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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hanlan's Point

group No Panty Girl 2018-01-18

It is predominantly a "gay" beach where the guys like to strut their stuff but that's O.K. as they seldom hit on me. Brad was a good-looking guy with a cock to die for, but alas he is gay! He guys were quickly getting into frenzy, competing to get their cocks in my mouth to skull-fuck me. My grinding pussy made him cum in minutes, squeezing his sperm from his spurting cock. After fucking three guys I was still not ready for his huge cock. The cum from the first three guys just squished out around the big black cock providing some much needed lubricant. Each time he moved he took my cunt with him, I was stretched on his cock like a human condom.


A Midsummer’s Wet Dream at Maslin

group Longjohn007 2018-01-18

Once we had set ourselves up in a likely spot, surrounded by other beach goers we put our sunscreen on and went for a swim, taking the opportunity to have a sly grope of each other, well Craig and I of Janey and she of us. "But trust me they are real, geez I like the look of those two black ones." Janey was leaning over Craig's back her breasts brushing his skin. Craig moved his hands lower and began rubbing the lotion around Janey's pussy. Janey reached across with one hand and began to fondle Craig's balls, then her fingers reaching up the shaft to tease back his foreskin. Janey began to breathe faster and deeper, stifling her moans as Craig worked his fingers deeper.

Complex Relationship Ch. 06

group PaulStevens 2018-01-18

Their partners continued to shower them with kisses and Mel lifted Katy off Brandon, lowered her to the bed next to him and in response he pulled the blonde close. Brandon, turned on by the show he had witnessed, combined with the feel of Katy's pussy around his hard cock and the feel of her soft tits in his hand, soon felt himself teetering on the edge off orgasm. "I don't know about y'all but I think we should probably put the beds together," Ashley said, "because if we continue to sleep this way, on just one, its going to get pretty crowded every night." Again everyone agreed and after everyone was up and dressed Mel and Brandon hefted the two mattresses together so they faced the window.


best sex experience

group zamal92 2018-01-18

the blond started kissing me while the brunette slipped her fingers in my pants playing with my dick. arriving there both of them started to undress me,sucking my dick while the other one kissed me. the one kissing me went down on me and sucked my dick soo hard that i cum in her mouth. after 15 mins pause they started all over again kissing me while masturbating themselves and me at the same time. then i started fingering the brunette while sucking the blond's hairy pussy. then i started fucking the brunette and while the blond was licking her clitoris she let the blond lick the cum off then they played with it,something that can really turn me on.

Vacation to Mexico Ch. 02

group msm865 2018-01-18

My wife began to roll my balls in her hand while reaching a finger toward my ass. This apparently triggers two other orgasms next to me as my wife tenses and cums, clamping down on the son's cock and he drives as deep as he can and empties his balls into her. The son reappears, dips the head of his cock into the remnants of his tequila shot, then feeds his cock into her mouth, slides one of the bra cups down and rolls her nipple between his fingers. I walked to the bed, straddling my wife's head and she instinctively started licking my balls.


The Adventures of Penny

group phantome71 2018-01-18

I explained that in England that was certainly not a boy's name and the word simply referred to a person being "sexy!" I said that one might use the word by saying, for instance, that so and so is "feeling randy tonight!" They all laughed at this and Randy said that fitted him exactly! We turned to go upstairs to bed and just as the other boys had gone before us Randy cuddled me once more from behind and slipped his hand into my French Knickers to feel my pussy. "Hey," I said, "what about a condom big boy!" Once again I held his erection steady to slip a condom over the end and he immediately slid into me.


The Fuel Stop

group SlutKathy 2018-01-18

One of the women shouted out "come on men give the slut what she wants, a good hard ass fucking", I was soon turned over and bent over the table, and was soon moaning aloud as a cock was pushed up to the hilt, his balls slapping against my ass as he rammed in and out, he was slapping my ass hard as he did so, telling me what a tight ass I had to fuck, and what a slag I was for being used like this.

Everyone Loves Charlotte (Really)

group charlottesbed 2018-01-18

He has handled extra men in our bed just fine, so I wasn't totally worried, but I wanted to know what he thought. If you ever read someone tell in total detail what happens to them when more than one man is having sex with them at a time it's probably fiction. Even though the man were nice, when that many men are calling you there is no connection, and the connection is what makes sex great, but even so, it was an unforgettable night, and the times I play and over, and remember the feeling of all of those men in me and on me, and I get excited all over again.


