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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Just the Two of Us Ch. 03

group sexual4some 2018-01-15

I saw Lauren standing in the doorway like a deer caught in the headlights, my hands resting on Sarah's smooth butt cheeks, the sexy girl sitting in my lap. But when I moved a finger deep within Lauren and pressed lightly on her smooth butt cheeks she was pushed forward that little bit more, hesitantly pressing her lips against the beautiful girl next to her. 'Oh god, I'm-sor...' was all she got out before Sarah, who had looked at her strangely for a moment, grabbed the back of my girls head with lust in her eyes, pulling her in for a savage kiss. Lauren's sweet butt ground downwards, I looked around the length of her back to see the two hot girls break the kiss as Sarah threw back her head.


Caught In-Between

group RonCabo 2018-01-15

These were the little acts that drove Nelson wild when Mandy would do things like suck his cock after it had been in his wife's pussy. Julianne finally turned around to sit also, pulled Nelson to her to suck her juices off of his cock—something she would have never done before Mandy came along—and reached over to rub Mandy's pussy. She then arranged Mandy to rest her head in the older woman's lap, and spread her legs so her husband could kneel on the sofa and give their assistant what she always seemed to crave: cock. This also allowed Julianne to dip her nipple into the young woman's mouth, Mandy loved her boss's tits so much she willingly sucked.


Book Club Ch. 02

group Sean Renaud 2018-01-15

That was cold comfort now that he was just over two hours into what had become a turn around trip. Just when your balls are sticking to your leg with sweat and you're afraid to move because the seats of your car are hot enough to burn you minor or in some cases non-existent things can be frustrating. Sorrow. Disbelief. Despair. The cow says moo. Sorrow cries. Despair sobs. Instead it seamed to be hovering back and forth between rage, lust, curiosity and disbelief. He seemed to have been settling into a strange combination of rage and lust. It stretched almost from her jaw to her forehead.

Three Make a Splash

group rantfor 2018-01-15

Eventually, about 7:30, Mary got up and stretched herself (I saw Jonathan admiring her forward-thrusting breasts as she did this) and announced that she felt she needed a shower. When I came back to the bedroom, a towel wrapped around me, Mary was sitting centrally on the divan bed, dressed now in a little baby doll nightdress and panties. "Come in," said Mary, and Jonathan came in wearing a short dressing gown. Mary was absolutely gasping by this time, and moaning in pleasure as Jonathan mouthed her gently through her panties. "Mary, love, Jonathan has just given you a lovely time, but I think it's his turn now.


The Velvet House

group AztecKing 2018-01-15

Well c'mon, girl, lets dance!" The little spitfire grabbed Callie's hand and pulled her out to the dance floor nearest to our table. The club passed me like a dream as I led this little train of people towards the exit, dark leather seats, the smell of liquor, strange arms and faces and bodies all blurring together compared to the world-encompassing feel of Callie's hand in mine. I grabbed Callie's ass and pulled her to me, kissing her soft mouth with absolute abandon, feeling the warmth and wetness and life of her lips and tongue playing with mine, and I drank her in like some lustful cocktail.


The Examination

group Alainn 2018-01-15

"Packers lost and I got green hair." He sounded completely normal, as if he wasn't touching her so intimately, and she wondered if her fertile imagination had fooled herself into thinking he was looking at her body with longing. Yet, when she took his hand and let him touch her in a way that went beyond the usual doctor/patient relationship, Lincoln became angry with himself for letting ten years of school and internships go down the drain for a pretty face. With her brown eyes were half closed and red lips, swollen from his kisses, slightly parted, she looked like the perfect vision of a woman who had just been thoroughly fucked.


Jennie And Mike And Cathy

group brian473317 2018-01-15

Mike laughed quietly and then reached into his two pockets to pull the pot and pipe out; as he did so, his hands had to worm under both their bums and both girls squealed in surprise. Mike's cock got as hard then as it could and Cathy, feeling it growing under her, turned toward him and gave him a knowing look. Cathy looked at Mike in confusion but Jennie grabbed her by the hand and pulled her to her feet. Looking at Mike stretched out on the couch and the big easy chair the only other place to sit, Jennie told Cathy to take the chair, trying to be a good hostess.


Anything For The Company Ch. 03

group eroslit 2018-01-15

Soon, his entire mouth engulfed as much of my breast as it could, his tongue licking away at my nipple. That's when he started licking down my stomach, taking long swipes at the line of chocolate leading to my clit. My legs wrapped around his waist and I clutched the sides of the table, trying not to slide backwards on the tablecloth as he pushed his cock into me harder and harder. The woman's legs were spread wide to lower herself to me and let me reach her entire pussy. Several minutes of licking and sucking resulted in the woman leaning over...I assumed onto the table...and her legs beginning to tremble. I stood up and waited for more instructions, my face covered with remnants of chocolate and the woman's wetness.

