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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A night on the town

group samgrant1865 2018-01-15

John had pulled his chair close to Brenda, and she sat with her head on his shoulder, sipping her wine, enjoying the feel of him. Seeing John look at her, she pulled him close, and whispered huskily in his ear, “I am so gonna fuck your brains out later.” John’s cock instantly went hard. As he fucked her, Brenda looked at a nearby man, and said, “you next.” That man immediately dropped his pants and started stroking his hard cock. Brenda’s hands went to her filthy head, pulling her in, smashing her face to her cunt, screaming “eat me!” And the crowd took up the chant again, “Eat her!” The man r****g her ass let go her hips, and grabbed her long hair, pulling, and fucking her deeply.

Double Trouble

group chevellex 2018-01-15

The other of me drops to his knees and begins kissing your ass, teasing it, and soon licking around your anus with hand reaching around to your now, dripping-wet pussy. A hard smack comes from the hand behind you across your ass, causing your thighs to quiver in pleasure, and you look up at me in the front with your big, soft, beautiful eyes as I continue to thrust into your throat. The cock inside of you begins to twitch and you are pushed off of it into a standing position and immediately turned around in time for the cum to shoot into your mouth and down your chin.

Bringing You Home Ch. 03

group GildedSilver 2018-01-15

Your hands rubbed up and down Timothy's inner thighs. Mistress and I had discussed the same thing." Timothy took a deep breath and plunged on, "It's good to know you want to know a new safeword latter. Your hand slipped up Timothy's neck to fist in his hair, pulling his head back to give you access to his neck. "Pleasure, Master," Timothy arched into your mouth as you sucked hard on his nipple. I watched as your talented hands owned Timothy. Our girl has joined us to watch your torment, boy." Master teased in oh so many ways. After all, you'd just come with me and hadn't had direct simulation like Timothy had. Your hand never left Timothy and he came right after you.

Island Fever 4: Paradise Ch. 08

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-15

On Lindsay's face now, as she pulled off her beige tank-top and let it fall to the floor, and then began to unhook her purple bra to show her taut, little breasts with the tiny rosebud nipples, was a look of pure desire. "Oh, I agree," Amy nodded, embracing Lindsay warmly as her curious hands sampled various portions of her body - her neck and shoulders, her arms, her sides and back, and of course her breasts and that tight, spank-reddened ass. "Let me kiss you again," Amy told Lindsay, unable to control her urges, as she cupped her chin with her hand and then slid her mouth over hers one more time.


my female spouse cought me on bed taking a black c

group 2018-01-15

I m ok about that as he is tall, dark n handsome & he has huge thick cock mmmmmm.I love him so mad for day he called me to see if I m available for him, I said I have one hour only as my spouse mit may come back after that. before I ask something he stuck his already hard tool in my mouth, stroking my face he told his friend to take my skirt off & lick my ass.I like to be rimmed so I let him do that. both horney guys made me moan so loud & suddnely my spouse Mit entred in my bad room...every body shocked....tell u other part soon

Walk to the Beach

group morepleasure 2018-01-15

Then Katrina said to Jane "You haven't had a man to provide with a lot of pleasure and satisfy you for a while so what would you like to do with him." I was intrigued what the answer to this question would be and hoped strongly it included an orgasm for me fairly soon otherwise I was feeling so "randy" that I would have to open the self service department. So one of them, I think Katrina got the chocolate cake out of the picnic stuff while Jane kissed my nipples and gently massaged my cock and balls with her hand"."He loves having his nipples kissed and even sucked quite hard" said Katrina.


Teaching the Driver

group ohmycouple 2018-01-15

Petr held my wife's nipple tight between his fingers and pulled and stretched it so that there was plenty for my mouth to suck. My wife convulsed around my hand, but her clit knew that this was just a phase, kind of like batting practice, and that what it really wanted was a hard penetrating cock filling her pussy. I held her labia apart and Petr leaned in to the wonderment that is my wife's cunt, sucking her, kissing her, coaxing her clitoris to show itself and then orally loving it. We started out kissing my wife at the same time and she was more than able to keep us occupied, running her fingers through our scalps as we got comfortable sharing tongues and lips.


A Patriotic Act

group zeke81 2018-01-15

When the song ended Mike jumped up from the table and walked over to take his turn with Lisa on the dance floor before she even made it back to the table. Lisa swallowed Dave's cum and then stood up looking at the 3 young soldiers standing naked in her living room. Troy fucked Lisa in the ass while Dave fucked her pussy and she sucked Mike's cock again. When all 3 of them had cum they moved so that Troy was fucking her pussy, Mike was fucking her ass, and she was sucking Dave's cock. Finally they moved so that Dave was fucking her in the ass, Mike was fucking her pussy, and she was sucking Troy's cock.

