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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Black Out

group rckplsky 2018-01-18

I make sure I look ghetto as fuck; the hotel staff is going to love me. I look at myself in the mirror before Robert calls me and lets me know the guys are waiting for me. I drive as fast as I can to the hotel and see Robert with a group of like seven black guys. I can only imagine what the people think of us walking through the lobby of an expensive hotel, looking like something out of a rap video. I then get off the guy who was fucking my pussy and turn over and place his dick in my ass. "Hello Crystal," she says walking inside my room, "I was just in the neighborhood and wanted to say hi."

Four Wives Club

group jusduit 2018-01-18

As he raised his ass up from her body, pulling his average sized cock up with it, he thought about the next day and how he was going to juggle all this sex with his wife and family life all at the same time. Already, the first rumblings of dissatisfaction with this lack of enthusiasm had surfaced at the last Friday "card game." Gina had brought it up in the form of a question to see if maybe she was experiencing something different than the others, but they all agreed the kid was little more than a slug with a prick, albeit a willing one their husbands would pay for through the lawn care bills.


from my army friend and admirer....

group 2018-01-18

sucking on his balls and taking all of his cock it does not take long and he cums in your mouth. as soon as he finishes you jump right over and ride the guy to his left taking his hard cock right in you dripping cum from your pussy you are ridding his from stroking him he shoots in you prety quickly, you jump over to the other guy on the couch and ride him. you are squating in front of the other guy you are sucking on him and rubbing your pussy getting all that cum all over your hand and rubbing it on his cock as you suck on him. rubbing 3 guys cum on that cock taking it all the way in your mouth.

Do it To Me One More Time

group trumptight85 2018-01-18

We grabbed a few more drinks and then my wife noticed that Terri hadn't come out of the room...She walks over there and sees Terri, lying on the bed, pass out...she tries to wake her, but to no we are like what the heck is going on now...Biz, who loves my wifes big tits pulls them out and starts sucking on her nipples, then he lays my wife down and starts eating her pussy...all while i'm looking out just in case, Terri wakes up since we always play together...He has my wife's pussy spread wide, then I hear my wife tell him, "fuck me" and she turns that ass around and Doc, places his nice, 8 incher into her and he starts fucking her slowly and then he starts giving it to her...

Hot Teacher

group jasliz 2018-01-18

Three good friends, Tim, Scott and Jason were all excited about being done with high school and moving on with their lives since they had all turned 18 and were ready for collage. Jason stayed in the hall and waited for Scott to come out after asking Miss Johnson his question. As she said this she took turns looking at Jason, Scott and Tim. After class the boys knew they had their opportunity. Miss Johnson sat on Jason's right leg and wrapping an arm around his neck leaned in for a kiss with her other hand on his large cock. Splatter this chair with your load!" Miss Johnson said, stroking viciously now on Jason's cock.


cousins girlfriend part 2

group 2018-01-18

I start to go down on her when i notice that Joan has taken all her clothes off as well and is sucking my dick. Joan pushes me down and say's let me show you all how it's done she start's sucking my dick and cayla cums and sits on my face. I soon cum everywhere but joan simply pulls me on top of her and i fuck her meaty cunt hard. cayla felling left out gets the dick pump and i pull out of joan to recive a good pumping. when she is done i fuck caylas brains out while joan starts sucking caylas tits.

Good Girls Ch. 02

group brunorivera 2018-01-18

At first, I could not believe that somebody would do this for me, especially she; but as the day of her moving approached, I looked forward to it, but I was afraid that she was going to reject me the day that she got to know me better. Upon parting our lips, he began slowly with his pumping, and I wanted to keep touching Letty so that she wouldn't be left unsatisfied if he finished too soon. Jules pulled his penis out of Letty, and when he began taking off the condom, she told him: It hurt a little, but Letty caressed my nipples a little more, and Jules also gave her room so she could stimulate my clitoris before he began his sway.

Surprising my wife and daughter...3

group imornery81 2018-01-18

Finally the dinner was over and the ladies cleared the table, as I picked up my towel and took it to the hamper and drained my soldier.  We had polished off the whole bottle of wine and as I made my way back to the dining room, I poured myself a brandy and walked back into the dining room.  The table was cleared except for the items at the far end.  Heather was wrapping a length of white rope around the wrist of Alex as they just laughed and giggled like teenagers.  I watches as the first wrist was tied and then the second.

Brighton Hall Bi Boys

group Shade_Colbourne 2018-01-18

Colin got down on his knees on the floor in front of Marissa's mouth, slid one hand under the back of her neck, and slid his cock neatly in, all the way down her throat without any resistance. I could feel Marissa's pussy walls clamping down on my cock even harder as I pumped blast after blast of hot milky cum into her, her body heaving with the force of Colin's cock impaling her throat and mine plunged deeply into her cunt as wave after wave of orgasm overtook her. Colin slowly pulled out of her to let her breathe and a long trail of spit and cum remained suspended between his cock and Marissa's mouth.

