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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

The Orgy at Enigma House

group Friskee_cpl 2018-01-17

Harry coughed and said "Kay, we will be taking back to the board a recommendation that you be employed as the Night Supervisor at Enigma House beginning in two weeks, that's if you're still interested that is," Harry nonchalantly restacked his paper work. "Let me show you around the house shall I?" Mary asked, and without waiting for an answer, she led Kay back up the hall. "She just likes to fuck," Jake said as he hopped off the lounge, "Take a look at the pics on the phone." Rick however took his time coming up the hall and heard a door close before he came into the lounge room.


ATraining Course With a Difference

group 24UKBlonde 2018-01-17

Most evenings the guys and Miriam went to bed almost straight after dinner leaving me to the advances of Mike and Alan. I had not seen DD for over a week and that was an unusual amount of time for me during the last year or so to go without sex, so not only was I ready for it, I realised as Alan held my top half way down my breast that I wanted it as well. As Alan sat on the bed next to me, cupped my breast and kissed me so I felt Mike moving and sliding his hand round my leg so that it edged between them a little, but was stopped by the flesh of my closed thighs.


Tammy meets Katie Ch. 01

group TaraJean 2018-01-17

The cum on her face she was leaving alone, evidently she liked how it felt dripping off her forehead, cheeks and chin. Stroking the shaft, I licked and sucked, my panties getting wetter as I anticipated the cum I eagerly wanted in to taste. She squatted down and licked my inner thighs one by one, slowly sucking the cum that had been dripping down my legs into her mouth. Katie slowly peeled the cum soaked panties off of her body, leaving the stockings on and held them in front of his face. Slowly she started rubbing the panties over his lips and mouth, letting him taste and suck on them. She licked and moaned, sucking my lips into her mouth and tongue fucking me, coaxing the juices out of me.


Dinner for Eight: First Course

group AndiAnders 2018-01-17

By the time those days had passed, Mark had had his tuxedo cleaned, and Traci had chosen a pale pink evening outfit. Traci had known the two hosts long enough to understand that Rob's formality now was no indication of his flair for the daring as the evening progressed. Looking at the array of people around the table, Traci thought, not for the first time, that Ann and Rob certainly had a diverse collection of friends. Ann and Rob were at the head of the table, Mark and Traci to their left, Beth and Frank to their right, and Jim and Ruth sitting opposite their hosts. "As you all read on your invitations, this is A Scripted Dinner," Rob tipped his head in Ann's direction.

Cheering up the Team

group Dr. Scott 2018-01-17

Well the next time I got into some petting again he stuck his hand down my pants and when I pull his dick out I stroked it and decided if I was going to get some relief from my sexual tension then I'll learn to give a blow job. It must have lasted a good 30 seconds and just as I started to come down from my climax, Jim finally released his load in my mouth and for the first time I swallowed him right down and it was good. The two boys got a good rhythm going as Bobby pushed forward I was thrust on to Billy's cock and when Bobby pulled back I too moved back.

Foursome For Our First

group maturemadness2 2018-01-17

I said you looked like a nice couple about our age that I wouldn't mind meeting." Tom held up a key card and took Janet by the hand and Samantha linked her arm in mine and we went back to the room. Tom was sitting with his back against the headboard and Janet was laying out on the bed with her head laying on his leg and he was rubbing his cock on her face. I turned her to face me, pushed her back against the shower wall, raised one of her legs and held it in the crotch of my arm as I slid my now almost hard cock into her still slightly open pussy with no problem and started thrusting up into her.

First time cuckold

group esclaro 2018-01-17

Estelle loves nothing more than to suck cock and she is an expert at it, so naturally she began to kiss it and put her lips around his member, gently drawing it into her mouth and then releasing it. Estelle had expected that sucking Ron would just be a part of their foreplay but as Ron applied pressure to her head while thrusting his cock into her mouth, she had to grip the lower end of his hard rod with one hand and hold his balls in the other so that he wouldn't drive them both down her throat. Knowing that her cunt was still filled with the remnants of Ron's spunk, I took my own rock hard cock and entered the pussy that only moments before had been so thoroughly fucked by his tool.

To Earn Her Fantasy

group pamela69 2018-01-17

Standing in front of my head, he continued to massage my arms, chest, shoulders and neck with warm oil while I went to work on his hot cock with my hungry mouth. On my knees before him, I pulled off Jeff's baggy shorts still wet from the pool and took his cock in my mouth. The concrete floor was hard on my knees as I softly began licking and sucking his cold cock, taking more and more of it in my mouth. After opening the door and helping me out of the car, Officer Williams threw his police coat over my shoulders and with his arm around me like a friend, escorted me up the stairs to my third floor apartment.

