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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Long Simmering Swing Ch. 08

group Art Martin 2018-01-18

Jake was just standing there with a bottle of wine, looking like a rube in his crew cut, Ginger by his side, gazing around when I opened the door. Jake was lifting her with his hands and fucking her on his cock like some sort of machine, with quick, punishing strokes, driving his cock as deep into her as possible with each time she dropped. I pulled out of Ginger’s ass, telling her, “I’ll be back in moment Baby.” While I crossed the tub, I washed my dick off as best I could, before lubing up it up for a long held fantasy. I looked over at Jake and Ginger, tenderly kissing, and realized that they had a more honest relationship with each other than V and I did.

Our New Year's Eve Dinner

group Mystery Squaw 2018-01-18

My husband and I decided to throw a small, but discreet dinner party for New Year's Eve. We discussed who we wanted and why and came up with Trish and Doug because you never know what will happen when we all get together. I looked at my husband and he nodded in approval as I moved over and started to undress Doug. My husband came over too and started to lick Trish's shaved wet dripping pussy from behind. Trish and I shared Doug's cock while my husband was probing his tongue into Trish's dripping pussy and letting one hand probe her ass and the other stroking his swelling cock.

Kath Goes to London Ch. 01

group andrewxx 2018-01-18

On the day of her meeting, Kath entered the quaint and well furnished London consulting rooms of Mr Maxim and was greeted by Jayne, the receptionist and medical nurse who had joined the practice soon after graduating with honours at a major London medical school. The skis were a diversion for the patients to talk about, because really Mr Andrew Maxim enjoyed his work completely and couldn't imagine a better time and place anywhere on earth, even half way up a mountain in Courcheval. First, I'd like you to sign a form agreeing to the examination and possible treatment, then when you're ready, you're going to feel a little prick whilst I sedate you, so just relax." Jayne and Kath tutted to each other at the hackneyed joke, and Andrew simply smiled.


3 High School Friends

group NormsGirl81 2018-01-18

I start fucking Justin faster, enjoying the feel of his cock, & his hands on my body--out of the corner of my eye I see Derek lean closer to the bed & I start to cum. Justin moves his arms down to my ass & tries to hold me so I'm not thrusting into him so fast, but I really want to cum on his cock again & I use my legs to pull him deeper into me, fucking him harder & start to moan loud. Justin keeps fucking me like that for awhile until he thrusts into me hard & holds himself there as I feel his cock twitch as he starts to cum.


The Book of David Ch. 05

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-18

Danielle and Cherys were waiting in the living room when I came in, cuddling on the couch while watching some inane sitcom on TV. I think Kevin got the better end of the deal sitting in the backseat with Cherys. So just like that, there were ten breasts visible and Kevin and I both got whiplash trying to look at them all at once. The four of us were quickly seated, Kevin and I facing the stage with Danielle beside me and Cherys directly opposite. "Happy Birthday, David!" Another of Danielle and Cherys' friends gave me a peck on the cheek before she took everyone else's orders. After a while, I'd begun to think of her as another big sister like Danielle.


It Was Nineteen-Seventy Something

group Cherokee Rose 2018-01-18

"At first, we were paired off, me and Katie, Shaggy and Tanya, and another couple named Marcia and Bob. Bill and Ted just sat back in these funky papa-san chairs and watched wide-eyed." I could hear "Feel Like Making Love" blaring from Tanya's cheap speakers as I shoved Katie's jeans and white cotton panties down her legs and yanked them apart. Shaggy, who really did look like the guy from the TV show -- tall, skinny, weird hair -- had a huge dick and he would shove it into Tanya, pull it out almost all the way then shove it home again so hard you could hear his balls slap her ass.

The Party House Ch. 01

group Lady Lay 2018-01-18

Sitting on the edge of my bed I slipped on the red three-inch heels that finished the look then stood in front of the mirror turning this way and that, pulling in my stomach, and running my hands down past the curve of my waist. I sipped a little more of my drink and turned to head back down to the bustling party below when I felt a hand move around my waist and a very light kiss on my neck caused tingles to race down my spine. Sue, of course, is smiling like a Cheshire cat as she turns and waves her hand over her head trying to get David's attention, who comes over and whisks her off, leaving me alone with Blake.


A Visit to a Public Toilet

group Redcap 2018-01-18

It was too late to flee to the car, the occupant would be walking in any second, quickly I grabbed Claire's hand and pulled her into the toilet cubicle, swiftly closing Claire too came a second time and slumped to her knees, as she moved form the wall I was able to see the still stiff prick of the stranger, a thread of cum hanging form his dick. A tall, grey haired man in well dressed stood there, he handed Claire her coat and then placing a hand on the back of her head pulled her to him and began kissing her deeply. As we drove away form the car park, Claire to my shock placed one booted foot on the dashboard and began to fuck herself with the dildo.

