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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Ladies Club Ch. 04

group jehoram 2018-01-14

"That's what I want when my turn comes up to host the club again," Maria said one night, after we'd made love. Besides, I'd fucked Anne at the Ladies Club functions and showered with Bret afterwards, and that give you an intimacy you don't usually get with people you haven't known long. "Bret, Maria's birthday is Saturday, and there's something I'd like to ask of you and Anne." I had just enough time to see Bret climb into bed and slide his cock into Maria's cunt before Anne pulled me out of the bedroom. As we snuggled, Anne talked about all sorts of things: what Bret meant to her, what the Ladies Club meant to her, what Maria and I meant to her.

A Beach Adventure Ch. 1

group SunnyQLD 2018-01-14

"....a free ISP set up through Mr. Stuart's parent company of Go Business Systems" stammered Amanda, not really knowing where her voice was coming from, "they recently launched in Australia with a campaign using alien like creatures in their advertising" she blushed as Steve was now staring at her. I have also noticed that you have been hiding a Bachelor of Business Degree from me - with a major in Marketing no less," said Steve noticing the alarmed look on Amanda's face. "Well the goods news is Mr. Turner, Steve, wants the both of us to come his beach house for the weekend to help work on a marketing campaign for Go Connect.

I Love to See Her with Cock in Her

group dna27fog 2018-01-14

She rolled over and climbed on top of Gene and he slid his cock into her waiting pussy and Bobby immediately went for her ass. Then, she suddenly rolled off and got to her knees between Gene and Bobby, taking their cocks in her mouth in turn, all the while watching me and posing for the camera. As Gene pulled out of her mouth, she gave him a final suck and a lick before she swallowed his cum and latched on to Bobby's spasming cock. Then, as Gene finished fucking her, she lay there and let him, always posing for the camera, and when he started to pull out, she told him to cum in her as she ground her pussy harder into him to make sure he did just that.

Just Fun

group enup 2018-01-14

Lisha watched their foreplay as she slowly stripped, rubbing her leather thong and pushing the attached dildo further inside her pussy. She went down on her knees between the two of them and started licking Andy's balls as he slowly pushed his way into Rod's willing hole. She placed the lubricated dildo's tip between Andy's butt cheeks, spreading them apart at the same time and slowly pushed it into his hole. Andy unloaded his cum into rod's anal hole just as a huge orgasm hit Lisha causing her to let out a loud moan. He moved behind her and pulled the thong with the butt plug down and pushed his own penis into her open anus hole.

In the Bed of a Country Boys Truck

group SexontheBeachBabe3 2018-01-14

We eventually get to the bar, I grab a drink and hit the dance floor. I started twirling just a little more knowing my dress would lift up and he could get a good glance of my ass. He grabbed my hand as he guided me out the bar. His hands trickled down my waist lifting my dress finally reaching my vagina. As I smiled and teased him I could feel him wanting me to put his cock in my mouth. Luke flipped me over quite aggressively, grabbed my hair and said "Sometimes the man needs to take charge". The boy fucking me eventually shot his cum on my vagina and stomach. Nothing had ever felt that intense, nothing so powerful, so heated, so fucking good.

Wild College Days Ch. 10

group Lionheart72 2018-01-14

Liz leaned against the door to the small apartment she now shared with Becky, looking up at Gary with a slight smile that would have worried the younger man had he been paying attention. For a moment, the three lay naked together on the bed: Liz, with her wavy dark hair, full breasts, curving figure, taut belly and shaven pussy, Becky, taller, with her short, straight blonde hair, small, perky breasts and trimmed blonde bush, and Gary, athletically built, with a fresh tattoo on his muscular arm and a long, hard shaft straining between his powerful legs. Liz kissed her way down, nuzzling Gary's balls while Becky sank her lips around his shaft, bobbing her head up and down on his hard flesh.

Our Adventures with Vicky Ch. 01

group Belper 2018-01-14

"You forgot the bit about practicing anal sex techniques" I said, but before Vicky had the time to respond I inserted my tongue into her very juicy cunt hole and she started to moan instead. My fingers were very slippery and, using Vicky's cunt cream as a natural lubricant, I slowly started to finger fuck her other hole. I could see Tony had an erection and therefore the next time I left Vicky I pulled open his zip and lovingly traced the whole length of his cock with my tongue, resting a certain amount of time on his knob before devouring the whole length. "Tony darling" I whispered in his ear "Vicky would like you to fuck her in the arse."


Breast Friend Ch. 11

group RockSteele 2018-01-14

Each girl brought a duffel bag of her own materials, and the bathroom was spacious enough to accommodate them...complete with a huge, glass-door shower that excited Peter a great deal. When the other fifteen were busy, Peter liked to have some at his beck and call to do whatever was necessary, including swap out with the active girls when they required a break. At all leisure times, Peter had a girl straddling him, shoving her tits in his face and smothering him as thoroughly as she could. Peter moaned in delight as he nursed on both pairs, Ellie's rack only occasionally allowing him to watch Marie and Molly bounce for him.