Daniel and Jamie's Romantic Night

group lockedinsteel 2018-01-15

Jamie felt her breasts rub against Ally's and gazed into her pouty, slightly open lips for second before making eye contact, with a confused look. After a few seconds, Ally broke their kiss and whispered in Jamie's ear, "My husband wants to fuck yours and I'm pretty sure yours wants to be fucked or fuck mine. "Also Liam put his hand on my knee during dinner and slid it up my inner thigh, so I knew he was into me and figured that they were both probably into us, especially when she asked if you wanted to go to the bathroom." Jamie's head was spinning.



group tossinoff 2018-01-15

The lady lifted from his lap and began to look over my way, at first I stopped wanking but then decided to be brave, I took my big hard cock and raised my bum off the seat so she got a good look at it, she was clearly impressed as she beckoned me over to join them. I pulled out and she sat down in the seat just in time for me to jerk myself all over her face, she opened her mouth and took me inside and sucked all the last bits of cum out of my cock.

After the Game

group Atrampboy 2018-01-15

Soon though Tes released the tit in her mouth as she lay back to focus on her own impending orgasm as my new partner started to shudder and moan loudly that she was cumming. As his wife worked my hard cock Tes leaned over and grazed her nipple across my mouth before taking mine in her mouth, about then I felt a feather soft touch on my balls and heard him ask if I minded, I moaned a 'not at all' as I enjoyed the three of them working on me, as my eyes focused I noticed that while he played with my balls he was also sucking on one of Tes' tits as his hand squeezed the other.

My girlfriend vs 5 cocks

group 2018-01-15

So shes sitting there, playing with our hard cocks, and I guess got bored, because she got on her knees, took out kevin’s dick and started giving him head. By now, shes got her shirt off, and I’m watching these guys playing with her tits, getting jerked off by her, and rubbing their dicks all over her face. She grabs my cock, and starts jacking me, and randy off at the same time, alternating between sucking brian and kevin at this point. She rode jim for a while like that, then got up, got on her knees, hanging over the back of the couch, and let kevin start fucking her doggy style. She’s moaning, and starts to suck off kevin, 3 cocks for my wife.

Everybody Wins

group ShyHottie 2018-01-15

Turning back to the conversation at hand, the question of Billy's cock size had me observing the bulges in both his and Jay's jeans. "Are you guys still game for a little more partying?" I saw no need to expose our bet to the rest of the group, but I knew Billy and Jay were aware that we would be settling that wager one way or another tonight. I don't know if it was Jay's hand resting gently on my back, or all this talk about 14 inch cocks that had me going so. I pressed myself against Jay, walking him backward toward the bed, where he sat next to Billy, who was still hard as a rock, and slick with precum, running his hand up and down his huge cock.


nympho white slut

group 2018-01-15

This slut began to have an full body orgasm, up until then I had never seen a lady cum so hard my entire life, my dick was white from her cum, the site made me drop a huge load in her I made sure that my cock touched bottom while I shot that black baby making seed inside of her tight white pussy. Karen got on top of my black dick and rode it like a champ damn this girl knew how to fuck, me and Karen had a orgasm at the same time damn it felt great with me cumming deep inside of her womb again.

A Random Encounter Ch. 03-06

group JJSMD1 2018-01-15

The Director sat back and watched on the monitor as Marshall staggered from the cab to the red velvet rope holding back those waiting to get into The Iguana Cantina. Sipping at his drink, he leaned against the bar and scanned the dance floor, looking for the girls from the cab. Marshall stood out a little bit for his age, but his jeans and black collared shirt fit right in. Marshall frowned as his beautiful school girl stopped dancing and disappeared from view behind the DJ Booth. Marshall nodded his agreement and let Sara take his hand to lead him through the crowd. Marie grabbed his wrists and pulled them aside while Sara turned around, took hold of his cock and slowly lowered herself onto it.


Cannonball Kate (Amsterdam)

group Mag58 2018-01-15

After a minute, I tapped her on the arse and motioned for her to stand up; and when she did I pulled her trousers and knickers down and gave her bald, juicy cunt a real good fingering as she sucked and titty-fucked her third stranger's cock of the night; until she gasped and began trembling as an almighty orgasm made her deep throat the cock, which in turn made him cum deep down her neck. Katie was now sweating as she got a real good fucking; until Aaron pulled his cock out and straddled her tits, before wanking his cock in front of her wide open mouth; where he splashed jet after jet of hot spunk; which she gratefully swallowed.

