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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Hotel Threesome

group On_Impulse 2018-01-13

We finished our drinks and Sarah said she was getting very hot and suggested we all hop in the pool. Sarah hopped up and started heading for the water with Douglas close behind. I was a little confused, be he said that he noticed my stiff cock as I was watching Sarah. As I got up o go to the bathroom, I noticed Sarah staring at my erection with a smile on her face. Hopping up on the bed, I lay on my side and started sucking and licking on her hard nipples as her body came down from her orgasm. Following Sarah's lead, I gently swirled my tongue around the head of his cock.

A New Lover

group i8u269er 2018-01-13

So I found myself with a free Saturday night and asked her if she wanted me to try to make plans with this friend or that friend or Jake. I then told him when we were free and asked if he'd like to get together and without hesitation he said, "I'm there." We talked about going to dinner and drinks. When she came down, I did exactly what she told me not to do and asked, "So you gonna make a move?" Her surprising answer: "I already did." When they met upstairs outside the bathroom, she kissed him. He went up to the bathroom again and my wife said it was hard to make a move with me there.

Fencing Club Confidential Pt. 03

group SamXStuart01 2018-01-13

The assistant foil coach team was made up of Tara, Carol and Kay, a petite Asian. Tara, Carol and Kay had the most tournament experience so they had to go. The door opened with Tara in her short tank top and panties; Kay in a long t-shirt and Carol in a lacy bra and panties. Tara went first then Carol licking his cock and head; finally, Kay with her small lips kisses the head. Carol straddled his face; Tara eased his cock into her pussy slowly and leaned forward to suck on Kay's 34d tits. It was a sexual train ride as Ed sucked Carol's pussy hard while Tara went up and down on his cock and fingering Kay's shaved pussy.

Threesome with James

group bi_justin 2018-01-13

Shifting to face James on the couch, I place both hands on his chest and slide them up to his collar. Placing my hands on his firm chest to steady myself, I lower my mouth to one of his firm nipples and embrace it with my lips. My hard cock sits tight against my stomach, both Madelyn's and James' eyes focused on it. James positions my cock so that it points directly upwards, then facing us, Madelyn straddles it, her weight causing me to penetrate her to my base. Sandwiched between the two of you, I feel James' cock deep in my ass and Madelyn's delicious pussy enveloping me.

My Two Loves

group JamieStarr 2018-01-13

About the third day there I met a couple of young women who would eventually play a very large part in my life, Miranda and Sue Ann. Miranda had dark hair, so dark most people who met her thought that it was dyed, and deep brown eyes. Sue Ann, on the other hand, had dyed blonde hair, and blue eyes, and a nice ass, but she always wore baggy clothes to cover her body, so I couldn't even guess what her breasts could be like. I continued to watch, stroking myself until Sue Ann grabbed my arm and pulled me into the tangle of bodies so that I was kissing Sue Ann as Miranda sucked her breasts and fingered her pussy.

The Final Cumming (Kelly's story)

group irish626 2018-01-13

He bent her over the toilet and inserted his big cock into her sopping wet pussy, and told me to put my legs over his shoulders so that he could lick my juicy cunt.... "Mandy take off my bra and suck my tits!" "Kelly, take off my knickers and lick my wet cunt!" I saw the look of shock on the others faces. All that I could see was a big cock pumping in and out of my pussy, Mandy's blonde hair and big tits bouncing while she licked me, and a improvised double dildo getting a full work out - it was sunk completely in Madeline cunt, and Mandy's arse..

My Wife Leads the Way

group FantasizeAndRealize 2018-01-13

As soon as Sherrie locked the bedroom door she said, "Ricky the best way to get a man hard is by sucking his cock. I could feel life in Jerome's cock as I slid more of it into my mouth and worked the underside with my tongue. In no time Darold's cock was as hard and big as Jerome's and I could feel the head at the opening of my esophagus. I brought my head forward more forcefully this time and was rewarded with the feeling of my nose crashing into Darold's pubic bone! Sherrie was holding my hand and I was face down on the bed with a huge cock sliding in and out of my ass!

The Scarf Ch. 02

group eroslit 2018-01-13

Traci knew what Chris was like in bed, but Tom was an unknown factor. Traci noticed with interest that Chris sat in a chair by herself rather than take the empty spot on the couch near Tom after the drinks were handed out. When Tom started to turn his head around to look at Chris, Traci put her hand on his leg. Chris watched as Traci's hands became outlined by the tight material of Tom's jeans. Chris watched as Traci lowered her hands down Tom's body. After a couple minutes, Traci signaled for Chris to move on top of Tom. The woman swung her leg over her husband's body and got on her knees, facing him.


