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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

I Got Caught: Another Beach Adventure

group 2018-01-13

She was lying on her front and told me "since you're staying with us, make yourself useful and put some sunscreen on my back." I loved the way she said it, I moved across the sand to where she was lying, she whispered so only I could hear, "it's really nice to see you again Jeff, you're really nice to do this." I started to rub lotion on her back and she told me to go ahead and unfasten her top, she didn't want the tan lines. When we were settled back in with the rest of the girls, one of them just said, "I can't take it any more, I've got to touch it." With that she came over to me and grabbed my cock, she grabbed it pretty hard and looked down at it.

The Poker Game Ch. 02

group kellycummings 2018-01-13

I stopped sucking Sam and looked up at the men, their eyes on me, waiting for me to speak, knowing I was going to tell them what I wanted. Rick apparently didn’t think I was getting enough because as soon as I was done cumming he got in front of me and put his cock in my mouth. Josh got in front of me and I eagerly sucked his cock into my mouth as I felt Devon inch his hardness into my ass and Brian pumping from below. Brian told Devon, “I want some of that ass now, I haven’t had any in a while,” and they switched while I continued to suck Josh.

Bisexual Surprise

group Thuvia 2018-01-13

Marie inserted her finger all the way and began fucking this lovely pussy over her face vigorously. She was banging this woman's pussy with all four of her fingers licking her hard and fast, then slow and gentle, making sure not to make her cum too fast as she wanted to enjoy this for as long as possible. Marie's arm as sore and she felt like it was ready to fall off, but the thought of this woman squirting all over her face and down her throat kept her going. Marie then felt both her hands being clenched by both pussy and ass, and the woman above her let out a scream, "Im going to cum all over you face you little bitch, you better swallow it all!"


A Need for Lust

group black saphire 2018-01-13

Soft music filled the room as Adi felt a slight pressure and a warm sensation at the mouth of her vagina. Adi came again from the stimulation of the probe and electric impulses just as she was coming down from another mind numbing orgasm, she felt hands on her thighs and a warm meaty object pressing against her vulva. lick me...I'm gonna cum all over your face...." Vicky screamed out as she mashed her pussy harder onto Adi's face. Seeing her cum so hard and watching the thick cock working in and out of Adi only served to heighten Vicky's lust. Adi felt Vicky's thighs squeezing her head and she opened her mouth to suck harder and drink in the juices flowing out of Vicky's sweet pussy.


Business Trip

group Jenga32 2018-01-13

I start to laugh and blurt out "I'm finally in a Ben and Shawn sandwich!" before clamping my hands over my mouth and trying to stand up on my own, face red with humiliation. Shawn playfully bites my nipple and I gasp with Ben's cock in my mouth, which he uses to his advantage and pushes in fully so the head hits the back of my throat. I take Ben's cock in my hand to stroke it as I drop to my knees and take Shawn's cock into my mouth, moving slowly back and forth while he runs his fingers through my hair and urges me faster. Ben just chuckles and kisses me softly and I can feel Shawn's answering smile against my shoulder, his cock twitching slightly as it nestles along my butt, making me thing of round two.

Great Loop Ch. 05

group Creekman 2018-01-13

After arriving and getting my boat squared away at the marina and checking in with customs, I walked into the city to stretch my legs and get a bite to eat. As I got close to blowing my load, everything stopped, they sat up on each side of me, reached across and started kissing and playing with each others pussy and tits. At the boat, she turned, put her arms around my neck, stared into my eyes, smiled and said, "Helen says you may be the best we've every had, but she wants a second opinion." With that she kissed me. Just as she was ready to cum again, I pulled out to a painful, "NO!" Rolling her over and lifting her ass up so I could enter from the back I returned to pounding her pussy.


Sharing My Girlfriend

group justsomebodyelse 2018-01-13

She kissed down his wet body to his cock, slipping her lips over him and along his shaft. His cock was between her legs, hard and alert, as her hand worked him. She turned around and faced him, kissing him very hard, deep. Kissing and pulling them away from her body, letting her nipples slide through my lips. I positioned myself behind her, letting her kiss him directly and press her chest to his as my hips slid between her legs... Slow strokes, we moved, each time a tiny bit deeper inside until we realized we were both fucking her at once. she rolled over into my arms and kissed me hard and deep, pushing her face into my neck.

Paying the bills

group 2018-01-13

I stay like that for a good 15 seconds and then I straighten up, step both feet up and turn my head back to Liam, who is standing there rubbing his cock through his pants. It was as thick as Ray, perhaps slightly thicker, but his full size did not become apparent until he slid his entire cock down my ass until the head was poking the lips of my pussy. After a few minutes Pookie let out a long sigh and a “yeah baby”, as I finally felt his legs touch mine and felt his balls hit my pussy lips. Oh by the way, at the end of that first night, my husband fucked me up against our bedroom window as Liam and three of his friends jerked off next door.

