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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Three on the Fourth

group Tony 2018-01-14

The pizza arrived and I enjoyed the young deliveryman's look of appreciation when Nicole opened the door with her nipples as hard as rocks and a hint of moisture at the crotch of her gray sweat shorts. As Nicole kept up the pace on my cock, I could see Vicki moving her hand up and down her pussy. I decided to tell Nicole what I'd experienced with Vicki and it made her start squirming. Nicole paused for a moment to allow me to focus on her neighbor's pussy and Vicki came furiously, her juices seeping over my face. Nicole said, "Go ahead, it's great." Vicki straddled me and started to rub her pussy along my shaft.

The Office Team-Building Day Ch. 16

group thewhitestripe 2018-01-14

"Hank, working overtime again?" said the new man as he entered, not looking at the person he was addressing, but ogling Bella instead. Coming around the desk, Hank leaned his ass against it next to his friend, crossing his arms as he watched Bella slowly approach the men. Bella sighed again, shooting Garrison a dirty look before shuffling across to Hank, taking his cock and pumping it rapidly before opening her mouth to receive his stiff member. "And hopefully by then we'll be transferring our dicks into his daughter's ass," laughed Garrison as Hank opened the door letting the men out as he slapped him on the back.


The More the Merrier

group cherry069 2018-01-14

"How would you guys like to go out to the parking lot and fuck?" She took his hand away from her pussy and brought his fingers to her lips, slowing licking each finger. Then the men switched and she sucked Jason's cock while Brian fucked her pussy. One of the girls in the room came storming over and yelled at Jessie, saying this guy was her boyfriend and to leave him the fuck alone. The boyfriend shot his wad all over their tits and Jessie crawled over to her friend, Sabrina, who was sucking another guys cock. Cathy slid one end of the dildo into her own pussy and the other into Jessie's and started to fuck her hard.

Sophia’s Amateur Modelling Adventure

group Cassisp 2018-01-14

A standing up frontal and side pose, a bent over a chair and look over shoulder rear pose which I thought really showed of my ass with my little puss just poking through, then some standard sitting and lying facing the camera shots - one in particular I seemed to look good in, was sitting on the floor with my chin resting on my bent knees with legs splayed out so my pussy was clearly visible even through my panties. Some of the guys took turns in poking their dicks through the hole next to my mouth and without thought I opened my lips and let them fuck my face.

Wife at Strip Joint Ch. 04

group Mrs. Canyon 2018-01-14

The tape started off with Tony and Steve walking into the VIP room in which all you could see were five guys standing around a pair of legs high in the air, moving back and forth as this one guy fucked away. These guys just slam fucked my wife throughout the tape for over an hour every which way you could think of. The next thing that he said was, “that since she was so good on film and had no problem getting gangbanged, that he talked to a couple of friends of his that are in the porn business. He said, "it's okay because his wife was on the rag and that she knew he wanted to fuck Tracy some more.

A Weekend With Friends

group wundergrrly 2018-01-14

Mandy licked all the reward off my tits that Pete was so nice to give me, but at no time did she ever take a hand off Doc's cock, she just seems to adore it. I could barely concentrate on his cock, Mandy was doing such a good job, and Pete took over, more fucking my mouth than me sucking him. I came just as Pete pulled from my mouth and traded spots with Doc. My husband shoved his cock into my mouth and roughly began fucking my face. I came once more while Doc shoved his cock into my mouth, fucking my face like Pete was fucking his wife. The boys traded us again, Doc plowing into Mandy, Pete rubbing his slippery, juice covered cock all over my face before slipping into my mouth.

Surprise Birthday Threeway

group DanielleFM 2018-01-14

I wanted to tease her with soft kisses and gentle licks, but she tasted so good that I found my mouth pressed entirely against her pussy. Often my tongue would meet hers while we were sucking him off, and our hands would start to caress him as we took a moment to kiss each other, leaning up over him so that he could watch. When he felt my juices flowing over his cock and my body began to relax again, he pulled himself out of me and brought my legs down to the bed. As my girlfriend started to lick my pussy to get me ready for another fucking, I took his cock and began to lick on it again, just as I had when we were in the elevator earlier.


