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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Class Act

group CybErotica 2018-01-16

Just when she began to moan in earnest, her eyes falling closed and her hips bucking into my hand and her own, I pulled her fingers away, spread her legs wider, holding her labia open with two fingers as I watched that stiff clit throb with impending orgasm. Her tongue found the flat coins of my nipples, teased them with feathery licks and tiny sucks that pulled my entire nipple into her mouth, tugging on it hard and then she¡¦d suddenly let it pop out. She smiled up like a sly fox and darted her tongue out to catch a white string of fluid that dribbled down the head of my cock, but before I could take advantage of her open mouth, she dodged me again.


Babysitting the Babysitter

group humantouch 2018-01-16

"Yeah, so we could teach her things," Charlie said, "Dammit Susan I thought it was a trap or something. "Well her parents are actually still out of town," Susan said as Charlie entered the room. "Yeah you're probably right," Susan said as went in to check on their daughter, "Going to bed in a sec." "Ok, I think I'll take a look around outside a bit," Charlie said, "Maybe she lost her clothes out on the deck or something. "Sorry not in the mood to go down that street tonight," Charlie said as he descended the stairs, smiling as he felt his boxer hit the back of his head after being thrown at him by Susan.



group JamesBean485 2018-01-16

While his gaze was transfixed by Rose's lewd breast-play, Kat had positioned her right foot over his swollen, straining nutsac with a dangerous gleam in her eyes. As soon as Kat's foot landed on his balls, Rose's left hand went inside her shorts and straight for her clit. When his balls slid free of Kat's foot and the man let out his held breath, Rose shuddered in a mini-climax and soaked her shorts anew. Rose stifled a laugh, covering her mouth with her hand, while the man in the chair watched in a confusing mixture of growing arousal and frustration as Kat's feet slipped and slid over his achingly erect cock.


Football Fest X

group candy-prairie girl 2018-01-16

By the time he walked over to us I had started rubbing on her pussy through her panties. She started out for my pussy, with Lindsay watching our every move. I started moving my hips back and forth as Laurie drove her tongue into my throbbing pussy. I came like I had never come before, it was dripping out of my pussy and rolling down to the crack of my ass. He thrust his huge cock inside me and started pounding my pussy. Lindsay decided he wanted to fuck Laurie now. I actually like watching her little body being jolted back and forth by Lindsay's huge cock. As Lindsay pumped his cock into me, Laurie and him kissed passionately.

Mark's Surprise

group PandoraSharp 2018-01-16

You disobeyed a direct order seconds after I gave it," Nicole said harshly, continuing to squeeze down Mark's shaft, "Now open your mouth Sparky. "It's a shame you couldn't follow instructions Sparky," Nicole said mockingly, grabbing the cock cage she had put by the chair while Mark was blindfolded. Sparky had been such a good boy, I thought he deserved a little treat." With the cage on, Nicole stood, walked to the back of the chair, put her mouth right next to Mark's ear and whispered, "Princess tastes so good. "Very good Princess," Nicole said, helping the woman to her feet, "I sure hope Sparky took some notes." Nicole kissed the woman again, grabbing her head and pulling it into her own.


Planned Yet Unplanned Threesome

group teje 2018-01-16

Steven sits back and looks at us with his "Please-suck-my-dick-at-the-same-time" face, and we oblige. Whatever, I come back from my own self-notes on what B's body is like as Steven drags B's face towards his mouth and eases his waiting cock into me. But alas, Steven cuts my plans short when he pulls B to him, and positions her face on my pussy, and gets behind her to fuck her. Steven is great doggy style, I can tell not only because I know myself, but because B can barely eat my pussy from pausing to moan and look back at him like "take it easy" haha. After a few random licks to the head of his dick and seductive looks from B and I, Steven cums all over our faces and breasts.

Kay James and Dunbar Again

group peterswiftt 2018-01-16

She looked down on my large semi flaccid cock and ball sack stuck to the inside top portion of my left thigh from the drying secretions of our earlier lust and I instructed her: "Put your knees on the padded rail and without using your hands take me in your mouth and suck it all the way down your throat until your tongue is able to lick the bottom of my sack and make me cum again. I slowly rose once more leaving all of that glorious scent and flavor behind and as I reached under her taught lower belly, gently lifting her to her knees, I pushed my standing rock hard cock down to where the throbbing head could kiss her inner lips and the tension on it immediately went in search of their warm moist opening.


