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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Lisa and Kurt

group jim313 2018-01-17

Then Lisa asked Kurt to undress and show me his gorgeous body and I watched as he revealed a fabulous physique as well as an absolutely beautiful, thick cock that was half hard and had a smooth, sculptured crown with a deep ridge around it which made it look very suckable. I was sucking on the head of Kurt's cock as I watched my wife feed the dildo inside his asshole and then, as she started moving it in and out, she gasped and told Lisa how wonderful it felt as it massaged her clit with each thrust.


Calamity's First Orgy

group anastymouse 2018-01-17

By now, Trish must have told Jim that I knew he was in the closet watching us and I that I got off on him looking at my naked ass. One of the cast members, sweet face, thin, dressed like school girl, plaid skirt, argyle socks, starched white blouse, stopped me in the kitchen. I noticed a little candy stripped plug in her butt with a ring attached looking much like a baby's pacifier....humm...interesting people, with shared interests. Almost immediately I felt some little teeth trying to nip at my ass but in the frenzy off flashing lights and masks and the crush of people there was no way to spot who could have done it.


Bi Wedding

group johncorwin 2018-01-17

When we came together, it wasn’t through the separation of clothing, but the warmth of flesh on flesh; the soft press of her breasts against my body; the smooth curve of her hips; the touch of her fingers as they ran feather light over my sex. I felt his tongue on my nipples as his hands were removed and her mouth continued its caressing of my sex. I felt him move and tighten and shift as my mouth continued past him, holding him with my fingers, giving to him the pleasure I so enjoyed on myself. I rolled onto my back, my own hand moving to caress his balls as he took over the pace, pushing his wet member into my mouth, pulling it back again.


group jlea1982 2018-01-17

I feel fingers slide inside me again working in and out while the pressure increases on my clit and the tip of his tongue turns to full licking and then to intense sucking. Soon I am no longer going slow but instead David's hand are on the back of my head moving me fast and pushing my face into his pelvis making me take him in to the back of my throat. There are still hands on my hips keeping a hard cock deep inside my pussy but I soon realize that the fingers are no longer in my ass and slowly I feel the rock hard member sliding in.

Little Panties for a Little Cock

group keripinkpanty 2018-01-17

I felt like saying "masturbating my cock into your panties" well talk about asking a silly question but instead I started to stammer apologies but suddenly she said started to laugh. She said "If you want to be a pantie wanking sissy girl, you must do some slutty girl things to prove it." She made me kneel in front of her boyfriend and undo his jeans, I had to take his cock out a stroke it. I was kneeling there in pink panties with my tiny weeny on display for all to see and touching another man's cock with my hands and loving every second of it. My heart was pounding knowing that this lovely young girl could see me sucking her boyfriend's huge dick while my little cock was waving at her.

Dear Diary - Adult store

group MichelleSissy14 2018-01-17

After the third guy unloaded in my mouth and on my face One of the others said “lets fuck her” that’s when the owner shut off the TV feed and the security guard came over. I just grabbed a few vids and we checked out the owner behind the counter said “you can come back any time honey you good for business why don’t you go In the back room I will give you some free tokens for the booths” . He grabbed my head and pulled it down to his lap “dirty whore your date is the 4th what a whore” I took his cock out and sucked him till he came as he drove.

Master & misty: Return to the Porn Theatre, Ju

group Misty_Raven 2018-01-17

“Good girl…good misty, come for your Master…explode that pussy juice all over my hand,” Master encouraged as I squirmed between strange hands and Master opening up my pussy lips and exploring the inside of me…my leg continued to shake uncontrollably…’tap, tap, tap’ I heard in between ‘ohhhhhhhhhh….oh, yes’ and then my own voice saying “oh, oh, oh, Master!” My body jerked forward violently, my muscles tensed and then relaxed again as I poured sweet juices all over Master’s fingers. The fact that Master was also being touched by unknown hands turned me on enormously and I pulled Master closer to me to kiss his neck, lips and chest. It was a chaotic sea of hands, mouths and cocks touching me as Master rammed me over and over.

The Couple

group BM6ft4in 2018-01-17

She and a friend had been doing the wallflower thing most of the night, dancing in place against their own little portion of the wall looking very uncomfortable. After about five minutes he must have said the right thing because she smiled and they started dancing very close and doing a little grinding on the dance floor. While The Spot is a good place for a white woman or couple looking to find a handsome black man willing to sleep with them, it is not the sort of place that would condone him fingering her.