The Long Slumber Party

group Cyrano3d 2018-01-13

"Don't stop on our account...looks like you guys are enjoying yourselves just fine." Devon continued to lightly stroke his firm cock; Ron plucked at the guitar softly, also using it to press down his rising erection. Although nearly completely enraptured with their own fast rising climaxes, Mona hungrily accepted Devon's dick into her mouth, while Daphne stuck out her tongue and licked Ron's cock, before allowing him to thrust himself past her lips. As Ron and Mona continued their climb to passion, they couldn't help noticing that Devon and Daphne simultaneously let out a loud gasp, tightened their bodies and collasped. Daphne ran to Mona, and began to lick the mixture of cum and sweat from her body, as she took Ron's limp cock in her hand and sucked it.

Random Encounters

group Pennis17 2018-01-13

I saw an ad in the "men seeking men" section for a self described "fuck party." It was open to all, but I noticed it was just a couple of blocks away from a highly concentrated area of gay bars. Ass up with a nice cock in my mouth when I heard someone come from the back of the house. This was apparently was what my host was looking for because after just a couple of minutes of being fucked, I was being blessed with a nice thick load being injected into my mouth. I joined the father on the couch and he started to feel up my cock when more people came back from the back of the house.

Making the Best Of It

group Ethanallen 2018-01-13

I laid there in the dark thinking about Sarah's incredible body and the way her eyes had been on my body, and I was feeling frustrated when Michelle's hand wrapped around my cock and she whispered "I really want you, right now." She's a wonderfully horny woman, and I was only half surprised she would want to fool around with her sister just a few feet away. Sarah was thrashing, and she said, "oh yes, oh Mike come up here so I can suck you." I kneeled beside her, stroking my cock beside her face, and she turned her head and took my dick in her mouth again.

Transcontinental Swap Ch. 04

group Romantic1 2018-01-13

I said, "My husband 'lives with' Dirk's wife out on the west coast ... "You and your hunky boyfriend that you're apparently sleeping with while your hubby is off on the west coast; you know, the handsome man you had at the Christmas Party -- oh, I wish I'd come over and met him." She looked so proud that she had the headline on the gossip boiled down to one sentence. "No, but you should know Old Man Morton mentioned you're arrangement to me, only because we got to talking about unique living arrangements as part of my relationships course.


Sensations Escort Services Ch. 16

group SteveWallace 2018-01-13

"What are you going to do about Roger and Mike?" Edie asked Amber as they lounged around their condo's living room in sexy t-shirts and not much else. Kat said, "I think you should keep doing your movies and pictures, Amber; only this time send them to both Roger and Mike. The title of the several attached photos was, 'Pleasant working conditions.' A second photo of Amber curled up in an obvious orgasm and leaking cum plus a cock wet with her juices hovering nearby had been entitled, 'End of a nice date.' Both men stroked off looking at the pictures. "Mike was quick to declare his feelings for me, and quick to tell me that he didn't need for me to change to being a 'one-man woman.' In fact, he claimed he wanted me to see other men and to continue as an escort.


The Bridge Club

group Strapping Young Lad 2018-01-13

Then the guests arrived; Berta, average, Denise, tall and delicious, Gran, aged to perfection, Laverne, large woman with huge tits and a tasty ass, Delila, short and plump. I began kissing the insides of her thighs, and she cooed and told the others she was gonna stop playing for awhile, one of the others - apparently Delila as she was the last - told her not to take as long as Gran, as she was getting anxious and her panties were soaked listening to the others and their fantastic orgasms. I brought another hand and pushed four fingers inside her pussy, filling both of her holes, and began licking on her clit.


Sex or Suicide Ch. 03

group SecondCircle 2018-01-13

As our tongues rolled against each other, I felt Cory's warm naked body against my side as he proceeded to kiss at Nicole's neck and shoulders. Nicole's hand suddenly smacked into my ass cheek with a loud pop, and my hips thrust into Cory's body. I realized Nicole was now dropping to her knees beside us, taking Cory's cock in her hand and guiding it to her lips. As Nicole fondled my balls gently and rammed her head onto my straining dick, I squeezed and clawed at Cory's fleshy but firm ass, amazed at how great it felt to grab him there. My hard cock throbbed and stood up straight under her, and I moaned when the head of my dick slid across the wet lips of her pussy.


My s****r Alexandria

group jason1000 2018-01-13

Anyway, she cheered up a bit, and Alex helped me tidy up the place, then Rob and I went to bed, and Alex was going to sl**p on the couch. He looked at me, then he looked at Alex, and he felt a hand on his cock, and didn't know whose it was, and he just said quietly, "Oh boy." I started kissing Rob and Alex went down on him and sucked his cock. I was going up and down on Rob's cock while Alex kissed and fondled his ass and balls, and then we changed places and Alex mounted him, I has holding his balls and could feel them shudder when he came into my s****r.


