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Erotic Group Sex stories

A large collection of first-time sex stories about virgins losing their cherry.

Teaching Lea Ch. 02

group UptheDownSpout 2018-01-12

"There you go, Scott." Lea breathed and lifted her other leg to drape over the chairs arm. "Suck it Scott!" Lea demanded as her finger found her hole and swirled at it's entrance. Scott parted his lips and sucked half of my cock into his warm mouth. As I watched Lea, Scott put his hands behind my knees and forced them to my shoulders. Her left hand continued to work her pussy her finger dipping between her lips. She worked her finger in circles in time with Scotts tongue on my ass. Scott worked my ass with his tongue as I stroked my dick. Are you ready for me to cum in his mouth?" I raised my hips so Scott could work his finger into my ass.

Mrs. Martin Ch. 10

group Tom Davis 2018-01-12

Ed placed his arm around her shoulder and held her tight, as Nancy reached up and took hold of Susan's hands. Ed handed Andy and Susan their drinks and Nancy said, "will you get the lights dear?" After her Nancy rolled and landed on the same square as Ed. She reached over and drew her card, 'Kiss The Person To Your Left' "Oh no," she said as she stood up. Andy quickly pressed his mouth to Nancy's, but just as quick his left hand shot down and started to rub up the backside of her leg under her skirt. When he had grown hard again Andy pulled out of Nancy's mouth and entered her hot love box while Susan continued to lick Nancy's clit.

Just the Six of Us

group theo_minor 2018-01-12

Mike's cum was slowly oozing out of her, and as I lapped it up, I smiled to myself at the thought that Judy was sucking Andrea's cunt-juice off my cock. Bill was on top of Andrea, fucking her missionary-style, while she stroked her legs along his back, sexily sliding them slowly from his waist, over his ass, and then down his legs, holding him in tight contact with herself as she rolled her hips up, meeting Bill's thrusts into her, receiving his long, slender cock with happy contented purrs. "Oh god," I choked, and soon my own body was twitching spastically as jets of my thick, hot cum shot into Judy, joining the remnants of what Mike had deposited inside her minutes before.


Monica's Art Class Ch. 05-06

group GriffyD_Boy 2018-01-12

Angel came first, followed by Mark and Ellie and then finally Dennis and Lenora. When Dennis and Lenora entered the living room they both said polite hellos, but had worried looks on their faces. After Ellie and Mark had departed Monica grabbed one of the chairs from the semi-circle, looked at Dennis and Lenora and gestured with her head toward the still open doorway of the guest bedroom. She heard a growl from beside her and looked over just in time see Dennis grab Lenora by the hips and lift her into a seated position on the chair he himself had just recently been sitting in.


The Present

group DreamingDancer 2018-01-12

“My friend’s named Macy and she wants to play with us, is that ok?” Julie said. Julie leaned forward and kissed me, while her hands drifted down my chest. She whipped her hair forward and swooped her legs on top of me so that she was sitting on top of my stomach looking down at me. Macy slip down a little to meet her and she began pumping herself into Julie’s hand. My cock was rested between her breasts, slowly being moved back and forth with her and Macy’s movements. From behind I saw Julie’s hands wrap around and grab Macy’s breasts. I laid my head and lowered myself onto Julie’s stomach and I could feel the weight of Macy leaning on my legs.

An Accidental Awakening Ch. 02

group SexyBrunette000 2018-01-12

Cara begins talking right away, "So now that you're a part-time lesbian what does this mean for our girl's nights out?" I don't know exactly what she means and say so. By the time we reach the end of the second bottle I realize I better spend the night on the couch and reach for my phone to text Jen. I find two messages from her waiting for me and read, *so how did it go?* followed by, *is she going to kill me for corrupting her friend?* She ended the second one with a tongue sticking out face and I smirk while typing out my response.


was this real?

group falcons81 2018-01-12

Martin got off of Clara and now moved her right next to Linda, spread her legs and went down on her, licking and caressing her pussy with his tongue. That was too much for Martin, he pulled out his cock and came all over her belly, some spurts went up to her tits and since Linda’s hand was still playing with Clara’s pussy, a lot of Martin’s cum landed on her hand. As you can imagine, what just happened was the hottest thing I ever witnessed, my girlfriend being fucked by me, next to another beautiful wife, that was just cum on and Linda playing with her clit, even dipping her fingers in the cum on Clara’s belly, before she moved back down to her pussy.

A Whole Lotta Penis Goin' On Ch. 02

group yowser 2018-01-12

Coleen reached over and felt John's balls, just the way Eddy had, and then had John turn around so he was facing us, prick pointing at us but still hard. But Coleen could get her nose buried right into the hairs at the base of John's groin, and sometimes she lingered there, and it looked like she was working her tongue and throat at the same time. I slid my ass out a little further to the edge of the couch, which gave him easier access, and Coleen glided her mouth up and down over my aching prick, and felt now a new range of erotic stimuli - Coleen picking up speed on my penis, while Eddy probed about inside my rectum with his slippery finger.

