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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

A Friend in Need

group gamman500 2018-01-14

Amanda lay down next to me, one hand stroking my hair, the other reaching down to brush Amber's hair out of the frame as she slowly started sucking the head of my cock. With the slow ride Amber was giving me, i had plenty of time to feel Amanda's tongue start running around the base of my cock. Pushing me backwards a little bit, she positioned her head at Amanda's pussy in the 69 position again, and with my cock still halfway inside my girlfriend, she started licking us both. "I'm going to cum" I warned Amanda, expecting her to pull her mouth off me, but she kept on sucking, and started swirling her tongue around the head of my cock as I shot my load into her mouth.


Pool Boy Ch. 12

group BigZeke13 2018-01-14

Alexis said to Emma, "You can have that for a minute but I really need it soon." She pushed a hand between her mother's thighs and began lightly strumming her clitoris and then inserted several fingers inside her pussy. When Alexis looked over and saw my cock she pulled her lips from her mother's and in a low pitched, guttural voice that sounded like some demonic possession from deep inside said, "I need that cock in me right now." Emma simply said, "Like mother like daughter." Alexis got up and moved around behind me and dragged my chair back from the table to make room for Dee who slid off her chair to her knees and moved between my legs.


My Wife's Only Gangbang

group cuteb0y25 2018-01-14

Mike, sort of on the spot but at the same time looking like he wouldn't mind, asked Diane if she wanted to dance. As another song came on, Mike said to Hank, "It's your turn, pal." Ted began to pull her hands away from her dress, allowing it to fall to the floor. Hank stretched his arms from behind and came very close to brushing her breasts with his hands as they danced, but not actually touching them. Another song started and Mike teased her by putting his finger under the strap of her thong and edging it downwards, saying, "Are you sure you don't want another dance?" Ted climbed on the bed behind her with K-Y in one hand and began slipping his cock into her ass.

Deb's Superbowl Surprise: Part 1

group edintx99 2018-01-14

In a voice that could be clearly heard across the silence in the living room she said, “Ryan, I want you real bad but you’d be a sorry host to your guys if you fucked me in front of them. She set a pose, legs apart, hands on hips and in a loud stage voice said, “Oh, no problem Ryan. Satisfied they would stay put for at least a moment I turned around and saw Deb leaning over to line up her shot, fully outstretched, those firm breasts swaying loose in that scoop necked dress. Deb reached out over the table again, the unbelievably fucking tight silk sheath framing each cheek of her hard-body ass.

Adventure in Fantasy Ch. 01

group charliewilder 2018-01-14

I had responded to an enticing ad on Craig's List that simply said "Wanted: Passionate men and women willing to write about and share erotic fantasies." I had been single for about three months and to be honest it seemed like it could be a great opportunity to meet a hot guy so I sent a response that included a paragraph of a fantasy dream that was stuck in my head from the previous night. "I didn't get a change to call you" she said, "I wanted you to know that this is going to be a fantasy adventure evening for Eric and I." I think that she saw my surprise, and without me having to ask said "We talked in bed this morning after making love, and I decided to just let go and tell him of a fantasy that I had thought of for us.



group jamma32 2018-01-14

Leslee smiled and began to stroke Jackie's hair. He felt himself getting an erection, which grew harder when Leslee, seemingly engrossed in the movie, began to stroke Jackie's thigh with her other hand. Jackie's hands began to caress and squeeze Leslee's breasts as she sucked deeply on her nipple. After a moment, Leslee raised up and began to rub her breasts down Jackie's torso. Jackie was breathing faster, her chest rising and falling as Leslee began to kiss her belly and hips. Her legs spread and Leslee bent her head to Jackie's sex and began to lick. After several minutes, Jackie's moans suddenly stopped for a moment, only to be replaced by her screams of pleasure as Leslee took her over the edge.


Crazy Tall and Pigtails Ch. 08

group BlewWater69 2018-01-14

Anna had moved closer to me so there was plenty of room on the couch for Penny if she wanted, but she seemed content to stay seated on the couch between Zach's legs. Anna resumed her position and with the new stretch to the blue circle, her naked ass was rubbing against Zach's bare shoulder and only inches from his face. Anna's next move wasn't blue, but even with Zach out of the game there was little room to move to the red circle she needed. Making no move to dress, Penny, Pete and Zach were already finishing the last of the Jaegermeister and grabbing new beers as Anna took my hand and led me down the steps.


Her Victorian Bottom Shared Ch. 02

group Ian56 2018-01-14

Prudence shook her head and sighed as she took a seat, "Called away on urgent business I'm afraid." She smiled to herself at the fleeting look of disappointment on the younger woman's face as she prepared tea. A small amount of time was given to idle chit chat over a cup of tea in front of the fire so that her husband could warm his bones before Prudence brought forth the matter of their little get together for she sensed Lizzie was as distracted as she was. "I shall let Henry take me up my bottom first for it is a thing that comes easy these days and, you Lizzie, can watch and then decide if you wish to try the act.