Banging A Lady Cop And Her Man

group lostsoul1974 2018-01-17

Matt looked at her with a funny look on his face, then said "I'm not going to sit here naked while you two have your clothes on, I'll be right back" and he turned towards the door. When Tammy drew back for a breather, I tipped my head forward and began to kiss Matt full on the lips. While he tickled the back of my throat with his fuck-pole, I felt a wet dollop of warm spit land on my manhole, then Matt's finger began to work it's way into me. I grabbed him by the waist and sucked his dick into my mouth, cleaning the cum from his shaft, then I spun around and began licking and sucking at Tammy's asshole slurping Matt's fresh cum out of her.

The Interview Pt. 02

group nightjack 2018-01-17

I was getting towards the end of a second glass of wine when the front door opened and Alex and Mark walked in. As I was fucking Alex, Sue was kissing me deeply and allowing me to fondle her large breasts. Sue was having a hard time by now keeping contact with my mouth, so she held my free hand against her 32E breasts allowing me to squeeze and tease her as I fucked our boss. "No worries." He replied "but first you can clean me up." I looked down and saw that his cock was covered in cum, so without a seconds though leaned into his crotch and took the softening organ into my mouth.

Submission to Andre Ch. 01

group Dragonlipz 2018-01-17

"I just got out of a management staff meeting and they need a whole shitload of work done like yesterday." He picked up some messages on his desk and began to read through them. As I highlighted the message to delete it, a full screen video popped up and began to play: A close-up of young light skinned black man who was sucking on a something. The other man's dark hands were stroking his face, ears and neck as he put the deep throat on that black beast of a cock. I'd never been turned on by that kind of stuff before but something about the look on that guy's face sucking for all he was worth got to me.

Schoolgirl Uniform

group emisweetie 2018-01-17

"What do you think Scott?" I asked, standing tall, a long expanse of naked skin between my tiny white socks, and flimsy schoolgirl skirt. She stared hard at Scott, smiled at me, and let her long black coat drop off her shoulders to the floor. Naomi's long, straight, jet black hair streamed down over her shoulders, her eyes earnest, a provocative smile dominating her beautiful Asian face. Scott tried to get up, forgetting his legs were tied, and cursed aggressively as Naomi and I ran out of the room giggling. Naomi opened her shirt fully, let him push his fingers inside her red bra, play with her hardening nipple.

The Farmers Daughter

group SPEN STERLING 2018-01-17

Despite the fact that in all likelihood he was going to have his balls cut off on his way to a horrible, untimely death, Jerome could not overlook the fact that he was down to his boxers with a very hot, very sexy, half dressed young girl with her hands on his thighs, looking him over like something she was looking forward to doing something very naughty with. He speculated that the old man probably wouldn't notice, but Daisy certainly would notice the wood, and sure enough, she caught his eye and winked at him after she saw the outline of his cock in his boxer shorts.


Shopaholic Wife

group Johnsexlife 2018-01-17

Donna was being pushed and pulled by these two guys and it was all so wanton that she came again and again and it was one orgasm after the other rolling into one big one. The two Donna-fuckers pumped for several minutes, then started grunting, and as soon as the pussy guy said, "Fuck yeah...I'm cumming," the mouth man came too. So one guy got on the bed, Donna got on top of his dick and tried hard to sit down on the whole thing. Two guys pulled him up and out of the way and the larger of the two got on Donna and shoved his dick into "the whore's" empty ass. This set off the guy getting the blowjob, so Donna's husband pushed him aside and stuck his newly hard rod into his wife's mouth.


A Story of Friends Ch. 02

group unabashedurchin 2018-01-17

Eventually they stopped and Lana, looking at Rochelle, said, "I thought the plan was to tease him tonight, and let him take us one by one over the next few days?" The other girls looked at her, and then me, and then I heard Lana say, "You know, she did tell me once that she had a fantasy about being watched." My suspicions were confirmed, and with that, I stuffed my cock back inside her pussy, fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. Like Rochelle, I knew all of the girls were on the pill so I wasn't worried about pregnancy, and finally, I let out a long groan as I exploded inside Bri's pussy.


Early Retirement Ch. 07

group Frankly Speaking 2018-01-17

Then I started riding him up and down feeling his cock continue to stretch the walls of my pussy and bang against my cervix with every down stroke of my body. I was moaning constantly into Shirley's pussy making her cum as I came to his cock and her mouth. As the three cocks in my body started fucking me, my body got with the rhythm and I was pushing back onto the ones pounding my pussy and ass and then forward to take the one in my mouth down my throat. They just pounded me until all three of them had unloaded into my body with me cumming hard and grabbing at their cocks with the walls of my pussy and ass.

