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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Werewolf Adventures Ch. 04

group desire7 2018-01-19

Her breathing started turning ragged as she felt the roaming hands and lips on her body. A whimper left her mouth as she felt the pinchings on her nipples but she was helpless to even move an inch because her body was completely held down by moving hands and lips. "Please touch my pussy." She whimpered while trying to thrash her body and touch it on her own to get some relief but her request was ignored as the women continued to lick, suck and molest every inch of her skin. "Vishous..."Ava screamed as she felt her orgasm nearing and she knew by the quivering of his cock that he wasn't going to take much time himself.

The Other Daddies Pt. 3

group bassisbest 2018-01-19

The cock in front of my face continued pumping into my wife and I kept licking my master's balls. Not wanting to anger my master and unable to resist the taste of my wife, I closed my lips around his cock, trying to pull off as much of her juices as I could. My wife never let me cum in her mouth, so by instinct I reached down and tapped Sarah on her shoulder to signal her she should now pull my cock out. My orgasm just started subsiding, Sarah's mouth still swallowing against my cock, as my Master pulled his cock our of my wife's gaping pussy.

The Poker Party Ch. 05

group tv46 2018-01-19

"I'm not having an affair with Tom!" Lucy said weakly, technically unsure if one little ass fuck constituted an affair. "That seems like pretty weak evidence," Lucy said, remembering that Kevin and Jane had exchanged partners with her and David for a double ass fuck before heading off to the dinner party with Tom and Debbie. "Twice this week Tom asked me if you had called," Debbie said, "What do you suppose that was about?" Debbie watched as Lucy casually slipped her sports bra up and over her head, then pulled off a hair clip and let her hair fall down her back. Debbie watched Lucy cup her breast with her free hand, and roll her hard nipple between her thumb and index finger.


Trish's Gangbang

group master3105 2018-01-19

By the time we got to the room Trish was getting pretty wild and as soon as the door closed she turned and grabbed both Gary and I by the crotch and gave both of us a long passionate kiss. Finally Gary switches off with the next guy in line and pushes his cock into her ass and Trish orgasms so hard that she nearly passes out. One of the guys lays on the bed and we guide Trish over him so she is straddling him with his cock in her pussy and Gary comes up behind her and slides his cock back in her ass.

Good times at the theater with the Mrs.

group luv2bblown 2018-01-19

Two hands from behind my wife began to rub her tits as she just moaned a bit before releasing my cock as she just sat back, move her thighs a bit obviously enjoying the attention she was getting. I couldn't actually make out what he said, but my wife then leaned over and started to suck him as his hands moved from her tits to holding her head down as he humped his cock into her face. I watched as my wife spread her legs a bit to give him more access as she continued sucking until the guy moaned and shook violently in his seat as he came.

The Coach Ch. 2

group Calaban 2018-01-19

Afterward the girls all went for the locker room to shower and I waited to lock up, also curious about what Jesse had in mind. I leaned over Becky on the chilly tile floor and kissed her playfully on the lips, as I positioned my cock lightly against her hot cunt. She clutched my head tight against her pointed little breasts as I rammed faster in and out of Becky’s wet cunt. Liz saw it too, and happily began to slurp it up in a 69 as Becky got her off with her tongue and some hard finger fucking. Liz, who could hear us, only looked into my eyes and nodded as her tongue stirred my cum in Becky’s pussy.

Teacher Ch. 2

group Patrick 2018-01-19

My eyes returned to Jennifer, just in time to see the last button pop open, then she leaned forward and placed her hands on the arms of my chair, either sides of my body, and I groaned as her blouse swung wide and her hot young breasts came clearly into view! She glanced at me and I could see that her eyes were hot, then she turned again to watch her mother being slowly, and sensually undressed, with many stops along the way for kisses and caresses from both Harry and Megan Lee. It turned out that Karen had magnificent breasts, with hardly a hint of sag, large, though not as large as Megan Lee’s, with deep red nipples that seemed to pulse constantly, getting larger then smaller, even as you looked at them, they totally fascinated me!


My Best Flight Day 04

group Tetris07828 2018-01-19

Sara grudgingly let go of my cock and gave it up to Carrie saying, "He's all yours but I get to swallow his load." Carrie gave Sara a quick kiss and said, "Absolutely, but please give me a taste. I was enjoying sucking on Sara and using three fingers inside her when Carrie worked a finger into my butt hole again. I began with long slow strokes while Sara was working the clit but Carrie butt was soon moving faster signaling me to pick up the pace. Carrie walked to Sara and they kissed and embraced for a couple of minutes. Carrie said reaching in her pack, "I like the way you think.