Corporate Outing

group TenScoopLove 2018-01-17

Rebecca aggressively dropped on her knees, pulled her panties away and started licking her pussy with long open tongue strokes. "Lick her pussy!" I said and pushed Rebecca's head into Eileen's directions. Rebecca started eating her pussy, pushing her tongue deep inside her opening. "Now eat her BIG ass!!!" – Eileen emphasized and started spitting at Rebecca's asshole and pussy. I started fucking her, as Rebecca was working my bouncing balls with her mouth and she managed to reach and push her finger slightly into Eileen's asshole. I pulled my dick out of Eileen's pussy, and within few strokes, unloaded it all into Rebecca's mouth and onto her face. Eileen dropped next to Rebecca and started licking and sucking on my limp cock.

Sex With New Boss

group 2018-01-17

Babs moved behind me and whispered in my ear, asking me if I would like Sean to see my tits and then she reached up under my nightie and grabbed my tits. Then Babs whispered and asked if I wanted to show Sean my tits and all I could do was just shake my head and the next thing I know, she lifted my nightie up and over my head. Not long after the third big O, Sean asked me if I was on any kind of protection to prevent pregnancy and I told no and that I would love to feel him cum inside me.

Card Game

group dana213 2018-01-17

Jerry told me it was his card playing buddies and they'd come to help him fulfill my fantasies! I'd told him how I'd like to be naked a a card game before in chats, but I was not expecting this tonight! I was likely to have sex with four men I'd never seen before this night and I've never wanted anything so much in my entire life! In between serving drinks and being teased to the point of no return, I had put on some music and danced as the men played cards. After a while the men stopped the card game and gathered around me; touching, feeling, caressing and kissing me all over.

To Bask in Breastford Ch. 07

group bustyalix 2018-01-17

Coach Blue ran a hand over her brunette head and pulled Paula closer to his shaft so she could lick whatever Natalie couldn't. "Mmm, Steven." Paula said, grabbing Coach Blue by the head and forcing one of her big tits into his mouth. Coach Blue sucked on Paula's huge jugs as Natalie began to bounce her boobs up and down on his hard cock. "Oh yes." Natalie said, looking up at Coach Blue and smiling as he slid his dick between her hooters. "I'm sorry." Natalie said, looking at Coach Blue's head between Paula's jugs. "I must say..." Natalie said, as her big boobs bulged around Coach Blue's aching prick.


Hotel Corruption Fantasy Ch. 02

group CountessLove 2018-01-17

You can feel his wet briefs grinding against your knee and you lick your lips anticipating what exactly this little bunny would taste like. You gasp as you feel it slightly stretching your entrance, but continue to force your hips backwards trying to suck more of his cock inside of you. "It's tight, but he feels so fucking good." You are continuously moaning as he pushed deeper and deeper towards your core. It doesn't take you long to work up a good rhythm between your tongue and his cock still thrusting into your delighted pussy. I feel you sneak your fingers inside of me and finger fuck me as you suck my clit.

Keep Your Grades Up

group ZombieGirl86 2018-01-17

Lynch was also very strict with grades, and as soon as Ali's grades started dropping he had sent a letter home to her father. I know my class is the last on her daily schedule and I'm sure it can be very boring but she needs to pull her grades up if she wants to continue cheerleading." James nodded in understanding. Ali slowly took Mr. Lynch's dick into her mouth, slowly running her tongue over every inch of him. She rolled her eyes up to see her father looking down at her, stroking his dick and pushing it further into her mouth. Ali closed her eyes and lost herself to the feel of her teacher fucking her and her father's cock in her mouth.


A Kitten's Tail Ch. 18

group wolfdragon76 2018-01-17

We had been in Los Angeles for a couple days now, and I thought my pets might enjoy a night of dancing. "I don't want the four of you being wound up, as I will still have to take it easy for a couple days after I can start having sex again. Kiera and Marta shifted so they were both kissing and licking along the sides of my cock as Sonia and Felicia started working their way up my arms. I recognized the feeling of Marta's smaller breasts and hard nipples pressed into my side a second before her lips started working on my neck, meaning Sonia and Felicia were the ones who had just engulfed my balls.


The Ultimate Threesome

group 24UKBlonde 2018-01-17

I didn't know of course on the nights when he didn't invite me into his bed whether Halima got a call or not, but I guess I got there on average three times a week. I felt sorry for her when I was with Ahmed and slightly jealous on the nights when he didn't open my door and I heard from his room. The normal score if Ahmed wanted me was about half an hour after Halima and I had gone up, my door would open. I thought that maybe the door had been left open when Halima had returned to her room after having sex with Ahmed although to my knowledge that had not happened before.


The Farm Ch. 03

group Irish Moss 2018-01-17

As Karen stepped up onto the couch to position her pussy in front of my face, I saw Ted slide his hands up under Sarah's shirt and Brian and Mark's shorts hitting the floor. While I worked Karen's shirt up over her head, revealing her luscious tits encased in a sports bra, Sarah had finished cumming and got up, walking over to Frit and immediately stepping up on the couch so that her pussy was in his face. Frit's grunts were slightly muffled by Sarah's pussy as he finally started spewing into Denise's mouth and, once his shrinking cock fell free, she moved up onto the couch and Jeff repositioned himself between her legs, quickly going back to fucking her.

