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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Karen's Sexual Flowering

group Red Hugh 2018-01-13

Things rolled along for a few months with Sam getting used to a good sized cock and continuing to drop hints about possible experience with women. Dave's only problem was that Karen was a colleague but Sam let him in on the new job offer Karen had had which had played a part in the split. Sam told Karen about Dave catching them out and Karen said she didn't care but was pleased she was going to be his friend thanks to her move. Relaxing in the spa jets Sam asked Karen if she wanted her to share Dave with her as she had done Ken on special occasions. They talked about their plans for the weekend and Sam asked bluntly if Dave would mind an extra body in the bed.


Holiday fun

group Enjoylifedom 2018-01-13

Sue grabbed hold of my hand and lent back against the tree, she was sat on a tree trunk with her legs open and three black guys looking at her, Jeremy said "think you need a clean" and his mate went straight down and started to lick her pussy. Sue gasped and jumped a bit, she hadn't seen how thick Jeremy's cock was and wasn't ready for it, but Jeremy started fucking her over the tree truck, pushing deep into her and pulling her head back harder and harder, I was hard, and I stepped over the tree stump and on my knees to get sue to suck my cock, she was sweating and her face still covered in cum, but she opened her mouth and began sucking me off, Jeremy was a real bull, pounding her pussy harder and harder, the noise was so loud and his balls slapped against her clit and as he grabbed her hip to push deeper, he stopped and withdrew.

Best Friend Joins In

group hippieinwv 2018-01-13

They sagged a bit as only nice big tits that aren't fake can; Amanda had more curve to her than most women, but she still made me horny every night when we lay down for bed. Amanda's hand slipped under Morgan's shirt, moving up to cup and squeeze her tit. Morgan leaned her head back, her hair closing her eyes and languishing in Morgan's attentions, letting out the occasional soft intake of breath as Amanda alternated between her nipples. Morgan kissed her way over to her other breast, giving her other nipple equal attention, sucking it into her mouth and swirling her tongue around. I watched my wife eat my friend for a few minutes, occasionally helping along by kissing Morgan deeply or suckling at her tits.

Stripper Story Part 3

group 2018-01-13

She moans and says, “Oh yes baby, gimme more, I wanna get fucked good.” Ronny then moves forward, his dick still wet with her cum and begins wiping his long, thick shaft over her mouth. He’s already cum once so it’s not tight yet and you reach under and cup them in your other hand, feeling their weight and think, “damn this guys got some big balls, no wonder he’s got such a big load!” He is moaning softly and now gyrating his ass in your face a little, so you reach under and start stroking his cock while you begin sliding a finger in his wet ass.

Showering Cherie

group DavidFun 2018-01-13

I was behind Kelly, kissing her neck, squeezing her left tit with one hand and fingering her slippery cunt with my other hand while pressing my cock against the small of her back. Cherie released my cock and reached forward with her now free hand so she could squeeze both Kelly's nipples hard until Kelly collapsed against the shower wall panting. As our hands explored Cherie's recovering form, gliding over her curves and breasts and her neck and cunt, Kelly and I explored each others faces with our lips and tongues. Her eyes were closed as she savoured Cherie's fingers exploring and pumping her vagina, and she mewled as she felt Cherie's body shudder against her every time my cock thrust against that padded arse.

A Book and a Game

group pallandrome 2018-01-13

She and Ray had been flirting all through the dinner at the chic little Korean place Tom took them to, and her husband smiled like the cat who caught the cream. The three spent a few minutes drinking and talking about MMOs, but Tom noticed Sarah spent just as much attention distracting Ray with a little footsie as she did to her husband and her friend talking shop. Once the doors closed, and the elevator car started to rise, Tom leaned down and whispered to his wife "Kiss him again." Sarah hesitated again, but her hormones and the beer overruled her shyness and she decided the elevator car was private enough for a kiss.

Brenda & Co

group Creekman 2018-01-13

She lifted her head off my chest, looked me in the eyes and said, "Would you like to go to another party with me?" While I had my back turned she snuck up behind me, reached around, pulled my cock out of my shorts and whispered in my ear, "It's time to have your cock in my pussy while you suck my tits." Forget the drinks, lets get to fucking." Walking into the bedroom after my shower, Brenda was standing there in a little white dress that barely made it to mid-thigh , the top was strapless and a pair of fuck me sandals.


Sharing the wife

group gazonga 2018-01-13

Just as Helen had said, Anne began to feel drowsy within 10 minutes and 5 minutes later decided she needed to go to bed. “Steve, I bet your wife has never had a black cock inside her before today, mouth or pussy, eh?” Roger asked, moving around the bed and preparing himself to fuck Anne. “Man, that felt good” he said He pulled out again and moved round to Anne’s face, forcing his wet cock into her mouth “That’s it, nice and clean, you teasing whore” he continued, his true feelings coming out. “Er, they came inside you , and erm, over you too…..and , no, they didn’t use condoms…” I replied, sensing Anne wasn’t getting turned on at all by this, like I was.

