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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Cassie's Threesome

group SierraMyst 2018-01-17

Johnny raised a hand as if to stop him, then dropped it again and just stared as Jeromy pulled his boxers down so his cock became visible. Jeromy wrapped his whole hand around Johnny's cock and looked straight into my eyes as he started moving it up and down, still massaging Johnny's balls. He was motionless for a fraction of a second, eyes squeezed tightly shut, before his cock quivered in Jeromy's hand and squirted out a long spurt of come. Still caressing the tip of the cock with his tongue, Johnny, reached with both hands and began lightly squeezing Jeromy's balls, one then the other. Jeromy closed his eyes and began to let out soft grunts every time he pushed his cock into me.

She Went Out With Her Old Boyfriend

group 2018-01-17

Like I said, we have a pretty honest and open marriage so I tell her that she can go but she has to bring him back to the house for a threesome or else she stays home. She agrees but isn't quite sure that he will go for it so I tell her to make sure he knows what you want and go in a really short skirt with no panties, a low cut top and make sure those tits are pushed up nice for him to see as soon as she gets in the car. We are having a blast when she says to him, I want that fucking cock in my ass.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 04

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-17

His sudden and tragic passing sent shock waves from Canada all the way across the world to Norway (the horrific event actually happened here Friday morning because of different time zones), where Trish was devastated upon hearing the news, as was everyone else in our little, tight-knit family. I was thrown for a loop hearing this, of course, but Amy later explained to me that she did not want to tell the emergency personnel that it was actually Trish's father. Trish drove one of the vehicles, with Devon, Lindsay and Scarlett with her, while I followed along close behind with Kristanna, Pamela and Amy included (and the babies).


ARPITA - Once A whore Always a Whore part II

group cuteb0y25 2018-01-17

Finally after a lot of coaxing, he started telling her what had happened after the two went away to get some drinks – Both he and Unmesh had left her at the dance floor to get a drink for themselves, and by the time they had returned, Arpita was already surrounded by few other men. And as Pritam turned away from him, the room once again got filled with Arpita’s moans – this time more vulgar and louder, pleading to Anjan to fuck her and explaining the pleasure she was feeling inside her cunt. Rahul, in the meantime, leant back and started enjoying his coffee while Arpita continued sucking his cock like a true pet bitch.

Anal slut Agathe ganged: piss enema fun goes wrong

group Smiler2000 2018-01-17

It didn’t help that you did not really know what was going on right now but was so hot and horny from your enema that you were wriggling your arse whilst trapped in the stocks and playing up to all the attention that was fixed on you by contracting and releasing your anus muscles to get as much of the last parts of your pee enema out of you, as you enjoyed the idea that all these guys were there looking at, admiring and desiring your tight bum hole!

My Friend Sophia

group capt13 2018-01-17

My friend Sophia was not like most girls, she was a sexy big girl that had style and enchanting looks. This was hot Sophia was taking on three guys alternating on the 2 Crown brothers while little Cpl. Patrick fucked her pussy, and I had it all on tape, and I was enjoying every moment. We all knew what that meant she slowed down so that he could start to work his banana flavored dick in her ass, he was thick and Sophia did not protest. We all got a laugh out of this but he was licking her pussy for what seemed like an hour all the guys were starting to get mad they wanted seconds and Styles was still between her legs licking.

Red-headed Hitchhiker Ch. 02

group Momstheboss 2018-01-17

"Maybe the rain will slack off if we wait a few minutes." Morgan suggested, smiling at Carla mischievously as she slipped her hands between Carla's legs going straight to her pussy. "Tell your dad I'd like to try another inch of his cock should we ever get together again." Morgan replied jokingly as Carla straightened herself. The darkness outside, the darkened house, except the bathroom light escaping from the 1-inch crack of the door, and the father and daughter incestuously fucking on a crotchety old, noisy bed was all there were for miles around. Pat slipped her hand between her daughter's legs and prodded and stroked her pussy long moments before putting her mouth to it.

Give Some, Take Cum

group Archer2050 2018-01-17

She didn't want him cumming from her hand, so she let his balls plop out of her mouth again, and gave his shaft a long, wet lick from base to tip. Beth appeared from behind Penny and took Kevin's face in her hands, then moved in for a deep, passionate kiss. Penny pulled away, confused, breaking the kiss and allowing virtually the entire load of cum to spill out of her and Beth's mouths. Beth pushed her face into Penny's cum-soaked tits and licked at the sticky cream wildly, lapping it up at first, and then putting her lips together and actually slurping it noisily into her mouth.