Shy college young woman gets cherry popped

group adel5000 2018-01-17

Mike was so curious about her that he asked a busy body neighbour type and they said she her name was Tracy and she was a business student and she kept to herself. Tracy murmured a yes and Dave and Mike feeling her nice firm legs and feet removed her stockings. Tracy hiccuped took a sip of her drink and said ” I learned about penises, sex, breasts, nipples, and vaginas and some fetishes. Dave and Mike licked and sucked her nipples while Tracy closed her eyes and moaned with pleasure at this new sensation. Tracy d***kenly complied and Mike and Dave took off the skirt and revealed a nice plump ass and her cheeks jiggled a bit when you moved round well as her tits.

Sex on a Cruise

group mike2123 2018-01-17

It was around spring break time, and I was a fairly good looking 28 year old (at 6', around 180 lbs in decent shape, brown hair, green eyes, and a 6.5" cut cock), so I thought my chances of getting some college pussy were pretty decent. All of a sudden Sarah lets out a loud moan and presses her pussy into my face as she starts cumming. I keep eating Sarah and slide a hand up to play with her tits as I feel Dave's head press against my ass. Feeling weak from cumming so hard, Sarah climbs off and lays next to me, kissing me while her husband thrusts into my tight ass.

3 Men & A Little Slut (Mary takes on the gang

group xxfreddyxx 2018-01-17

"You must be k**ding!" I responded to my wife, "I'm completely wiped out by the time I finish work, the last thing I want to do is to start helping you with your trade fair exhibition!" Looking at Mary's open and very wet pussy, with her juices glistening on her puffy labia, had my cock as hard as stone - maybe it was the fact that I hadn't had sex for a while, or maybe it was the thought that, if I hadn't interrupted the proceedings, I would have been treated to the sight of my wife getting gang-banged by three burly guys. The small room was filled with voices as Mary joined in and urged the man still buried in her wet pussy to cum inside her.

Her First Threesome, and His

group GentleGeorge 2018-01-17

He remembered that Cinnamon had always fantasized about having a threesome, with the thought of a cock in her pussy and one in her ass, or being fucked while she sucked off another dick. Finally, Cin said, "I need my nipples sucked on." In unison, Bob and George got off the bed, went to one side of Cin, got on their knees, and began sucking on each breast. George could not resist, he moved closer and began to lick downwards from Cin's pussy to Bob's shaft to his balls. Cin then moved to a sitting up position, and ordered Bob and George to bring their cocks for her to play with. Cin and Bob started to kiss, while George began to play with Bob's cock and balls.


Do You Trust Me? Ch. 3

group cattitude1965 2018-01-17

She slid the hard vibrating “dick” into me slowly, wrapped her mouth around my pussy lips and began to suck them, flicking her tongue across my clit and fucking me with the vibrator. After a few moments, Tracy tossed the vibrator aside and fucked me with her fingers, shoving them in up to the knuckles, while she sucked my hard swollen clit mercilessly. She pushed a finger up my ass, finger-fucking my hot asshole while she sucked my clit and fucked my pussy with her tongue. We licked and sucked each other’s hot pussy, grinding against each other’s mouth, moaning, whimpering. “Make that little whore cum all over your cock!” Tracy exclaimed, thrusting the vibrator deep into her pussy.

Bayou Birthday Party

group morning_riser 2018-01-17

As we started to eat the ice cream cake one of the girls that came to the party said out loud..." I like white sweet creamy things running down my throat." We all paused and laughed and said, uh-oh somebody came to play. T-man said to, Hey dude you can get one of her girls Brittney to come me. I turned her over and picked her up and started to plow away and got even deeper.I worked up a sweat because she was a big girl and this was a workout. She answered back and said," No,I like that shit!" Without hesitation I took her in the bathroom...and soon as we walked in she said...gimme that dick nigga!

Trump Pinata

group ShowTime8 2018-01-17

"Or do you mean like this?" Brenda poked the head of it into her mouth, pushed her lips real fat for show over the ridge. My mousy brunette turned to her friend and whined, "God, I can't stand to be bullied that way." She practically leaned her head on the blonde's shoulder. The blonde grabbed a fistful of hair in one hand and the brunette's shoulder in the other, and that let her steady the little woman for a real pounding. The brunette was starting to cum as the blonde fucked her hard with the dildo and frigged her clit underneath with her fingers. The blonde leaned over the woman's ear and asked her, "Are you going to swallow his cum or do you want to let me have it?"