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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Story of G

group AussieKev1 2018-01-16

By the time G returns with the second tray of drinks, she can't help but notice that there are some tents being made in most of the men's bathrobes and that one of the women, W1 has actually exposed the cock of the man to her right, M2 and is stroking it, but her eyes are glued to the screen. W1 takes one of G's weighty tits in her hand, fondling it and tells her to put the vibrator with the clit and anal ticklers on the table and to come back when she's (G) not busy. G looks out to the audience to see they are all breathless, cocks being stroked and now sucked, W1 is sitting on M2's stiff cock and F2 is fucking herself with a big black dildo and vibrating her clit with a tongue shaped toy.


Angel & Naughty: The Hotel Ch. 03

group Steven_Dessmir 2018-01-16

From all fours she eyed me as her husband yammered, oblivious that his stunning wife was on her hands and knees, my cum coating the inside of her mouth, still lining the recesses of her freshly fucked asshole. I know I dated him back in college, but what does Steven expect, for women to beg and crawl at his feet?" Tilting the phone down, she whispered up at me: "I fucking worship your cock." From the edge of the mussed bed, I moved my foot in front of her mouth. I dipped the tip of my semi-hard cock-still tacky with the juices of Lisa's ass, her mouth-leaving a white dab of premium coke along the dick hole. Lisa licked from her sister's mouth, gobbling the spit up from Loretta's nose, her brow, her cheeks.


Familey cockholed by dads boss

group cockholdandfootlove 2018-01-16

Salma called Mr. Jones and asked if she could come and see him . Mr Jones said salma I am really sorry but this one may cost us a 1.2 mil dollar account. he started kissing the side of her foot and toe's she pulled away ans said Mr. jones plz . after about 15 min salma called Mr Jones back in and said yes we well do anything to keep his Jones poped a little blue pill in front of them stepped behind salma and unzipped her dress it fell the floor. He got salma by the hand and walked her to the hall, what one is your master bed room jones asked.

For Patricia (introductions - no porn)

group corkjohn 2018-01-16

I’m civil, and don’t know much about electronic devices.” “Why do you ask, John?” I show you both my little tens machine: “The attached sleeve was designed to fit around the knee and send electrical impulses to relieve pain; but I hope alter it to stimulate other, more intimate, parts of the body; if I can get the electrodes to work!” We agree to look at it later, as the time is getting on! Well, I prepared the room earlier and would like to invite you up for a nice cup of tea and some shortbread biscuits that I baked, to entice you.” As you voice your concern for your figure, I assure you there is very little sugar in them, but they still taste yummy!

Brooke Dominated

group Midnight Jam 2018-01-16

Steve removed his tongue from her and instead began sucking her clit deep into his mouth as she bucked her hips into him moaning in ecstasy. Steve let out a grunt and Brooke could feel hot cum squirting inside her with each twitch of his erupting cock. When Steve pulled away he was soon replaced and Brooke could feel a new hard cock making its way inside her stretched hole. The new guys cock was smaller then Steve's but he began pumping away with abandonment as Brooke adjusted herself a bit. They didn't have to hold Brookes arms or legs anymore as she began milking the new cock with her hand trying to make him cum in her mouth.


group purpledreamweaver 2018-01-16

As the ship entered open seas Rachel turned to Bob and said, "Well, it looks like it might be a lean cruise. Bob indicated one with his finger and Rachel lay back in the chair with her legs slightly open as she adjusted the width of the material on her string bra until it was only just covering her nipples and revealed much of the swollen breasts the bra tried to contain. As Rachel headed for first shower she noticed Bob's half erect cock and said, "It looks like your new friend has made an impression on you. Bob turned to Jessica and said, "Rachel and I would love to have you at our table for the rest of the cruise.


From Writing to Reality Ch. 01

group morris40 2018-01-16

Tom and Tina's imaginative stories on Literotica had invigorated our sexual fantasies, although they had never actually met my wife and me. After one exceptionally vigorous orgasm, I asked my wife if she could image having sex with Tom. She answered that not only did she dream about Tom driving his shaft into her but she was aroused by the thought of Tina's lips parting for my cock. A thousand years before her grandparents had immigrated to the United States, her Viking ancestors had carried a woman with dark skin and eyes back with them to their homeland so my wife's skin was a warm brown like Tina's - and as smooth as sheer stockings.


Nice and Warm

group MRNiceGuy2581 2018-01-16

I reached down between her legs to feel the head of Michael's cock nestled between Moni's cunt lips, moving forth and back between her asshole and her clit. Please come, I want to feel your hot milk inside me now!" And with that, she turned her head back as far as she could and kissed Michael, her tongue swirling around his lips, darting in his mouth, her girlish tits dancing inches before my face. As I rubbed her clit harder while Michael started to drive his dick deeper and deeper inside her wet hole, she started to twitch and shiver - I had never before seen her like this - and she grabbed me, pulled me close and buried her face in my neck.