We're All Friends Here, Right? Redux Ch. 02

group GreyGoose 2018-01-13

Julie took a moment to make sure that she really believed what she was saying, but her answer was an emphatic and excited series of nods. The thought of Julie and Lily sitting around sucking off a banana was pretty sexy, and it was starting to get me hard again. "Well, I'm sure she'll get over that hurdle soon enough," I said, thinking that I might just alert Steve to the opportunity of "tutoring'" Lily if they started to date. "See Lily," Julie persisted, "every time you even glance at his cock, I can feel it twinge with excitement." Feeling fretful and awkward, Lily looked for some kind of solace in Julie's eyes. As Julie went on "tasting," Lily would occasionally look up to see the pleasured contortions of my face.


Comforting My Step-daughter Ch. 05

group MastrStoryTeller 2018-01-13

I arrived first, and Paula, the owner's wife escorted me to the room, whispering to me that the other guests in the room were a young couple who had just returned from their honeymoon, and had asked specifically to dine for their first time in the room when there would be some exciting guests at the other table. As the gentleman extracted his credit card from his wallet, the lady pulled something from her handbag and in a barely perceivable nod of her head towards the restrooms, clearly intended for Cindy and Amy's benefit, slid out of her chair and once again headed to the Ladies Room.


Sexy Man Fantasy Part 4 - My virgin man-hole

group MrFun79 2018-01-13

…Once in the bathroom I turned on the water and he said, “Mmmm, all to my self again”… His cock started to inflate as I wrapped my fingers around his thickening shaft and pulled him close… “Slow down, I want you on the bed sweetie.” He slowed his thrusts and my cock stopped dripping with orgasmic delight. I turned my head as far as I could to kiss him as I placed my hand between us and fondled his balls and the base of his shaft while he was still buried in my convulsing man-pussy. His wife put her full lips on my cock and started sucking me like she was being paid.

“Cum inside me” I said, “I want to feel your hot seed explode in my ass.” I felt him throb and get even closer.

S;eep Over

group sej5994 2018-01-13

Liz was waking but not wide awake and started moaning and pushing Donny's head into her pussy. Most likely thinking it was me she kept her eyes closed and started grinding her pussy into Donny's face. "I think you should share that great piece of ass with me......Liz looked at me, looked at Donnie and then back at me with kind of smile that said she would like that. I asked Liz if she would like to taste Donny's big cock and the moans she made told both of us it was a great idea. Donny took Liz's legs in his hands and asked me if I wanted to hold her pussy lips while he put his cock in...

A Night at the Strip Club

group 22catch 2018-01-13

My hand makes its way to your inner thigh under the table, feeling the warmth emanating from between your legs. The song changes and a dancer makes her way to the stage to perform her set. We sit next to each other and she begins to slowly dance, first in front of me but makes her way to you, at this point she has gotten totally nude and bends over in front of you, exposing her bare pussy and ass to you. My cock is now at full attention as she turns and moves her ass within inches of your face. She kneels and kisses and licks her way up from your right knee and reaches the magic spot and flicks your clit with her tongue.

Weekend fun

group McMuff 2018-01-13

I was still playing with Sue’s pussy when Tracey suddenly pulled the blanket off exposing us with our hands down each other’s trousers. Sue was still sucking on Jamie's cock and he reached down to her pussy and started to finger her. While Sue came down from her high, Tracey was licking her pussy juices off of Jamie's hand. I pulled my fingers out of Tracey and watched in disbelief as Jamie slid his fat cock into her pussy and started thrusting in and out inches from my face. Jamie and I were exhausted and just watched as Sue licked all my cum off Tracey's tits and then started kissing her.

The Divorcee and the Yard Boy Ch. 07

group SpartanWitherby 2018-01-13

Danny pulled away and said, "Let's go outside." She smiled, turned, and led the way, rolling her hips as much as she could. "Oh, that feels so good, Gloria," said Danny as he began to thrust back and forth slowly. It was all Gloria could do to not turn her head to the right and look up at the window Danny mentioned. She felt her skin flush as she thought of some young man standing up there watching as Danny fucked her. Stan and Greg would get a nice peek at her as they came into the backyard, because her lifted arms had pulled up her robe quite a bit.


Office Slut

group PhillyGuy88 2018-01-13

Patrick was kneeling at the table with her panties pulled to the side, fingering he pussy and flicking at it with his tongue. "I want you to fuck me." Karen said flatly to me as she pulled her head off my cock. I filled Steve's place and made Karen lick my cum off my fingers. He pulled her all the way down his cock as he shot his cum inside her. I got dressed as I saw George get his pants off and Karen started sucking him. "Can't wait." I said with a smile as I saw George penetrate her cum filled pussy. I headed home, but first stopped at CVS to get some wipes so my cock didn't smell like cum and pussy when I got home.