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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Experience With My Fiance And Her Sister

group bava12 2018-11-06

Then I ask Rashi, if she wants to get fuck she will have to clean my dick by sucking it. After this Preeti also got courage and she came closer to me and started sucking my dick in front of Vicky. As Preeti was not listening, I got angry on Preeti and bind her both hands to bed, slapped her and asked her to get fuck by Vicky silently. Later on Preeti also started enjoying with Vicky asking him to do it more harshly. I was enjoying by seeing Preeti with her hands bonded to bed and getting fucked by vicky. Vicky then removed Preetis hands and asked her to suck his dick to make it clean. Then Preeti kissed me and Vicky and went to their home with Rashi.

Initiation into being the naughty little maid. Part 2

group annabel 2018-11-06

I felt his breath on my neck and his hands cup my breasts beneath my flimsy shift dress as he whispered in my ear how hard he was for my sweet pussy. I could feel the wetness between my pussy lips already, and I automatically opened my legs slightly as the thought of being taken right there, like that, sent sexy, electric impulses all through my body. My tit sucking friend pulled his pal away at this point and rammed his cock into me as I lay spread eagle across the table, my legs dangling over the edge and cumming like never before. Add to that my mouth now being fucked and my face being held in place by a pair of huge hands as their owner slammed his thick cock down my throat. 


group Kandikiss51 2018-11-06

When a friend of mine named Denise, who manages a posh hotel in Nashville, told us they had a weekend special going on, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for another hot encounter. Clay spoke first; "Come on in Denise, the water is good and hot." I watched Clay and her for a while knowing he had a devious sexy plan of fun on his mind. I moved closer to the two and smiled at Clay and nodded, knowing the fun was about to begin. Clay opened his eyes and leaned forward cutting his way thru the water to where she was sitting. I could tell the spray of water was arousing her by the way she moved her body around, with her head back, eyes closed.  Clay moved quickly and began watching me.

Haitian Bisexuality Ch. 13

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

Justin lay on the bed, while Marguerite sucked on his long and thick, uncircumcised black cock. I must say the white bitch wasn't too bad at sucking cock, judging by the way Justin seemed to be enjoying himself. When Justin finally came, Marguerite sucked all the cum out of his cock. He spread the fat white chick's plump ass cheeks wide open and pressed his cock against her backdoor. Marguerite looked right at me as my husband began fucking her in the ass. Marguerite resumed squealing like the disgusting fucking pig that she was as my Justin continued slamming his cock in and out of her asshole. Marguerite's eyes widened almost comically and her mouth went agape as Justin's hot and manly cum filled her asshole.


Corey's Birthday Present From His Loving Wife

group allflavorsboston 2018-11-06

There was a party we had go to, and I knew this wouldn't fly with my husband, since I knew he would want to join and would wish he could have Shari.  She was sure that he would then tell her it would be better to let him assemble the present, since she was not good at those things and then come into the bedroom. He opened the door and saw us and locked eyes on me as Shari said, “Happy Birthday baby!” It was hard as he pounded away and slapped my ass as he went on deep inside me making me cum a few times.

I Married a Bisexual Man

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

One time, we met this handsome young Latin stud named Hector and invited him to our house for a night of fun. I remember undressing Hector as my husband Jason watched. As Jason watched, Hector fucked me hard. Especially a dark brown stud like Jason and a golden one like Hector. First, Jason sucked on Hector's smooth Latin cock and licked his balls. Hector sucked on Jason's hard dick and licked his balls. I watched as Jason positioned himself behind Hector, and took him. Jason placed his hands on Hector's hips, and thrust into him. I am now the sexually adventurous yet loving wife, not the token girlfriend who gets left at home while her man parties with the men.

Shweta : A Beggar Woman

group bava12 2018-11-06

Prakash went near Shweta and sat before her and told her to think once again if she want to stay in some Women Remand Home or some other women development centre in the city. Shweta was feeling too much about it and let her palm come behind his head and started caressing his hair and massage his scalp with her fingertips. Prakash went lower kissing all around her body, while letting his palms caress and massage her busts. Prakash kept making love to his beloved Shweta with kisses, smooches and caresses all over her body. Shweta pulled him near her face and started kissing his chicks and saying, Prakash I love you so much; I cannot think my life without you.

Gail and Jonathan , new cuckold

group woreout 2018-11-06

After they showered and we're relaxing in their den Gail told Jon my photographer Will's wife Ronnie wants to have sex with me. Gail said Ronnie told her William had to work untill six tomorrow so she said if I come over around noon we will have a good five and a half hours to play. Jon looked up into Gail's BEAUTIFUL eyes and said he better not have fucked you. A couple of days later Gail informed Jon that Ronnie wanted the four of them to get together for some fun. Ronnie came over and sat next to Jon and asked him if he wanted head. Jon managed to eventually fuck Ronnie but he wanted to just watch his wife fuck.