Clay takes me to the pond

group atlsexyguy 2018-01-18

Clay introduced us, and Nate said ‘this is the guy you wanted to pick up at the beach!” And, I confirmed, saying, I’m Clay’s cousin. Nate sat in the middle with his hand in Clay’s lap, and his own cock bulging through his football shorts. Clay, pulled off his Arena suit and stood nude as he showed me a N2N Pride Competitor or the Andrew Christian Active Bikini… So I pulled out my Cocksox white bikini and hung it on his erect cock! Clay had wandered off and Nate said Molly wants him to rub on sexy muscle. Marko motioned for him to come over and he pulled Coles Cock from his briefs and worked it hard before shoving it in Matt’s ass!

A Company Man: The CIA & Me Ch. 02

group Romantic1 2018-01-18

In the morning, Katrina and I spent two hours in martial arts training with Wan Suh. Kat commented on my muscles and trim form as she flipped me up in the air; as usual she showed me no mercy. Thursday I spent all-day at The Company's Duomo Square building: body hardening for two hours; firing range for two more -- now with moving targets; short lunch; Russian language training; and knife fighting -- now with sharp weapons and not the toys we'd used in my earlier training with Rand. Give her one more orgasm." I felt Kat's other hand move to massage Alyana's clitoris as I started to hammer into her ass.


The Widow

group RonClarkeson 2018-01-18

"What a super view," she exclaimed and gave Merrill a hug, "If I had known it looked like this I would have agreed to come sooner and for longer, but we still both have to work as we want to start a family soon and it's such a long way and so expensive to fly." "Mom, dad, mother and father-in-law, brothers and sisters this has been a difficult time for me," there was a murmur of sympathy, "but the past is finally tidied away and the John's affairs finalized. John had been whispering back and forth with his wife, who rose and spoke for him, "We think that you should sell the house; although we have some money saved we were planning on having a family this year and need our savings to move to a bigger house, while I stop work to raise the children.


Not So Silent Night

group secretagent229 2018-01-18

Still staring at her breasts, Jake started to pull of his shirt and Daryk watched, clearly far more interested in seeing Jake than Valerie. Valerie took the whipped cream and tried to draw a santa face on Jake's chest, feeling completely filled with the holiday spirit. Valerie grabbed his huge cock and started to gently work it with her hands, feeling a drop of precum that told her he was close to orgasm already. would it be ok with you if I...?" Jake was in such a deep state of pleasure with his cock inside Valerie and for some reason he just felt like it would be even better if Daryk went inside him, even though he'd never done that before.

Rhianon's first gang bang

group cougarsaregreat 2018-01-18

Rhianon was dirty, passionate, absolutely sexy and loved having men cum on her chest. One night when giving her grey haired co-worker a blow job she started thinking about him, their part-black co-worker and her boyfriend all cumming on her tits at the same time. Before leaving his home she proposed the gang bang and the older guy wasn't sure about two other guys being involved but also loved the idea of covering her chest because his wife stopped letting him before either of them had grey hair. Maurice and her bf didn't wait any longer & moved close enough to cover her chest as they were pretty close to cumming themselves.

Diana and I Suck a Cock

group mark919 2018-01-18

Diana opened her mouth and moved her head forward letting the head of his cock slide between her wet lips. Diana moved her hands up to his waist and pulled on it pushing more of his cock into her mouth. I realized that my wife was finger-fucking herself and playing with her clit as I continued to tongue her ass and Steve sucked on my cock. Steve sucked my cock dry of my cum and I moaned at the sensations coming from my sensitive cock as it slowly softened in his mouth. Diana moved her body from mine and I looked down at the blonde head that was sucking on my cock. I moaned as our bodies shifted and I felt his mouth suck on the head of my cock.


Pantyhose fantasy for a friend continued.

group tonyhose 2018-01-18

I keep thrusting hard as my cum shoots into her cunt, filling her and covering your cock until I am drained again and my cock slips from her pussy. I take your cock in my mouth and lick it clean of the mixture of your cum and mine with her pussy juice. The smell and taste of her pussy and the attentions of your mouth get me hard again and as I continue to lick your girlfriends cunt until she has another orgasm, I thrust my cock in and out of your mouth and then as I feel her juices flood my mouth again I cum suddenly into your mouth.

The Pricipal's Office

group snakebyte 2018-01-18

Sarah pulled Kate in and pushed her tongue deep into Kate's mouth. He walked behind Kate and played with her tits as Sarah grounded her melons into the back of his hands. "Pull her skirt off and eat her pussy Sarah" Daryl said. Sarah pushed her face into Kate's wet hole. As Sarah pushed her tongue deeper in Daryl got up on his desk so she could suck his hard cock. Meanwhile Sarah was pushing two fingers in Kate's wet pussy. As he fucked her slowly, Sarah ground her pussy into Kate's mouth. Daryl grabbed Kate's tits as he fucked her harder. Then Kate climbed down got underneath them and sucked his balls as he fucked Sarah fast and hard.