A Night Eating With The Girls

group zamore 2018-01-14

But last night they decided they were going to drink some vodka in our place before they went out. "Lisa will not be happy!" one of the guys said. "What's wrong with Mikes dvd?" Lisa said. I entered the sitting room to find Lisa there along with Lorraine, Aoife, Elaine and Shauna. "You have already been drinking!" Lisa said. "You could suck us all off" Elaine said, coming back into the room. "Elaine!" Lisa said. When we were watching that film you said John was better at giving head than any of those guys. "Ok. If that's what you want." Lisa said. "Oh fuck Lisa, he is good!" She said, collapsing onto the couch.

Mona & Sona

group coolguy2020 2018-01-14

She sucked my cock for a while and smiled"K Sonu, yaar you can have your saali's ass but what if my Raj jijju wants to fuck your wife? Sonu, with your permission, I want to fuck my loving jijju." I smiled at my wife and ordered her," On one condition my darling wife, kneel in front to me and let me fuck you doggy style so that I can enter your cunt through the gap between your ass cheeks. While he was licking her nipples Mona moaned," Ohhhh jijju, lick my nipples....aaaaaaaa didi, you husband has the tongue of a real dog.....come on jijju suck my boobs.....bite them....suck my tits like you suck Sona didi's." Raj bit her nipples hard and my wife cried in pain,"

Capital Break

group SlutKathy 2018-01-14

At another I was tied to face up this time, legs and arms apart, whilst a steady stream of men took turns in fucking my holes, or pinching and biting my nipples making me cry out, or using torture like instruments to pull or clamp onto different parts of my naked body. I was left this way until the club closed and during this time I was continuously whipped and shagged by a multitude of men and women who commented on how much I was a fucking good slut. I must of looked it strung up spread-eagled naked, cum running out of my shaven cunt and ass, covering my tits, face, and in my hair.

Cream Ch. 04

group MawrGorshin 2018-01-14

Though Manny didn't want any Cream on himself, he sure enjoyed watching this beautiful naked girl getting herself hot. "You see, this commodity," Manny said, holding his jar of Cream up for them to see, "just like this lovely Commodity standing beside me, could have their value solely in their use to me. "Well, think of all the men out there who'd love to have Cream to get any woman, or women, they want," Manny said. You especially don't want to rub it all over yourself, no matter how good it feels: you'll lose control, as my lovely Commodity has, over here." Kim was swaying and staggering still, Manny needing to hold her arm to keep her from falling on the floor.


An Impromptu Party

group throwaway_1986 2018-01-14

Though Alicia's bra and breasts were already visible through the thin material of the tank top, Derrick quickly lifted it above her head, feeling his hands glide over her smooth skin and graze the soft material of her bra, stopping for a moment to stare into her beautiful green eyes. Alicia, her hands off of Derrick's head now as she released her liplock with him slightly, pulled her panties down to her knees, then quickly lead Derrick's hand to her soaking wet pussy, making him stroke the wet lips of her labia as she stroked her nipple in one hand while stroking the hair from Kirsten's face with the other.


Au Pairs Ch. 01

group Karamazov 2018-01-14

"It's party time!" Susanna cheered, handing Grethe and Jules full glasses of Chianti. "So, what does your toast mean in English, Grethe?" asked Jules, cocking his head slightly to the left. Walking back towards the kitchen, Jules cried out "Get it while it's hot!" Upon his return, the two of them were now wrapped in an embrace with Susanna sitting on a barstool and Grethe standing and bent at the hips before her. Releasing her hold on Susanna, Grethe turned and asked, "Did you like that, Jules?" They both turned their heads toward Jules just long enough to see his reaction. Alternately taking turns being serviced by the strong Grethe, Susanna and Jules began some seriously deep French kissing.


Sex with Daryl and his friend T-Bone...

group d4david 2018-01-14

Just as Daryl reached down and guided his rigid cock into my anal opening, T-Bone raised up and whispered 'Daryl, you fucking that bitch,' Daryl froze and whispered back 'take your dumb ass to bed, you be dreaming.' T-Bone stirred from Daryl's bed and moved across the room. I could feel T-Bone moving his hands over the bed and Daryl's body, Daryl said angrily 'damn it T-Bone you gonna wake David up.' T-Bone took hold of my head and begin to fuck back and forth in my mouth, Daryl lifted up some to give him room. Daryl said get 'on the bed this bitch gonna do us both.' T-Bone quickly sat himself at the head of my bed his cock sticking up in the air.

Captain Jack Ch. 08

group Captain Jack 2018-01-14

I lay with her sleeping and she started moving, I was watching her face and her eyes opened and I reached down and kissed her on the mouth. “Oh god, that feels so good, you’re so hot and hard, Mmmmmm I love feeling your cock on my clit rubbing like that.” She continued to rub my head between her cunt lips. Oh Jack, that feels so good, its like, like it stretching my little hole wide, just let me do it, Ummmmmmm yesssss I love that feeling of stretching, its sooo good.” She pushed a little more and I slid deeper into her hot pussy and she laughs and sighs, her hands squeezing my cock harder.