Fucking in a van -true story

group Jaque69 2018-11-06

Sammy had moved and kneeled on the other side of me, pulled out his nice rock hard cock, I took it in my hand and jerked him off gently because I wanted him in my mouth as soon as Leon shot his load. As soon as he pulled out I turned my head over to Sammy and took his hard cock in my mouth. Sammy started to slap my ass with both his hands and I could feel the cheeks of my ass getting hot and making squeeze my cunt tighter around that big cock of his. As soon as Sammy was off Mark came behind me and pushed his cock up my ass, stroked a few times then moved it over my cunt and shoved it in there.

Black Cuckolds Walk Among Us

group Samuelx 2018-11-06

I had a lot of fun watching Samuel fuck the hell out of Alicia Chang, this young Asian woman whom I know from work. Traditional cuckolding involves a big-dick Black guy fucking a White woman in front of her White husband. I initially wanted a White bull but since most of the White guys out there who were turned on by the idea of fucking a Black woman in front of her Black husband turned out to be racist bozos, I picked this friendly, easygoing and respectful Latino stud instead. Steven rolled a condom on that long and thick dick of his, and I, Kia Crawford, happily got on all fours and let him stick his big Latino dick into my tight Black pussy.


Party at Joe's

group Shadowforce1 2018-11-06

I stood outside of her friend Joe’s house wearing the shortest Santa’s helper costume ever created, it was bright red and came down just past my ass, luckily, I wore black mesh stockings, or my legs would be freezing. The two of us had never got along ever since Martha decided to leave Sandy’s apartment and came to live with me. “Do you think he liked my idea?” Martha said as she tried on one of Joe’s shirts. “You really are trying to bring everyone down; today aren’t you?” Martha said as she pushed passed me. Someone said I needed to let my hair down and have fun, so that’s what I am doing.” I pulled on my hair bands letting my dark black hair fall past my shoulders.

Freeway Threeway, Chapter 2

group Master_Jonathan 2018-11-06

"Angel honey, if you keep this up, I'm gonna cum!" I knew I wasn't wearing any protection so I wanted to let her know that I was getting very close. "Holy shit, Angel!" I said, as she came out of the bathroom, "You look amazing!" Jack just stood there slack-jawed, nodding his head. I don't know if it was my holding her down and cock-teasing her or Jacks work on tongue-fucking her pussy, but Angel was really heating up! Angel lay next to me in a similarly helpless state, and finally Jack, who was under both of us on the bed, was trying to remember what breathing was like as well.

Gentleman's Maid Ch. 03

group Goldeniangel 2018-11-06

Closing her eyes, Cecilia felt both faint and aroused as the two men began to pull the clothes from her body, their experienced hands running over her smooth skin, caressing and exploring. Sir Rudolph's mouth traveled from her breast down to her pussy, Sir Edward brought his hand up to pinch and twist the nipple that had been abandoned as Sir Rudolph began to taste of her sweetness. Sir Edward gave over her lower half to Sir Rudolph as he'd already pleasured himself in each one of Cecilia's delightful holes, and so gave his friend first pick. As her young pussy spasmed and convulsed, sending ripples of pleasure up Sir Rudolph's body, he bellowed and thrust again, his dick pulsing inside her rippling tight confines.


How He Learned His Lesson - Pt.2

group Sensual_Tights 2018-11-06

“Then let's begin!” Chelsea said as she began to flip and plop cards on the table. James would tense a little each time as Sara's warm, wet, swollen insides would contract slightly around him. James had taken a hold on her hips to keep Sara from flying too far forwards, and as she came out with the card, she dropped back on his cock, taking his full length deep within her, and bounced a few times as she did a form of victory dance on his lap. As Chelsea shuffled, James gave Sara a little thrust of his hips, as he pulled down on hers. As a card dropped to the table, Sara moaned once again, but it was pure orgasm this time.

Nightclub Dares at Cafe Gigi's

group NicandNicey 2018-11-06

In response to you fondling your breasts, the blonde woman moves behind her partner and wraps her hands around the waist of the redhead. When I do, the blonde reaches over to join the redhead in fondling your breast. While the tall woman fondles the now exposed breasts of the redhead, my finger has found her slit and enough wetness there to let my finger easily find her clit. The woman behind her is kissing her neck, pinching her nipples over and over, and using her hips to push the redhead's cunt into my hand. Watching her stroke him, watching him stroke her, watching them watching us, feeling two mouths on my rock-hard cock, and feeling the breasts of the redhead has my head spinning.

Durango Bootie

group HighDesert 2018-11-06

“That’s it, lick my ass bitch!” Laura shouted as she pulled her mouth from the 12” cock. Laura pulled away from his cock as TJ started working her ass with his fingers and licking her pussy at the same time. I fucked his ass for about ten minutes when I looked over at Laura and saw her bottomed out on Garrett’s 12”, screaming in ecstasy as an orgasm wracked her body. When TJ stopped getting much of Laura’s oral attention he came up behind me and pushed his cock back into my ass while Joe continued to get head. Then Garrett Pulled his cock out of my ass, jumps on top of Laura and starts fucking her tits that are soaked in cum.