Sexual Woodsy Adventure Ch. 01

group willow03 2018-01-14

Rivulets of water still trail down his body here and there and she longs to trace their paths with her tongue, but she’ll wait. “It’s beautiful,” he says as he comes up behind her and wraps his arms around her waist. He kisses her neck, and collar bone and shoulders as one hand grips the back of her head and the other makes its way to her bikini bottoms. She grips his back and buries her face in his neck, as he explores her body with his hands. One finger still probing her pussy, the other hand caressing her body. When they’ve caught their breathes, they get into the 69 position and lick each other to orgasm…once….twice….then turn and share another long wet kiss.


group LesLumens 2018-01-14

"Let's get ahold of everyone." Scott assigned Karl and Rick different members of the team to contact, so that all three of them could send text messages whenever the opportunity arose. The other two sets of partners weren't quite ready to leave their assigned areas, so Karl, Greg, Rick, and Scott went into Misty's bedroom. A camera remained pointed at the bed, Scott's DVR was on and recording, and Rick's motion detector was ready to alert them if anything in the room moved. The team pulled up seats in the living room and Scott said, "Okay, let's give it a while. "Karl, did you have a K2 spike anywhere except outside Candy's room?" Scott asked.


Meena - Saga of Tumultuous Sex Ch. 05

group shanti2010 2018-01-14

Kavita suggested she go home and take care and come over to their place sometime when she was free and since they lived next door Meena thought that would be a great idea since it was still relatively early and she got home and after some work went to their place only to find Ravi and Kavita were missing- most likely were out somewhere, Meena locked the house from inside and was about to go out of the front door when she thought of a time last year when she and her husband went to the Company get together and first time she noticed sex in public and started to feel tingling between her legs and a moisture creeping and she made up her mind that if that situation were to repeated she thought, she might make herself more prepared.

Horner Springs Retirees #04

group JackLuis 2018-01-14

Lester let Maureen and Jodie select their sandwich and took a half, some fruit salad and looked inquiringly at the pot in the center of the platter, "What have we here?" Jodie blushed and giggled, holding Lester's hand then she laughed, "I found that Les has a very nice..." she hesitated and kissed his cheek, "You have a big dick." She giggled. "Now Les," Maureen said as she opened his robe and massaged his chest, looking into his eyes, "I teach extra credit classes at the Institute," she hesitated and watched his face, "We often need a man to demonstrate some of the more advanced skills." "Yes, lots of women need some help, often we teach couples that are having, you know, problems with sex too." Maureen smiled and kissed Les on his cheek.


Sisters, Friends, and Lovers Ch. 15

group SteveWallace 2018-01-14

Fran thought a minute, and then continued, "As for another guy, yeah, that'd be nice for all of us girls, but he's got a lot of hurdles to jump, especially after the Joel situation. I conveniently forgot to mention that Fran and her suitor (Joel) were naked, supposedly fucking at a swing party, when he got overly aggressive about rough anal sex, she screamed for help after telling him 'No,' and I busted his jaw. Jane told me that Fran had called her mid-morning to talk about the crosshatch of relationships, and how she wanted Jane to know that she was still an integral part of my love life. Jane even got a little teary when she said that Fran had reiterated to her about being a fourth sister who the other three loved and wanted in their lives forever.


Kim Ch. 06

group Mikro 2018-01-14

The party went well, I met lots of old friends, and a few new ones, all the girls had come to the station to see me off, so here I was chugging along in a train, dressed for a party, I did get a few strange looks at the station, well lets face it you don't usually travel at one in the morning in a print split micro skirt, especially if it showed your suspenders and stockings, and then of course there was the matching print off the shoulder top, that if you sneezed would put your boobs into the public domain, not that it actually covered anything anyway, but then, that was how I liked it.

Banging Betsy

group Boxlicker101 2018-01-14

Sam raised his face from the big breast he had been sucking and grinned at me, because he knew the fucking would start in a few minutes, after Betsy had caught her breath and rested for a few minutes from her great orgasm. George, you know what to do after I get his big, black cock all the way in my pussy." She got off the bed and Sam lay down where she had been, including having the pillow under his head. It started feeling better to me and to Betsy a lot sooner than that, because I thrust forward again and felt an inch of my cock squeeze into her ass, eliciting another happy response from her.


My Wife, Lara and I

group peeper_dan 2018-01-14

I watch her kiss my wife, then slowly work down to licking and sucking her ample breasts and nipples. Lara then sticks her nice long, pierced tongue out for me to see, winks and disappears from my site as she leans in towards Evie's pussy. As my wife is riding me, I get the occasional sensation of a tongue lapping at my cock in addition to the tight wet feel of pussy around it. I decide I think I know what Evie wants, and start focusing my attention on Lara's nice ass. Evie then grabs some lube and starts rubbing it into her ass -- sticking a finger in and out quickly as a tease of what is to come.

Online To Real Life

group claire4u 2018-01-14

The moment he sat in the truck, he didn't buckle up, instead he pulled Lauren to him and kissed her passionately, grabbing her hand and pushing it against his rock hard cock, held tightly within his jeans. As Lauren finally pulled her head back up from his cock and positioned herself in the seat of the pickup, Nathan looked at her with an evil grin on his face. She pushed Lauren down onto the bed face first and started by spanking her ass, just as Nathan had told her to do, as it was something she loved. Jason climbed onto the bed and began to slap his cock across Lauren's face, before he thrust it inside her open mouth and began to fuck it.