An Unlikely Hero and the Biker Gang

group Lion24655 2018-01-17

Matti lived with his parents on a farm a mile from Douglastown, a community of just 20 houses on a small road into the high mountains, and it was there to his home he headed. "Don't move." Killer beckoned to two other guys who came up on the stage, got out some sort of device and put against Matti's shoulder. Matti, Killer, a couple of the women and four or five of the bikers were still in the tent, the band still playing loud outside. After a few moments Heidi moved up the bed slightly, put her arm around Matti's head and pulled it to her tit, so her nipple was against his mouth.


Paid to Turn Men Gay! GayMaker

group 425olds 2018-01-17

It stretched my asshole open quite a lot, and I felt the head of his cock throbbing inside me. The first guy finally inserted his penis into me, but it didn't hurt as much as Zack's cock, it actually felt great - probably because my ass ended up being lubricated by Zack's cum a few minutes earlier. I felt him stop and twitch, his hand slapped my ass cheek really hard and at the same time, he spewed his huge load inside of me. My ass felt a burning sensation and my cock was throbbing so hard it was continuously swollen, actually in pain from being so hard - even after me ejaculating on Mary's face - not once, but twice.

Night Of Fun & Games

group 10991099 2018-01-17

The first hand seemed to play out forever with Sandy finally calling "Ligretto!" I was almost out but Jim and Jan seemed to be close. After careful consideration, Jan pointed at her panties and said, "Since the last dare was so fun, I'll take a chance on one more before I take these little old things off." The drinks and eroticism were definitely getting the best of her. With a sly grin, Sandy said, "Since you are having so much fun - take those gorgeous tits of your and rub them all over Jim for two minutes, ending up in his crotch for the last one." Jan did not hesitate as she nearly jumped onto Jim's lap and started to push her tits into his face.


A Night of Mini

group minifun 2018-01-17

Joe told me that Mark was getting married and wanted me to show the groom what a real blowjob should be like. My friend rubbed my ass as he slid his 9 inch cock into my wet pussy. The faster he pumped my pussy the harder I sucked the groom's cock. I noticed one of them unzipping his pants as he said "I want some of that." My friend started slamming his cock into my pussy then, harder with each thrust. The other two guys started undressing, Mark sat on the bed rubbing his cock watching me. I just know that I had every size cock imaginable in and out of my mouth and pussy all night long.

The army secretary. Russian grotesque novel.

group Natasha98 2018-01-17

Under the big sweaty midlife man can be seen the two very large breasts of size # 5, with nipples, and the two sexy thick thighs apart of pretty Russian woman Marina, her legs bent at knees. Though Marina already was fucked now the many times by several officers, and her sexy thick thighs, hairy pubis, underbelly and even her very big breasts were covered with sticky cum, and in her mouth was not disappearing male sperm flavour, she suddenly felt ashamed that this young lieutenant, with whom she often coquetted and whom she liked so, will see her now in such a look, and moreover, will fuck her like a prostitute, maybe even in her mouth.

Every Man's Dream Ch. 03

group firefly410 2018-01-17

Ellen walked over to Alan and gently ran her hand down his leg, or more accurately down the length of his straining erection, when she reached the head of his erection, she winked at Alan, turning to Tessa, she smiled and said, Linda now completely stripped off and naked, joined the group, facing Alan and the two girls, she kissed all three, then placed her hands on the girl's shoulder, one hand on each girl and then slowly ran her hands down to their breasts, played a little with their nipples. Linda, who was standing behind Tessa, and gently caressing her breasts with one hand and stroking Tessa's shaved pussy lips with her other hand, said to Alan,


Looking For Answers

group sonhcouple 2018-01-17

Would you forgive him and tell him that you want to be his little whore for as long as he wants you?" I heard Amy's voice for the first time as she said "God yes!" Karen looked over at me, and signaled that I should take my clothes off. Not knowing what to say, I smiled, and said "That's right whore, suck me off!" Amy's eyes just lit up, and she stopped fighting and started licking my cock, sucking on me, and enjoying it, like she normally did when she sucked me off. Suddenly, I felt Karen's lips sucking on my balls and for the second time that night, I was so close and that little bit of pleasure just threw me over, as I let fly my first spurt right into Amy's tight cunt.


There Could Be More...

group Scorpio44 2018-01-17

Selina said, to the rest of the people at the table, "Sara is a fabulous artist. Mrs. Sharp listened to the entire conversation and asked, "Will Mr. Peterson be there when Selina poses?" Mrs. Sharp faced her husband and asked, "Did you look at Selina, or Sara or Helen and get turned on?" Mrs. Sharp turned to me and asked, "Have you ever met Selina or me before tonight?" Mrs. Sharp looked around the table and said, "Would you like some proof? Mrs. Sharp stood and before she left she looked at me and said, "Is tomorrow still OK?" Selina on my left, our new friend on my right and Sara helping me hold her up.