My First Gangbang

group Hannah90 2018-01-18

As soon as the first cock pushed inside me again, the groans from just how tight I am again, the dribble from Chris pouring onto my arm, the massive head in my mouth, I said to them 'I love cum, I want to taste it, I want it in me, and I want it all over me. Chris started telling me to take all of his cock inside me, he told me how gorgeous my pussy looked stretched by such a big beast like that. Chris's cum began to pour into my mouth whilst it was hung over my face, he watched me gulping down his cum, his eyes going from looking at my face, my reactions, and then back to my cunt being stretched so widely.

Helen's Tail Tale

group walterio 2018-01-18

Jay and Ken looked on almost in disbelief as Cliff prepared me for an ass fucking session. Jay was mesmerized watching Ken fuck my ass as the cock slid in and out of my very curvy bubble butt. Jay and Ken then watched in awe as Cliff slid his thick meat into my ass and they couldn't believe that I could take it all. He took longer than Jay and Ken did but when he finally came and there was so much jizm from the three loads that it started to back out of my asshole and run down my legs and pussy lips. Each week thereafter Cliff and I would bring Ken and Jay back from the tennis club for hours of fucking at my house.


Teacher's Pet Ch. 04

group jamesofthedead 2018-01-18

"No, sir." Emily replied, turning temporarily from her friend causing Nikki to begin kissing and nuzzling her neck drawing some appreciative moaning from her friend. "Why don't you give her mouth something to do sir?" Emily suggested inbetween sliding her tongue into Nikki's cunt and sucking on the girl's clit. I started thrusting into Nikki's tight quim and I looked Emily in the eyes as she began grinding her crotch on her best friends face, her large firm tits standing proudly from her chest and jiggling with every to and fro. Nikki clearly knew what she was doing between Emily's legs as her eyes were half closed, her fingers were savagely twisting her nipples as she screamed out an orgasm.

The Interns: Truth or Dare

group neruda 2018-01-18

He had to start wearing suits, which he didn't mind at first because of how good he looked in them, but it got old quickly, and he began to long for the old t-shirts and jeans of his college classes. Tiffany and Alyssa shook hands like the up and coming professionals they were all trying to be and Mark took a moment to wonder how the fuck he ever got this lucky. Or the time she was at a party and everyone ended up in the hot tub at the end of the night and she thought everyone was naked, so she stripped down before she got in and everyone looked at her like "What the hell are you doing!"


slut wife

group 2018-01-18

Tami, smiling at Scott gave his upper body and legs a Scott watched as my wife's hand unaware of my wife lowering her mouth to his cock until Tami, enjoyed the head of Scott's cock for a couple of I watched my wife suck Scott for ten minutes. I wanted to see my wife fuck Scott. "That's it, Tami, fuck him, ride his cock, make him cum film took two loads of cum in her open mouth. slutty wife's cunt." I watched her pull her legs back My wife looked over at me, smiled, and let the young man wife took the shaft of his cock in her hand, looked up wife's cock sucking talents, the stranger held her head

Memoirs of a Porn Actor Ch. 1

group Pat McCarthy 2018-01-18

Somehow all the others were part of our lovemaking with Annette, they weren't exactly human sex toys, because most of them were good friends, but many were also completely unknown one-night stands. Whatever they were, it was nice to see Annette turned on by my reports, or to listen to her telling her experiences, generally right after our first, furious welcome-back screwing, while she fondled me, a lazy little finger of hers in my ass, her story making me want her passionately again. I let Roger finish his coffee in pensive silence until Annette came back smelling of baby powder. Annette and I worked on each other until she said: "Don't make me come, I want it to linger".


As My Wife Rides the Stranger...

group DominoVinke 2018-01-18

My cock stirs as I hear the door unlock. I come into the living room to take in the sight of my wife naked on the couch, straddling and riding another man. I come up behind her as she rides him, reaching under her arms to grasp her plump tits and I start to kiss one side of her neck. For a moment she ceases her ride, her back arched, her cheeks open wide and vulnerable. Her slippery holes strangle our invading cocks and the dual fucking stretches her wide and filling her up. We all cum together, her ass and pussy clamping down painfully tight, trapping our cocks as we pump her full of our hot seed.

Mario's present

group 2018-01-18

Italian stopped kissing her, looked at me and my dick with a broad smile and exclaimed “well I see that we’re going to use more of you, ok?” My wife smiled and he took her for a hand and they went off to the bathroom for a shower. Mario was looking at us, and suddenly abandoned her pussy, got her by the hair and placed her mouth to his dick. Everything stopped for a second – Mario stopped thrusting his dick and raised his head to look at me, she held her breath and I pushed it in. As I fucked her I was seeing Mario grabbing her hair and kissing and biting her lips, squashing her tits with his big hairy hands.

