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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

High School Harem Ch. 01

group fittucker87 2018-01-13

Sheri turned and pointed out the window to where Rick slumped against the wall, trying his best to pretend that he didn't notice the two girls talking about him, not thirty feet away. Sheri patted his knee, her hand cool on his leg and didn't notice his bugging eyes as she turned towards the screen and reached out to attach the speaker to the window. Totally unaware as to what was going on behind her, Mindy called over her shoulder, "Don't let him try the hole in popcorn box trick Sheri!" This startled the two, not enough that Sheri withdrew her hand, but enough that she raised her eyes to look at Rick.


The Road Trip

group csmsmith 2018-01-13

The sergeant was in the driver's seat steering the van between the lanes of traffic. As each wall of traffic came, and the van began to maneuver, it seemed as if there were rails affixed to the wheels, scornfully bumping and grinding to the front of the wall, then racing headlong into the slate black darkness of the road ahead. In the sporadic light, the faces of the men appeared gray, their eyes glinting in strange ways as they gazed forward. As the van bounced along the road, the wind tore through the hair of the men. Never had a thing appeared so marvelous to the men in the van, spirits lifted, and eyes wide in anticipation, as they turned onto the exit.

Early Days of Summer Ch. 07

group rhys30 2018-01-13

The conversation had moved on, Laura asking questions of Josh - where he lived, who his parents, what he liked were; generally getting to know him a little better - thankfully. Laura looked into her lap as Matt and Josh stood to go, Josh's excited penis straining against the fabric of his jogging pants, the outline of his cock-head clearly visible to her had she taken a look. Laura began cooing and sighing, loving the feel of the outline of his firming young meat beneath her experienced hands; he in turn was massaging her nipples through the sheer fabric of the dress that she had donned this evening, his breathing deepening. She had released Matt's monster and grabbed Josh's huge cock with both hands, positioning the pulsating tip near to her mouth.


The Double Feature

group Savage Kitten 2018-01-13

My nipples got hard from just looking at them. I shifted a lil and let my arm rub up against the guy on the left of me. The friend on the right of me started playing with my hard nipples that were already straining through my top. Taking my hand, he placed it on the rock hard bulge in his pants. Letting his zipper down, he pulled out his hard cock and wrapped my hand around it. I was already creaming over the other guy, whose fingers were buried deep in my pussy. Trying to keep my pussy accessible to the one guy, I bent over and sucked his friends tasty cock. Looking over I saw the glistening head of his cock standing erect, waiting for me.


3 Cocks 1 wife

group 2018-01-13

Ramone and Juan, instead of digging a hole in the yard, they dig in there pants and jerk off while watching the beautiful wife shower. "We were looking for you and you left the door cracked open." Juan says to jude. The men moan while jude jacks them off and sucks there cocks. She yells out "FUCK ME, YEAH FUCK ME HARD", the both men making a jude sandwich, shoving there hard cocks deep inside her ass and pussy. Jude looks deep into Kevin's eyes and asks him to come close to them. Jude looks at Kevin in his eyes, while the strong men pound in her. All three men fucking her harder while she cums loads around ramones cock.

Poker With Friends

group jeri_lickwet 2018-01-13

I wasn't sure what was going to happen but as David brought his hand up and began to massage Tim's cock, his face turned even brighter red and his own cock got hard as ever. Kristen then announced her favor, "Might as well stick with the program, I would like to see Tim pleasured completely." That brought a low hum of oohs to the room but Tim turned to my husband and nodded as if to let David know that he didn't have to if he didn't want to. We tried a daisy chain that had begun with Kristen and I in a 69 when David brought his cock to my mouth and he was soon sucking Tom who was then eating Kristen and then Angela came in to put her pussy in my face and she began to suck David.

About the Town Ch. 3

group aldenbradley 2018-01-13

When Kevin and I returned from our ice-hunting expedition, we found Larry seated on the bed with Ashley behind him. "Now this," I said, taking gentle hold of his member, "is what it is all about." I placed my lips at the tip, sucked gently, and let my tongue lick the dab of pre-cum that oozed from his slit. As Kevin moved to the corner of the bed, I had a chance to look at Larry and Ashley on the other bed. That's why I get such a kick out of the whispering deal, you know, telling Ashley to whisper in Larry's ear, and then doing the same to Kevin myself. Kevin and I sucked on Ashley's tits while Larry rode on her.

A Different Kind of Vacation Ch. 07

group jim313 2018-01-13

We had cocktails before ordering dinner and Sarina told us that she had been a showgirl on the Strip for a few years when she started going out with the casino boss at the Bellagio who got her a job dealing blackjack after he found out that she had a head on her shoulders and a talent for numbers. We kept at it and soon I felt my orgasm approaching and pulled my head from my wife's crotch to tell Sarina to be prepared for it and then went back to sucking Cory's clit just as my organ erupted and started shooting streams of hot cum into Sarina's voracious mouth.


