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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

What Did You Say?

group DreamOn 2018-01-16

"That's what I wanted to explain" I motioned to the hostess, she was close by, waiting for some decisions...I asked her if she'd be kind enough to arrange for the stranger to join us in the champagne lounge...she was happy to at least try to oblige, she suggested that we took the stairs and that she'd take care of the rest, we took the stairs. Our champagne was brought in by the leggy beauty that I'd spotted downstairs, she was stunning, she looked as if she belonged in dreams, maybe she did or does but on this day she was with us and sharing our own dream, I instantly thought about fucking her and knew before my heart made the next beat that I wanted Bianca more than life.

My Best Flight Day 01

group Tetris07828 2018-01-16

I turned to look out the window to get my mind off my dick and thigh when I felt a hand reach under the book and two fingers gently nudge my hard cock. I looked down and saw the woman picking up my book from my lap but she had slipped some fingers under to touch my dick. I took a look at the older man seated next to me who was still leaning against the bulkhead with his eyes closed. After a moment she leaned into me and said, "Look, I am sorry for teasing you like I did but we have to stop. When the plane landed she got out of her seat quickly and took her overhead bag and never looked back at me.


New Beginnings Ch. 02

group 69plus1 2018-01-16

Steve looked at Sara and inclined his head and she said " How about your place Ben." Don't worry about anything Sara said, if I can live with little titties you can live with a smaller cock than Steve. Steve said, "Sara is especially happy as I am too big to fuck her cute little rosebud and Ben is almost to big unless she is really horny, so you can look forward to helping us with her where we can't." In the surprise of seeing Steve's huge cock for the first time I had missed looking at Sara's pussy to see what color her hair was.

The Test

group Diamondz 2018-01-16

He expected Emma to disappear into the bedroom to get dressed but instead she poured herself a drink and sat down on the sofa opposite him, the towel barely covering her but she didn't seem to care and Tony wasn't going to complain. Jen, kneeling between her parted legs, leaned over her and started slowly at her neck, kissing and licking, sucking on Emma's nipples, squeezing them hard between finger and thumb, moving down one side, over her hip bone and back to the centre until her tongue was flicking the tip of her clit, her mouth enclosing it, sucking gently on it as Emma let out a slow long moan of pleasure.

A Weekend to Remember Pt. 01

group TheBeasty 2018-01-16

A simple "Yes master" and his girlfriend put the tray down, stood, came behind him and slowly began to stroke his cock as he worked on the bindings. "There, now you know what each stroke shall feel like, Toy...on all fours please." Slave watches as his hand comes back and swings down on Toy's ass. She looks around the chair and watches as he takes Toy's hips in his hands and slides his cock deep into her pussy.

Truth or Dare?

group Jason18 2018-01-16

He looked across the circle at Kylie and said, "Truth or dare?" Amanda absent-mindedly began to touch herself, her right hand playing small circles with her pussy lips as Jason continued to beat off. "Oh, my turn?" Brie said, trying to look nonchalant, but her body was all anxiousness "OK, I guess I'll take Dare." Kylie's tongue darted out, teasing Brie's clit, while her hands spread her pussy lips open. Jason and Ryan were stroking their hard cocks furiously as Brie and Kylie continued their oral assaults. Ryan was ready for this and announced his dare right away: "OK, Kylie, I want you to re-enact your encounter with the Bradley twins on Travis and Jason."


6900 Lovers Lane Ch. 01

group Angel Undercover 2018-01-16

Brian quickly got undressed and joined me in the shower, I teased him by rubbing up against him with my naked body then licking at his ears chest and mouth, by now Sean had moved into the bedroom and was watching from the bathroom doorframe. Sean watched through the frosted glass shower door, as I moved to my knees in front of Brian, teasing his cock with my tongue, I started to suck his cock full force, making him moan and making Sean begin to undress to join us. Sean moved to just outside the shower door and waited for what seemed like eternity to me, I sucked Brian’s cock and played with my cunt, then I told him I needed to be fucked so I bent over in front of him and let him slide his thick cock into my cunt.

Mom, Her Daughter & Me Ch. 06

group flashgordon562006 2018-01-16

She said that Jessie asked about doing a porno like we did and I told her the next time we all got together you would arrange one for us. I told Lisa that it looks like Jessie has taken after her mom and I am happy that it all worked out. She said that her mom told her to ask me how I got her to do a gang bang and make a porno. I texted Lisa and told her I spoke to Jessie and said I would set everything up. Lisa texted back and asked me if I told her how I got her to do her first gang bang. All the guys said they would and as soon as Lisa finished getting fucked, she joined Jessie on the bed.

