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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Game of Lust: Chapter Four

group MissCarmelle 2018-11-07

I wrap my legs around his hips as he continues to bounce me off his cock, Scott moves around to slide into my creamed ass and they continue to fill me until Will shudders and I know his orgasm is imminent. My husband and I end up sharing his cock, both of us licking him back into hardness while Scott kisses my neck and Luc beats off from his chair. I lean into his chest as we catch our breath before slowly looking around at our companions, the men are all sporting stiff cocks and Luc looks close to climax. Scott fucks me until he gets close, then he uses my hair to pull me backwards so that he can spray his spunk over my face and chest.

Kinky Kayla

group DamonX 2018-11-07

"Let's get this little slut up on the couch," Justin said, pulling Kayla's mouth off his cock. Kayla parted her lips and Chad moved forward, shoving his cock into her mouth as he held the back of her head with both hands. Encouraged by my girlfriend's vulgar enthusiasm, Justin pulled her head up by the hair so that was now looking directly into his lust-filled eyes as he rubbed his slippery, wet dick all over her face, leaving a glistening slimy trail in its wake. Kayla turned her head slightly and spoke in a halting manor as each thrust of Chad's cock sent her tongue stabbing into Justin's saliva soaked asshole.

The Wild End of Summer, Chapter 1

group WayneGibbous 2018-11-07

So, I retired at fifty-six and my wife, Karen, she was fifty-three at the time, we went out and bought a nice travel trailer to do some touring around in. The new couples were Kevin and Laura and Jeff and Alice and they'd known each other for ages, often travelled together like this and, like us, were nearing the end of their summer sojourn. "Actually, Kevin and I and Jeff and Alice have travelled all summer together and we've swapped any number of times. Karen looked at me as I shrugged my shoulders and nodded my head toward the guys standing there and she smiled and took two or three steps over, reached down and took Brian's cock in her hand and squeezed softly.

Amy's Las Vegas Return

group EricandAmy 2018-11-07

Amy watched as Eric's hand slid up between Mona's legs while she widened her stance to allow him to pet her bare pussy. Amy could see Eric's ass muscles tighten as he began his slow and deliberate penetration of Mona's wanting pussy. Moving to the side of the bed, he continued stroking himself slowly with his left hand as Mona rotated herself into position on her back with her mouth open below his cock. Amy gasped at how, without hesitation, he began the slow and deliberate insertion of his gorgeous wet cock into Mona's waiting ass, while still looking right at her. Eric's cock slid easily into her wet little box and he took a few deep strokes in her before withdrawing.

Chinese Massage Triangle

group ANcpl 2018-11-07

We were still excited when we got home and one evening, with Jack buried deep inside me, he tentatively asked if I’d really like to take it further, to turn a massage into a threesome? As we chatted I found myself imagining how his hands would feel roaming my body, touching places only Jack should touch; my nipples tightened as I envisaged his weight pressing down on me, his hardness pushing into me. The show over, Max increased his attention to my pussy with the same intensity I had given Jack making me shudder as his thumb pressed against my clit, his fingers delving inside assaulting my g-spot.

The Store Party - Monday cums

group Denny62 2018-11-07

When there was just one lady left, Kelly, Nelly came over, picked up a piece of melon and fed it to me, slowly pushing it into my mouth and allowing her finger to enter my mouth as well. I took it and traced Nancy's nipple as I'd watched Nelly do and quickly dropped my lips to her breast. Nelly laid on her back on the cushions and Nancy and I took turns eating the fruit and her pussy or nibbled her nipples and neck. But she didn't move I felt Nelly slipping off my hips, but Nancy was gently rocking her pussy on my mouth. I could feel hands lightly stroking and tickling my cock, I think it was Nancy but don't really know.


Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 04

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-07

I was fairly silent on the drive home; social, but quiet, something that Ray noticed right away, but didn't put me on the spot by asking me about it in front of Harry and Vick. Grabbing Ray by his hand, I took him upstairs and screwed his brains out, the image of Kathy's head between my legs, driving my orgasm. That done, Kathy took Ray by the arm, heading for the door, indicating that Jorge and I should follow. On the drive home, in answer to Ray's question, I told him that, truthfully, Jorge was a lousy lay, but that I'd suffer through it just to have time with Kathy.

Making New Friends In The Woods (Part 1)

group Pegasus4 2018-11-07

I couldn’t see anyone else around so I caught hold of her from behind and, turning her to face back along the path we’d just come, I pressed my hard cock against her lovely round backside and slipped my hand under her dress to feel how wet she was. The man came up behind the woman and slipped his arms around her as they watched me cup Jay’s butt cheeks in my hands, squeezing them and gently pulling them apart, exposing her naked, wet pussy. There was no surprise or shock on their faces as they stared at Jay, practically naked, her fingers spreading her pussy lips apart and my rock hard cock slowly moving in and out of her mouth.