Invitation Only!

group John_Doe 2018-11-06

The sexual sounds of pussy eating was heard around the room, as the lapping of Holly's tongue licking away upon Tegan's wet cunt, and the moans of her sexual pleasure being explored sounded out, "OOohhhhh fuck yes.... One couple across the room watched, as the girl bounced up and down on a guys rock hard cock as it pounded deep insider her tight cunt, moaning with pure ecstasy as the two watched this young, nubile eighteen year old girl being fucked, sucked on and played with by several people. "I'm gonna cum babe!" Tegan called out as she could feel her temperature rising and the orgasms beginning to build inside as Simon continued to fuck her tight cunt, pounding deeper inside, thrusting his thick hard cock deeper, harder into her wet cunt.

Den Of Debauchery Ch. 03

group sahebji 2018-11-06

'God I can't wait' Swami said loudly and caught Arti's boobs from the rear and rubbing his hardness in between the divide of her ass, kissed the exposed portion of her neck and back. While still squeezing her tits Swami tried to push his cock in between her ass cheeks and the MD rubbed his lund between the lips of Arti's choot. 'Oh what is the matter with you two' Arti said pumping their flaccid cocks with her hands, 'come on make your lunds hard. The best ass I have fucked in a long time' Swami said pushing the envelope into my hands added, 'here boy you have truly earned it'.


Jesse's Story: A Woman's View Ch. 09

group boo_dreaux 2018-11-06

Tess thought that a grand idea and interrupted the guys to suggest that Ben invite Ray to join his threesome tomorrow at his golf club, making it a foursome. "Hey Tess, if you don't mind, when we're through with the cleanup, Ray and I are going to make a run to the liquor store and the bank, so we'll be a while," Ben called to us as we walked towards the pool. I rolled off of Ben's dick towards Tess's face as their climaxes were ending, kissing her deeply, as she sucked my tongue into her mouth, animal sounds coming from the both of us.


Teen Diaries 21: Cum All Over

group TeenDiaries 2018-11-06

He pressed his lips against my ear and said, "You're doing such a good job earning that dress." He stuck his tongue in my ear as the pain in my ass subsided and Mike started thrusting into my pussy. Mike stood up and climbed over me, putting his big dick back in my pussy as he fucked me hard on top of the other guy. "Oh fuck!" Mike said as his face turned red and he started to shake, squirting his cum deep inside my pussy. I'm almost there." The guy fucking my pussy started to drill it hard and then stopped, thrusting deep in me as I felt his dick pulse inside me.


group Kandikiss51 2018-11-06

I was so aroused I wanted to strip and masturbate right then and there, but decided to save my energy, after all, I might get fucked all evening and late into the night. With long hard strokes he fucked me, as his index finger toyed with my clit. My clit throbbed hard and I shrieked, "Eat me lover, make me cum again.” I did too, all over his face. However I am dying to watch Mitch play, tease, eat, and fuck you." After a bit he shoved four fingers inside me, sucked my nipple, bit it, and told me to cum like hell. I went back into the water, moved between her legs and started finger-fucking her hard and ate her to climax.

Lady In The Bus

group prem2015 2018-11-06

I went on touching and caressing Monica, kissing her on her cheeks, shoulder, arms and lips. Monica said, “The girls are for our male customers like you and the two young men are for our female customers. I said, “Thank you Monica, select one of your girls for me though given the option I shall like to be first massaged by you.” Monica asked the girl to fetch Ajay one of her male staff. He took my hard and erect penis in his mouth and started stroking it inside his mouth until I came in his mouth. Monica mounted herself on top of Ajay to help him insert his penis inside her vagina. While Ajay was stroking his penis inside Monica, I decided to have anal sex with her.

The Cheerleader

group SandD 2018-11-06

  Gloria then asked if the girls would help surprise John, and went on to explain her idea.               Gloria walked over to him and gave him a deep passionate kiss then took his hand and lead him to the message table and without a word kissed him again while slowly undressing him.   The hands all started rubbing different parts of his body; his wife took a handful of baby oil and smeared it all over his cock and balls slowly messaging them.   When John and Gloria got home he put her on the bed and ate her pussy till she came, really truly came no faking it.

Party Girl Journals #1

group MamaMinx 2018-11-06

I mouthed his pert male nipples through his thin shirt, he sucked in breath over his teeth at me doing this in front of so many other people, and growled in pleasure as I rubbed his sweet cock right there for all to see if they dared. My Lover moved down to lift my large titties to his mouth to suckle the nipples there, making my pussy juice flow like a river as I watched her being entered by a beautiful black cock. I did not know Lover #1 loved to suck cock as much as I did, and it aroused me to nearly cumming from just Watching his mouth going up and down that big, hard shaft as it did. I cried out again and began to suck hard on Lover one, who began cumming in my mouth with a yell.