Annual Corporate Meetings Day 04a

group IndieGuy69 2018-01-16

I looked to the right of Jennifer as I saw Sam lean in to kiss her neck. Pushing her legs wider, I started circling her clit with my tongue while Sam nibbled on her lips and thrust his tongue inside her. Glancing down, I saw Sam looking at Jennifer sucking my dick and watched as he stroked himself while he was thrusting his tongue in her. Pulling out of her mouth, I said "I want to fuck Jennifer from behind!" I rolled her over, got behind her and pushed into her as she arched her back moaning. I started thrusting harder, loving the feeling of her enveloping me as Sam licked everywhere around where Jennifer and I were joined.

Best Friends for Life adds One

group BrettJ 2018-01-16

Michelle watched Logan with an admiring eye as she took Alex's hand and led him to the large, plush leather sofa. okay, we flirted a lot and I told Logan that when and if I became pregnant, we'd have a little celebration party and she could find out what a fucking wonderful lover I'm married to," Michelle grinned. "I've been wanting to do that since I met you, you are fucking gorgeous." Michelle walked over and they shared a three-way kiss and then the two women linked arms with Alex and tugged him into the bedroom. Alex watched his wife snuggled up beside Logan and he saw the look of happiness that was on Michelle's face.

Taboo Orgy

group royby 2018-01-16

Watching my wife getting her cunt eaten out and grinding into Trish's mouth sparked the a****l in me that only Ann can do when she want's to be treated like a slut. Ann puts a hand on Trish's right breast not to play with it but to hold herself up as she sreams I'm cumming I'm cummmmmming and tries to squeeses her legs tight around the young girls head. Ann pulled out too quick for Trish's liking and said, what the fuck are you, and before she said the word doing Ann had shoved three fingers in her ass and pumped her hand hard and fast.

Mixed Doubles Ch. 01

group suelove58 2018-01-16

Julia and Tony moved to the far side while Richard and I took our seats. I'm not sure when it happened but between the starters and main course I suddenly realised that Tony's right hand was no longer on the table. I felt Richard's hand move slightly up my leg so I covered it with mine, pressing firmly to prevent any further progress. I wanted to turn around and look myself but spent the time with my hand flicking between Richard's leg and my seat belt, which I kept lifting away from my chest complaining that it was chafing. "What, like this?" I said as I slipped a hand up under Julia's dress and found her very wet slit.


Fun With Chris Ch. 2

group SoftShoulder 2018-01-16

She moans as her juices and the cold water drip from her pussy while Jake finger fucks her ass and Al sucks her clit, bringing her to a volatile orgasm. "God, Chris, you feel so damn tight and good!" Then he holds onto her and he lies back while Jake massages her ass and enters her, slowly pushing into Chris' ass, causing her to gasp and whimper for a moment before both men begin fucking her to oblivion. Al sucks her nipples and tongue fucks her pussy before he begins pushing the opened champagne bottle into her cunt where the bubbly liquid begins filling her up.

Paradigm Shift Ch. 03

group SteveWallace 2018-01-16

I tried to recite the events, even mumbling to myself, thinking the vocalization might give me more insight into them: going nude into the pool with Darlene and some guy; watching Marcie get fucked at the party as Doug watched her; having my own time with Marcie and a plea for repeat visits - all while she cuckolded her husband in some ways; and then the time with Cameron and the discovery only moments earlier that I was the 'other man' as she prepared to become engaged to what I knew must be a nice guy because she was such a gem.


Seduction Ch. 02

group ravaged_wench 2018-01-16

I could feel her lips grazing my neck even as her hands slipped between my body and her Lover's to cup my breast. When the Lady moaned softly into my mouth, I took it as my cue to open her blouse so I could feel the warm skin of her breasts and the hardening peaks of her nipples. I heard a soft moan as I sucked her nipple deeper into my mouth to suck harder and was rewarded with the sensation of her fingers wrapping themselves in my hair. The Lady's hands were not idle – they joined her Lover's on my swollen breasts, following his lead and taking it further as she pinched my rigid nipples firmly between her fingers.


Bi Three Way

group sammy75 2018-01-16

I got up and removed the rest of Michelle's clothes and started to spank her bare arse -- suck him you fucking slut I told her. I told him to lie on his back on the sofa so Michelle could continue licking and fingering his arse and I could feed my cock into his mouth. She got on her knees and spread my cheeks and started tonguing my arse as I fucked Stuart's mouth, she started fingering my arse now and after 5 minutes of this I could feel the cum rising in my balls. Shell ordered me to coat the black cock with the cum left in my mouth and then to suck and lick it all off - which I obliged in doing with enthusiasm.

Any Spare Change?

group Blubik 2018-01-16

The first time I tried anal sex was with my wife, but even with lots of lubricant I couldn't get more than two inches of finger or just the knob of my penis into her asshole before she cried out and made me stop. As we'd agreed, for the first time I fingered their bodies and sucked nipples while they took turns licking my balls and sucking my cock. "It's time for you to do it, girl," she said, and I pulled out so Betty could lift her legs up high and reveal the tight, pink hole of her anus. The hotel supplied body lotion and Amy tipped some into her hand to lubricate Betty's hole and my cock.