Mark's Party

group RedHairedandFriendly 2018-01-19

Mark smiled, "That sounds great, Hon. I love you." He pulled her close and kissed her lips. Mark nodded his head and soon Penny and Dale arrived to meet with the rest of the group. Penny stood at the back of the elevator and Mark reached out to push the button for the top floor, he grinned at the middle-aged couple that had gotten into the lift with them, and saw they were getting off one floor below them. Mark leaned back on the wall of the elevator and watched Dale slide his hand underneath the back of Penny's skirt. Craig waited, leaning against the opposite corner of the elevator and watched Scott's hand slowly work free the buttons of Penny's blouse, then slide his hand into her shirt.


Strangers at the Club

group Pgalore22 2018-01-19

His hand creeped under my shirt, grabbing my breast, twisting my nipple ring between his fingers. She was sitting on the stair, her legs spread, her fingers moving back and forth across her clit, and a man's dick in her mouth. Fingers started to spread my lips, rubbing my wetness all over my pussy. He continued to lap at my pussy with his tongue, pushing it into my slit, rubbing his thumb against my ass hole. The dick left my pussy and was suddenly shoved into her mouth. He bent over while she swallowed him whole, and started fucking my pussy with his tongue. A hand grabbed my wrist, "Wait, I didn't catch the name of the girl I almost fucked on the dance floor."

My First All Male Rough Gangbang!

group MrJimJim 2018-01-19

I stop at the porno store and buy a medium sized butt plug, all 4 of the 'size queen' DVD's, 3 12oz tubs of anal lube, a ring gag, some Velcro bondage restraints, and finally 2 brand new pair of men's pantyhose. Not 10 seconds after the blindfold is put on me someone rips open my pantyhose and I feel a big gob of the anal lube drop onto my hole and all down my ass crack. The booze is gone, and 2 of the 3 tubs of anal lube are spent, but I've never felt so much like a naughty little cum dump like I did right then, and my cock exploded again.

Holy Orders Ch. 03

group Mikro 2018-01-18

"Believe it or not my dear, you're going to enjoy this." Mother superior said, still sitting in her chair. One of the sisters grabbed my hair and lifted it, and then two vicious slaps with whips, one on my breasts and the other on my buttocks forced my mouth open in a scream of agony. Once the sisters were serviced they all started on me, holding me down and spreading my legs, they took it in turns to lick my pussy to near completion. "Good night sister." Mother said, "You know what to do. I found it hard to understand how a sister, who last night forced a vibrator so far up my bum hole I thought I would die, could now be so subservient.


My best friends mom and her friends

group jj333jj333jj 2018-01-18

legs a few minutes later the lady who sat on my now erect cock stoot up and undressed her self fully so did all the others than she took my cock and started licking it then I had to go on the floor and stand like a dog the lady came under me and sucked my cock again then my friends mom came to my face opened her ass wide and put my face between her cheeks I stuck my toungue out and then felt how one other woman started licking my ass I felt how the fourth one sucked on my balls

A Conversion Ch. 02

group Worker11811 2018-01-18

Karen and Darcie are two of the sexiest women I have ever had the pleasure of laying eyes on, let alone lying in bed with. I almost thought it was true until Karen broke her tongue lock on Darcie's crotch long enough to look up at me and say, "Are you just going to stand there or are you going to take your clothes off and join us?" I felt fur around my waist, rubbing me slowly in time to Darcie's expert cock sucking. Just when I thought I couldn't take a second more, Darcie's mouth took over again, immersing me in pleasure but leaving me to dread the next impending stab of pain.


The Canadian Trip

group HStoner 2018-01-18

Several times, Sara would leave home in the morning of a day when she had told me she had to inspect a jobsite wearing a short skirt or dress. The stated purpose of the club was to "provide a safe, comfortable, and clothing-optional environment for sexually uninhibited couples and single females." The "virtual tour" made the facilities look very attractive, clean, and high-end. Finally, Derek, looking slightly less sure of himself, said, "Ready to go on upstairs?" Sara said, "Wait." She took my hand and led me back down the hall. Just a minute." Derek took Christina's hand and they walked back down the hall. Derek led up the steps followed by Christina and the Sara.


Vintage Port School for Girls Ch. 04

group Zack2981 2018-01-18

Kim was wearing a pink shirt covering her B cup breasts and a tiny blue jean skirt under her lab coat. Carla stepped into the lab followed by Ronald Jenkens, a long-time professor at the school. When Ronald looked back down his cock was fully hard and being stroked expertly by Carla's talented hand. As her warm tongue bathed the head, Ronald let out a moan and reached for the young brunettes ass through her coat and skirt, patting it as she began slurping on his dick. Carla let his cock slip from her lips and looked at Kim. "Oh, yes, spank that naughty girl, Mr. Jenkens," Carla moaned, feeling her own pussy juice as it began dripping down her leg.