First Swing Party Ch. 2

group lock696 2018-01-18

Yes, I want his beautiful cock all the way in me, filling me completely, but more importantly, I really want to fuck Tom. Now, let’s find a place where we can be alone together. He’s massaging her ass checks, the tips of both index fingers are working their way into her tiny brown back hole, while his tong is deep inside her hot wet tight fuck hole. As I lower my head I hear Mary moan and look to see Tom licking her butt-hole while working his finger into it. Taking a hint from what Tom is doing to my wife, I place my hands under his wife’s butt and lift it high enough to put my tong in her ass-hole.

Attention, Please! Ch. 02

group KR 2018-01-18

I hear the sound of a drawer opening, the rip of a condom package, and in a moment your weight is back on the bed, the warmth of your body pressing against me. Still blindfolded, I spead my knees wide, anticipating the aforementioned 'nice hard cock.' A hand presses into me, opening me, and then I feel it, I feel what I want. You lean forward on your hands and knees and spread your thighs until the head of your cock bumps against my lips, smearing them with precome. "I want to watch this," you say, and then your thighs are gone, no longer straddling my chest, and there is Stephen, plain as day, his brow furrowed and his eyes closed, pumping away.

We did it! Well, she did it! Great Cuckold Experie

group luvtowatch 2018-01-18

My wife went out to a club in Charlotte a few weekends ago and we were hoping to connect with a guy that might want to seduce her. Well, to make a long story short, I made sure that Mary got the cue that if she wanted to pursue him, she should. She stayed up on the floor and danced with the guy in the blue button down, starched shirt. I put on some music from my ITunes and I danced with Mary slow while he said on the couch and watched. Then I heard Mary moaning, grabbed my IPhone and headed to the bedroom to see "mystery man" plowing her from behind.

Coke Makes Everyone Cum

group GoldenCojones 2018-01-18

Guess my parents had a sense of humor." Coke smiled and pointedly looked Lilly up and down, bringing a blush to Lilly's face as the oddly named woman made a point of staring at Lilly's large breasts filling out her white cotton blouse. "It's Friday night, surely he can understand the need to let off a little steam, or better yet, why don't you invite him to join us?" Coke took her hand, leading Lilly toward the door. Jill, a voluptuous woman slightly taller than Lilly, joined them as they walked through the open atrium on their way out of Daltech's main office. "Mmm, I love the way Jerry fills out those jeans." Jill stared at him, ignoring Coke and Lilly.


Wifes First Ch. 03

group CyrusMann 2018-01-18

She looked at him in a whole new light, and knew it would not be long before Mr. “Bear” Barister, was feasting on a little Bri! Karen saw the look on her face and just said, “Well she is my best friend Bri, and I had to fill her in.” The color rising up her neck must have been comical. After getting Karen into the house, Bri explained that on a few occasions, Ken had brought his entire crew over to party. The last Bri saw of her for some time was, as she got on her knees surrounded by seven or eight of the new guys, quickly stripping for her.

craigslist couple part 1

group towardsvegan 2018-01-18

When we spoke he said I sounded like a normal guy and he wanted to make sure I was open minded and laid back. He said for me, it would be like watching free porn and that I might be aloud to pull out my cock and jerk off on her tits if things went right. She had a really nice body and seeing her pussy and ass from this position got me super horny. He noticed this and made a comment about having a jerk session as we looked at the pictures. At first I thought he was k**ding about the jerk session, but I could tell he was getting excited having me see his girlfriend naked like this.

The Wife's Lesson

group jbgoode 2018-01-18

Our aerobics instructor was the most beautiful woman I had ever laid eyes on, and each time I had finished a work out with her my first job was to have a shower and finger myself, thinking of the way her full breasts bounced and her tight ass was on display as she took us through our routine. It's been years since I have had my mouth stuffed with a cock like that." I continued to ignore Darren and his protests as I set to licking his friend's hard shaft. But I didn't have too much time to worry as Darren moved away and I felt Phil begin to tongue my asshole.

Kelsey's World Ch. 14

group riverboy 2018-01-18

"Yeah, like you don't love being watched," Koop said. "Oh, yeah, she's great," he said, remembering how wild Barbara had been on the sex swing at the party. You need to fuck me some more!" Charity said, straddling Brian and kissing him. "Fuck!" Brie said softly, smiling at the unexpected orgasm and Charity's chirpy, stuttering moans. "Austin's dating Kelsey, so I got to know Bobby and Kay. They were nice enough to invite me to a party last weekend." "We sort of lost touch with you guys," Bobby said to Rick. "You know..." Barbara said, smiling slyly, "...I always thought you guys were talking sports when you chatted here at the gym.