A Regular Appointment

group snacquie_jacquie 2018-01-16

"Tara!" says the man holding the door. After a few more minutes of chit-chat, and after Tara turns down the offer of a drink, one of the men, who has his arm around Tara, says, "Well, boys, we should be going soon, I guess." The rest of the men murmur in agreement. "That I did," says Tom. He takes off his blazer and walks up to Tara. For the next five minutes, all that can be heard are licking, sucking, wet noises as Tara pleasures Tom. It's hard to tell if she's enjoying herself. Tom is very red, and toward the end he loses control; he grabs her by the hair and holds her head in place, fucking her mouth with hard, regular strokes.

CvsN 13: Amie and Robin

group Tx Tall Tales 2018-01-16

"Hell, looks like Karen got herself a boyfriend, which I guess it probably for the best, and her sister is certainly not part of my 'harem'." Without warning or hesitation, she put her mouth over the top of my cock, and tongued the head, while her slender cool hands toyed with my balls, caressing them, feeling their heft. Holding her lean hips, her hip-bones like handles in my hands, I pulled her forward and back countering my thrusts, as I revelled in the feeling of fucking this pretty teen. Of course, they had to know that Beth and I had gone out several times before this whole house-thing had started, but blessedly that didn't come up at the table.


Office Girls

group rockhard4uc 2018-01-16

I cried out and my wife called, "Have you just cum, you naughty man?" The phone was taken from my ear and a soft female voice said, "I'm sorry, Mr. Jackson can't take your call now. As the girl pushed down hard and my cock slipped and burst through her hymen, I exploded into an enormous orgasm, spurting my cum deep inside her now-not-virgin pussy. "She's going to cum!" I cried just managing to extract my fingers from the other girl's pussy, before the girl on my cock exploded into orgasm. "Four of us -- two girls were out-and-out lesbians, but Mr. Jackson has been good to them too,' chuckled Sara, squeezing her pussy tightly on my cock shaft and smiling at me.


Sassy's Story

group KawGuy 2018-01-16

She held the warm red glow in her mouth for a second and handed her glass to Craig. Sassy thought to herself that she was feeling lightheaded from wine, as she stroked Craig's cock near her face. Craig knelt at Sassy's head and pushed his cock in her mouth. Pete centered the video cameras to show Sassy's full body and just the lower half of Craig's. In the mean time, Craig's cock was at Sassy's lips. Craig looked at her lips and then to tip of his cock and noticed his pre-cum flowing. Sassy's arm started moving and she reached for Craig's hand helping him massage her breast. Pete stopped and took some close up stills of the cum that lay stuck to Sassy's body.

My 19th Birthday

group SeductiveSarita 2018-01-15

"We don't shake hands with Sarita," said Raj looking at Aaron. "Told you she's great at sucking cock didn't I?" Raj said to Aaron. I pulled Aaron by his cock and started wanking him off with my lips just inches away of his head. He started to fuck me slowly, the coldness of the table was hitting my back, Ryan decided he wanted some of this by now and was sucking my breasts each in turn. As Aaron started fucking me harder and harder I was sucking Raj faster and faster. I wrapped my legs around his waist, still wearing my shoes that I had put back on.Raj let out a grasp and starting shooting his hot , thick creamy cum into my mouth.

A Wife's Day Off

group FilthyMind 2018-01-15

Angela was lay flat on the bed, totally naked with here knees up and spread wide, between here legs was Janet, her best friend, making rhythmic movements with her hips, the third person was Paula, who was sucking on Angela’s right nipple and squeezing the other between her fingers. As Paula kept up her pace and started whimpering from the combined attention of Janet’s tongue, teeth and lips on her nipples and the strap on in her cunt, Angela started to slide her fingers over Paula’s puckered anus. “Oh god, I’m coming.” Paula fell sideways off Janet’s face, but Janet maintained a grip on the dildo and kept pumping into Paula’s arse hole with it.

Backdoor Man Ch. 02

group SEVERUSMAX 2018-01-15

We just have to find a way to convince them that Rich's cock and Brittany's pussy should be available to anyone that you have in mind...and that it won't ruin their marriage to turn them all over to you," Sherry explained her thoughts. For that...Rich and Brittany can be helpful, too...another reason why I want to help free them completely from the monogamy trap, love," Sherry asserted, right as I started to open the shower curtain. The only thing banned at this juncture is another man's cock in Brit's cunny and another quim around Rich's dick," Sherry concluded, "Or is there still a ban on my strap-on taking her fanny and your cock up my arse?"