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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Bar Room Dancer (Alternate Ending)

group PAMtnMan 2018-11-07

At the same time the stranger leaned forward and I watched as his cock slowly disappeared into my wife’s hungry pussy. The man who was fondling her tit had now stopped and was watching his friend’s cock disappear into my wife’s glistening wet pussy. He had barely pulled his cock out until another man stood between her legs with his cock in hand ready to slide it inside her cum drenched pussy. The second man slid his cock between Susan’s wet lips and her pussy welcomed it in with a soft sucking sound. Susan moaned and licked her lips as he slid his cum coated cock out of her dripping pussy. Susan grabbed my cock in both hands and slid it up to the edge of her wet and swollen pussy lips.

more than i expected

group allflavorsboston 2018-11-07

I still really needed to get off bad; however, unless a miracle arrived this weekend, it was not going to happen.  By now I was feeling nervous, since I just thought it was just going to be myself and Judy and Scott, but when I was led to their play room, I realized I was in for it. I called to Judy who came to my aid as the last guy was fucking me since I was pretty sure he had cum early, and I wanted to stop. The hot tub had cleaned any evidence of my afternoon of sex so I just relaxed at home until the boys came home from the game.

OHGIRL: Crack House

group ohgirl1 2018-11-07

A couple of the other men had come in to see what was going on and they watched from a distance, smoking their own d**gs as I took a few hits from the pipe, while their friend fingered my pussy under my dress. One of the guys pulled me up to my feet and handed me another pipe to smoke, so I took a huge hit and stood there blowing out the smoke, after holding it in for some time, while he pulled my dress off over my head. I was walking around totally naked, since I couldn't remember where my dress was and found myself sucking off a variety of different men, some of them cumming in my mouth and a few filling me with their hot seed.

Cocktail, the first sip

group RightOnTop 2018-11-07

After checking the known and ignorable ones, her eyes and ears got glued on one message stemming out from a number that looked like a public phone as it wasn’t something usual as far as the voice and content went. “Do you think Jack could...?” Mona suggested but she was interrupted by Lisa as she shrugged her shoulders and said, “Jack is not a creepy guy, we had our differences but he would rather deal with things head on rather than annoying anyone like this.” It was cosy and warm inside, Lisa felt relieved for a few seconds but then she suddenly realized where she is and she carefully treaded ahead as the room was very dimly lit & she had to squint hard to grope with her eyes in the room with wood creaking slowly under her steps.

Coach scores more than a victory

group Hasabrain2 2018-11-07

Claudia coached the local junior college girls’ swim team. A few days later, I picked up a van from the college car pool, and took the girls to the hotel near the meet. Michelle spoke first, “We just wanted to come by and thank you for being such a good coach.” She planted a kiss on my cheek. I laid Michelle down on the bed, parted her pussy lips and licked away. I thought Sara would need attention, but no, as soon as Michelle recovered some, she started to work on her pussy. A few days later me neighbor, Claudia, came by to thank me for watching her house, for taking care of her cat, but most importantly for taking over her coaching duties.

The Distraction Day

group megXXX 2018-11-07

Jake and Max knew Meg was hot, but they couldn’t fathom her being so innocent and sexy to the point that they just want to hop off the couch and fuck her. The small shift in Meg’s legs snaps Danny out of his trance, and has him thinking about burying his cock in her pussy and just ignoring Jake and Max. But that wouldn’t be as satisfying. He grabs her head and holds her there while Danny fucks her with his hand, prolonging her orgasm and causing her moans to vibrate Max’s cock. He watches Jake please Meg, yet from her moans, she’s never going to come from Jake’s mouth and hand alone.

A Simple Affair--The VIP Room

group prairiedogg 2018-11-07

After giving her nipples a nice tongue bathing, Tiffany worked her way down Cheryl's body, leaving a trail of wet kisses in her wake. Cheryl licked up the juice on Tiffany's face and moaned aloud as she did it, her hands drifting downward to feel another woman's cunt for the first time. Cheryl broke the kiss and returned to Cheryl's pussy with a vengeance, licking and sucking on her clit with an urgent desire to see this woman cum. Tiffany let out a loud moan as Cheryl began to eat her pussy in earnest. She began to squirt right in Cheryl's face, but Cheryl kept on with her mouth and tongue, sucking hard on Tiff's clit and working her fingers into her ass.

School Teachers

group Stoneypoint 2018-11-07

“He’s a very nice looking man isn’t he Libby?” Ada said. “Just a little female repayment for being a nice young gentleman, a very good looking guy as well, and for getting rid of that man earlier today” Ada told him. Both nodded willingly and Libby before Ada even had her chance took hold of his hand and brought it over to her breast and laid it gently down on it. Libby nodded and all of them smiled and before he knew it they were on him and feeling his chest and sides and he wanted his pants off his body but he’d wait until they were ready if ready at all. “Angus you sure look interesting to a woman who has never seen a man’s private parts before, wouldn’t you agree Libby?” said Ada with a smile.