Halloween is a time to share

group llkop 2018-11-07

Mel cleaned herself up, and threw the door open, “Next please.” There were a few laughs, and the crowd stirred, some people kept dancing, I think they were unsure of the situation. One of them took Mel into the doggy position and pressed his above average cock into her pussy, she moaned as he stretched her after the previous guy. Watching Mel being spit-roasted by these two strange men dressed as Spartans was really starting to turn me on. I pressed my head against the tightly pursed asshole and slowly pushed. Millimeter by millimeter I got deeper in until I was finally passed her sphincter muscles; I then began to fuck her ass.

Down The Rabbit Hole - Part 4

group JefferyB 2018-11-07

Lily walked up behind him, looked in the fridge and said, “I’d love a Landshark.” As Mitch opened it and poured it into a frosty mug he took from his freezer she asked, “Do you always treat your lady friends so well?” He looked down as the head of his cock popped out and watched as a stream of hot, white cum began to slip out of Lily and run down over Bre’s chin and into her open mouth. Mitch was having a wonderful time listening to the banter until Lily turned to Bre and said, “We’ll let Mitch decide who has the best tits.” With that they both stood, removed their shirts and stood directly in front of him.

That Old Black Magic

group pandsal 2018-11-07

Remembering Ntombe had certainly removed any inhibitions there might have been about sex in the drawing room with the lights on and the weather forecast on the television. The rest of us - Vee, me and Ntombe’s five wives - faced him from the opposite side of a long table set with expensive porcelain and crystal. That is why I was able to look on with equanimity when Ntombe announced - in French this time - that for a finale he would take Vee. As Vee lifted her body to absorb Ntombe’s final thrusts, the woman tightened her grip on my penis and matched the others’ momentum.


A Truly Wonderful Man

group Samuelx 2018-11-07

Apollo was thrusting his cock into the guy's mouth and Brian was sucking on his cock and balls like there was no tomorrow. Apollo was slamming his cock into the white boy's ass like there was no tomorrow. I went to the porn video store and bought a few gay and bisexual DVDs. I watched those videos which featured sexy men fucking other men and sometimes doing both men and women at the same time. Hector slammed his cock into my pussy while sucking Apollo's dick. Hector and Apollo slammed their cocks into my pussy and ass and I was rocking back and forth between them. I wish hunky gay and bisexual men like Hector didn't have to hide their sexuality because of a homophobic world.

Techno Aphrodite

group Piquet 2018-11-07

A few people, mostly women, were already on the dance floor and as Mick and Simone joined them, a couple of the women smiled at him, allowing their eyes to linger just long enough as to be suggestive. Aside from Agata and Jenna, he thought he could recognize a couple of faces from Club Luna, but the majority of Stephanie’s guests just looked like handsome and beautiful young tourists. It may have been the excitement of making love to a complete stranger or the sheer fervor that Agata brought to the task, it may have been the surreal setting or the sight of two beautiful girls beside him taking it in turn to lick each others pussies, he was not sure, but soon Mick found himself becoming harder and harder.

A fun night at a friends house

group Dickie 2018-11-06

So you sat on the counter right next to the fridge so that every time one would bend down to grab a beer you’d part your legs a bit and see them drool as they looked at that moist pink pussy. By now Jill was covered in cum;her face was dripping with it, her tits were covered and it was slowly running down her stomach to her cunt which was already being filled with your fingers. As I was about to, Jill came over, still covered in cum and helped you suck on me, each taking your turn with the shaft and the balls. You came over and kissed me, making me taste my cum and the leftover of some of the other guys which you’d fingered their semen into Jill.

Young Man Used by a Married Couple

group LucaByDesign 2018-11-06

Suddenly he smiled, said his wife liked me looking at her and that he didn’t mind either. He said it made him feel special to have a wife who could still catch the eye of a young, good looking guy like me. I think you like me a lot,” she said, her hand going down between us and squeezing my hard cock through my pants. He held my head with both his hands, turned it so that the right side of my face was flat against the pillow, my eyes looking directly into the single eye of his lust-bloated cock.

The Ballerinas Next Door – Part 2 – The Video Shoot

group ChrisM 2018-11-06

I got between her slender thighs and slowly slid my cock back and forth between her pussy lips, making sure I rubbed her clit on each stroke. Sandra started playing with Natasha’s small tits as Natasha brought her hands under Sandra’s t-shirt and massaged the full tits she found under her hands. “I want to eat your pussy little one, ” Sandra said, dumping Natasha on the floor and climbing between her legs. Turning to me, Sandra gave me a wry smile saying, “Bob, Natasha is an anal virgin and she wants you to fuck her ass while we eat each other out. As I watched, I saw Natasha relax and Sandra’s tongue slid right into her ass as it opened up to her.

