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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Inside the Athlete's Village Ch. 03

group bluedragonauthor 2018-01-15

After that, we got some dinner and flirted with a couple of South African badminton chicks, but we didn't seem to really connect until they found out I'd won a Gold Medal, and then all of a sudden they wanted to go home with me. And since this downtown club Preston and Jacob took us to was full of hot female NON-Olympians, and since the guys had made us all change into our Opening Ceremony uniforms... I was sure Karolina had heard every polite question that could be asked about tennis, and I was equally sure she had no clue what sport I was in, only knowing I was an Olympian by the Team USA uniform the guys had gotten me to wear.


The last Hurrah as a single

group ptsteve 2018-01-15

One of the hosts and I were talking and watching her and he said “Your date is ready for anything tonight.” I replied “I think so too.” H e told me that she had been to a few parties there before and a lot of the guys wanted to fuck her but she was never that d***k to take advantage of. He smiled and said “you’ll enjoy this part” as he unzipped and out sprang a black monster that looked as the head was as big as a fist and it just rolled out…His cock was about 10” long and 2”in diameter. She muttered, “Please don’t do this I never have done this before.” One guy said “Well now is the best time to get screwed.” as he pushed his cock into her lubed asshole.

Caught by my s****r and her friend 10

group carlos06 2018-01-15

The other guys all got out of bed and formed a circle around her, nothing was said and clearly this was no surprise to any one but me, then Miss Stone opened the robe and let it fall to the floor, she was naked underneath and those big round melon shaped breasts shone in the moonlight, then the guys dropped their shorts and they were all sporting hardons. Then in between her ragged breaths she said "fuck me now!", Peter stood and shoved his cock in her and rode her like a bucking bronco, the he said "Miss Stone I'm going to cum", she slid off him and grabbed his cock jerking it hard and fast, her eyes burned with lust as she watched his cock spray her abdomen with his semen.

Cuck Or Bull You Decide? Ch. 02

group SexyLuv1 2018-01-15

She then felt a couple of drops on her left side, so she turned over stuck her hand under the other guy's balls, and stuck her tongue out as if she hadn't a drop of water in a weeks time. Looking in my rear view mirror, I said "looks like your new friend agrees, he's going to pass us again." She turned to see, and asked why he's doing that again, she already had showed him her tits. Taking a chance, he reached his head into the car and put his mouth on her nipple and began to suck, as his fingers worked around the inside of her pussy.

Kristina & Kathy

group jeff29 2018-01-15

Kristina recognized the tell-tale signs of my impending climax and squeezed her breasts harder, pulling her nipples as she looked into my eyes and begged me again to reward her with a copious load of cum. "Oh fuck, here it comes baby, oh fuck Kris, here it is!" I shouted, as a huge blast of cum shot from cock, blasting Kristina right in the left eye, causing her to close it immediately. I gripped her ass even harder as I continued to drive my tongue in and out of her, and Kristina's body arched, her breasts wobbling violently, and much to my surprise, a steady stream of fluid began to spurt from her, splashing me in the face again and again.


Liz and Friends Ch. 01

group JBowl1376 2018-01-15

I noticed Liz checking out the outline of my hard cock against my shorts and I began daydreaming a little about her pulling it out and sucking it into her mouth. Watching Maggie with her tongue buried in Liz's snatch combined with Lori's masterful stroking of my cock had me hard again in no time, which seemed to please Lori quite a bit as she moved up against the ping pong table and turned me to face her. I couldn't see where Liz had gone, but I soon felt her as her hand found my scrotum and began massaging it as I pumped my cock into the hot older owner of this fine rec center.


After Kids

group Yogakay 2018-01-15

Purposely standing close, bodies almost touching, I would look up and let other men see what was burning inside of me. Sore from being fucked all night, I awoke at 5:00 a.m. David's excitement over my acceptance of his demands had kept him in my ass, mouth, and pussy for hours. There was no way to look like anything other than what David was turning me into-a willing fuck toy that did what it was told. Their eyes felt like fingers strumming my body. Both men with big grins on their face stared even more intensely at my husband's hand that was now jiggling my ass for their inspection.


ER Admissions Ch. 03

group penbeatsword 2018-01-15

"Unnnggggg!!!!!" Daniela groaned as it was Alicia's turn to twist the ring pierced through the hard bud beneath our fingers. Alicia had come in behind me and now had both hands on Daniela's tits, twisting and pulling on the rings, causing her to bend forward. She then turned to Alicia and took her face in her hands, kissing her like it was the last time she ever could. After eating, she was treated to a hot oil massage by the two of us, then a mostly tender lovemaking session (Alicia did hold her by the hair and gripped her head firmly, ensuring Daniela's mouth and tongue would have nowhere else to go but her pussy and ass until she came all over Daniela's face.). We all pulled back and Alicia looked intently into Daniela's eyes and spoke first.