Stripper GF recruits me

group bufffreak 2018-01-16

The next night Trish came home with a great looking red head. Trish got up and started a slow dance. I watched Trish play with her nipples and I exploded in Linda's mouth. Linda came back and started a slow dance of her own. Trish started kissing me and then got up next to Linda Sheila dn Jeff danced, she had great moves. As Jeff pulled away from the club she was taking my shaft into her mouth. Sheila took my wine glass and came back to the bed. Jeff spread my cheeks and Sheila ran her finger all the way in my ass. He gt up on his knees and Sheila slid under him., taking his shaft in her mouth.

wife becomes a slut in bus

group 2018-01-16

The bus started moving.My wife pulled up her pallu, and held the handle above with both her hands as the seat handle was out of reach now.The way the guy in front had been looking at this ugly man behind my wife, I realized that they were friends or atleast known to each other. I was feeling guilty at being aroused on seeing my wife being m*****ed in the bus, but I couldn’t help my reactions.For a few seconds my wife’s eyes remained closed and her teeth were clenched tight. My wife again shut her eyes and clenched her teeth.He was moving deep in and out, but in a restrained way with minimal ass movement as not to attract the attention of the man standing behind him.After a minute or two of continuous fucking, my wife’s lips parted.


Lust Filled Aspirations Ch. 07

group sothickwidit 2018-01-16

She dipped a chip into the salsa and took a bite while turning to face me. "I'm not sure, I told him you were coming up this weekend, but I don't think he ever texted me back" I took a swig of my beer. I couldn't see her fingers buried in her hot snatch because of the swinging of her big boobs as I fucked her angelic face. Despite how much she craved cock, her pussy always returned to the tightness that could make you think she was still pure and untouched. Later, I sat on the bed and slid into her pussy while she put her tits into my mouth as she raised herself up and down on my cock.

Geek Sex Ch. 12

group tessawolf 2018-01-16

Amy and Renee both kissed me deeply, tasting Nick's musk. I kissed him and whispered in his ear, "I'm going to fuck your ass as good as you fucked mine." Renee and Amy each grabbed a leg and pulled back to completely expose his anus. "Don't let him cum yet," I told Renee, "Do you want to fuck him for awhile Amy?" she nodded yes. Renee stopped sucking on his cock and held his cheeks open as Amy put her dick into him. I kissed his forehead and cheeks, then his mouth, I felt him grunt with each thrust from Amy. Then I licked Renee's pussy.


Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 04

group MrsCanyon 2018-01-16

The tape started off with Tony and Steve walking into the VIP room in which all you could see were five guys standing around a pair of legs high in the air, moving back and forth as this one guy fucked away. These guys just slam fucked my wife throughout the tape for over an hour every which way you could think of. The next thing that he said was, "that since she was so good on film and had no problem getting gangbanged, that he talked to a couple of friends of his that are in the porn business. He said, "it's okay because his wife was on the rag and that she knew he wanted to fuck Tracy some more.

Alycia Ch. 01

group antooine 2018-01-16

Why don't the others fool around so that they can be hard" Alycia said, and the two men on the far left went and lay down on a deck chair. The cock started to fill in her mouth, and she was able to less and less, then she took the penis out of her mouth, grinned at the man, and turned to the man on her left. Reaching out, Alycia grabbed the cocks of the men to her left and her right, and she started jacking them off, keeping them hard for their turn inside her mouth or pussy. This time however, the man who was his cock inside Alycia's mouth came first, and he was soon replaced by the man who was at Alycia's left hand.

Jay's Prom

group plez2tease 2018-01-16

He told me that when he finally got a chance back a couple of years ago at the Memorial Day party I was having, that he lied when asked how old he was. Next, you turn around and ask me to let you and your friends come party with me after you go to the prom. Even before, I told him I would like to accept Jay's request, he said so are you going to the prom or just having them come over afterwards. Lisa told me later that Sam actually knew Jay and the group of guys he hangs around with. I told him to night was a little different because Jay asked as a favor would I be willing to join you guys to night.


Jack's Education Ch. 17

group rovijack43 2018-01-16

Tim explained that the other guys would be coming over in Tom's van in about an hour, and he would let them in to lie in wait for Frank and when he stepped through the door they would jump him. Let me know when you need me." Tim opened the bedroom door slowly and slipped quietly inside. As Tim clicked away, Sally licked the length of Jack's cock, caressed his balls with her tongue and licked his tight asshole as he moaned into her cunt in pleasure. "I'm coming!" Jack gasped as Sally milked the raging cock between her lips, swallowing as he shot his hot load into her mouth. As he did so, Jack acted on Tim's thoughts and rammed his steel hard dick into Sally's cunt.