A Tahoe Friend Returns with a Buddy

group ugacouple 2018-11-06

Ryan must have been feeling left out because all of a sudden I felt a cold squirt of liquid onto my asshole from the lube and he started finger fucking my ass to loosen it up for his cock. It felt so amazing to have Rob fucking my pussy, Chris fucking my mouth and Ryan finger fucking my ass. I was getting close to orgasm already and started fucking Rob harder and bucking back against Ryan's fingers but Chris wouldn't let me stray from his cock and held my head close. I came all over Rob. Neither of the guys were close to getting off so they kept fucking my pussy, asshole and mouth.

Big Guys and Big Girls

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

Natalie's big ass was the first thing Rita noticed, next came Jim's huge cock and the dildo up his ass. Natalie continued to suck her man's dick while sliding the dildo in and out of his ass. In front of Rita's amazed eyes, Natalie got on all fours and spread her huge ass cheeks wide open. Natalie lay on the floor with her legs spread while Rita knelt between her legs and began licking her pussy. Jim came up behind Rita and spread the big woman's butt cheeks wide open. Rita gasped when she felt Jim's huge cock invading her asshole, much like the dildo had invaded his ass earlier. Rita screamed as the big man's hot seed invaded her ass.

Ana at the stripper pub

group Anitaslut44 2018-11-06

The room erupted into applause as I stared in disbelief as my beautiful sexy wife Ana strutted out onto the stage swinging to the smooth sounds of an erotic kind music. One of the men who had been stroking his cock approached Ana and moaned as he unloaded a huge torrent of cum onto my wife’s face. Looks like I made a mess!” Ana said; when she stood up and watched the seated man erect cock dripping cum. Then I watched my loving wife lick and suck his balls and dick, cleaning up the gooey mixture of cum and pussy juices. It was quite enough for me… I knew that night Ana would fuck the four guys in a wild way and my cock was as hard as theirs.


Black Couple Slave Dreams

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

Whitlock College has very competitive intercollegiate teams in both men's and women's varsity soccer. Whenever I look at interracial porno movies, I see black men having their way with sexy white women who seem more than happy to suck their big black dicks, and have their pussies and assholes filled with cock. I smacked the big black woman's ass and she yelped as I plunged my cock deeper into her asshole. My good friend and fellow bisexual adventurer Samuel once told me that big women have naturally tighter assholes. Then I shoved my cock into Aaron's asshole while ordering Wilma to lick my ass. I gripped Aaron's slender hips tightly and slammed my cock deep into the black man's ass.

Swinging in the Military

group fog43 2018-11-06

Julie and I were sharing some glances and Sandy kept looking at Rich like the steak was doing nothing for the hunger she felt. Borrowing and twisting a line from her favorite actor in her favorite movie, Sandy responded with a line from Butch and Sundance, “Take him, he’s yours,” and went right on fucking Rich. Sandy could ride a guy for thirty minutes or more at a time and Rich was her favorite hobbyhorse. That long cock let Sandy scoot forward, allowing Rich to raise his hips. Later that evening Sandy insisted on watching Rich fuck me and then we each ate her out to consecutive cums in a pussy licking contest. 

After the honeymoon

group SeanR83 2018-11-06

I watched as she got to her knees in front me and took my cock into her mouth. She then took both our cocks and started to lick and suck on them both at the same time. I watched him penetrate her pussy and start pounding her hard and fast. He wrapped his lips around my cock and sucked me like a pro, it was not his first time. I want to feel your finger all the way inside my ass and then you can fuck it. Keith and I both seemed to get spurred on and I could feel him slamming up into her as I fucked her ass as hard as I could. As he pushed up into her pussy, I pulled my cock from her ass.

New Adventures of Carmen

group eatu55 2018-11-06

She poured body wash into the wet wash cloth and slowly washed herself from her face and neck down her chest and around her breasts, stimulating her nipples as she moved the cloth lightly around her firm globes. I pulled out the chair and was about to leave when her right hand slid down her belly and she lightly moaned. Carmen increased the pressure on her clit and moved her left hand down so she could insert two fingers between her wet lips. Yes, you did all the things a good room service does, except you stayed." She slid her hand in my waistband and found my hard cock. Would you like to touch me, Eduardo?" she said as she arose, took my right hand and pulled it to her beast.

Lexi, Jenna and the cabin in Vermont

group fenom 2018-11-06

"Little, book me a room with a sick ass view, a king sized bed and I'm not bringing Derek and I don't want to talk about it. Jenna laughed, put her hand on my leg, "I don't give a fuck, Lex. I've got beer in the back and two bottles of Brut to get us going and you, and I've missed you and I don't care where we go." I felt strong hands grab my hips, bending me over without pulling my mouth away from Jenna’s soaking throbbing cunt. “Ohhh shhhiitt, oh my god, Lexi, baby, fuck, I’m coming, I’m coming…fuck” Jenna’s juices dripped down my cheeks, down my chest. Mick let his dick touch my lips before he spun and slid it into Jenna’s still orgasming pussy.