Sin City Weekend: Suite Fun Ch. 02

group Kitchen_Magician 2018-01-17

Tim. Pat and I agree that there is no finer looking sight in the universe than a naked woman with her legs wide open for all to see. Now you, Brooke and Nikki are all lifting your heads and are spellbound by the sight of 9 more naked men with very large hard ons who all look like greek gods. You have a huge, stiff cock splitting your pussy wide open while in the middle of a massive orgasm and you are trying desperately to keep rhythm beating two cocks with your fists while another beautiful piece of meat is sliding in and out of your mouth and down into your throat.

Vacation present for Cindi

group bufffreak 2018-01-16

I stood up and slid my member into Cindi's mouth. Cindi got up and pushed the cart back in the room and returned with drinks. Afer the sun set Cindi leaned over the rested her elbows on the balcony railing. Cindi must have awakened before me, I was a bit startled to see the room service waiter removing the cart from the night beofr and laving a new one wiht fruit and yorgurt. I tole Cindi I had ot go shopping and headed to the beach. Cindi and I sat on the balcony and watched the sunset. Teh door rang, I hurried over and told the young guys to wait a minut Cindi lurched a little and then relaxed as he groped her titties

The weekend

group jamgod1 2018-01-16

Fucking my girlfriend from behind while she is eating pussy is so hot, I feel like I’m going to explode, and this threesome has just started, so I pull out, gripping my cock tightly to stop from cumming. My girlfriend on the bottom, her friend’s big butt in the air, with my girlfriends hands grasping hard at her cheeks, the two of them a moaning mass of flesh, after I was able to settle down, I went began fucking my girlfriends pussy, while her friend rubbed and licked at her clit. A couple more hard strokes in her friends pussy, just enough to see that big ass jiggle a few more times and I pulled out, my girlfriend moaning as my cum covered her face, and her friends pussy and ass.

Always Yours

group jenyes 2018-01-16

Fingers touch my face, then my lips, my mouth barely open in response when the fingers are joined by the head of a cock; a cock that is pushed in even as I start to use my tongue to welcome it. I feel movement and realize he's using his hand to force the last of his cum out of his cock, depositing in on my tongue as my lips hold the head. I clean him with my mouth, licking up and down his shaft, but then he adjusts and pushes his cock in deep; my throat again opened and filled. Only this time, he is not after my ass; instead he aims forward and I feel myself stretched open, the head of his cock moving along the shaft of the cock already in me.

Becoming TheDildoGuy

group 2018-01-16

Her scent was amazing, and the rush of being completely naked in her room, rummaging through her dirty underwear with a big stiffy between my legs, and knowing that she could have walked in and caught me was almost as thrilling as the wank session I’d have afterwards. Of course it was always more fun to get naked with my mate and have some real action, and we made each other cum hard almost every time, but using my mum’s and my s****r’s knickers became a very hot and very erotic ritual to me. It was a crazy thing to ask and could have exposed us, but luckily her friend was in to in, and the next day I had both of them naked in my bed, taking turns sucking me off and both laying there while I licked them out.

Our First Time Dogging Pt. 01

group HANDYMANATHOME 2018-01-16

I just watched as my wife pulled his cock to her open mouth, stuck her tongue out and start to lick the end of his cock. But then Jim stopped me by pulling my hand out of Sandra's wet pussy, his cock was all lubed up and ready to go. Jim stood between her open legs, holding onto his slick cock he started to run it along her pussy lips. Jim moved back slightly and positioned the head of his cock to the entrance to Sandra's cunt, I watched as her pussy opened and she took another man's cock for the first time. Whilst George was enjoying her mouth, Jim was working more of his cock into Sandra's tight pussy.


My First Threeway

group ThatSexyIrishGirl 2018-01-16

My pussy was already wet and my nipples were rock hard from the combination of the wine, the marijuana, the anticipation of the movie and very certain masturbation, possibly, and suddenly very hopefully, in front of Cathy and Derek. I started masturbating while watching Derek's penis go slowly into Cathy's mouth and then slowly recede. Cathy took Derek's penis out of her mouth, but continued stroking it right in front of her face. "After I have a quick glass of water," I breathed, "and maybe another hit or two off that last joint," I smiled lovingly at Cathy "I want your husband to fuck me from behind while I get another face full of your pussy."


Just a dream?

group kazama9090 2018-01-16

She turned to face me and said how lonely she is and began to hate being the third wheel. I moaned a little loud to get my wife's attention, not even 30 seconds later vivi opened her door and walked in the room not saying a word she climbed in bed with us. Kit Kat was in the middle and my wife was snuggling against her back. Kit Kat was sucking my neck and rubbing my dick with enthusiasm and grabbing my ass with the other hand. I was turned on now and pushed Kit Kat on her back and went to penetrate her with the tip of my dick, but to my surprise my whole dick from head to balls slipped right in her big wet vagina.