Better in the Flesh

group sticky_cherry_syrup 2018-01-14

My flight back to Raleigh wouldn't leave until almost eleven that night, so I knew I could enjoy several hours swimming in Lena and Jake's refreshing saltwater pool. It must have turned Lena on, because the next thing I'd known we were kissing away like crazy, with Jake standing there watching us, a surprised grin on his face. Lena had never been shy about sharing with me the kinkier things they did, and I knew that Jake enjoyed videotaping them too. Lena stopped kissing me and Jake stopped sucking my breasts, although both of them were still thrilling me with their hands. Jake's finger went deep into my pussy and Lena's tongue stroked my clit with gentle swirls.


A walk in the woods

group lisa07 2018-01-14

I asked hiw what he wanted from the list and he told me he wanted me to suck him, fuck my pussy without condom and cum on my tits. It didn't took long until I got a dick in my pussy, he started pounding me and went very rough. He told me to turn around and lay on my back because he didn't want to watch and touch the other guy his cum. After laying down for a few more minutes I got up to let the cum drip out of my pussy, cleaned myself up a bit and put my shorts back on leaving my shirt off for a bit more because I was so hot.

The Neighborhood Ch. 01

group Roanoke 2018-01-14

Her other hand continues to support my thigh as my ass is still in the air, and she skootches up a little more and begins licking the length of my now very hard penis, not only do I hear myself moaning as this is a new treat from my wife, but I hear Judy moaning and asking me to fuck her mouth. My penis was in a state of mini erection thinking about the previous night, but also thinking about Marion's sweaty body across the street, and imagining how Judy figured out the oral sex thing. Apparently all of them were giving blow jobs to their husbands, so I guess Judy figured out that it was time for us, notwithstanding the extra beers the previous night which were probably the catalyst for stepping outside our satisfying but otherwise mundane sexual life.

The Bellboy

group HotScribe2 2018-01-14

Sherry opened the door a bit wider and the Bellboy carried the bag in and set it down. As he turned to leave, Sherry's gown accidentally fell open without her realizing it and the young man stopped in his tracks to stare at her exposed breasts and pubic area. Sherry continued to ride the Bellboy's cock and I could tell he was finally getting into it now as he began to thrust upwards in time to her gyrations. Then the Bellboy and I, both of us catching the quavering of her body, both of us began to come, too, and Sherry felt our hot come gushing out in rhythmic spasms deep into her cunt and ass, both of our cocks slipping and sliding through the rivulets of jism.


Steve & Sally's First Swing

group MontgomeryBoater 2018-01-14

We jumped into the shower together and she put some gel into my hands, "Rub my pussy clean," she said, reaching down to hold my hard cock. The look of sheer delight on her face turned me on even more, and we made eye contact as Paul thrust into her and started his long, pumping strokes. Sally smiled, took Lynne's hand, and asked her, "What did you have in mind?" Lynne stood up, leaving Sally spread on the sofa with her pussy twitching, and looked me up and down, her eyes lingering on my cock.

Kindred Sluts Ch. 06

group sexagenerian66 2018-01-14

Tell him what you're thinking using words you've wanted to say but were afraid to, Evelyn." She looked at me with apprehension. As her orgasm subsided she looked at him and said "Keep pumping Phil, you need to feel it too." "I want to go all the way Phil." Evelyn said to him. As Phil started pumping his second load into his wife she was moaning and coming on his cock which set Wendy off, me sucking that sweet little clit and being drowned in her cunt juice. Wen was still sucking my cock and licking my balls and I looked at Evelyn as she came down from her orgasm.

Angel's Week Of Religious Breeding, Mid-week.

group rampage86 2018-01-14

It started on the bus, as my Russell took me, while the guys that got at each stop smiled, although they were waiting impatiently for their turn. He finished with me quick, saying after he blasted his payload deep inside of me, "Okay, now you may service the boys." The guys cheered, as he added sternly, "Who I'm sure will not miss a note of my lecture today." And now she's off to be serviced by some out of town guests." He stiffened, as his cock added it's load into Barb's twat, and then, as he kept his eyes closed, with a smile on his face, he said "Have a seat, Angel.

Four Plus One 02: The House

group ReefBeach 2018-01-14

That one crazy day in the old hotel room, Danny's old-world courtesy mixed with the girls' easy intimacy, the truly amazing sex, the collapse of any barriers between them, the sheer luck that it all worked out... Danny was half-expecting it too, so he picked it up in one hand and lightly tugged and fondled it, rolling the skin around and up and down over the smooth head. Of course they knew what an aroused penis looked like - they had seen Danny's in action before this; but seeing the process, from the start, done for them, was special. Danny looked at each girl in turn as he rubbed his shaft up and down. I want them to see you come, like you came on Phoebe." Danny nodded.

