turning Ann around to face her started to stroke and finger her dripping pussy. One of Tanya's hands snaked down to Mary's pussy and stroked her clit while James thrust his prodigious cock in and out, all the time moving Mary's prone body so that Brian's even bigger monster was going, seemingly, ever deeper into Mary's stretched mouth. Brian and James resumed their thrusting and as Mary's eyes positively lit up with lust and she strained against the restraints holding her to the table they came in her.

Love on Aphrodite's Isle

group virusman 2018-01-19

In order to celebrate her daughter's new circumstances, Rachel booked a fortnight's holiday on Cyprus, and as I was living on my own, and also as a way of saying thank you for my help in moving Debbie's belongings into her new home, as well as other favours, Rachel kindly asked me whether I would like to join them. Rachel looked at me, but I said I could see no harm in Debbie having a female companion of comparable age, and I was quite happy to have three beautiful women around me for the rest of the holiday to delight my eyes, and maybe wait on me hand and foot!


Melanie's Memoirs - A Married Slut 10

group NonStopFunGuy 2018-01-19

I'd been trading emails with a hot married guy from online, Jim, who was about 50 years old, had a boring, fat, prudish wife, and wanted to take some time off of work and fuck me silly. He gave me a quizzical look, and I actually admitted why -- I told him my husband gave me a lousy fuck in it, and I wanted revenge by getting screwed good and hard by a real stud with a wonderful prick. "Ooh, yeah, baby, fuck me like that, your cock feels sooo good," I panted, looking back at him, seeing him admiring my ass in the thong.



group English Bob 2018-01-19

It had been a long, hot day stomping around some mindless exhibition with my colleague, Ray. We were both a little tired and looking forward to getting back to the hotel for a pre-dinner drink. There were only four of us in the hotel bar at that early time of the evening; besides Ray and myself, a young foreign looking couple occupied a booth next to our table. "I think Alan could do with a little attention now, baby!" Ray said as he continued to play with her very hard nipples, "you like to suck on some cock, sweetie?" Reluctantly - for both Sasha and me - she allowed my still hard cock to slip out of her hot mouth as she waited for Ray to make his move.

Davie Ch. 05

group 12to8 2018-01-19

As Davie's fingers and tongue penetrated her and she worked on them lustily, Doris ripped at Tom's belt with one hand while holding on to him for balance with the other. Standing in front so that Doris could view them, Tom and Davie marveled at their good fortune, and smiling at each other, stripped their remaining clothes off, exposing two muscular bodies and hard erect cocks. When Davie heard her pleas, and she did not use the safety word, he roughly grabbed a handful of red hair and rammed his thick meat with force into her open mouth. As Doris was pounding on Davie, and him into her, Tom pushed his cock into her mouth so she could give him a few good sucks.


Four Sisters Saloon Ch. 05

group LuckyBastard13 2018-01-19

The guys were still ordering rounds and having fun with Cindy, Carla, Fran and Amy. The girls were flirting with them all night and the guys were returning the favor with comments of their own and a little ass grabbing now and then. Cindy, Carla, Fran, and even little, athletic Amy were taking all these bikers could give and then some. The guy who's cock was stuck up her ass held her head by the hair as biker after biker used her mouth. The other guys were fighting for position at her face, shoving their cocks in her mouth and pulling her by the hair. Some of the guys took their cocks and rubbed it in the come and offered it up to Cindy.


Double Surprise

group Len Bee 2018-01-19

And the next morning I was informed by my mom that Julie and I were expected to make an appearance at our house for photos shortly after I picked her up and before we headed off to dinner at a nearby swanky restaurant. Julie and I kissed passionately for a few minutes before she whispered that it was time for us to go to bed, too. But when the new brightness did gain my attention, I raised my head from Julie's womanhood to glance over to my left where Trisha was standing in the open bathroom door. But when I finally reached her head and we once again began kissing with exuberant passion, and as I was nestling comfortably between her widely spread legs, I realized Julie had other ideas.


Wife Mother of Triplets Son & two Daughters

group strangerknocking 2018-01-19

Then it happened Nancy slipped a finger deep in Brian's ass, he pulled his cock from Kari's mouth and shot a huge stream of cum into her face. I asked her what they did with Babe, as I thought I noticed Amber playing with his cock just before she came out of the bathroom. By now my cock was so hard and as it never had, I needed relief and as Amber was bent over the bed taking care of Babe, I decided I was going to take care of that sweet, pouty, hairless cunt of hers. After about 15 minutes his knot went down and his cock came out with somewhat of a pop, Amber was right at her Mother's cunt to drink up Babe's cum as it flowed out of Nancy's cunt.

Camping with Stepdaughter 27

group 2018-01-19

I told her to walk to the bathroom naked that I was sure that she would run into one or more men headed back to their camps. Bonnie knelt down between the men and started unzipping pants and pulling out their hard cocks. She didn’t let this stop her from continuing to vigorously suck the cock of the man in front of her. The two other men moved in and she took a cock in each of her hands and started jacking them off. Bonnie was taking turns on the cocks that were being stuck in her face. She gave me a hug, then freed my cock from my shorts and took me into her mouth.