Neighbor Become His Whore Part 2 Party time

group hotjohn1234 2018-01-12

When he was sure they all were looking he slip his hand up between both legs under the skirt and let his finger caress her pussy through the panties. She got all hot and wet and now wanted to play the game for real as she felt the fingers touch the panties she threw her head back and made the face of a woman enjoying sex. He watched as the blond stood and took off Ursula’s blouse and pulled the breast further out of the bra then bent down and sucked each nipple. Now he had a finger in the pussy of both women and the blond was sucking Ursula’s nipples and Ursula had gotten really into the game and was caressing and pinching the blond’s nipples.

A Saturday of Cheerleader Pleasure Ch. 05

group mrsterygor 2018-01-12

I pressed Becca's cheerleader panties against my stiff cock as I satisfied myself in her bed. "The head cheerleader at Tremont, Natalia Verhon, is very close with an insider," Becca revealed. "I'm going to let Natalia know that you accepted her offer," Becca replied, as she put her cell phone away. Natalia smiled as she seized my boxers with both hands and tore them right off of me, freeing my crotch and exposing my fully erect cock. I breathed heavily as Bridget removed her orange cheerleader panties and exposed her crotch. "So you really like cheerleader cum, do you?" Natalia asked. Natalia placed her right hand down Annette's panties and began to finger fuck her pussy.


Impromptu Party

group ManxLad 2018-01-12

Before all this happened, and as Karen was amusing the two guys next to her and Michelle watched and danced, the guy behind her with his hand up her blouse, Elvy had decided to liven things up around her end of the room. They chatted for a few minutes, Laura watching the guys eyes flash up to Elvy's face but downward again to linger over her breasts. Elvy grabbed the guys balls in one hand, milking it gently, then pulled her mouth off his cock and pursed her lips close to the head. Half a dozen guys stood watching Michelle, they were grasping their cocks, idly playing their hands along the shafts like they were whistling a tune on a flute.


Seduction Ch. 03

group ravaged_wench 2018-01-12

Her Lover was kneeling beside us and was taking my fingers into his mouth, licking and sucking his Lady's juices from my skin. I felt her body shift slightly, and then I felt her Lover's hand slide between her legs. I was essentially helpless as I lay there under them; the Lady's thigh still between my leg, her Lover's weight pressing her tighter against me, my hands pinned near my head. I writhed beneath their bodies; the movement of my hips as I humped the Lady's leg grew frenzied. With only a low moan, her Lover lowered himself to his knees between her widespread legs and began lapping up his own cum as it oozed from her pussy.

High School: Zero to Hero Ch. 10

group yoursilentknight 2018-01-12

"And you," Sarah said looking me square in the eyes, "thank you most of all." She then wrapped her arms tight around me and gave me a kiss on the cheek. Jeff and Sasha had left before the movie started and it seemed it would just be Jenn, Sarah, Summer and I for the midnight swim. "It's like the start of a bad porno or an even worse joke," I said laughing, "a blond, a brunette, and a redhead all walk out to the pool." You couldn't get any more to the point than that with those three girls. Soon I had my arms around Sarah holding her by the wrists using her hands to poke at Jenn and Summer.



group allthewayin 2018-01-12

The young sales clerk, unnoticed by either of them had been watching from her own spot and when she saw Kris reveal herself suggested in a quiet voice, "If you guys wanna' try something on it's pretty slow here today. Rods hand ran under the edge of her skirt and into the cum draining from Kris's well used pussy as she fought to remain upright, "You can't just tease me like this Rod." The sales clerk must have seen it and Kris was now sure that everyone in the mall was in on the knowledge that she had just fucked two guys in a fitting room. He paid the clerk and took the newly adorned slut by the hand, leading her to the small group, "Time to earn it girl..."



group Skeptisaurus 2018-01-12

I threw my head back, my lips against Andy's neck, biting, his hands pulling my nipples, messaging my breasts as Rick began to rub my clit. I made the shadows, saw them slide about the walls of the room, watching Angela as she thrust her hips against Rick's face even as she took him into her mouth, the shaft sliding between her full pink lips, her hands on Andy's ass, kneading, pushing him in and out. They rode and fucked Rick into another world, his spine arched, head thrust back, buried into the pillows, his hands on Angela's waist, grunting like a heated animal with each thrust of Andy's cock, with every bump and grind of Angela's hips.

Becoming the neighbourhood slut - Part 3

group analhottie 2018-01-12

I knew it from the first moment I saw her sweet ass in the store, but she pleasantly surprised me by being this nasty leather anal cumslut whore", Mark said pleased. "Valeria, I'm going to fuck you very hard" he replied as he ran his hands on my leather body and squeezed my leather ass. I would love to be the best leather anal whore for you" I replied as I was rubbing his cock with my booted leg. I've been wanting to fuck her for a long time, but wasn't sure of her interests", my neighbor said as she slapped my ass. The men were very pleased at the sight and in seconds my ass was filled with cock and fucked hard and fast.