New Carpet

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-07

“Oh that’s okay,” the old man said with a quick wave of his hand, "Most people don't even bother to ask us our names!" He gestured at himself saying, “My name is Mike and this is Tommy.” “Well, if I worked there I don’t think I would mind getting into trouble.” Mike said with a laugh and shaking his head. “Yeah it must be great to have such a hot looking woman to spend time with after work,” Mike said with a slow nod. Christy closed her eyes and groaned longingly as Tommy continued to pump his cock into her mouth and Mike, now with two fingers stuffed into her pussy, continued fingering her.

The Price of Opening Up Victoria

group SimonWellHung 2018-11-07

Both Alice and I looked at Derek and despite what is always said about black men, found it hard to believe that such a small man could have a bigger cock than me (I am 6 foot 3 inches and built like a brick shit house). Jenny slowly pulled back off Derek’s donkey dick and smiled over at Alice and said, “Would you like to try?” Jenny pulled me over to the sofa and undoing my trousers took hold of my 10 inch cock and very slowly wanked it as we watched our partners in action. As I fucked Jenny I watched Derek pull his black cock, shiny with my wife’s juices out of her before walking over to the sofa and offering it to Jenny’s face.

Sweet Eighteen Ch. 01

group sahebji 2018-11-07

'You don't look a day older than sixteen,' Mrs. Sharma said, 'it is very brave of your parents to let you travel alone. 'We have never been to Madras,' Mr. Sharma said then looking at me added, 'Sahebji, have you?' Suddenly Amit stood up and peering at Priya and then me said something to Amita, which I could not understand as his back was towards me. 'Thank you, mausi,' Priya said, 'Sahebji, come to our flat tomorrow at ten. Seeing that I was looking at the divan, she said, 'Sometimes I paint till late in the night and not wanting to disturb my husband, I sleep here.'


Horny dogging session

group laradirtygirl 2018-11-07

When I went back to sucking my partner I felt him run his fingers up and down my soaking wet slit covering them in my juices. He positioned himself behind me and began to run his helmet up and down my pussy lips coating it in the spunk mixed with my juices that was leaking from my well fucked cunt. I braced myself as he eased his thick spunk covered cock past my ass hole and slowly slid his length inside me. He began to tell me that he was going to cum, he grabbed my hair as I felt him explode inside me firing shot after shot of spunk deep into my ass hole.

A Surprising Night

group PurplePassion13 2018-11-07

Whilst I am telling Dave I plan on enjoying myself in spite of being stood up, I feel J.J.'s eyes roaming over my face and down to my boobs. I desperately want to feel their hands on my pussy, to rub my clit and feel their fingers inside me. Dave reaches around her and starts to stoke her clit, while pushing two fingers inside her. I’m shaking from head to toe, and I feel so close to what I can tell is going to be a huge orgasm. The fingers in my arse stop and I feel a cock pushing into my pussy, hard and fast, J.J. turns around and sucks on my clit as Dave is pounding me harder and harder, just how I like it.

One Plus Three Equals Heaven

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-07

"We've decided, Mia, that this is your day with us, we want to welcome you and do everything to make you feel good," Anna said and she held my feet and eased them apart, got down and began kissing and tonguing and licking me in that wonderful way that only another woman can do. Anna looked up at me, her face agleam with my juices, smiling, knowing how she made me feel, then lowered back to softly lick my enlarged clit sending shivers out in circles as Nick and Dean continued to caress me and suck my nipples.

My Sea, Sun and Sex Vacation - Part One

group Jillbaby 2018-11-07

Just then, Chris pushed my dress around my neck and my remaining rational thoughts were overwhelmed as all the elements came together: the balmy sea air on my naked skin, the alcohol, and the excitement of having a complete stranger preparing to fuck me, with John so near. I felt panic as I knew that I needed lubrication for my anus, but when I looked over my shoulder, the ever-resourceful John had produced a bottle of my body lotion and was smearing it on his cock. As John moved cautiously in and out of my ass, Chris gripped my hair and pulled my mouth down to his to deep-kiss me; his tongue probing excitedly.


Practically Endless

group buffalohunter2013 2018-11-07

Took a bit to get my eyes adjusted, Tammy was already getting down to business sucking the guys cock, then bent over and commenced to let him fuck her. “Let me get more situated.” She stood up turned around, pulled her skirt up, bent over putting her hands on the arm rests of the chair to balance herself if the guy really started to hammer her hole, she spread her legs, reached under pulled her lips apart and helped guide his cock in. Her ass was arching up and down while she was coming wanting that cock to go deeper than it could, she had reached up, started pulling on her tits also, very hard.