Junior Year

group PrincessErin 2018-01-13

"Suck his cock while I lick your pussy." Cat was used to ordering her lovers around and Dani smiled. Jared sat down and watched as Dani wrapped her lips tight around his cock and began to suck. Jared felt their jerking motion and sighed when he felt Dani's pussy clamp down on his cock and felt Cat's pussy quiver against his tongue. Oh god I want to so badly." Dani nodded and whimpered as Jared gripped her hips and bounced her so hard she was not touching the ground. "Fuck!" Dani leaned down and kissed Jared hard. Let me know if you guys want me to join in." Cat pouted and stomped to the back of the boat.

Hockey Buddy and His Wife - Part 9

group MassMan669 2018-01-13

I looked back and saw Pete standing in the entrance with his mouth wide open staring at Monique and me. I resumed fucking Monique but slowly this time so Pete could watch my dick saw in and out. Pete dove in enthusiastically and was licking and sucking my cum from Monique's vagina. I was thrusting hard with my balls bouncing off Pete's chin until Monique and I both started to cum noisily. When we were done, Pete pulled out my dick and sucked the last of the cum form my balls. Monique started stroking his balls and in just a minute or so Pete started thrusting into my hand then blasted his cum onto Monique's tits and stomach.

University Blues Ch. 01

group interestinglife 2018-01-13

Dana Foster had pushed her department head to allow her protégé to fill that spot, and given there were no issues with Tom's performance, he had been given a month to prepare a new class on The History of Contact in Asia - a class where they would discuss the various historical interactions between many countries in the Eastern World with the Western World, mostly during the 18th and 19th centuries. Tom hadn't been with anyone in three years, not since Porter had taken him out to a bar and got him laid with a wonderful young woman whom he had never seen again after that.


This Time Three Is Not A Crowd

group crazyhats 2018-01-13

“Trevor, since you have been such a good boy lately, I have decided that you deserve a reward.” You think to yourself, Jodi, has let me tie her up, spank her, dump milk all over her, shove my cock so far up her throat she gags, call her every name I can think of, and she let’s me in her back door anytime I want. Lilly sucks on your huge balls one by one, as my hot mouth slides slowly down your hard spike. Sometimes, Lilly and I kiss, our tongues combining, as you rub your hard cock on our faces, before we go back to licking your massive dick. Fuuuccckkk meeee Trevor!” I scream as your hard cock fucks my tight ass.

Boys Will Be Boys

group Eagle1 2018-01-13

She paused about halfway between the door and the closest man of us, modeling a little for us, moving her hands through her wet hair as the water hit upon her chest and ran down her skin in rivulets until it hit her cunt lips and then proceeded on down her long silky legs. She couldn't take all three of them in her mouth at the same time, and Harry was insistent she work on him first, so she did the only thing a girl in that position could do, she reached up with each available hand and started jacking Josh and Bill off.



group Justtoold 2018-01-13

In my mind, it sounded like Mat was just pulling my chain and that nothing would ever come of that idea, but I was thinking to myself that I wouldn't mind it in the least getting some strange stuff with Rashel, because she was indeed good looking. About a month and a half into the job, while we were heading home for our days off, Mat and I were doing the regular guy thing of bragging and bull shitting about how much sex we were going to get that weekend.


Holiday Weekend

group PJeremy 2018-01-13

Finally, the girls settled on a model that was very similar to Brenda's and that seemed to vibrate nice and hard so that Liz would really be able to get off on it. I didn't mind being nude in front of either one of them (obviously didn't mind it in front of Brenda), but I was a little embarrassed, because seeing these two beautiful women nude had an, um, "effect" on me that they would see shortly if I got out of the hot tub. I don't know what was more shocking, the fact that she was sharing details about her sex life while she was naked and right next to another woman, or that she had just used the phrase "eat my pussy." Like I said, Brenda was very conservative outside of the bedroom.


Four For Fun Ch. 01

group baldbart007 2018-01-13

Ben was totally up for it, but didn't believe a word of what I said had happened with Corrie, Penny however was horrified and jumped up making a scene about pervy blokes etc. A cough revealed her mother ( a daft cow at the best of times) sitting at the kitchen table, Corrie pushed my hand away, said her goodbyes and we climbed into the back of Bens car. I sat back on the seat with my cock waving about, all dripping, and foamy, when Penny suggested that her and Corrie change places. Finally they made it, and like a cork from a bottle, Penny landed next to me, giggled, and promptly went straight to my sticky cock, and licked all of Corrie's juices from it.