Three Man Night

group Johnonymous 2018-01-13

"Thanks Nick." Jenny walked toward the bedroom and gave a sassy grin over her should at the three men watching her. Jenny felt Nicks hand leave her leg as their lips parted. Nick climbed out and Tony again gave Jenny a hand as she stepped out. Please put it on after you freshen up and join me there." Jenny glanced at Nick, feeling almost guilty that she was leaving him, but wanting nothing more to pick up where they had left off. Without hesitation this time, Jenny's mouth came open and her tongue reached out for him and her hands grabbed his head. It was Tony's turn to moan this time as Jenny began to slide her hand up and down.


Lexi's Book Store Adventure

group Lexi_6 2018-01-13

I feel the warms tongue lick my inner walls as pressure is applied to my asshole, the hands rock my hips as I feel a cock sliding up and down the slit of my cunt, teasing it, slipping just the tip in and out of me. As he does so he brings all the juices with him, I feel them run down my leg, his hands still on my hips, I turn within his hold to face him, my eyes meet yours again, " I should have known that it was you by your fluid rhythm." You laugh, placing a kiss on my lips and thanking me.

fucking three married ladies

group chandan0707 2018-01-13

Now she said Sarita common you need to initiate it sit on his thighs as sarita sat on my thighs I felt her touch for the first time and also realized that she was not wearing her panties inside her nightie and her pussy was already secreting warm juice she held my cock and started rubbing it meanwhile mukta started pinching my nipples and then slowly brought her lips to lick them. First was bhabhi she sat on me and mukta and renuka helped me to get my cock into her tight pussy as it went into her I felt very good as it was my first time.

Torn Ch. 2

group AngelWhore 2018-01-13

"Steve, I want you to kneel above her head and shove your cock into her mouth," I demand. "I want you to fuck my pussy and my ass, please, please fuck me..." Melissa pulled her fingers out of my cunt and shoved them into my mouth. I'm deep-throating Steve, my nose is buried in his lush pubic hair while Melissa is fucking my cunt. I was hoping you would ask!" Steve slid his cock out of my mouth as Melissa slid hers out of my pussy. Steve's sucking my tits as he's fucking me and Melissa is smacking my ass, I'm in heaven. Melissa wrapped her fist into a handful of my hair and pulled as she fucked me as hard as she could in my ass.

The Motor Home Trip Ch. 07

group Liquor69 2018-01-13

The look on the guys faces told me they knew what was coming as I opened my mouth and took Mikes delicious cock into my mouth. Mikes cock is still in my mouth as he continues telling the guys how good it is and that if they are going to be really please their women, they need to know how to do this properly because many women really get turned on by it. "If you do exactly what I did to Mike, to your buddies and they do it to you that way, you will all thoroughly learn to love the taste and texture of any hot cock." I told them. Tracy said she always loved watching Mike with a cock in his mouth or up his ass.


The Mediterranean Guesthouse Ch. 05

group stonearc691 2018-01-13

Opening my eyes to the dusk, I can feel my body still remembering the lovemaking of the night, and the sex with Kate and Christine the previous evening. A complete satisfaction seems to dwell all over me, my arms are tingly with memories of touching Kate during the night, my legs remember the feel of the soft sand of the beach as I was pushing into her at the rhythm of the waves. As I hold her hands above her head, her pretty face framed by her brown hair on the pillow, her perfect breasts pushing against me, and the heat of her body almost making me forget my decision to wait, nothing I remember has ever been more beautiful.


A Flash too Far

group Cherrie 2018-01-13

The two guys in turn, placed a hand on each of my knees and slowly started to stroke my legs. The two guys sitting next to me took their cue, and each placed a hand between my opened legs. I could feel myself getting more and more turned on, at the thought of having sex with two guys at the same time. Barry smiled, and then lowered his head between my legs grinding his face, and licking at my engorged clit like a pig at a trough. At the same time, I felt a soft pair of lips fasten themselves around my nipple, and begin sucking softly. My hands busily wanked the two guys sitting next to me, as Barry’s head bobbed up and down between my outstretched legs.

Getting Started

group sex4u4647 2018-01-13

He got on the floor behind Joan, raised her ass and shoved his cock in her cunt while still watching Pete fucking her mouth. As Joan sucked Pete's big cock as far in her mouth as she could, loving the way the smooth hard length of it slid in. Joan was the first to move over to the men and taking a cock in each hand kissed first one then the other, back and forth she kissed and sucked until they were hard enough to do for her what she wanted. Sitting on Pete with his cock in her pussy she leaned forward, spread the cheeks of her ass and said to Ron.