Giving her a good soaking

group FunChatman 2018-01-18

I swear his cock actually jumped in his hand, like a weapon, as it spurted, the first shot falling onto her belly, then the rest reaching further, spraying his heavy load of hot, white, salty cum over her tits. We all set about wanking even harder, but the sight of Jeff's cum and her sluttiness pushed us over and one by one, panting, moaning, we unloaded our balls, shooting our loads with greater or lesser accuracy until her tits were drenched in a sticky covering of warm, hot, salty white cum. When it finally stopped, she was writhing in another orgasm, using one hand to press a cum-covered tit to her mouth, the other to desperately rub her clit.

Latin Lovers Ch. 03

group LilSheba 2018-01-18

Several months ago Carlos wanted to talk with Kenni and me, and he told us that his "little" brother Luis, a couple of years younger, my age, was leaving the military after eight years, mostly in the Middle East. I had quietly told Kenni and Carlos to avoid his time in the military if possible, and we talked about job prospects, possible travel and things like getting him a car. I grabbed his hand and said with a laugh, "It's ok Luis, I know you're not used to it, but it will become natural." And I added, "Besides, I kind of like you looking at me."


Fantasy Flight to Sydney (Dave's story)

group irish626 2018-01-18

The pilot, Amy, who I guess was the instructor also, was tall, dark haired with big tits and had a pussy shaved in novelty fashion like a "!" Her partner was Lynn, who looked passably like you but without your wonderful glow. Amy and Lynn and three other naked women were on the floor where the professor usually stands and the passengers were seated like students. As they kissed, Amy began stroking Lynn big breasts, playing with the nipples and tugging at them. Misty starts licking my cum off your face, running her tongue along your cheeks and inside your mouth. We stay like that for a while gently moaning as pleasure on another but soon I want to put my cock in your pussy again and poor Ulana has to left to frig and fingerfuck her cunt all by herself.

Tammy's favorite hobby, being a cock sucking

group Johnnytames69 2018-01-18

After a few minutes, I got what I’d been looking for, his rod started swelling up in my mouth and I knew he was about to give me some cum!I was so curious, i knew most girls didn't like it but I loved it and couldn't wait to taste the difference between father and son. They were cheering me on, taking pictures, saying i was the dirtiest slut they knew, my eyes were tearing but i loved showing off, it was like a warm shake, the kink of it is what would make me cum, then they would fuck me, all those married men, they told me I was lucky because married men are the best lovers and last longer then single guys.

The Personal Assistant Ch. 2

group DobieGrrl 2018-01-18

He moaned, bent his head, and took a nipple into his mouth, roughly rubbing my other nipple between his fingers. "Suck him off." He pushed my head down roughly into Andy's lap. Reaching forward, he pushed his face into my pussy, shoving that huge nose up in me like a little cock while he licked my clit. I turned around, and Andy scooted up on the chair, grabbed his cock, and entered me while I was on all fours. I began to feel my first orgasm of the night coursing through my pussy, and I began pushing harder against his dick, feeling his balls slap against my clit with each thrust.


group Justtoold 2018-01-18

Roy paused the tape and looked over at Jazz and told her, "Yes, that's Jane and these guys all right. Jazz had that devious smile she gets when she is teasing and timidly pulled one side of the top of her bikini down and let the guys examine one tit then covered up again as the guys started praising how good that tit looked. Being in the middle of the room the guys quickly surrounded Jazz and since that bikini bottom had worked its way into the crack of her ass there was lots of grabbing her ass cheeks, the odd slap was added to them and at the same time her tits were still being assaulted.


16 ladyboys jerked off in front of me! live!

group toniparr 2018-01-18

A big party had been arranged for me at my favorite ladyboy bar and a “competition” had been secretly arranged for me. Had a nice party with balloons, food, drinks etc then a midnight I was told that it was now time for my birthday present. With only two to go (luckily one was my favorite from the bar) both of them told me to open my mouth and blew their loads straight in my mouth. They all stood round laughing and yelling “harder, harder, we want cum, we want cum!” I’m not sure but I think I blew the biggest load I had shot since I was a teenager with much cheering from the ladyboys.

A Memorable Seduction

group Alison Grey 2018-01-18

I could tell by the way her eyes were looking me over from my shoulder length, dark brown hair to my long legs that she wasn't merely being polite. I moaned out loud when she reached between her legs and took his hard cock out of his suit as if to guide him inside, and when my eyes met hers and I realized she was watching me, I came harder and louder than I can ever remember. I soon felt soft lips nibbling at my breasts and I sighed as I looked down at Patty sucking on my nipples. I came again with his mouth buried inside me and her lips clamped on my nipple and my hand full of her beautiful breast.