My Dirtiest Teen Night Part 1

group 2018-01-12

I downed a Gin and Tonic, cooled by ice, but loaded with Gin, in two gulps and within minutes I was on the floor and getting up for my second orgasm, these guys knew what they were doing and we girls knew they knew, so what the fuck, let the riding begin. The warmth generated by his ejaculation was by now a well known experience, except this guy was doing it hard up against my cervix, the neck of my womb, conveniently placed there so my orgasm can dip into it and draw his sperm into my fallopian tube, thus fertilizing me, not bad for a teen girl on her third man.

Christine's Emancipation

group RonRyder 2018-01-12

He guided me out of the restaurant and across the lot to the Lincoln Town Car. He held the door as I entered, tucking my skirt against my thighs as I always had. Automatically, my hands slid into position, the right one between my thighs stroking drenched pussy lips. There I was, sprawled in the passenger seat of a car next to a man I did not know, cruising along an LA freeway, as close to naked as you can be without being it, frigging myself to orgasm! 'Morgan', still a shadow, sipped his martini and watched as my right hand slid back and forth around my vulva and in and out of my vagina, while my left hand continued to stimulate my right nipple.


Sex and Lies, but no videotape

group 2018-01-12

Images and sensations swam through my mind..the awesome sight of Marcus’s hand wrapped around my cock and the juice splattering out onto the tiled floor of the bathroom, the splashing of his hot spunk against my abdomen and groin when I made him cum in the shower..the delicious, but totally wrong, fuck I had with his young girlfriend, and Jade, her beautiful face and how it would react if she discovered my actions. Lyndsey stood behind Jade and the client removed his hand, allowing Lyndsey to pull Jade’s panties down. This went on for a few minutes, all the while, Latimer was pulling on his knob, Jades panties looking decidedly unkempt as his pre-cum juices began to stain them.

A Nymphs Night Out

group sxychrmd1 2018-01-12

He grabs my hand and begins to pull me off the dance floor. Just then one of my girlfriends, Mary, comes over and grabs my hand and says "My turn" as she smiles at John and turns to lead me to the floor. I have the perfect position to watch John get sucked, to lick Mary's clit and to finger Michaela all at the same time. Mary is starting to go crazy and her hands keep getting in my way, so I put her arms above her head and ask John to hold them for me. Amazingly at the same time Michaela cums all over my hand and John is shooting his hot load down her throat.

Massage Parlor

group georgeofthejungle 2018-01-12

As they began talking, she asked Dave, “What kind of things turn you on?” He was so horny that he didn’t hold back and told her, “I love PANTIES on a woman, I love the silky bikini type that hugs her ass. He slowly began rubbing 2 of the girls’ butts and his cock got stiffer once he felt the silk and nylon on his fingers. One of the girls got on the table and put her white panty ass right in front of his face. They began saying, “Cum on our panties, Cum on our panties you bad boy.” The stroking got faster and he looked down at 8 hands jerking and rubbing on him.

Cruising Amish

group slyc_willie 2018-01-12

Please also accept that I did my research for this story, and despite popular belief otherwise, the Amish can indeed go on cruises. Standing before the assembled crowd of their two families within his father's home, Abel gazed upon his wife with a confused mixture of emotions. She smiled back, petite and lovely in her new, handcrafted blue dress. She was as beautiful as he remembered from two years before, when he had left on his Rumspringa. "" said Abel's father as he stepped up beside his son. Abel hesitantly opened the envelope, finding glossy slips of paper within that showed images of a very large cruise ship and some of it's finer attractions. Abel smiled awkwardly.


Dancing Around the Fire

group grouper32 2018-01-12

Finally, Angela said, "Ok, Beth, it looks, like it is our turn" and off came the bras. Angela saw it one time as I slipped it back in and she gave me a little smile. She had great breasts and I bent over and started to suck her nipples while slipping my hand between her legs and rubbing her clit. Alex wasn't finished, but he wanted another position so he laid her down on the bed on her back, kneeled at the bedside and put his cock back inside her. Steve wasn't about to be left out completely, so he crawled up on the bed and, as Beth writhed about, slipped his cock into her mouth.

A Special Present Ch. 02

group closetdramaqueen 2018-01-12

Now he offers me the head of his cock and I try to suck on it appreciatively thinking he is giving me what I want, when suddenly from the other end soft's no so soft cock is getting rammed inside of me pushing deeper than the other had causing the burn to return and then they were off again overloading my senses almost, I felt like collapsing but those strong hands were holding me up, deep had me by the neck feeding himself in and out of me never quite gagging but at the same time almost gagging every time and then all of a sudden they were cumming inside me spurting hard I could feel deeps cum hitting the back of my throat and soft's cock spasaming inside of me spurting god know where and then we all collapsed in a heap sweating bodies lying on top of each other.