Michael Ch. 03

group HotLouisa 2018-01-16

His dark eyes glittered as he took in the situation, staring at Rob and me lying on the bed, trailing his gaze up and down my naked body and coming to rest firmly on my tits. Don't disobey the lady." Lady, that was a laugh I thought as I pictured my situation - face forward on the bed with two strange cops with one of their dicks in my cunt and the other in my arse while two other guys I'd only met that day watched intently, one of them essentially directing proceedings. I felt Rob push his head under my raised pelvis just as the first cop began to come.

The Corningwood Family Chronicles Ch. 03: Blake and Clive

group hunterharlow 2018-01-16

Blake smiled as he quipped at his brother's remark, "looks like the idea of both of our cocks fucking her is drenching her cute, little cunt." Both brothers looked down at me, and I felt them watch my flowing pussy juices trickle down my thighs and drip onto the bed. "Mmmmm, ohhh!" I moaned loudly as Clive pressed his cock firmly against my swollen pussy lips and forcefully thrusted his hot dick inside my cunt. "Mmmm, you feel so fucking good on my dick, Claire," Clive grunted, "And, ohhhh, fuck, believe me I want to...," he moaned between breaths as he continued to rhythmically thrust his cock, "but, I can't have you cum so easily this time."


Letters to Purvi Ch. 10

group Lalitha Mehta 2018-01-16

My orgasm deepened and a hot heat began to permeate my body as Darius' probing fingers sank deeper in my yielding ass until my throat was raw from screams of pleasure. Before I could change my mind, I reached back and rubbed my hand over my cunt till it was coated with juice and then grasped Darius' cock and carefully guided the huge, rounded head to my waiting asshole. I began to come seconds later and I moaned and sighed, feeling my pussy grab and fondle Darius' love muscle in a warm, wet embrace that would shortly bring his climax.

The Party

group Jason10 2018-01-16

If it wasn't for the good possibility that I was finally going to get a chance to fuck Steve's girlfriend, Pat, I would have said screw the party and jumped her bones right then and there. Susie was just starting to tell me how cute my friends were when Patty announced, "OK girls, it's time to let the guys judge our outfits." Susie handed me her empty glass and joined the girls in the center of the room. "OK girls," Patty announced, "can you pick out your boyfriend?" Cathy and Pat were able to identify Pete and Steve but Susie and Patty each pointed to the wrong guy. Pete came over and let Patty suck his cock while Pat and Susie circled Frank who sat stroking his cock, patiently waiting.


Nurses Become Birthday Present

group naughtynurse18 2018-01-16

As Amy lowered her face to Beth's creamy pussy, Thomas, without taking his eyes off the hot girl-girl action about to transpire, tugged hard on my hair and pulled my head up towards his. Over the loud squelching sound of hard cock spearing into tight throat, I could hear Beth's happy wails as Amy continued to munch on her sticky pussy. As Beth and Amy watched, I relaxed my throat and hungrily swallowed Thomas's cock to the balls. Lifting my head from Thomas's cock, I lightly grasped the satiated man's gooey pussy-splitter in my hand and rubbed it all over my face as I teased him with naughty "kitty-talk." "Meoowwwww...


Nudist Camp Frolics

group Bonnie_Doon 2018-01-16

And what I did was get on my knees and took turns sucking Ray and Frank. I did each the way they wanted it, but I held short of making anyone cum - not until they all had a turn with my hot and horny pussy.  Stretching out on the bed with my legs wide open, I said,  “Get in line guys.” I stayed in the same position when the third got behind me and took his turn as Ray stood at my head and fed me his cock. “I saw Frank following you when you left for the trail,” Ray said and waited for me to respond. 


group mib14 2018-01-16

The tall orderly was beginning to soap up as Joyce, Annika, Paulette and, a minute later, Gladys, entered the communal shower as if they were there by accident, but trying to catch their breath. Paulette who had been thwarted in her attempts to fuck with Joyce, but didn’t dare interfere in her friend’s session with the Captain, turned to Gladys who was more than receptive to the cute French girl’s attention. As Julia and Joyce looked on, Shirley was being licked clean by the Greek girl while Annika and Ashley rolled over, locked in a tight 69 as they had been since the beginning of the orgy, and bumped into the other couple.

Their New Toy (chpt.1)

group MasterBill 2018-01-16

down.Sharon was her usual weekend morning self.A short black satin robe that was open. As they were finishing their meal John asked what was up for today.Sharon's John said he had no problems with that as he was one of a very very few men that like to go shopping anyway. John was finishing the last of his juice when Sharon said," Honey I was thinking." John was greatful he ate before she spoke. Because like most men when a spouse says " Honey I Was Thinking " it means DEFCON 1 alert time. "Nope just checking." John and Sharon both knew the only dick in their bed was his. John knew exactly who she spoke of .Jill was a young girl looking to make a