Gillian Joins the Club Ch. 03

group BeccaBonnor 2018-01-16

"I'm so glad that you wanted to jump in head first," Angela had said. I can tell. "They can't hear us or see us. But we can hear them perfectly." "I'd eat you right here in the hallway if I could." Gillian exclaimed, "I don't know what you think you're doing, Mr. Davis, but I'm a professor here and I won't tolerate any shenanigans from you boys." Gillian wrapped her hand around him, milking him and matching his thrust, pressing her head down farther, a half-inch or so at a time, until she felt him bump against her throat. She whimpered as her cunt muscles clenched and unclenched, and her tight abs quivered. Tell me what you want," he teased. "I want it in me." "I want it in me."



group storm_and_chaos 2018-01-16

Dan and Mark stood up from the table and went to the living room to sit and chat while Sheila and Annette stayed in the kitchen table discussing their plans for the day. Sheila drove and her and Annette talked about the scenery, while Dan and Mark sat and listened and every once in a while, both ladies would catch a piece of the conversation from the back seat. Both Annette and Sheila started up the stairs side by side taking great care to move in such a way, that their asses would peek out and as they climbed, a slight hint of pubic hair, although dark and unfocused made Dan and Marks eyes light with sexual glee.


Erotic Adventures of Brandon & Cheryl Ch. 06

group timewarp69 2018-01-16

They both giggled for a second, kissed, and then the black girl said "Open wide, boy" as she straddled Brandon's face and started grinding her moist wetness onto his waiting lips. As soon as Brandon's tongue started to enter and lick at her, the girl riding him broke her pace, stopping at the base of his dick and squeezing as hard as she could while moving back up slowly and releasing her grip as she dropped quickly back down. Right after she climaxed, Brandon yelled "Fuck, I'm about to blow!" She got up and violently pushed him back as both girls dropped to his cock like hungry hyenas.

A Free Man's Passion

group BlueSwede 2018-01-16

"If you know what’s good for you," she said, her rank breath repulsing Jarod, who tried to turn away from her, "you’ll show these women what they want. The girl pulled reluctantly away from the slave, then took his shaft once more, this time in both hands, and lowered her mouth to it. "That’s a good slave," she said, taking the staff in both hands and guiding the head to her already moist cunt. Without pulling her hand away from her daughter’s pussy, she leaned in toward Jarod, licking his earlobe and whispering in his ear, "Was your woman this good, slave? The mother pressed her cunt against Jarod’s hand, still manacled to the side of the post, and Jarod began to thrust his fingers into her dripping box.

Lynette & Dave

group Lulubelle2006 2018-01-16

Lynette began to ride Dave's cock, sliding his shaft slowly in and out of her wet snatch, As she kissed Candy she took her hand and guided it between her legs until Candy's fingers closed around Dave's pole, as Lynette retracted Dave's cock from within her, so Candy followed her friend's tight pussy upwards along the length until she felt Dave's mushroom head begin to stretch Lynette's hole open to allow it to pop out. At that point Lynette sat down again and took Dave's tool back inside her, pushing Candy's hand downwards until she felt his soft balls under her fingers. Candy leant forward and, pushing Dave's hands aside, started to lick Lynette's breasts, feeling her nipples beneath her lips.


Baby It's Cold

group batcrazyluvr 2018-01-16

Mark pulled back a bit and I looked over to see Sam standing near my head with his clothes off and his hard cock in his hands. Mark resumed his assault on my pussy and clit and worked a couple of fingers deep into me while I licked the head of Sam's cock, moving my tongue all around the head and up and down the shaft. I could feel Mark move between my legs again and as I was deep throating his friend, he spread my lips wide with his fingers and rubbed his cock up and down my pussy and on my clit causing me to flinch.

sexy wife and maid

group harvin007 2018-01-16

And brought her chut nears Sumitra chut first time both the chuts touched each other giving both the whores a whole world of pleasure they wildly started rubbing their chuts and kissing each other .their oily hard nipples were rubbing each other and before I thought that they cum with each other I entered the room taking Rittu by surprise she became very nervous unknowing that we have planned all this and I took off my clothes and started licking Sumitra pussy Rittu also joined in licking her pussy and in between we kissing each other.

Lucky Girl

group ImperfectBiAngel 2018-01-16

Justin grinned and felt himself getting hard just thinking about Jess sucking his dick. Jess moaned as Lance took one of her perfectly round breasts into his mouth, Justin jumping in to taste the other. Justin and Lance continued to suck and nibble at her nipples as JC thrusted his tongue deep inside her, "Oh shit JC!" Jess moaned. JC grinned and licked his lips, going around to Jess' backside and grabbing her hips, shoving himself into her ass and moaning. Jess moaned loudly just looking at it, "Suck him, " Lance ordered, and Jess immediately took Justins cock into her mouth, moving quickly and steadily as she reached up and grabbed the base, squeezing it.

Two girls together

group LucyLou62 2018-01-16

“You’re both amazing and I have always wanted two girls at the same time.” He put his hands on their bums and fondled them kissing both of them passionately. They undid his trousers and got out his rock hard cock and proceeded to kiss, lick and suck him. Suddenly the thought crossed his mind that he’d chatted up two guys and was in their place, kissed them, groped them, had just had his prick sucked by them and was just about to be forced to suck two cocks. You’re going to have to give us a damn good fucking and we need your cock going arse to mouth. “That’s alright sweetie,” Lucy said leaning over and giving him a real big open-mouthed kiss.