No Consequences Ch. 01

group wildlyhorny 2018-01-18

Whenever Kevin saw Trish's incredible smile, he felt like he would melt into a puddle at her feet. In addition to her excitement from the experience of freefalling, Kelly now felt very horny, and realized how wet her pussy was getting in her panties. Every bump and thrust of Kevin's cock against her ass was igniting what felt like small jolts of electricity in her body. When Trish put her arms on her hips and innocently pulled her shorts up slightly, Kevin's eyes dropped down to her legs. As soon as Kelly felt Kevin's fingers deep between the cheeks of her ass and the heat from his cum spread up into her belly, her own body throbbed from another powerful orgasm.


group denniscarpenter 2018-01-18

What happened next was related to me by my wife …… Sitting in the powder room with her head spinning and pussy dripping she said she thought about what she had been watching on stage earlier and wished she had been up there getting the treatment those girls were. As the head of the massive cock popped through the lips of her cunt, she heard a moaning sound and thought to herself, I wish I could see the mirror on the ceiling to see what this looked like. he moaned and rammed it was hitting something inside her and he was coming a lot, and it was hot like boiling water splashing inside her sending warmth through her body......She came to...she tried to keep her legs around him, but they were too weak.

A Trucker's Paradise

group CHEWEY 2018-01-18

Pulling back a little so he could watch Betty pleasure Bonnie, Skip sucked one of those long rock hard nips into his mouth as Bonnie tipped her head back, eyes closed and enjoyed the pleasure they were both giving her. Betty's head was bent slowly and licking on Bonnie's love nub and sliding her fingers in and out of her hard. Their tremendous excitement was almost to a feverish pitch as the thought of Betty eating Bonnie wet cunt kept running through Skip's head. As his excitement started to fade a little, he took his face out of Betty's sated pussy and reluctantly pulled his cock out of Bonnie's mouth.

A Job Well Done Ch. 05

group WhatIKnow 2018-01-18

"So, what do you want to do today?" Her smile turned devilish and her pussy gripped my dick tight as she slid up and down. Is your dick going to feel that good too?" Her hips were really moving now and I felt like I was getting close. I've been so close, but this is nothing like the real thing." She pulled the dildo out of her pussy with a wet sucking noise. I took my dick away from JC's mouth and moved it to Shelly's pussy. I pulled my fingers out of Shelly's ass with a pop, and then pushed my dick into her before it could close up.


Tribute to granny:

group Northmeadmall 2018-01-18

While I was working in Jeddah (Saudi Arabian) I meet a lovely couple form Texas and since I was on single bases they took me under their wing, They were both swinger’s and great at organising parties, one they held was in three parts, firstly was for the k**s, ice-cream and soft drinks, second for adults drinking moonshine (homemade hooch), third was for the broader minded, at the beginning was all very f****y, c***dren, couples, and the odd relative, one who came was a 68 year old lady from Yorkshire, who introduced herself by saying call me granny, she had come with a couple who had two k**s, we all had a very pleasant time and as the afternoon went by we all thought she would leave with the k**s, so as the adult section started we noticed she stayed on, after some time we decided to warm things up so rearranged Judy’s clothing so she was now only dressed in a short skirt, no top and told her to serve drink and hanging sign round her neck witch read, if you like my service play with my tits, if not smack my bum, after a few circuits of the floor Judy come to me saying each time I serve granny she either has a good feel of my tits or smacks my bum, thinking she’d had a couple of glass’s to many we didn’t think too much of it.

Billionaire and the Sisters Ch. 53

group SteveWallace 2018-01-18

I pointed to another construction site about a half mile away to call attention to it to Cindy and Elsa, "That'll be your new hanger very soon. After we sated our interest in the initial progress on the home's foundation the six of us took off in different directions: Elsa and Cindy to the gym to meet Wan Suh -- their instructor; Melanie, KC, and Sheila to take the limousine back to the condo; and me to 'run some errands.' There were four people that I needed to pay immediate attention to from a hostess standpoint because they were arriving a full day before the party started: Troy and Janet, and Dan and Sandy.


Erotica Tom Ch. 1

group eroticawriterzz 2018-01-18

You slouch down to your bed and Tanya stands up, smiles, cum dripping from her face, "That was great!" she begins to move her finger on your chest, and then says, "I don't know why you have not tried till now, I have been waiting for this moment ever since I got here. Jessica stands up and looks at you two, her deep red lips form a sultry smile, she comes over closely, and gives Tanya a deep kiss, followed by a fondling of her breasts. Then Jessica notices another visitor, two actually, your daughters, Melissa, and Alicia are looking into your bedroom, the door was open after all, having been so wrapped up in the moment, none of you thought about closing the door, but then again, this is normal, as I will explain.