Just My Luck

group rogue01 2018-01-14

I looked down somewhat apologetically, but the three women took it entirely in their stride, dismounting me and uncoupling themselves and rearranging positions so that now my torso was cradled lovingly in the arms of the brunette woman, one hand tenderly stroking my hair while the other supported my back, in which position she offered her big hard nipples to my mouth. The two other women stood with their hands on their hips, heads cocked to one side expectantly with affectionate little half-smiles decorating their lips, and their two fake members still standing miraculously erect, as if ready to go again at any time, not so much as a bead of sweat detected on their immaculate surfaces.

The act

group Arabsexmann 2018-01-14

The girl helping her was a young college student who needed some money, while she didn't strip, but she sat at the edge of the upcoming orgy bed, received the first Rawan fucker, grabbed his cock, started sucking it, eyes smiling up at the bull, getting him ready for a nice fuck, men behind, anxious, looking ahead, members in hand, Rawan felt the delicious heat of youth , his heart pounding violently against her nipples, she was able to cum twice, once when he fucked her in a savage way, second when he took his cock out and drowned her from hair to pussy with viscous genital soup, that triggered another climax , convulsions shook her body although her pussy was without a fucker.

My First Swinger's Party

group milf4bbcstretch 2018-01-14

He looked at me and smiled and put his hand on my head and gently held my long red hair that was in a ponytail and said I was a good girl for cleaning him up. He caught me and gently laded me on the bed and climbed on top of me and started kissing me, his lips felt so full and soft and warm after a while i felt what i could only describe as an electric shock to my left nipple and then a sudden warm and wet feeling between my legs as I realized he was touching my left nipple and gently squeezing it my tummy knotted up and I groaned loudly and i felt like i was peeing everywhere, I sunk my nails into his back and wrapped my pale toned white legs across his firm black butt and pulled him to me.

Hot Neighbors

group nakedeye 2018-01-14

The sexually invigorating sight and scent of sweat, wine, cum and writhing freely copulating bodies further excited me as I helped myself to some wine and nibbles before settling onto a sofa in between a couple of nubile young women who willingly made room for me. The scene of men and women fucking and wrestling each other like animals was so intoxicating, it was near impossible to stay calm for long before reinflamed lust again took hold, driving one to fresh bouts of unrestrained carnality; the room filled with grunting, panting excitement, not to mention the wet sucking noise of hot, turgid pricks madly pounding slimy wet and dripping pussies.

Anita's Birthday Party

group Aussiescribbler 2018-01-14

"And you think that just because you throw me a little birthday party, I'll get it all off for you guys and give you a free show, is that it?" she asked. Now that her eyes had adjusted to the semi-darkness of the club, Anita noticed a man standing behind a counter near the door. Anita looked back at the stage to find that all of the guys were now stroking their cocks and walking towards her. "You can help the guys, if you want," Lester informed her as he stepped down from the stage and began removing his own clothes. "I think they are all ready, now," commented Lester, picking up his microphone again, now that he was naked and stiff-cocked, like every other guy in the room.

Fantasy for Two or More

group writestuff2 2018-01-14

Neither Jan or you took your eyes off his cock as she reached out and wrapped her hand around it and slowly and deliberately started to stroke it up and down. We all seemed to be working together now as my hand touched Jan's and she pulled your panties to one side so that I could feel your wetness I watched Jack's hand slip inside to cup your naked breast. Jan sat back a little to appreciate the show for a minute, focusing mainly on your giving him head and then glancing down occasionally to watch my fingers going back and forth in your pussy and then looking over at my erection as her hand continued to piston up and down on it.

83% orgy

The Ecort

group 2018-01-14

"I like you naked but you will have to wear a dress into the club." He then began to suck her tit and feel her pussy. They are natural and a great handful." As the men felt her tits Ron continued to finger her ass as she stroked his cock. I want to cum in your mouth while I tongue fuck her cunt." They all watched the mayor tongue in Sal's cunt as his date sucked his cock clear down to the balls. Then the mayor stopped and grabbed the whore and stripped her naked showing her big fake tits and then leaned her over the table and spread her legs and fucked her right there in front of every one.

The Hitchhiker Returns

group CinnamonSweet 2018-01-14

I leaned back now and found his stiff cock with my fingers and began to jerk him off even as I began to feel waves of ecstasy take over my whole body as I came into Billy's mouth. I knelt behind him and began to lick them as they flopped back and forth as he fucked Dianne's mouth in slow even strokes as his huge cock penetrated her throat. Dianne quickly came to life again under the stimulus of my tongue fucking her she began to pump her pussy into my mouth as she held my head between her hands.