Him and his wife

group CumsGood 2018-01-15

So she said ok well I'm playing to dropped her dress then got me naked Told me to stand looking at the wall why she used her tongue on my ass hole she made it so wet So I did but after I started sucking his wife said I'm going to fuck your ass now with my finger as your sucking his cock She said my mouth is going round your cock but I'm not moving my head She grabbed it and said don't move she had a hand full of cum she pored all over the top of his cock there was almost a blob of cum staying there so she told me to sit back on it

Cum Covered Session

group sexi_Lady13 2018-01-15

I tell you to sit down and talk to me whilst I'm in the shower, and I slowly start soaping my whole body, taking my time over my tits, arse and pussy. We walk over to a lift and you guide me inside, when the doors close you lean in and kiss me keeping one arm around my waist and the other trailing down my back, slowly caressing my arse and then sliding your hand under my dress to feel my soaking wet pussy. The feeling of having some many hands on my body is like a pleasurable torture, getting me so worked up without any of them touching my pussy and I'm wondering if I'm going to cum before any of them do.

Vacation Getaway Ch. 06

group meraena 2018-01-15

"Because when you asked if I had any idea of things to do, I was going to say 'yes, you could do me.' But like I said, it was too forward...I thought it was anyway." Maeling told you to close your eyes and relax as she lay down next to you and began to kiss you deep and soft, running her hand up your inner thigh and under your mini skirt to your panties then over your pussy. Do you like me fucking you with my cock?" she asked as her free hand slipped into her own panties, rubbing her own pussy frantically, moaning as she did. Let me return the favor," you said, laying Maeling down to her back as you removed her panties and began licking her soaked wet shaven pussy.

The Club

group Erocus 2018-01-15

for a few moments, Karin dropped her hands to her tits. case, the man was enjoying the show Karin was puting on Karin let out a shriek, pulled her hands out of her Karin inserted a hand through the open fly. "I want you to suck my cock." Karin shook her head no, forward a little, pushing more of his tool into Karin's handhold, he began to push and pull on her head, moving and forth on the man's cock, Karin was able to do a The man crawled between Karin's legs, pushing her the man let go of Karin's hips and grabbed her wrists, He continued to push and pull at Karin while she entrance, the man moved both hands to Karin's hips and,

Wild Oats - The Football Team

group twistedgraygoat 2018-01-15

As the third slow dance ended, John led me to a sofa along the wall and began loving me. I pulled his head up, gave him a loving kiss and moved his mouth back to my breast. I caressed both Bull and Tyrone with a hand and the other guys began loving my breasts or just standing and watching with their cock in their hand. John got up to take his clothes off and one of the guys began rubbing his cock through my slit to get it coated with my love honey. As he slid in and out, I moved to meet him and for the first time tonight could hear the slap of flesh on flesh as we came together in love.

League Night Ch. 4

group Bob Peale 2018-01-15

As Sara continued to drag her tongue across the edges of Dawn's pussy, Phil rubbed the swollen head of his cock along her slit. Dawn resisted momentarily then Linda felt the first tentative licks, followed by a guttural moan as Phil worked his cock head into her. The feeling of Phil's monster cock working it's way in and out of Sara's pussy was driving Dawn wild, and she reached under and fingered herself as Sara approached orgasm. Ray grabbed hold of Dawn's ass tighter and started slamming her on him hard, forcing his cock deep, while Sara teased Dawn's trapped clit with her tongue and worked two fingers in and out of her dripping slit.

Our First Threesome

group pmsparky 2018-01-15

I decided it was time to see if we could get things rolling so I turned her head and gave her a long sexy kiss, we whispered our love for each other, she then turned towards Rick and started making out while I rubbed her back and legs. After several minutes Rick slid up towards the headboard and April took his stiffening cock in her mouth by the time he was totally stiff I was planting my juice along with his. We all rested and again tried to clean up her pussy for a few minutes then she went back to kissing him again, she then slipped her leg over his and climbed on top of him inserting his big cock into her and she started riding it with all she had.

Unexpected Threesome Ch. 10

group Joanmcarthy 2018-01-15

After having sex with Ellen I must have drifted off to an exhausted sleep because the next thing I really remembered is waking up at 1910 hours (7.10 pm for you land lubbers) with memories of the most erotic dreams still in my head. But the one I'd got out of bed with wasn't going down very fast and when Ellen joined me in the galley, pressed herself against my back and wrapped her arms around me and fondled it as she kissed up and down my back, any lost hardness quickly returned. As Ellen turned me around and gave me a full contact hug as she lip kissed me, I had a suspicion the 'don't stare' rule was going to be equally hard to follow.