Closing Down The Bar

group fncpl2010 2018-01-17

Brian's place has a swimming pool and a hot tub just outside of the basement bar that provide for great poolside lounging during the afternoon, then music and cocktails in the evening, leading to an occasional dip in the hot tub right before hitting the sack. Sydney, not being shy and the hot tub being private by that time in the wee hours was happy to oblige and let Allison get a good look at them to satisfy her curiosity. Allison turned to Sydney and pressed her against the pool table where she leaned in and started kissing her deeply. Allison's hand found the union between my wife and I and started playing with Sydney's clit and rubbing the sides of my cock while I pressed it deep into her warm place.


Kira Calls Back

group bigjohansen 2018-01-17

I leaned in and passionately kissed Kira, while Holly was already working my dick with her right hand. Holly push Kira's head toward my cock saying, Holly cut her off by pulling her head to her pussy, just like Kira had done to her. Holly sat up and kissed Kira passionately before flopping back down for more pussy pleasure. The two finally were ready for my cum and laid kissing each other in a scissor position, Kira on top Holly on the bottom. Holly grabbed the phone again and handed it to me, the two girls posing with my cock and cum all over them (I'll definitely save that for the spankbank.) We all three jumped in the shower and washed our bodies.

Cuckolding at Shell Cottage Harry Potter

group dgoodall1701 2018-01-17

The rest of his thoughts consisted solely of the words “boobies,” “blowjobs,” and “yippee!” But even these thoughts vanished like a vapor in a strong wind when Hermione pulled away, bent over, and, grabbing Fleur by the back of her head to hold her in place, promptly shoved her tongue down the blonde woman’s throat. “Do you like that?” Hermione asked Fleur as both the blonde and Harry moaned in pleasure. Pushing two fingers into her own quim, Fleur said in a groan; “Now it is time for you to taste my pussy, non?” She removed her fingers, now wet with her release, and brought them to Hermione’s mouth. Hermione’s eyes grew wide in surprise while Fleur absently took the firewhiskey from Harry and refilled her cup, as if she wasn’t taken aback by Harry’s announcement.

Let's Play the Game of Sex

group manavata 2018-01-17

Raj sat down behind Sona and slowly pulled Sona's skirt down exposing her pussy while he kept on kissing her smooth bottom and also inserted a finger in her asshole making her jump with shock. I protested and said, "Hold on, currently it is my property." I pulled Rani down on the carpet and my mouth started traveling down kissing every part of her body from face to her pussy. Sona was already pumping the cocks of Raj and Som. The biggest surprise was when Mona kissed Rani in the mouth. The ritual was similar with some new features like Rani sucking Raj's cock while he was mouth-fucking Sona.

Amanda's Magic Mirror

group walterio 2018-01-17

Holding onto the cock that she was sucking, Helen slid down and kissed Amanda on the lips and then guided the swollen head in between their open mouths. On the other side of the table Helen held a cock in each hand taking turns sucking them into her mouth as the two men alternated fucking her mouth, squeezed her tits and pinched her nipples. Amanda looked up and saw the man fucking Helen in her pussy pull out and then he pushed his cock against her asshole. While Helen was getting ass fucked one of the men came in Helen's mouth and his cum began to pour out from the corners of her cock filled mouth and run down her face.


Stranger's Secrets

group Archer2050 2018-01-17

Kay opened the door, I walked in, and laid my eyes on the beautiful, half naked body of my very own housemate, Alana. With all that had gone on between us recently, I felt like I should have just left, but before I could get my body to respond to that order, Kay had moved past me and took Alana in her arms. I silently watched as Kay slid her hands up Alana's half-naked body to her face and pulled her in for a kiss. Then, with Kay just inches away from the target, Alana turned her head and opened her eyes, locking right onto mine.


Her Hunger Ch. 01

group soflabbwlvr 2018-01-17

Lisette felt her pussy gushing more juice than ever before as Javier's cock sliced in and out of her slick tunnel. Lisette felt her orgasm rise, and then explode at the same time that Javier thrust into her with his deepest and hardest strokes. Javier thrust one final time as his cock erupted inside Lisette's slimy pussy. Even though Javier's cock had erupted and spewed jizz all over Lisette's pussy for a second time, it was not yet completely soft. Lisette was pleased to find that her oral talents had once again revived Javier's cock, but no matter how much she sucked on it, she could not return it to a fully erect state.


Stories For Chris Ch. 01

group Melissa000 2018-01-17

Still holding Melissa's waist with one hand, and busying her pussy with the other, his already hard cock swelled bigger as he watched the two girls (whom he had never met before) doing to each other what little they could whilst shackled and on their knees. The second girl took the first's ankles onto her shoulders, and with the steady balance required (owing to her own shackles) she wasted no time burying her tongue, lips and face into the first's wet pussy. Chris knelt behind the second girl, who continued to lap away at Melissa clit, and slapped her ass just hard enough that she raised her head.