Hot, Wet, And Pregnant

group maggie2002 2018-01-13

Tootsie and I got a chance to talk on the way there and she offered to trade me partners if I wanted Carl to teach me how to ass fuck. Randy came over and started licking my clit as Tootsie used her mouth on Carl's balls I could see her licking him and pushing his cock deeper inside me. It would mean a great future for my son who he already treats like his own, and I guaranteed him the only time the boys and I fuck is when I want anal sex, so there is no doubt who the child's father will be.


A Real Challenge

group mikeperk 2018-01-13

Exercising his usual caution, Steve Hammer sat quietly in his car observing the customers entering the village barber's shop. For a brief minute he watched her at work, the expression on her face, the sway of her tits following the movement of her head and the gorgeous little ass reflected in the mirror and then surrendered to the orgasmic frenzy that pumped a gush of semen onto her tongue. Steve watched silently, nearly bursting with anticipation, while Emily applied copious amounts of lubricating jelly to his shaft and Brenda smoothed the same into the entrance of her cunt. Emily, somewhat cross-eyed, approached her first customer with shaking scissors while Brenda said goodbye to Steve.

Railroad Club

group craigool 2018-01-13

"My car." Judy says as she keeps right on going, pulling me along like some child's toy behind her. Judy shivers several times, and I am wondering why she keeps the pace of her cock sucking so slow while she teases her twat so quickly. My cock instantly springs up, from turgid, useless putty, to ramrod, as I remember being in Judy the first night, her sucking on her thumb, and how hot I'd imagined it would be to share her like that. Jane, fetch the spike, will you dear?" Judy started blowing me, as the other women looked on with great interest, except for Casey, who seemed bored out of her mind.


Arabian Nights - Part I

group 2018-01-13

I met Reem on New Year's Eve. She was standing on Pyramids Street with another girl and they were both pretty fucking obvious street walkers. I sat at the only chair in the room and one by one the girls came out of the bedroom and sat on a poof set up at my feet around the table while Reem introduced them. While Sabah prepared my hookah, Basant took my shoes and socks off and began giving me a foot rub while Hala poured me a scotch. As Basant and Hala joined her, Sabah set up a fresh stone on the hookah, handed me the hose and continued to rub my feet where Basant left off.

Three Nights in Melbourne Ch. 01

group Friskee_cpl 2018-01-13

More bodies came down around us and when I looked next to me at Sandra she was riding the other man in the reverse cowboy position as she sucked the cock of some other bloke. I looked at the young man, who was mauling my boobs to my left, and said "Rub my pussy, get it nice and wet because you're going to fuck it next." After the man in my arse moved away I let go of Middle Eastern and slid down to youngies still firm cock. The Middle Eastern man went back to shoving his cock into my mouth as another lad pulled my boobs, the third went to the other side of my head.

The Game

group sueall 2018-01-13

The client came in, now I knew his name was Jim, and said, "Fellows, I want you to meet Baby Doll. Damn, she's just standing there bare ass naked!' I was thinking maybe I could use Bobby's niceness and innocence to get me through if things got ugly with the other two. I smiled, winked at Bobby, and began walking back and forth in front of the three of them, very slowly, several times, I stopped, faced them and reached my hands up clasping them above my head and arching my back. With my legs spread a little more than shoulder width apart I gave them all a good view of my pussy, much as I had Jim previously.


Night of Fun

group spread11 2018-01-13

The things that were being confessed to were making me so horny - my friend roxy (she's short like me but with amazing boobs which always make you want to touch them) confessed to having had sex with two guys at the same time - we had just started uni and in freshers week she went to a party and ended up on her knees with a guy in her pussy and one in her mouth. Finally just as i was giving up hope James backed up so he was sat against the headboard of the bed and then picked me up and sat me down, pushing me down the full length of his amazing cock inside my seriously wet pussy - I was so wet he took Lara's hand and got her to start wiping the drops of cum away from the outside of my pussy.

Cut-Rate Fertility Clinic

group ab-2007 2018-01-13

But what really changed things for Andy and me that evening was that Kristine knew a guy who said he could guarantee a pregnancy for any woman who still had her ovaries and that he was really reasonably priced. I began to struggle again, trying to hold off this Asian guy from penetrating me, but again I felt hands on my hips and the man struggling to enter me, finally thrusting in deep and groaned in pleasure as he sank all the way into my used sticky slit. The handsome young man sat down beside me and took my hands in his and looked into my eyes and said, "You will most probably become pregnant Mrs. Davis.