A Slight Change Of Plans

group thefriendlyguy 2018-01-14

Their gentle lips met again for a long kiss and then Pamela knelt over Stacy's face, placing her hot wet pussy on Stacy's hungry mouth. Stacy lustfully licked Pamela's clit, probing into her tight hot hole with her soft velvety tongue. "Hello Ron." Pamela took her mouth off the black meat long enough to say, "why don't you come over here." Then she went right back to sucking the stiff cock. Ron put his hand through Pamela's soft brown hair and turned her head to the side, sliding his stiff cock into her hungry mouth. Pamela now had a big cock in her mouth, and was having her pussy eaten, while Adam caressed her breasts with his hands and tongue.


Cheating Wife

group 2018-01-14

Then she met Tim. When he came to the hotel room to fuck her he had a big thick cock and after fucking her three times and eating her cunt twice he told her "I have a surprise for you." Then he let another man in and he got naked and he told her "I hear you have a hot cunt and need to be fucked hard and I am here to fuck you till I hear you scream." He had the biggest cock she had ever seen and he pushed her on her back and mounted her first sucking on her tits as he finger fucked her cunt with four fingers.

The Houseguest Ch. 04

group CCMAguy 2018-01-14

After what seemed like minutes, I broke the kiss and looked over to see what was going on across the tub, I saw that Rich had stood up and was right next to Jill, she had turned her head and was moving up and down on his pole with her lips and tongue, still playing with Angie’s nipples at the same time. Cassie said she wanted to see Rich fuck me in the ass with his cock instead of his finger and to my surprise Angie said " yeah, I’d like to see that too." Jill agreed and I felt like we were being ordered to proceed to yet another level almost with a robot-like response to their wishes.

Doctor's Prescription

group AlanaAllyn 2018-01-14

I raised my dress slowly, and holding eye contact with our now mesmerized guests, I stepped backwards, straddled Allyn's legs, and squatted over him, stopping when I felt his Penis touch my entrance, then just gently stroked him with my lips, coating his tip with my juices, feeling him twitching in anticipation. I felt hands resting on my back, then fingers stroking my lips, rubbing my clit, occasionally one or more fingers ventured inside me, then a wet finger lightly pressured my butt; I couldn't help myself, and pushed back slightly, allowing things to happen I had never before dreamt of.

My First Gay Gangbang Part 1: Prologue

group kinkyhunghorny 2018-01-14

The message itself was almost as curt as the subject saying only "Will you give your body and mind to me for a night?" I felt a twitch in my cock and clicked on his profile. I got in my car and after a short drive I arrived at the motel. The door was cracked like he said it would be. I stripped naked and got on my knees, like I had been told. I felt exposed and at his mercy so I obeyed him, crawling on my hands and knees to the bathroom. Then I got back on my hands and knees and crawled back out to where he was standing next to the bed. I complied getting on the bed on my hands and knees.

FourPlay1: Emma

group Christian Black 2018-01-14

She wouldn't go down on me that first time, like she was scared to for some reason, but she loved to kiss and explore my body with her hands. "A lot of girls like gay guys," he said. I wanted Daryl to fuck Christian in his virgin ass while I watched, with Paula between my legs, sucking my pussy. I wanted both my boys to fuck my girl one after another, and then to eat the creamy load of semen filling Paula's vagina. I wanted to kiss Paula and stroke her breasts while I rode Christian and she sat on his face so he could lick her pussy and her ass.

Island Fever Ch. 31

group Jeremydcp 2018-01-14

Lindsay reluctantly withdrew her long, slender fingers from the silken joining of her thighs, but then smiled as her blue eyes focused upon the hand-held dildo which was perched upon the night-stand next to the bed. "How is Mr. Gordo doing?" Lindsay asked, laying the dildo upon the mattress beside her right leg and then bringing the teddy bear to her chest, and embracing it warmly. "You were begging a stuffed animal to fuck you, and help you get off." To ease her level of embarrassment, I kissed Lindsay on the cheek and told her, "You should have let me know, sweetheart." I smiled and looked on with adoring eyes as Lindsay clutched her thighs around Mr. Gordo's probing head, just before her pussy literally exploded in a sea of passion.


Three Become One

group luzi84 2018-01-14

Sitting at the end of the bed, slowly working on my clit, I watched them. She grabbed a little blue bullet and began to work on her clit. I propped myself up on the balls of my feet, my left hand holding the edge of the bed, and used my right to thrust the dildo deeper and deeper in me. She began to stroke it faster and faster, keeping up with the pace set by his fingers in her and me fucking myself. He pushed deeper inside of her as I flopped on the bed and watched, waiting for her to moan. I heard the vibe pick up pace as I was kissing her lips and as he was softly stroking my legs.