You never know a woman

group styxx 2018-11-07

Is that it?”   “No, not swap partners, but have a woman or a man come join us here.”   Carol has always said that sex belongs in the home, in the bedroom, between two people, in private and not for general consumption so, having someone visit for the purposes of a sexual encounter is something of a departure from that particular view point, but not so far away as going to a club. Denise inclined her head, allowing Carol a better access to her neck and covered Carol’s hands with her own over her breasts. She kissed and sucked her nipple into her mouth which had Denise gasping while her claw like hands pressed into Carols head.

group sex night at home

group XxXNIMRODXxX 2018-11-07

The bed wouldn't stop shaking she nearly blacked out from the sensation. She got in the bath and fucked herself with a huge dildo she licked and sucked her boobs, she wanted more though. She called her  friends mark and jenny and asked them to come over and masturbate and fuck with her so they did. A minute later they were all there sucking and licking each other "fuck me" jenny shouted so Mark slipped his huge dick into her wet, tight ass hole "ride me harder" she screamed and moaned. He got in the bath with her and sucked her boobs, then her pussy and soon his hot ,large, sweaty dick was inside her slowly fucking her little asshole.

My Surprise Birthday Orgy

group MarcusinOz 2018-11-07

Amy reached over and began massaging Big Boys balls and sure enough, within a minute or two, he pulled his cock out of her distended pussy and sprayed a knee-trembling amount of cum up and over Lisa's sweating torso. Down in the bar most of the men were now having a drink with a nude Amy. Lisa however was sitting on the leather lounge watching one of the Asian guys shooting a load into his hand. Later that night as I sat on the spare bed with my spent cock wilting on my left leg, I watched Lisa lying on her back licking my cum out of Kath's cunt.

Medical Student Sex With His Horny Professor

group bava12 2018-11-07

She was walking in front of me and I started to have a nice view of her bouncy voluptuous ass and that gave me semi erection . We started talking a bit about topic and my dick was raising on it peak and so she was noticing my discomfort. Meanwhile she started stroking it and said guess you need some help there , come on stand up. While kissing I was pressing her big ass and inserted my hand in her back and unhooked her bra with her clothes on and started going down on her neck. I suddenly took my dick out and made her stand and raised her right leg and placed it on table and started ramming her from behind.

Last call Bar fun

group quietmischief 2018-11-07

She had two guys sucking on her tits, a finger buried deep in her pussy, with a third who was continuing to slide his cock back and forth across her ass. Shawn took his finger out of Amanda’s pussy, and started pulling panties down her legs while Mike dropped her skirt to the floor and started to rub her ass. Rob continued his mastery at Amanda’s pussy and clit as Shawn and Mike worked her out of her cami and bra so she was completely naked on the pool table. She continued to suck and stroke on Mike as Rob started to build a rhythm of fucking her pussy.

Temptations of the Flesh Ch. 05

group AGreyFoxxx 2018-11-07

Mother Superior appeared by her side, kissed the tears away and whispered, "Welcome my child." and, swiping her finger through her freshly fucked pussy, made the sign of the cross on the young girls forehead before offering Clarissa a taste of the cum coating her fingers. The Mayor placed his hands on the young girls breasts, squeezing them as he rode her hard and deep, stretching her pussy with his fat cock. The nun who had licked the fuck juices from my cock remained at my feet , wrapping her breasts around my shaft and sliding it up toward her face, kissing the head as she tit-fucked me to hardness as I watched Clarissa being ravished my the Mayor.

Graduation Party: Fantasy or Fact — I'll never tell

group blondewife 2018-11-07

Hubby went down with me to some of the parent teacher meetings and they asked him to coach football after work twice a week. hubby came up to me and asked me to wear a pair of black jeans that are stretchy but pretty tight. Hubby had put two battery operated breast pumps on my nipples and they were humming along, feeling very good. Me sitting there with my tits and crotch humming, and my hands tied above my head making my tits stand straight out as much as they could with two pumps hanging on them. Hubby was sitting there watching my chest heave up and down, and my jeans crotch turn wetter and wetter.

The Pool

group Liketowatch816 2018-11-07

"Don't answer me, you little whore, just keep pushing your fingers inside my wetness and keep that tongue of yours working my clit till I cum! I could hear the slurping and could tell how wet she was by the sounds her pussy was making as the fingers pushed inside her. The second guy stepped up to woman one and placed his cock head to her lips and she eagerly began sucking, making slurping and some gagging sounds as I was sure she had just sucked him down deep into her throat. The man that was getting blown by Robin stepped forward and shoved his dick in Christy's face and she began to suck it eagerly.