Gram Came To Visit

group whybea10 2018-01-18

Sheri said "Wow Gram you're a fucking cock sucker just like me." We like to start with both of them sucking my cock taking turns seeing how much they can get down their throats while I lick Gram's fat old pussy and finger I stood back as Sheri spread Mom's legs and started to lick my cum out of her pretty shaved pussy. My cock grew hard as a rock again and I said "Gram bend over the bed I need to fuck a tight ass hole while a I watch Sheri lick Mom's fucking pussy. Gram went and sat on the bed next to Mom. Sheri stood by me and reached for my limp cock.

When Dad's Away, Chelsea Will Play Ch. 02

group BradGarrettStories 2018-01-18

There is no way we can keep quiet while we feast on each other," Chelsea said as their hands started groping her body, feeling her curves, grabbing her barely covered ass, moving aside the tiny triangles that barely covered her rock hard nipples. "Look, she's my niece but that doesn't mean I haven't noticed how hot she is and let's face it, what guy wouldn't want to watch two young girls enjoying each other," said Kevin as Terry stuck two fingers into her pussy and Trent moved his pussy-wet finger back to her ass and started rubbing it against her tight asshole.

Hot Tub For 3

group Twinflyer 2018-01-18

You are pulling on me hard enough that I am afraid I might come too soon, but suddenly a loud inhale marks the beginning of a shattering orgasm and you forget about pulling on the hard cocks in your hand as you concentrate on the pleasure you are receiving. We hold you for a few moments, and as you turn towards me while standing in the tub, Jack slides his rock hard cock into you from behind, all in one easy motion. After I hold you long enough for you to recover your breath, I turn you around so you are facing him, and I slide my now achingly hard cock into your sopping pussy. Soon, you are breathing hard again, I hold you tightly and you pull me close as you open your legs further to allow Jack better access.

A Slave's Slave

group daezwifey 2018-01-18

Fuck me raw master, please.” He responded with “ get off the table and climb on my lap.” Then pausing before going on to say “I bet your little slut would love to have a close up of the action and even hold you open.” She purred out a “yes he would love that.” Then her sweet voice went harsh as she hissed “ get over here and help Castro give me the pounding that your not man enough to give me.” I crawled over, dripping in the humiliation that covered me like I had been on a pool of it.

Center of Attention Ch. 01

group Seethru57 2018-01-18

Jake walked with her to get the groceries her mom wanted and told her, "Yeah Debbie. While she was surprised at Jake's offer for her to be a hostess, all day she was excited thinking about the possiblities of actually teasing these older men and seeing their hard cocks. And the thought that these older men had her more turned on than any guy her age ever did, made her happy that she decided to come. Damn, come over here woman, and sit on my cock....ummmm lap," said Bob. Debbie skipped over to the burly man, and taking notice that Jake, Bill, and Dave's cocks were all very nice looking. Jake finally said, "Quit hogging all the pussy Bob. We want her too.


The Four Of Us

group IvyCloud 2018-01-18

I could see for a split second that Beatrice licked her lips before she pulled Ben up from the sofa, turned him to the side and asked Melissa if the view was fine. Beatrice could deep-throat, and after filling her throat with Ben's smooth cock, she pulled it out and told Melissa she wanted to see us in action. Melissa shook her head and said curtly "Show me." Immediately, Beatrice took Ben into her mouth and started deep throating with a passion. While we were watching Beatrice's lips engulf Ben's cock, Melissa and I looked at each other a few times; both of us smiling. Now it was my turn to sit on the couch and look straight into Melissa's eyes who was being pleased by Ben opposite me.




"Hey, Joe," said Steve, a regular who sat at the same bar stool every day for a couple years, "who's the old guy at the end of the bar?" Joe delivered the old man a scotch telling him that it was on Steve, the regular barfly, at the other end of the bar. "Thanks for the drink," said the old man raising his glass to Steve. "The first time I saw her was at a swingers' social dance," said George giving Joe a smile. George looked behind him acknowledging their presence with a nod of his head and a smile before returning his attention to Joe and Steve. "Hey, you guys aren't drinking," said Joe looking out at the crowd that grew behind George.


group copper50 2018-01-18

As I parked the car, my girlfriend leaned over him and gave me a real long kiss with her tongue going halfway down my throat all the while rubbing her tits on him. He reached down and picked up his hard dick with his left hand and started stroking it slowly up and down. Jane got real close to him and started rubbing her tits against him. I reached up and started rubbing against Jane's clit through her silk thong. I straddled Fred's face and let him lick me with his long wet tongue while I kept kissing Jane and playing with her nipples. Jane and I looked at each other and kissed Fred with both of our tongues in his mouth.