New Horizons

group Black Star 2018-01-15

With a deep groan John’s cock erupted, a violent spurt of cum arced through the air and fell on Julia, some on her bra but most on her exposed breast. As my tongue approached her swollen clit I felt Ivana clasp the back of my head and draw me firmly to her gaping pussy as she slowly replaced her shiny friend with my hungry mouth. Julia slowly removed the vibrator and placed it between her pussy lips and collected as much of Johns cum as possible onto the shiny surface. As John reached his hilt, Julia came around us to Ivana and kissed her, sliding her tongue into her mouth passionately.


Dating a Sex Addict Ch. 01

group Olibauer 2018-01-15

I almost couldn't believe what was happening as I watched them crawl onto the bed, Sarah on my left and Lila to my right, and continue kissing as they moved their hands down to each other's pussies. At that point, Sarah put Lila's leg down and straddled her body on her hands and knees, then she looked back at me and gasped "okay I need it now, I need your cock." So far my eyes had been glued to the action of these two hotties and I had been watching so intently, I hadn't even thought about joining in but I certainly didn't have to be asked twice.


Unexpected Pleasures

group kisinurkitty 2018-01-15

Kicking his boxers across the room, Jason said "Let's get her on the bed Jimbo." Pulling his fingers from my pussy, and sliding them backwards in between my cheeks, he grabbed my hips and guided me a couple of steps to the side of the bed. As Jim was leaning down, guiding his cock toward my gaping pussy, Jason said "I can't get to her that way Jimbo, let's turn her onto her knees." As I opened my mouth to let him slid in, I felt Jim's hand part my lips, and his cock head slide up and down a couple of times in between my lips.

Friends...and the Benefits With Them

group jontaric 2018-01-15

Jen moved from his lips down his neck to his smooth chest, stopping at his nipples to lick them, then trailed her tongue down his stomach and put her mouth around his cock, but through his boxers. "Oh God, suck him Andy," she said, "please suck Jon." Andy didn't hesitate a minute this time, he kissed his way down my smooth chest and stomach, following the path his wife had taken on him, he took my 7.5" cock into his wet mouth. Andy pulled my cock out and started to jerk me off, a little afraid for me to cum in his mouth. "Oh fuck," Andy screamed, "this is it.." I pulled his cock from her pussy and wrapped my mouth around it, as his cum started shooting.

Wishes And Fantasies

group Mrbigdick2014 2018-01-15

Kristen, having undone Brandon's pants, snaked her hand inside his jockeys and grabbed a hold of his huge erection, stroking it and rubbing her thumb in circles around its throbbing head, the drops of pre-cum lubricating as she continued. Sami snaked her hand down and found Brandon's huge erection, stroking it urgently as Kristen rubbed her pussy even faster, her fingers pumping in and out of Sami's wet tight cunt and her thumb rolling over her clit at a fevered pace. Sami brought the tip of Brandon's cock to her pussy and rubbed it gently on the back of Kristen's hand, as if to silently ask permission to go further.

Something To Remember Me By

group Veronica Sweet 2018-01-15

So for the next several minutes my mouth went from Frank's thick uncut 8" to Ron's mushroom headed 6" and all the while Tim was rubbing my ass and pussy through my panties which I was certain I'd have to throw out because they were so completely soaked by now they had to be ruined. I put my lips to his ear and whispered "Fuck me now Tim, then when these two guys go home to their wives you can stay and I'll suck your cock and maybe later you can stick it in my ass." He looked at me with shock at first but it quickly melted into a smile and I knew I had him now.



group LaraL 2018-01-15

I wanted to bury my hands in her hair and push her gorgeous face deep into my pussy, but all I could do was to arch my back and push my dripping cunt onto her tongue. Our mouths and tongues were still pressed together and when Daniel pushed the dildo into my wet cunt and his cock into Amber's we could only groan. Having freed Amber, Daniel positioned her so she was straddling my mouth and I eagerly lapped at her pussy, having never tasted another girl's juices before. When I had caught my breath we pulled Daniel to his feet and Amber knelt on the floor, taking his cock hungrily into her mouth and squeezing his taut balls.

Our First Time Together

group Geena 2018-01-15

Max eagerly follows me and once we are down below he grabs me and tells me that he wants me to seduce Fred to show him a night he won't soon forget. "Honey tell him to fuck me." He laughs and says "you beg him and he will." I grab Fred's head between my two hands and look him straight in the eye and with pleading eyes, I beg "Fuck me please I need to be fuck, long and hard, fast and furious, please fuck me" Then I bring his face to mine and kiss him deep, my tongue is buried in his mouth and with one smooth strokes he enters me.