What a Day!

group cstubbies 2018-01-15

We take off our shirts and kiss and suck on each others breasts, I take off Liz's skirt and remember she has no panties on so I quickly start licking her slit up and down, first shoving my tongue as far as I can into her hole, and then moving up to her clit. I untie Matt's mouth and take Liz's panties out of it, he starts to say something but I quickly shove my pussy in his face hard so he has to lick me. Leanne comes over and sees what's going on and decides to slide underneath you, so that she can lick your pussy while Liz fucks your arse with the dildo.


b*****r, s****r, and Mum have sex

group bedlam54 2018-01-15

By this time it was the 28th of October and i had noticed that Sarah had started to go to bed a lot earlier than usual, so one night i decided to go up 10 minutes after her, to see what she was doing. She slid one finger in, i started to moan, over the excitement, i didn't realize that my son Adam, returned home, he walked up stairs, and by now he was bound to of heard the sounds. While Adam was filling up my ass, Adam said " i dont want this to end, can we do it again, i love you both " Sarah looked up at me and winked.

Dani's Cumuppence Pt. 02

group blackhillsbbw 2018-01-15

"Don't you dare let go of my hand!" I told Tom as some creepy alien reached out and some cobwebs shook down upon my head and I heard the sound of a coffin open and close. "That's a good girl Dani, a very good girl." Then a blindfold went over my eyes and I was told to take the finger fucking and the blindfold and to think of nothing else but how badly I wanted the Master. "Please what Dani?" as his hand pulled out and began to massage my massive hanging boobs as he fondled and rubbed them with his fingers, thumb and palm.

Hotel Corruption Fantasy Ch. 01

group CountessLove 2018-01-15

Your hands lightly rub his thigh in little comforting circles getting ever closer to his erection. He's so nervous that his hand shakes, but he keeps the touch gentle and feather light. His fingertips barely graze your sensitive ears and you let out little giggles as the touches tickle your flesh. He takes both of his hands and caresses your cheeks, your ears, and your neck in almost a massage like movement. His hands reach up and gently caress the underside and outside of both of your breasts in soothing motions. The other nipple finally receives his attention as his hand reaches up and gently rolls it between his thumb and forefinger.

good neighbor for threesome

group aki4u23 2018-01-15

Stunned but somehow cogent I said, “That would certainly be the neighborly thing to do – Boyd?” In answer, he lifted his hips and my wife quickly pulled his boxers and pants down to expose a long -and throbbing cock. Focusing past the cock briefly and into my eyes again, she moved her very wet and open mouth along the long length of his shaft, her tongue following the curve of it, and let her lips rest open along the top of its bulbous head. Boyd was soon moaning slightly and moving his hips, Anna let out a little moan of her own and positioning her face over his tool, let the first inch or so slide past her lips as his hips rose.

Becoming Bi Ch. 04

group loves69forall 2018-01-15

Kat's head is close to the end of the bed so I kneel down on floor and bring my mouth to Mel's ass and kiss those beautiful cheeks, I hear Mel moan in Kat's pussy, I guess she didn't here me come up, she isn't pushing me away so I guess it's OK for me to keep going. My mouth is practically glued to Mel's ass; I hold on to her so my mouth doesn't come off her asshole, they are now bucking and moaning louder, almost screaming, Mel's the first one to cum she tenses up and screams in Kat's pussy never taking her mouth away, her head is bucking, moving up and down like she's giving a blowjob to a tiny cock, from where I'm standing I can't see really good but it looks like she has Kat's clit in her mouth.

Allen Finds Himself Ch. 02

group Ranma29 2018-01-15

Looking Andrew in the eye while his wife was going down on him made my cock twitch and I felt some pre-cum at my head. I went back to Chelsea feeling her ass and getting eye level with her pussy and cute little asshole. Andrews's eyes flew open and he moaned out, Chelsea looked over to see me giving her husband a blowjob. Chelsea came one last time and I lost it, cum flew out of my cock down into her waiting asshole, Chelsea was screaming "cum in me baby I love it." Then Andrew told me he was cumming and I pushed my head down as far as it would go.


group mumcest 2018-01-15

she kept moaning..sayin, "mama..mama..fuck me lil b*o" staring at me n saying, i wanna get caught b*o...but, lets make it seem lyk its our 1st time (tho mum has watched us on line but never in person)!!! i was fucking my older s*s hard wyl lookn @ my mums refdtion across the room talkin on the phone wyl changing..then my s*s sed, u think i look like mama?? my s*s told my mum to suck her sons cock in front of i then shoved my cock in her mouth fucked it hard wyl my s*s kept shouting **** mama b*o..oh this is so good..i layed s*s syd by syd wit mum n told dem both to seduce me...mum got up & finger fucked s*s n s*s did d same..lookn @ me jackin off..