The Introduction of Sarah

group AngelwingHearts 2018-01-19

She let her eyes travel over my body, she smiled as her eyes took in my milky white breasts, the contrast of my tan lines even evident in the dim light, my tummy taut and tanned, my hips wider and more womanly than hers, she moaned as she moved down to my smooth, swollen glistening pussy, my thighs velvety and inviting. My nose slid over her almost spasming clit each time Doug slammed his rock hard cock deep in my rippling and spasming cunt, my walls gripping almost vice like. Daryl paused for a moment and then as we watched Sarah cry out and grab my hand, her nails digging in deep, I whimpered at the slight pain of her nails, Doug groaned and hissed;

Marcia's Birthday Surprise

group xxxcutiepiexxx 2018-01-19

Dave recalled the plan in his mind: Joe had said that once things got going, he should lick Marcia's pussy as it was her favourite way to cum. Joe stood back and watched as Dave knelt in front of Marcia and gently rubbed his cock against the entrance to her pussy, making her squirm and moan. He slowly but firmly pushed his cock into her pussy, watching as it stretched to accommodate his large 9" cock and then looking at her face contort as she felt the whole thing go deep inside her. Marcia moaned in pleasure as he finger-fucked her arse, and Joe pulled his cock out of her mouth to give her a break from sucking.

Folly! Ch. 07

group Oz Wizz 2018-01-19

This time Richard sat in the front and they were no sooner moving than Miriam was pulling Matt's cock from his zip. Miriam went tumbling over into an intense orgasm while Richard began to fuck her mouth. When her passion subsided, the insistent hands left her impassioned body and Richard -pulled his quaking cock out of her still sucking mouth. Bill felt the man’s cock brush his hand so he grabbed it and pulled it to the entrance of Miriam’s cunt. He felt the man pushing into her and pulled his hand away from the hot cock shaft as Miriam drew air in audibly. The man opened the door and, as Miriam looked to see what was happening, he shoved his cock onto her lips.

Fucking You Outdoors Ch. 02

group spacemannspiff 2018-01-19

You went to make out with her and her her boobs for a little bit and then you came behind me, squeezed my ass with one had, grabbed my pussy with the other, and kept your eyes on my fingers and tongue, which were now all over Zuzi you were getting super horny, so you were extremely pleased when Zuzi called you to go over to her. You wanted to go on for a bit longer, but I made you stop, turned around and started sucking you cock quite hard, making you breather heavily and hum my head, while Zuzi came to lick and play around with your balls.

Christa's Adventure's Ch. 03

group SweetSexyLady 2018-01-19

In this one Christa's new friend Jessica takes her to a gay/lesbian club. Jessica's ministrations eased up slightly to let Christa catch her breath and enjoy what came next. Jessica smiled and walked over to Beer Can. He listened intently, looked at Christa and then beckoned her over. Jessica had managed to find a willing man to fuck her as she watched Christa get pounded. There where a few other people in the room and Christa heard various comments from gay men and lesbian women about how, after what they had just witnessed, they might try sex partners of the opposite sex. Christa wasn't sure how many cocks and pussies she'd had, but she knew she was never going to forget this night as long as she lived.

Amber Ch. 02

group Kiwilass 2018-01-19

Amber couldn't see Paulette anywhere and figured she was either already in a room with someone or she wasn't coming. It was then the elevator doors opened and Paulette and, Amber assumed, her husband walked in. Feeling more anxious than ever before, Amber slowed her breathing and avoiding the middle-aged man in the rubber thong who was approaching her, crossed the pool deck to reach Paulette and her husband. Paulette unlocked the door and looked back at Amber, smiling shyly. Paulette's face was a picture of nervousness as she came into the room and Amber's smile dropped as Dominic followed her into the room, closing the door behind him. Amber waited as Paulette looked up at Dominic, with what?


Last Night Ch. 02

group CalixteBella 2018-01-19

"Jake said you wanted..." Trailing off, Travis took a healthy swig from his glass. Jake was a bit longer but Travis had the girth that I knew would stretch out my little pussy like I needed. Their hands began to explore my body, Jake running his fingers down my back and Travis leaning forward to get a good hold of my ass. Jake moved his hand to the thin strip covering the crack of my ass and he lifted it up slightly, causing my panties to rub against my clit. "You're so fucking wet, Calixte." Jake divulged, removing his hand from where it had just been rubbing against my slit and he brought his finger close to my mouth.


Foursome Again

group dave769 2018-01-19

A couple of weeks later Lauren and I were getting ready to go to Deb and Stan's for the cookout. One thing I did know was that I couldn't wait for the opportunity to feel Deb's lips around my cock. Lauren slowly reached out and wrapped her hand around his cock just as his wife let go. Deb loved to suck my cock and always wanted me to cum in her mouth. The man behind Lauren kneeled and took his cock in his hand and started rubbing her pussy with it. Lauren stopped sucking the man in front's cock and moaned, "I'm so fucking hot. The woman, that was sharing my cock with Deb turned to me and said, "Mind if I sit on your face?"