Sex Class Ch. 01

group TheBeavMan 2018-01-13

The other girls in the class were not shabby either i won't waste time describing them in detail, one was a plump ebony beauty, another was an athletic girl, another was a slim blond who did not have much in the breast department but had awesome hips and a round curvaceous ass that looked delectable. She gave me a stern look and said "Mr. Weaver since you can't seem to pay attention to me would you please step into my office?" I did not know what to think at that moment, i got up slowly and my hard on was clearly visible through my shorts she glanced at it and said "Follow me" and walked into her office.


group emap 2018-01-12

Oh sure I look at her miniskirt, a very nice dark red color, I see her shirt, formfitting and also the same dark red, arm less and turning into little more than a strip of cloth about the middle of her back up to her neck, I see a black leather belt, the one with the holes all the way around embossed with brass shined to a striking sparkle. I look at him for a minute, seeing his tousled dirty blonde hair, his handsome face, the little pockmarks on his cheeks that speak of a bad time with zits as a younger man, and I take his hand and stand up.


Fishing Trip Booty Call

group PDeanMurphy 2018-01-12

I had already told Amanda, my wife, that I was going to write a story about a fishing and camping trip and that we would be gone a week. I walked over to my wife while she was bent over to pick up a box and reached up under her skirt and grabbed the waistband of the panties she was wearing and said, "You seem to be a bit overdressed sweetheart." I quickly pulled her panties down to her ankles and asked her to lift her legs so that I could remove them. "No little lady but what's in it is going to take you for a walk." I replied and then looking at my wife I told her to get her bag.


Hot Red Head in a Black Dress

group 350ZMAN 2018-01-12

They continued to give me the best blowjob I have ever had, and Carol knew I was about ready to cum, and she stopped sucking and let Meg have the fun. We finish up our drinks and we asked if Meg wanted to come to our place since we lived a few miles from the club. So we sit in the living room, and start playing with each other, and sucking on Carol’s tits, I really like sucking on her nipples, especially her pierced nipple, since that is a major turn on for Carol. Meg stroked my hard dick as Carol gently played with my ass with the strap on.

Weird Fantasies 12: Shared

group TessMackenzie 2018-01-12

And I know this is all a bit dull compared to some of the other things here, but this is one I've been thinking about forever, like possibly my first actual organized daydreamy story-fantasy about something other than vague unspecific sex and a particular person, if that makes sense. Mostly, I guess, because for a long time, back when I was innocent and such things mattered, it felt like this was all somehow not my fault, the threeway, and I didn't need to feel guilty or slutty or whatever, because just like the imaginary dude says, it's really only me doing someone a favour, and so there's no reason to feel bad!

9 into 1 The Destruction Of A Bitch Pt2

group Supasized 2018-01-12

Mark climbs on to the table straddling Dawn's shoulders with his knees pinning her down allowing the ones holding he arms down to enjoy her "Lets punish this cunt now" Gary has a full tube of KY Jelly he asked Dave and Matt to hold he fanny open for him they oblige stretching her hole with two fingers each Gary squeezes the lube into her making a fist he punches it deep inside she screams in delight his arm deeper than anybody else had managed so far working it in with a twist Dawn's moans grow louder and then he drags it out with a loud pop her hole agape, Jeff has an empty litre bottle of Russian standard vodka in his hand "lets see if she can handle her drink?" sliding the bottom of the bottle between her lips he manages to get the majority in leaving just the neck hanging outside he works it in and out forcing it in deep making loud fanny farts erupt from her soon she is coming again her pussy quivering from the punishment.

Bisexual Fantasy Fulfilled # 1 (mmf)

group naughty_bi_interest 2018-01-12

My mouth left his cock and I lipped down to Doug's big balls, while Lisa continued sucking his dick. Lisa had let go of my dick and was stroking Doug's cock into my mouth, while simultaneously rubbing her pussy with her other hand. In no time, Lisa was cumming around his thick shaft, her legs wrapped around Doug's back, shuddering and shaking with the pleasure of having his cock buried inside of her. I moved to the head of the bed again, and began kissing Lisa's lips, neck, and breasts while Doug continued to stuff her tight pussy with his dick.

My first threesome

group 2018-01-12

My bf's huge cock fucking my tight pussy, then be being shared with another guy. After a few minutes of him getting a face full he shoves his cock in and I moan all over this fat 9 inch dick. He fucks me good just like he always does and ten minutes in Tyler slaps my ass and says my turn. So they switch spots my bf shoves his cock into my mouth, Tyler spreads my cheeks and just shakes my ass, then i shake it for him. He shoves his cock back into my pussy and pounds away as he sucks my big tits.