Mexican Delight Ch. 02

group Loansum 2018-01-15

Her eyes looked up to see a dark Mexican man with his hard cock pushing into her mouth as she sucked him like her special lover. As she took her breasts in her small hands, the Mexican man moved between her legs and slowly placed his hard cock between her juice soaked pussy lips. Her hands stayed in a tight grip on the headboard rails as she felt her body being used and taken as her hips moved hard against the man whose cock was battering her cunt. She knew that the cunt she was licking had just been fucked by the cock that was now inside her and her mouth and lips and tongue began to work on this beautiful Latina's cunt.


The Concession Stand

group OneDstrbdchik 2018-01-15

It was close quarters in the line, so she wasn't surprised, but when she felt the fingers sliding up her thigh lifting her skirt, she knew it was deliberate. The hand that had been caressing her thigh slid beneath her panties, one finger brushing against her clit before plunging into the wet depths of her pussy. Jodi stared back at him and then moaned again as the man behind her pressed his hard cock against her silk-covered ass...rubbing. He placed his hand on the back of Jodi's head and pushed her down until the head of his cock was against her lips. Jodi moaned again, loving the taste of the cum filling her mouth, sucking the man's cock over and over again, until the last drop had been swallowed.


Friction That She Causes

group Rufus2121 2018-01-15

He sat in his seat and rubbed his hard cock in his pants. The minute Tyler came, he fell to the floor and rested. Dan, on the other hand, shoved his 8 inch cock into my mouth and I sucked him just I sucked Tyler. A cock in my ass, one in my mouth, and my finger in my clit, I was shear delight! Once Nick came in my ass, he put me up against the wall and allowed the now rested Tyler to fuck me, while Dan and Nick watched and jacked off. Tyler got in the back seat and began to fuck me up the ass. Dan stood up from the floor as soon as he came in my pussy.

After Dinner Treat

group Xamphos 2018-01-15

As Maria left the room Jack tried once more to talk to Amy. Maria traced the lines of Amy's cheek, fingering the line of her jaw the rise of her eyebrows the soft pad about the eyes, the slender straight line of her nose. Maria's hair pressed against Amy's cheek, as her hands encircled the cups of her captive breasts. Amy felt the fastening on her dress loosen, The lips which had peppered her face launched down her body preceded by the clinging jersey dress. Amy stood in her black lace knickers, as Maria's hands caressed the fine black denier covering her legs. Amy felt the tingle pass through her body as Maria's tongue lapped at her swelling nipple.


Sarah's Frosh Week Adventures Ch. 02

group sarahsmith1989 2018-01-15

As his third finger began to open my butt hole, their roommates remaining seed started to leek out onto his hand. "Looks like our roommate found himself a butt slut." He added.\ It slipped in quite easily as my hole was lubed by the original cream pie The other guy circled around to my face and put his cock in my mouth. The two men took turns rotating between my mouth and butt. A cock right out of a butt was a new taste to me, but sucking a dick was an activity I liked so I got over the initial shock. After the two boys took roasted me like this for awhile they stopped, the one in my mouth now said:

The Gym

group JosephBarnosky 2018-01-15

I quickly look away and try to focus on my routine, but my heart is pounding hard in my chest, my pussy throbs in sync with the beats and I can feel a little bit of wetness forming down there. My hands rub along his chest as his massive cock pushes into my wet, hot pussy, stretching me past my normal limits. He pounds me harder and I can feel his cock expanding, pushing my pussy to its limits. He pulls out, leaving a stream of cum both inside and outside of my pussy and I don't have much rest as I see the stare of his friend waiting patiently.

Teaser - My New Life

group Traciturner 2018-01-15

John had a pickup truck with a big back seat, once inside I stripped off my clothes and John climbed on top of me, quickly rubbing the head of his hard cock along my slit, with a little effort he spread them and began inserting it into my wet cunt. Still sucking, I opened my lips a little allowing the head to slide in, massaging his balls with my hand, I looked up at Claire as I slid his cock deep into my throat, relaxing my muscles to permit maximum penetration, Charlie moaned with pleasure as I deep throated him, Claire was licking her lips, at that moment I was she was licking mine.


Email from Cindy's Box #08-02

group little_asian_cherry 2018-01-15

"Something like that." You shoot a smirk to the security guard, and I turn to catch the wrinkle of a smile around the corner of those stern eyes. Glancing behind me, I bend down, pushing my tight pants down my legs, my tight little butt sashaying back and forth as I shove each side down a few inches at a time with my free hand, my naked rear pointing right at the two guys grinning at me. Sounding off a loud, grumbling, exasperated huff, I quickly spin around, throwing my arms up in the air in mock defeat, baring my full, round tits and their large dark nipples, as well as my hungry little snatch, to you and your security guard buddy and the two guys now walking over from the register.