Prosecutorial Weakness Ch. 3

group Stardog Champion 2018-01-16

Her questioning of Carlos, in all, took just under an hour but by the time she got back to her seat and allowed Becky Montclaire's defense attorney to cross, Andrea felt as if she had been forced to stand naked outside in a weeklong hailstorm. "I did...want to thank you Carlos for your were our best hope and you came through big time...Thanks...from the bottom of my heart...I know it must have been rough for you...under the circumstances...having to testify against Becky and all...but...everyone here in the Office appreciates it," Andrea offered nervously.


Slave Night at The Club

group sexvoyeur 2018-01-16

During this time, the couple can take you to a private room I've set aside and have you do anything they desire, as long as it is within the limits of things you'll be willing to do sexually." As he said this, he handed Emily a checklist so she could mark down what she would or wouldn't be willing to do. David knew earlier that Emily wanted me to watch out for her but felt that my presence directly in the room might taint the experience for those who won. As this was happening, Sean watched intently as he witnessed this beautiful stranger slowly tease his wife, knowing Emily was steadily building her arousal even more.


Pissed off by two hot women 5

group 2018-01-16

Two tongues, four hands and lips that plump bubble Tanya and Sarah, now played on my cock and balls. They sucked at my eggs in his mouth, took the cock all the way into my mouth and I could not, she insisted that I stand up.I did this, both women were kneeling before me wanking him with nimble fingers played with the tongues of the glans and loud groaning I am poured out on them, in Ihne. I sprinkled her hair, she sucked and sucked my cock, wanking him, massaged and kneaded me nuts, also inducted them into their mouths, sucking me as the last drops from my cock and played with the hot cum out of my sperm injection.

Cream Filled

group TxRad 2018-01-16

"So you do eat pussy?" Rick asked, looking directly at Julia. The second time Julia groaned and returned Sherrie's kiss even harder, David grinned. Sherrie was riding Julia's face to a rhythm of her own as Rick tongue fucked his girlfriend's ass. "Oh yeah, at least a gallon or so it felt like." Julia replied as she opened her other eye and grinned up at Rick. "Nope!" Julia replied and then laughed at the shocked look on Sherrie's face. Sherrie shivered hard and whimpered as she looked from her future sister-in-law to her brother and back. Rick looked at his sister hard but Julia laughed. Julia's could taste her sex on Rick's tongue and he could taste his sister pussy on his future wife's lips and tongue.

Pool Game

group AnonGLNV 2018-01-16

It was all really routine, I baby sit a twelve-year-old boy, he spies on me changing, I get fired for being a slut. I got a job babysitting an 11 year old boy, and I had just put him to bed for the night when his older brother and his three other friends came in. I waited in the room and about three or four minutes later a boy named David entered. He saw me there naked now, my skirt pulled up around my tits so as to please myself, the lifeless David at my side, and he was automatically turned on. Ryan came up behind me and proceeded to reach around and massage my tits.

Night Pleasures

group RobsRose 2018-01-16

"Hi I'm Brad" he stated as he looked into her eyes "and you must be Sara, Simone's friend." He stated as he walked forward to gently clasp her hand in a warm hand shake. Sara whimpered on a sigh and quickly glanced to her left to see if Tyler and Simone could hear what Brad was saying to her. She felt him slide his warm hand from her knee and up the inside of he silky thigh; and nearly come undone when Brad growled low in his throat as he fingers made contact with her warm wet shaved pussy. He started pumping his huge cock in and out of her faster and faster while Tyler rubbed her clit; and he and Simone sucked her nipples.


House Party with my wife

group esk119 2018-01-16

“bhaiyaa ..ab bardaast nahi hota … aaj raat jaise bhi ho , madam ko chodna hi hai… “ Pawan expressed his desire to fuck my wife Divya . Now pawan also applied cream on breast and massaged her & she enjoyed chudai by Jatin… And after about 30 minutes she hugged him tightly, crossed her legs on his back , Jatin tried but he could not fuck her more and he discharged .. And I heard , “ Bhavin, I liked him not because he and Jatin fucked me last night but I liked him at first sight some 45 days ago.” She said that she waited for any move from Pawan and she would have opened for Pawan any time .

Kurva Ch. 01

group SiliSusan 2018-01-16

My friend turned my head to her, said he was a friend of hers and her girlfriend, and would I mind him "just to watch a little?” I just returned her smile and went back to her breasts. By the time I got to between her legs, of course her friend had gotten more comfortable and was sitting on the bed behind me. She and he were speaking in a foreign tongue as I used mine on her, then while she petted my hair I felt his hands on my legs moving up to my ass. I lifted myself up to hands and knees with my legs apart as his fingers soon found the same rhythm with me I was keeping with her.