Surprise Father

group shywriterguy 2018-01-13

It was then that Matt took her away from Ben, taking her hands and pulling her off the lounge, leading her over to the bed where Bev wrapped her arms around him and they kissed as he worked on her pants, undoing them and allowing them to drop to her feet. She looked up at him, then took his penis in her hands and bought it to her mouth, licking the tip a little before starting to suck on her man as Matt worked his hand between her legs and his lips on her tits and neck. She pulled away from Ben's kiss and forced his cock into her mouth, sucking on it so hard it almost hurt, and the man on top of her started biting her shoulder.

A Titillating Tale Ch. 08

group MKvDeepSea 2018-01-13

I picked up, "Donna, you're an attractive woman I'd love to take you to bed and since Billie's already fucked you Mike, I don't think she'd mind doing it again... Looking at each of them Billie then asked, "If we decided to swap partners, would you want to do it in separate rooms or in the same bed... With her hands pushing up against my chest and her legs wrapped over my legs she looked up into my eyes, "Do you know how much I love you?" She softy asked. Pulling her head back and letting my cock loose, Billie moved to the center of the bed and whispered, "Now sweetheart... I opened my eyes to Billie's warm smile as she looked down in my face.


Hot Tub Nights Ch. 01

group crazy8 2018-01-13

Do you want to please me in front of your husband?” Karen’s breath was coming ragged as I took my pussy soaked finger and placed it at her lips. Turning, I took both of her hands and pulled her to her knees while whispering, “You are so hot… I can’t wait a minute more to feel myself in your mouth.” Giving her husband a parting glance, Karen buried my cock as deep as she could in her mouth. “Use your lips and tongue to do the shaft, use your mouth juices to make me feel like I’m in your pussy.” Karen warmed to her task quickly, devouring my cock like she had been doing it all her life.

Sin City

group Redhook 2018-01-13

Knowing that your friend was probably having a terrible day, alone in Fresno when she would much rather be in Las Vegas with us, you patted me on the cheek and told me to hold that thought while you made sure Michelle was doing all right. With a final lustful look at your naked body in the shower, I opened the door and walked out into the bedroom where Michelle was standing near the window admiring the view. As I sat on the edge of the bed with one hand resting lightly on the back of your head holding your hair out of the way so that I could watch, the door to the bathroom swung open and there stood Michelle, wrapped in a towel of her own, staring open-mouthed at the spectacle before her.


Christmas Party Date

group m_storyman_x 2018-01-13

"YES!" she said as she stepped forward again, climbing back to the position she had on the chair, my hard cock pressing against her wet pussy this time. There'll be plenty of time for you to have your way with me any way you want, but let me do this one, ok?" she whispered, leaning forward so her tits were brushing my face as she began rocking herself, the arms of the chair allowing her rocking motion to translate into a slow up and down on my shaft. I lost track of how long we sat like that, my cock embedded inside her, her pussy periodically convulsing around my shaft as she leaned against me, her sweaty chest heaving gently and rubbing her tits on my face as she breathed.


Hot Tub Fun Ch. 03

group B5040905 2018-01-13

Setting on her knees she was cleaning Troy's cock with her mouth and Becky was stroking his balls. Autumn still had the big butt plug in her tight ass and sucking on Troy's rapidly hardening cock. Troy's cock was almost back to full strength from Autumn's mouth and Becky's warm wash off. Becky slapped Autumn's butt to get her to widen her legs and then ran Troy's cock up and down her friends well used pussy lips. Autumn took the stream cum from Becky's ass with two fingers and pulled it to her own mouth. Autumn showed first me, then Troy and then looked straight at the camera and swallowed the load she had taken from Becky's ass.

The Threesome Chronicles Ch. 01: Mary Evans

group SarabethW 2018-01-13

Mind you, I read up on techniques of how to do certain things, and, at a time I was about to pop with our first child, I found myself lying on my back with my head hanging off the end of our kitchen table, taking my husband's cock deep in my throat. Finally, the lens settled upon my neck, supinely stretched from its position wherewith my head was hanging limply off the edge of the table, so that my eyes were firmly focused on my husband's gonads, which hung pendulously low, mesmerizing me to become a willing receptacle for the throbbing penis but inches from its destination. The camera captured the amazing process, showing his mushroom head, followed by his veined shaft, clearly defined, as his cock repeatedly slid down my throat, the mayo-lubricant making it seem effortless.

Perfect Victim

group FelatiaAllday 2018-01-13

I feel like, right now, one orgasm isn't enough, I could be continuing, but you have to wait. I feel men mostly start fast and finish fast, never taking time to get the lady of their lives prepared with one or two gut busting orgasms, before they mount her, finishing way too quickly. I felt my inner pussy muscles clench down on James' invading cock and he lost his load inside me gasping great gulps of air. Maybe this time, I'll tie you up and fuck you good and hard, the way you like it." James then stroked one, two, three, and four times hard as he let loose his own gush of seed into my body.