More Fun with Frank & Bill Ch. 05

group Annatartywife 2018-01-12

I had informed Mike, my husband, of my teasing Frank, Bill and the two young lads from the LIDLs store. Frank decided he would try and organise the lads from the store, whist Bill agreed to get the venue sorted. Frank meanwhile, had returned to the store and had managed to have a chat with one of the lads with whom we had enjoyed our recent fun. The time rolled on and I had decided to wait till the lads turned up to get changed into my sexy outfit. Bill was very turned on at this point, anticipating some fun and also that the thought of me being fucked by such young lads in front of him.

First Time Orgy: Five Guys

group Osewa 2018-01-12

I wanted to ask who is the fifth guy, but Mike kept intense kissing, and Rob was all of a sudden not silent but telling everybody that I had cute ass and great body, that we'll have hot time here, we must get really nasty and dirty, may be rough, and so on. Fucked your ass!" - and his cum then dribbled on my face - that was so dirty that when Rob got his cock out and kept jerking it over my face, I rammed my tumb into Mike's asshole, and he right away had cum into my mouth, adding to the mix.


1st of many

group boots25 2018-01-12

And Lynn was so turned on at the idea of having Tony watch as she sucked me off or I fucked her that when I said I'd call him the next day & see if he'd do it. When I saw the look on Tony's face as he took pictures of Lynn sucking my dick my nervousness went away. As I pounded her tight ass she sucked,licked & swallowed his cock & balls an at one point reached up an took his hand placing it on one of her big tits. An there was no conflict in me anymore It was turning me on like hell watching my wife suck another guys dick an seeing him feel up her big firm young tits.

Intense Affair Ch. 01

group bgdddy_2000 2018-01-12

“Well, with you rubbing my pussy as I walked out the door, I got pretty hot right away. “I am not coming home until I get laid by some hot looking guy”, she said as she walked out the door earlier tonight. Lynn licked the other load of cum from my hot pussy, honey. Lynn undid my top in the parking lot and Ryan started working on my naked tits and nipples. So, Sheri licked my pussy as Lynn sucked his cock. Ryan liked the look and started fucking my mouth again. I want you to crave his cock, to lust after him, to be his whore.” All this time I was pounding away at her pussy, driving deep, tying to release the lust I had within me.

Well i dont know ?

group dang798 2018-01-12

Eventually we were there and she was sat on my blow up mattress and she asked for a drink so i gave her a a glass of vodka and coke with a little something special soon after she passed out on the mattress so i leaned over and lifted her little skirt up and started rubbing her fat soft ass then i moved her top down just under her massive tits , i unclipped her bra and began sucking her precious pink nipples i then pulled her thong down and i was about to touch her pussy but then i thought that what i was doing was completely wrong and disgusting i moved back and just sat there for a while staring at her then she began to wake up and saw her clothes were half off and she look** at me and smiled and told me to carry on with what ever i was doing so i did.

Midgets Like to Pork Too

group zimabean 2018-01-12

We drank alot and I was hopeing that my wife would pass out and I would get to stick my dick in Sandy's nice little snatch. My wife had a very wet pussy, I could tell she really wanted to fuck this guy. We all talked for a few minutes and soon the little men had gained new hardons and wanted some more pussy time. This time it took a little longer but they soon blew their nuts into the fine pussy. I pumped Lucy for a few minutes then Sandy and then the little lady and back to Sandy, I drained my balls into Sandy and then put my dick into the little lady before it went soft and added a squirt in her.

Fraternity Gangbang Party

group moa 2018-01-12

Accordingly, most people who know Cathy today are unaware that she came from a poor family, that she was an only child who was raised by an abusive alcoholic father after her mother died, that she was involved with drugs and sex while she was in high school and college, that she put herself through college by performing in a strip club and by providing entertainment for men at private parties, and that her lifestyle resulted in her being gangbanged by many guys during a fraternity party at the college that she attended.

After Choir Rehearsal

group StevenCin 2018-01-12

We continued our kiss for several minutes before Tammy pulled away gentle and said quietly, "I think it is time you drove me home." Tammy turned to me and said, "Steve this is my friend Carol. I think he wants some time with you, Tammy." Helen added. "OK, Steve time to see what you feel like inside," Helen said as she rolled off my face and released my cock from her mouth. I heard Carol moan and gasp, "God, yes that feels so good!" She reached her hand down to massage her clit as my tongue continued its work. I really was looking forward to tomorrow morning, I thought, as I helped Tammy out of the car and headed to her door.