Resonance Unleased

group ChaseQ 2018-01-18

"Come in and close the door." Marcie said. I decided to save her only because I knew that it worked and I wasn't sure about Marcie but I'd love to see Emily get naked. "Wouldn't Emily look really hot if she took off her shirt Marcie?" I asked. It wasn't long before Marcie was holding Emily's brown hair in her fists and pulling her face between her own legs. Marcie's glazed eyes looked up at me and then down at Emily's tight ass sticking up in the air. "I bet Emily would like you to fuck her while she eats my pussy." Marcie gasped.

He Loves Me, He Loves YOU Not...Ch. 2

group Traci Spencer 2018-01-18

"Uhhhh...yessssss......your tongue feels so good on my cunt Justin..." I moaned. She's not as good as you." Justin said as he put his arm around Sarah giving her a hug. I got on my knees and begin licking Sarah's pussy threw her thong. Sarah bended down and started kissing me and Justin removed her thong. She would suck on my clit for like 3 minutes then go back to my love hole eating it and stretching it out with her tongue. Justin then kissed Sarah on her neck and Sarah came up and kissed me on the lips with her tongue in my mouth. "Ohhhh god Sam yessssss.....yesssssssssssss.....I'm gonna cum!!!" Sarah said in excitement as she was about to cum from my tongue.

Andra Learns To Party

group ClovenCharm 2018-01-18

As Andra watched Rachel's breasts bouncing in rhythm to Paul's hard fucking, Erik positioned himself so his cock was right in Andra's face. While Wes was buried deep inside Andra, Erik grabbed the back of her head and pushed his cock so far into her mouth it was nearly going down her throat. Wes continued to pump away at Andra's tight pussy as she looked over in time to see Paul pull out of Rachel's pussy and cum all over her round little ass. As both men came inside her at the same time, shooting hot cum deep into her pussy and her tight ass, Andra completely lost herself in the ecstasy and kept cumming so hard she thrashed violently in the water.

Awakening Ch. 11: The Playroom

group shakenmartini55 2018-01-18

Apparently she was reading my mind and the mischievous smile that had been on her face since I walked in the room spread wide across her face making her beautiful eyes crinkle slightly, "See anything you like dearie?" Damn, there is nothing in the world like feeling Emma's silky tongue slide into your mouth. His cock was covered in saliva and by what I could see the guy in the hood was doing a damn good job sucking Derek's abundant dick; much better than I'd done. Emma was holding onto the dude's hips tightly, "He likes having his ass fucked and he loves sucking dick.


Kaitlin's Tale Ch. 6

group AerinThomas 2018-01-18

A man dressed like a businessman, about 5'4" tall and in average shape, slid onto the seat beside her and, without preamble, said "Follow me." Sliding from the seat he led Kaitlin through the throng of people to the back of the bar, and walked into the men's room. As Kelli whispered to the next person, one man in the crowd yelled out "show us your tits!" Kaitlin complied immediately, removing her bra and dropping it behind the bar, then returning to her involuntary masturbation.


Taking Jenn's Mom Ch. 04

group eisbehr 2018-01-18

"Does Sandra suck your cock as good as me?" she asked, looking up at me doe-eyed, "Does she fuck you with her tits like me, Baby?" I've got your cream and I'll help you with it if you want," Sandra said to Jenn as I chopped up onions and garlic for sauce. We finished eating and Sandra said to Jenn, "I probably should show you that oil. You should be helping us!" Sandra barked, "Jenn, let's get to the bedroom and see if lover-boy can really treat us equally like he says." What started as a brief touch turned into an embrace and then I lost my breath when Jenn kissed Sandra right on the mouth.


All Revved Up

group riverboy 2018-01-18

"I certainly hope not," Patty said flirtatiously, and Carrie and Jenny laughed nervously. "Well, this is a night full of firsts," I said as Carrie and Jenny stood before me in bikinis in Patty and Bill's suite. "You do realize they're for swimming, right?" She set her drink down, let the robe slip off her shoulders, tossed it on a chair, picked up her martini, walked stark naked out to the hot tub and slithered into the bubbly water. "So Bobbie, I heard you wondering to yourself why you hadn't asked Carrie or Jenny out yet," Patty said to me. Jenny took an extra big gulp of her drink, and very slowly let her hand rise up the side of Carrie's body onto her big soft tit.


BBC first time not as expected

group strycat 2018-01-18

We were in the living room with the lights on and a few guys went around to the back of the sofa and had her suck their cocks while he had his cock in her pussy and his finger in her ass, one young friend of ours there had a very fat 9 1/2 inch cock in her mouth that was only about a foot above the watching eyes of the black guy she was fucking below her, we'd been to the young guys place to play before and she really enjoyed fucking him so she gave him a great sucking so the black guy could see what an actual big cock looked like in her pretty mouth.