Letting a Stranger in on the Fun Ch. 01

group JosephBarnosky 2018-01-13

He opens the door and says to Colton, "She looks like she enjoys sucking cock. Taking his cock in my mouth I feel another orgasm swells inside me as he roughly pulls my head fully onto his shaft. Before I do, Colton pulls out of me and stays out while marveling at me taking this stranger's entire cock down my throat. He reaches up with his hand and starts to stroke my clit while Colton leans over me and licks my nipples until I can't hold off any longer. Colton reaches down and guides his cock into my open mouth as I start cumming. Colton squeezes my breasts hard and when I feel his whole body tense I know that I will soon be swallowing his cum.

Sunrise Shoot-Off Ch. 2

group Bonaire 2018-01-13

The old guy smiled at this and said he was the owner of the estate that both Celia and Diana were now guests of and that his only charge to the Fraternity was that they set him up with young pussy to be fucked by him, preferably, closer to virgin than slut. Diana appeared lost as to what should occur next, but Tim shoved his cock back inside of Diana's pussy and the result was Diana's shoulders rising off the bed and her tongue going even deeper into Celia's cunt. Tim wanted the moment to last so he stopped fucking Diana, pulled out and told Celia that one good lick deserved another in return.

Santa's Naughty or Nice List

group Tide_Couple 2018-01-13

The skirt was short, the top was very low cut, all of the Christmas goodies were on display for the boy elves and Santa himself and the elf slippers were basically hooker heels with a pointy toe and bell for the tip. Santa suggested I sit on his lap so I could tell him what I want for Christmas and he can give me just what I need. I continued to go about closing up Santa's Workshop and kept thinking about Santa's offer to sit on his lap and tell him everything I wanted, which by this point, was just to be fucked since the idea was growing on me and my pussy was agreeable.

Cell Phones Can Be Fun

group drlust 2018-01-13

It was one of the wildest nights of phone sex we'd ever had and when I got home from my trip, Sara was waiting for me in the bedroom, her legs spread wide and one of her hands buried in her cunt. As I tried to watch her hands and not stare at her tits, she turned on the phone, looked at the screen, shook her head and said, "I've been seeing a lot of this problem with this phone. After all, there were about a dozen pictures of my cock in various stages of arousal stored in that phone along with several more of Sara's cunt that I'd snapped the night before – "To keep me happy at work," I'd told her when I took them.


Truth or Dare

group ofloveandlust 2018-01-13

Ben got another bottle of red wine, a beer for Peter, and topped off the sparkling white Prosecco that Marta and I were drinking. Greta asked Peter a question in what I thought was German. I let Marcus and Marta decide what to do on their own and made myself busy pleasing, pleasuring, and teasing Peter's engorged cock. I wouldn't have thought I had another one in me but as the two women suckled at my tits and one of them, fuck if I could tell which one, pressed her fingers between Marcus and I to finger my already overly sensitive clitty, I felt another orgasm hit me, this one like a Mike Tyson punch to the small of my back.



group RonRyder 2018-01-13

"Let's talk sex," Jane said, suddenly. Carol, Pat and Linda looked at each other, then at Jane. Like you," Carol said to Jane, a trifle sardonically. "Sounds like a nympho!" Carol said, Let's talk sex," Jane said. When she bowed to the inevitable, stripped with her back turned away, then, sighing, slumped down on the cushions, the body that Linda revealed to Jane, Carol and Pat made theirs seem girlish. "Well that's you, Jane," Carol said, tossing her hair so it fell onto the coverlet like a waterfall. This one looked distinctly unthreatening, he did not look like an idiot, and if 'I need to talk to someone' was a line, it's not in any dating book I've ever read.


Amy the Babysitter

group Alex_Ho 2018-01-13

Amy giggled and started acting more like the teenager Ann and Fred watched grow up over the years; an outgoing, talkative, intelligent and very sexy young women. Amy giggled a bit and said, "I think I've been excited ever since last night when Fred asked me to stop by today." She allowed herself to relax against Ann who pulled her tighter against her own nearly naked body. "OK but not right now, Fred is waiting for us at the pool and I'm sure he's wondering what the hell is taking us so long, although he probably has a pretty good idea" Ann pulled Amy to her feet, found a better fitting suit and helped her put it on.


The Hot Day

group Tiff 2018-01-13

He moved one hand to cup my right breast, while the other worked its way between my he was finding his way into my pussy, Kristian walked into the room. meanwhile, Antonio had pulled off his pants and was rubbing my pussy with his hard cock. Kristian had by this time gotten quite hard and was turning me around so I could suck his cock. I continued to work on Kristian's cock, making it wet with my mouth. This went on for a few more minutes, until Kristian pulled his cock out of my mouth and put it in my pussy. Kristian came first, spraying it all over my face and was so warm and sticky...Antonio soon followed, sticking his cock into my open mouth and filling it with his hot load.