Cuckold Impregnation

group plethodon 2018-01-15

Jack was going to fuck Laura, and Tom had given his the other man's eyes as he looked at Laura. Tom went down on her to prepare for Jack's penetration. Tom looked from the erection to the young man's eyes, and "Tom," Laura said softly as he fought the pull of Tom turned his head sharply, away from Laura, and his Jack pushed Laura's legs down until her knees were "Fuck her in the ass, man," Jack said. "He gets her pussy and offers me her asshole," Tom said one hand on Laura's hip and inched forward, his cock Laura opened her mouth as wide as her lips would stretch, Laura lifted her mouth from Jack's and raised her head.

Serving My Mistress... & Friends! pt. 2

group azid619 2018-01-15

After what felt like forever of both licking Anna's ass and holding on for dear life not to cum, I finally heard the nicest command ordered to me that day. "MMMMMMMMMM!!!" I moaned loudly with such relief underneath Anna's ass as loads of my creamy cum shot out of my rock hard throbbing cock all over Chrissy's tongue, filling her mouth up. "Right now baby," Chrissy started, "We're going to go upstairs and have some more fun, but before we do, you are going to kiss each of our asses and thank us for letting you serve us like this." "Good," smiled Chrissy, "Well start with me, kiss my ass and thank me." She ordered as she turned around and positioned her naked ass close to my face.

Sally: Trick or Treat

group caprine 2018-01-15

I paid the cabbie the fare with my pussy drenched hand, letting him get a big whiff and told him, "Your eyes and nose got the tip," and I exited the cab, shaky on my feet. After half hour of sitting quietly under Ron's gaze, I could not take it any more and I asked Ron, "You have instruction not to touch the clients, but do you have any restrictions on touching yourself?" His reply was a curious, "No." I answered his with another question, "How 'bout me touching you?" Ron said, "No stated restrictions there, either, but it was implied not to." Then I said, "Well, I'm really horny now, so I am going to finger fuck myself and if you want to whip out that big bulge in your pants, feel free to do so!"


Asking For It

group tallguy220@hotm 2018-01-15

So there you were tottering around on your platform heels and we were catching you, grabbing and groping your tits, feeling under your skirt, rubbing your hot cunt through your panties. Holding your pussy lips apart, I thrust my tongue HARD into your cunt, licking, sucking and biting furiously. I rammed my big fat cock all the way up your sopping cunt and started to fuck you like a man possessed. By the time we'd washed you, paying special attention to your tits and cunt, and dried you off, we were ready to fuck you again. This time you didn't protest at all, and when it was my turn to fuck your mouth, you opened wide like a good little slut and swallowed it all.

Holiday Party Time

group SimonSays1 2018-01-15

Mark had his arm around her waist, and as his hand slid slowly down onto her ass to caress her softly, Elsa turned and looked at me over her shoulder. I turned back towards her as she stepped closer-- and then she was stood on tiptoes, wrapping her arms around my neck and pulling me close, her breasts pressed to me as she gave me a lingering kiss, her tongue moving across my lips as I kissed her back, my hands on her hips, her tongue just slipping into my mouth for a second before she broke the kiss and stepped back breathlessly.


Bachelor Crash

group Dakota_North 2018-01-14

A quick look down at the expression on Nate's face told Julissa that he was indeed getting turned on by all this, and she had a sneaky feeling that he wouldn't mind more, or the other guys watching her. She finger fucked herself while sucking Eddie only for a short while, for while it felt so good to have a cock in her mouth and her fingers inside her pussy, Julissa wanted more. The ongoing hoots of the guys as they watched the two of them fucking gave way to Julissa's own cries as the combination of her own fingers and Eddie's cock drove her wild.


Meeting the Master Ch. 03

group StryWrter7 2018-01-14

"My little girl likes sucking a big cock – doesn't she?" You taunt as you climb off my chest and angle yourself a little bit to the right of my head. You had pulled out of my mouth – and instead of turning my head so you couldn't ram your shaft back in – I chose to follow the prick with my open mouth, desperately eager to continue sucking it again. Each moment that the palm of your hand touches my sensitive nerve ending in my cock head I shudder and grow closer to ejaculation by your masterful hands. Did I really let him treat me like a little school girl – eager to learn how to suck his massive cock just right?

After Dinner Surprise Ch. 02

group smackmepls 2018-01-14

Mark was pounding Dianne harder than I was and she never took her mouth off of Marsha's pussy the whole time. Mark stood and walked over to Dianne and pushed his cock into her mouth. As my cock moved in and out of Marsha's mouth I tried to get a better view of the dildo action going on between the women. He slid his cock into Marsha's pussy and started fucking her hard. Mark then pulled his cock out of Marsha's pussy and pressed the tip against my lips. Dianne, Mark and I sat back on the floor and watched while Marsha poured a generous amount of lube on the dildo and on her hand.